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  17. Subconscious Love Energy: https://mindpersuasion.com/subconscious-love-energy/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan12_Post.mp4 There are two sides to any behavior. Inner and outer. Each can lead the other. Each can support self sustaining cycles, both good and bad. And due to your imaginative mind, there are two ways to augment these. First, the part of one leading the other. If you are in a good mood, you'll smile. But if you are in a bad mood, you can FORCE yourself to smile, and you'll actually start to feel good. This, of course, is very short term. It's hard to force outer game (how you behave) to LEAD inner game (how you feel) beyond simple gestures. Once you get some interpersonal communication going on, even if it's non-verbal, like eye contact, this changes everything. However, once you do get eye contact, or back and forth, these two ideas still exist. Inner game leading outer game (which is very, very strong) or outer game leading inner game (which is very, very difficult). If are nervous on the inside, it's going to be very hard to try any outer game techniques. At least congruently. However, if you are calm and relaxed on the inside, even some basic communication skills are really all you need. In fact, consider that the STRONGER your inner game is, the less you need to worry about outer game. This is why naturals are naturals. It's also why they don't KNOW how or why they are naturals. Huh? Naturals are naturals because ALL they know is success. Every since they started getting boners, getting girls was EASY and natural. Even this is very hard to explain. Some kids grow up with decent supportive parents, they luck out and get some good teachers. AND they even get "lucky" in that the first few random girls they flirt with flirt right back. So their "belief" about the world is essentially AUTOMATIC. In their brain is a belief that says: "Girls are fun and easy to talk to, flirt with, and have sex with." Judging by the millions of people in the world, and all the random things that can happen to random kids as the grow up, you'll inevitably have a bunch of "naturals" that never EVER have problems with things like this. Then there is everybody else. And among everybody else, there are two ways to BECOME a natural. One is to simply muscle your way through and approach a kajillion girls, get rejected a bunch (.99 x 1 Kajillion) and SLOWLY build up inner confidence. AND to train your brain to ONLY reference those success (equaling 1% of a kajillion) whenever you see a hot lady. That's ONE way. What's the other? To retrain yourself on the inside. Deeply inside. Specifically, how you automatically RESPOND to your sexual urges. Most normal people feel a sexual urge and IMMEDIATELY try to cover it up. But once you re-calibrate it, you'll feel something much different. Much more profound. Much more AUTOMATICALLY attractive. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/sexual-charisma/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec04Post.mp4 It's common to complain about "what women want." Ask a bunch of women what they want, and they'll give you a bunch of different answers. Ask a bunch of men what women want, and they'll give a bunch of different answers. But this is does not mean, as many claim, that women are mysterious creatures that nobody, not even women, can understand. This is actually a function of human nature. It's got NOTHING to do with women, or any metaphorical ideas about femininity. And it IS somewhat related to the idea of the feminine being associated with "chaos" within many, many ancient and modern mythologies. First, we need to understand how humans were calibrated. We've been humans for 200,000 years. Same brains, same bodies, same desires, same fantasies. We've been living in large societies for only about 10,000 years. Electricity and communication for a couple hundred. Internet and social media for about 20. So, first we need to understand what women wanted back in our natural habitat. Women wanted a man, and a baby. We are humans, not angels, not Vulcans, not aliens. We've been split from chimps for 6 million years. Humans for 0.2 million out of those 6.0 million. All animals, including humans, want food and sex more than ANYTHING. The problem with us humans is we take a LONG TIME to become self sufficient. So women, or rather her instincts, can't just pick any random guy who spits some decent game. Not back when it really mattered. When sleeping with the wrong dude meant certain death. Under those situations, what women wanted was very, very simple. The dude with the MOST social status possible. The guy with the most social status got that through consistently providing TONS of calories. You kill a big animal, you HAVE to share most of it. And the REWARDS for that are social status and sexual attraction. Women wanted the HIGHEST status male they could get. Men wanted the HOTTEST lady they could get. Easy peasy. Men competed by LEADERSHIP. Since killing a large animal took a well organized team of killers. Women competed by beauty. So here we are in modern life. Women STILL want the same thing. Men STILL want the same thing. For men, it's easy, but frustrating. For guys, there is NO QUESTION who is hot and who isn't. But for women, they must choose between a TON of dudes, all with more or less FAKE status. Even worse is a marketing idea. That we silly monkey people have MORE than 5 choices, we CAN'T decide. Even pasta sauce companies know this. The sweet spot of choices is between 3 and 5. This is when they get the MOST sales. Too few choices, and they'll choose another brand. Too many choices and they'll choose another brand. So, what's the answer? Continue to bemoan the mysterious modern woman who doesn't know what she wants? Or demonstrate some REAL status and BE what she wants? Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-dominance/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov26Post.mp4 We silly humans have a hard time with cause and effect. Particularly when things are linked. But plenty of things can be mathematically linked, but have zero causality. A famous example is ice cream and sharks. During the summer, people eat more ice cream. During the summer, there are more shark attacks. So, you could create a positive correlation between the two. But, it would be silly that eating ice cream causes shark attacks. Like every time you bite into any kind of ice cream, some poor dude is getting bit into by a shark. Or if you're out swimming, and a shark bites off your leg, you'll respond with a telepathically sent impulse to get people to eat ice cream. But other things aren't so obvious. In the previous example, it's easy to see the common thing. The same thing, the heat of the summer, causing both things. But often this third element is hidden. Or even more complicated, there are WAY more elements. Consider the common advice of "being yourself." We are "ourselves" with close friends. With new people, most people take a while to "be themselves." Both nice guys, and guys who study and practice "game" are PURPOSELY not being themselves. Nice guys assume that if they be "nice," they'll be "entitled" to some kind of reward. This is kind of subconscious, as they really BELIEVE that is their natural behavior. Guys who practice game are purposely and deliberately not being themselves. But what about naturals? Consider that naturals ARE naturals because they feel confident being themselves around EVERYBODY. They stroll up to pretty ladies and ARE their true selves right off the bat. But if you only see the surface, you'll create "game" based on their behaviors and communication. That is missing the point. Kind of like thinking that ice cream sales drive shark attacks. For naturals, it's not their actual actions, it's their CONGRUENCE that is so attractive. Juts like little kids. Everybody likes little kids because they aren't being "fake" nice or running some kind of game. When they are happy they let everybody know they are happy. Consider this cause-effect paradox. The ultimate goal for any guy or gal looking for action is to get the point where you can express your real self. They can express their real self. And you both like each other's real self. THEN you have sex. And AFTER sex, you both experience that post orgasmic "after glow." But what if you could create that "after glow" but BEFORE you even speak to them. How could this be possible? Consider that finding somebody who gets and appreciates us, AND wants to have sex with us creates some very POWERFUL emotions. And those emotions drive that mutual gaze of love. But what if you could CREATE those emotions ON YOUR OWN? And share them with ANYBODY you wanted? How would THAT affect your social life? Learn How: https://mindperusasion.com/seductive-eye-contact/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct28Post.mp4 Imagine if you had to play in a golf tournament. And if you won, you got a bunch of money. But if you didn't come in the top ten, you had to pay a bunch of money. BUT, the only club you could use would be a nine iron. Even if you don't like golf, never want to know anything about golf, you probably know that certain clubs are for certain situations. So being restricted to one club, a nine iron, (only good for short distances) would make it pretty difficult. Or suppose you were a pitcher, (this is gonna be a messed metaphor) and you were starting in the last game of the World Series. Suppose some terrorists kidnapped your wife and kids. Just before the game started, they called you and said: "Not only do you HAVE TO win, but you can ONLY throw knuckleballs!" That would suck. Even if you were famous for your knuckleballs, they only work if the batters DON'T KNOW when you are going to throw a knuckleball. Or suppose your friend entered you in a birdhouse building contest. Winner gets ten billion dollars. All the non winners have to live in their birdhouses for one year. BUT all you can use to build your birdhouse is a Phillips head screwdriver. Yeah, I know, we're getting silly. The common theme is obvious. The more tools you have, the more you can do. Pitches, clubs and actual tools. This isn't just for physical tools, but for strategies and thinking patterns. Suppose you were in a pick up contest. Against the world's most recognized natural. He can do whatever wants. You ALWAYS have to use the same line: "Hi, I don't make a lot of money and my penis is pretty average. Will you go out with me?" Clearly, you'd get destroyed. Now, here's the thing. It doesn't matter WHY you are limited, or WHERE those limitations come from. It's kind of like what Mark Twain said about reading. The difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read is NOTHING. The difference between limitations imposed by outside forces and limitations due to inside elements (emotions, self esteem, etc.) is NOTHING. A pretty basic "presupposition of NLP," which is kind of no-brainer that existed long before NLP was invented is: More flexibility is better than less flexibility. The more lines you can use to try to impress a pretty girl, the better. The more creatively you can try to impress a pretty girl, the better. The more creative flexibility you have to impress a pretty girl, the better. But after a certain point, this creates a META positive impression. It's ONE thing to have a pretty funny line that makes her smile. But it's genuinely IMPRESSIVE (not just to her but to everybody) to have so much CREATIVITY that you use in normal conversations. This is WAY beyond pick up techniques into the realm of genuinely attractive human. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/creativity-accelerator/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept22Post.mp4 TV salesman are very charismatic, and very entertaining. One example is the guy from "Halt and Catch Fire." A fictionalized drama about the beginnings of the computer age. PC's, internet, web browsers, back when all that stuff was invented. But the main character that was the sales type was VERY stereotypically charismatic. When he spoke, he had tons of confidence, and unbreakable frame, and he spoke in very well calibrated, very beutiful metaphors. Similarly, fictional seducers are either one of two types. The over the top womanizer jerk. And the flowery speaking, gorgeous metaphor spinning Don Juan type. A good example of this is Johnny Depp in "Don Juan DeMarco." But this is fiction. These characters are written by people who have never seduced or sold anything to anybody. We like those characters because they are the IDEAL. Things everybody would LIKE to become. Consider this to be a main function of our brain. A survival function. Since all the way back before time, we've been telling each other stories. Stories about IDEAL characters who do IDEAL things. Sure, we'd love to have real role models. Father figures whose footsteps we can follow it. But that's the genius of Mother Nature, or God or whoever made us. If we don't HAVE role models, we can make them up. Ancient stories were calibrated to match what we believed were our IDEAL role models. Young people who didn't know what they were doing. Having to stumble around for a while before they figured out what was what. And when they finally battle against the monster, the BARELY win. This is the IDEAL to strive for. Unfortunately, most of us miss the point when we see those smooth talking TV people. Consider the most important thing about their characters is NOT the words they say. Because plenty of well-written words are said by some pretty bad actors. This is why memorizing patterns for both sales and seduction MISSES the point. If you don't have the underlying frame, you'll be like a wooden actor trying to pretend to be congruent. Some of the BEST actors don't need words. They are VERY congruent in their facial expressions. How their facial expressions change upon nearing negative news, for example, is much more moving than a well written speech. Actors who can do that have skills few can match. Of feeling one emotion and then slowly shifting their facial expression to show another. If the rest of the story is set up correctly, a small shift in facial expressions at the right point of the story can make audiences WEEP. Words are nice, but not necessary. Build up the stuff beneath the words and NEVER worry about the words again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-mindset/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug17APost.mp4 Cialdini made a huge impact with his first book about persuasion and influence. He is a psychology professor, but he did his experiments, and came to his conclusions, as a true marketer. There is a long known about phenomenon in psychology that people rarely tell the "truth" when answering surveys. They do tell the truth, but it's a "altered truth." For example, imagine you saw an ad on Craigslist or somewhere. They paid you $50 to come in for a day and taste a bunch of different snack crackers and give your feedback. If the guy doing the survey worked for the snack cracker company, you'd give false feedback. Since they were paying you, giving you free food, you'd give an "altered" view of the snack crackers. A "better than normal" opinion of the snack crackers. What Cialdini and his team did were much more covert. For example, they'd have people come in and look at various pictures. And they would fill out forms based on their emotional response to the pictures. And in the back of the room, there's be a whole bunch of different snack crackers, from different brands. In reality, the whole picture-emotional study was pure misdirection. They really wanted to see which snack crackers people ate when they didn't know people were watching them choose which snack crackers. One of Cialdini's "Meta" findings is that people are influenced by things OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. This is why most believe that persuasion and influence is some kind of mystery. The way it works is kind of hard to accept, but study after study reveals this to be true, every single time. First, we are influenced by things OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. Then, we make up a conscious story of why we were influenced. And since we believe that "after the fact" story, we think that same story will influence others. We try it, it doesn't work, so we conclude that influence is some mysterious thing that nobody understands. But Cialdini showed that is not the case. Influence and persuasion is just as scientific and repeatable as biology and physics. Another way this seems mysterious is in dating and seduction. Most "game" is reverse engineered, but it's reverse engineered incorrectly. We only see the "surface structure," or the words, of what is going on. Then we copy the words, it doesn't work, and we get upset or frustrated. But the words are NOT what is doing the work. It's the non-verbal, subconscious part that is doing the work. If you don't see this part, you'll miss about 90% of what's going on. But if you learn how to practice this part, you'll have WAY more success. Luckily, there are plenty of simple practice exercises to do that will significantly strengthen your frame. For ANY reason. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/stage-wizard/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr27Post.mp4 A very common martial arts movie trope is that you learn to fight so you don't have to fight. With just a little bit of thought, this makes perfect sense. If you don't know how to fight, AND you are worried about getting beat up, you will project a certain non-verbal energy. Street thieves, pickpockets, etc. know exactly WHO will be most likely to NOT put up a fight. And who will most freaked out to NOT remember much. They look for people with "weak" body language. Lack of eye contact, slumped shoulders, etc. Since this is more or less their "profession," they have to know consciously who to target and who not to target. They make a mistake, they got to jail, or get pepper sprayed in the face, or get their eyes gouged out, or get kicked in the nuts a few times. So when you learn to "fight," you slowly shift your body language. By building in plenty of memories of successfully defending yourself, you slowly REPLACE fear with confidence. So you exhibit much different body language. One that bullies and pick pockets want NOTHING to do with. A very close parallel can be drawn between frame and game. The main difference is it is largely subconscious. To both sender and receiver. But the process is the same. Suppose, for example, you had a pretty weak frame. And you decided to do some cold approaches to build your frame. And suppose you decided to keep plenty of data. You did a lot of post game journaling. You kept track of what you said, what she said. Who she was with, what was doing, what, if any, signals you got before the approach, etc. So long as you kept good records, and embraced the natural feedback loop, you would get better and better. Because your frame would be slowly getting stronger and stronger, you would be getting better and better results. This is EXACTLY what they mean when they say, "success breeds success." The problem is OBVIOUS. Before you got to that tipping point, it would take a LOT of courage. You would have to suffer through a LOT of rejection. Regardless of what anybody says, rejection sucks. It takes a lot of mental effort to muscle your way through all those approaches, all that rejection, to eventually (hopefully) get to the tipping point. This is where the metaphor is MUCH DIFFERENT than martial arts. Learning any kind of martial arts means you are surrounded by very helpful people. Doing a bunch of approach is ONLY you, and all the people rejecting you. That's why people very RARELY improve their frame through brute force practice. But there's also another way. Because frame is much more based on how you INTERPRET events. And you can CHANGE how you interpret events. Particularly all the ones that already exist in your mind. All your memories. Change how you reference your past, and you will have a PROFOUND impact on your frame, your confidence, and your game. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr21Post.mp4 This place where I used to live had an arm wrestling stand set up near the main station. It was just a tallish table, with a couple of slots for people to put their elbows in. It was only up during the summer. Where guys could stop and compete on their way home from drinking in the pubs around the station. On the other hand, they also have professional arm wrestlers. People spend their career getting stronger and stronger for arm wrestling competitions. Most of us, however, only arm wrestle under certain scenarios. A lot of physical contests are like this. We compete once in a while. But at the same time, there are plenty of niche sports where people compete for a living. Plenty of sports based game shows, etc. You'll find this same thing in public speaking. Most of us are terrified of public speaking. Some people are pretty good at public speaking, so they have jobs or careers around this skill. But some people compete based on public speaking. Usually in debates, but sometimes in single speeches. But for those who really want to clean up, they have jobs that are based on their public speaking performance, like sales jobs, etc. But they also PRACTICE public speaking techniques. Even rarer are people who realize that public speaking is a very useful skill in general, so they practice it. Sure, it's one thing to practice public speaking because it's a hobby. But to practice this because you can consciously earn more money is a pretty rare thing. Even rarer are general personality traits. The only people that tend to practice these are guys who practice game. To develop interpersonal confidence and communication skills so you can get more sex. That makes sense. At least to some people. To the general, mainstream population, practicing any kind of "pick up" technique to get more sex would be perceived as kind of creepy. But there are much deeper skills. Much more powerful skills. More than contextual confidence. Even deeper than confidence itself. These are things that most people don't even know about. Let alone know how to practice. This involves the MEANING of things. The meaning of conversations. The meaning of reality. It turns out the meaning of most everything is really up to interpretation. Most people don't even consider this. Most people just show up and accept the general consensus. But when you realize just how flexible meaning is? Not only will you gain a lot more control, but you can do so covertly. This will give you an enormous amount of power. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
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