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  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb21_Post.mp4 Here's a cool party trick you can try. It's easy and can get you some pretty quick positive results. It does require you do this with friends, or people you feel at least a little bit comfortable with. Anyhow, here's the trick. Talk about something that happened to you recently. A regular, average story. Nothing spectacular. In fact, the more boring the better. For example, talk about how you made a peanut butter sandwich. First, figure out how you'd describe it normally. "Yesterday I was hungry. So I went into the kitchen but couldn't find anything to eat so I made a peanut butter sandwich." If you said like normally, it would BARELY be interesting enough hold their attention. But the trick involves changing HOW you say it. By putting in pauses where people don't expect them. AND adding some really goofy "energy" on certain words. So the same simple sentence can be: "Yesterday I was... ....HUNGRY. So I went into the... ...kitchen but I couldn't find anything to eat so I..... ...made a peanut butter... ...SANDWICH." Where the ... are you put a pause. A long pause. And the bolded words are said with a goofy kind of energy. And during the long pause, you imagine your a telling some epic adventure, and the pauses are the cliffhanger parts. And if you can, during the pauses, make your eyes wide, flashing them with crazy energy. Yes, this is very silly. Which is why doing this with strangers is not recommended. But friends will be TRANSFIXED while you say this. Particularly on the pauses. The pauses are placed BETWEEN subject and predicate. Or verb and object. Where we DON'T expect them. Human brains tend to think of subject-predicates as kind of single thoughts. So when speaking, we tend speak like this: thought1 ... thought2... etc. But the above is like this: first half of thought1... ....second half of thought1. In the middle, their brains will be kind of FROZEN. Now, this exercise won't do anything other than put a little bit of goofy brain humor inside an otherwise normal sentence. But it will show you how SIMPLE it is to control the brains of others. When most people talk, they are essentially taking turns tossing out different ideas. People take turns tossing out random ideas, most of which are not so interesting. Occasionally this will turn into a full fledged idea contest. But the deeper structure is our standing within any social group is based on the quality of our ideas. At least this is the general belief. But with the peanut butter pause technique, you'll teach yourself a very important lesson. That dominating any crowd really has very LITTLE to do with your ideas. And much more to do with the STRENGTH of your inner frame. Build up your inner frame, and dominate any crowd with even the simplest ideas. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb19_Post.mp4 There's something in economics they call "excess capacity." Like if the economy is booming, and everybody is building. Say you built a bowling ball factory during the booming economy. This isn't as silly a metaphor as you might think. One of the things that boomed during the post WWII boom were bowling alleys. And when the economy is growing it makes sense to keep building. But when the economy shrinks, it's kind of hard shift on a dime. So, suppose your bowling ball factory is capable of producing 1,000,000 bowling balls per day. But as demand slows down, you produce less. And suppose you're now only producing 250,000 bowling balls per day. All that extra equipment that you're NOT using is what they meany by "excess capacity." And modern humans have a lot of excess capacity in our brains. We have the same brains, intellect, creativity we've had for a couple hundred thousand years. And up until very recently, we NEEDED all that creativity to NOT DIE. Life was harsh. Our brains were our best attribute. Scheming against animals, our environment, other humans, that was a LIFE OR DEATH scenario. Today, everything we need is pretty easy. It doesn't seem like that, but that stuff that KILLED US back then doesn't exist. Nobody needs to worry about starving to death. Nobody needs to worry about hungry bear coming into your bedroom at night and eating you. So our brains, or creativity, our imaginations have TONS of "excess capacity." Most of us use this to watch movies, play video games, etc. Or WORSE pay attention to all the nonsense on social media. But even more troublesome is how much we use our fast ninja brains to spin circles around ourselves. Go into any social situation and our brains are going CRAZY. This is kind of what Mark Twain meant when he said: "90% of my worst fears never came true." Most of the things we fear are a product of our over-active imaginations. "Over Active" isn't the best description. Our brains are ALWAYS thinking. So it's not that they are TOO active. But our brains are active in the wrong direction. Back in the day it was easy. Danger, hunger, competition, was ALWAYS there. Back in the day, there was a close match between our fears and the stuff that might actually kill us. Today, not so much. No worries, because that only needs a bit of recalibration. To use your brain powers to slowly re-build an inner core. One that will be much more efficient, and DEADLY in the modern world. Deadly, of course, being metaphorical. Not killing bears or enemies. But killing inner fears, inhibitions, anxieties and all obstacles. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb16_Post.mp4 Human brains are incredibly fast. Our brains are capable of AMAZING expressions, thoughts, beliefs and creativity. Unfortunately, most of us use the bulk of our brain power on internal dialogue. Some of this is instinctive. Like when you have a dialogue with yourself before doing something dangerous. If you get a good outcome, you'll be the hero and get the rock star treatment. The action itself it simple. But to build up the courage, you need a lot of "self pumping up." But his can swirl in the other direction. Like a hurricane that might or might not land ashore. Most of our self-talk is protective, which is a good thing. But the stuff we are protecting ourselves from is WAY less real than when our genius self talking brains were calibrated. Before, we needed to do literally dangerous things. Today, most of the dangers are imagined. We imagine talking to somebody, or speaking up in meeting, or making some kind of request or complaint. But then our lightning fast and super genius brains swirl around in an internal typhoon. Imagining tons of good and tons of bad outcomes. This uses a TON of processing power. Which makes normal thinking much more sluggish. There's a common theme deep beneath this thought process. We all have a terrible fear of negative social attention. It's like everybody has X-Ray vision into our souls. This fear of being "discovered" pops up in a LOT of places. We don't say what want to say. We don't ask for what we want to ask for. This is why it's been said (and is generally true) that most humans live lives of "quiet desperation." We KNOW we are capable of doing and getting much more than we have been. And it's very EASY (and probably instinctive) to blame things outside of ourselves. At the same time, we WISH we could express who we REALLY are. We WISH we could speak our minds UNENCUMBERED by false fears. Those that do, get MASSIVE rewards. And they make it seem so easy. There are TONS of metaphors as old as time that describe this. That what we fear simply does not exist. And once we step toward these fears, they vanish. And those who demonstrate this make it look so easy. To say "hey" to pretty people. To make suggestions in a meeting. To hold their ground calmly in an argument, and eventually come out ahead. How can YOU be more like that? How can you FEARLESSLY express your opinions, and more importantly, yourself? It's not a trick or magic or simply muscling up and doing it. It's understanding the STRUCTURE of our inner world, our inner selves, and how they SUPPORT (or don't support) our outer expressions. Build the strong foundation, and the outside is easy. Slowly, steadily, comfortably. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan12_Post.mp4 There are two sides to any behavior. Inner and outer. Each can lead the other. Each can support self sustaining cycles, both good and bad. And due to your imaginative mind, there are two ways to augment these. First, the part of one leading the other. If you are in a good mood, you'll smile. But if you are in a bad mood, you can FORCE yourself to smile, and you'll actually start to feel good. This, of course, is very short term. It's hard to force outer game (how you behave) to LEAD inner game (how you feel) beyond simple gestures. Once you get some interpersonal communication going on, even if it's non-verbal, like eye contact, this changes everything. However, once you do get eye contact, or back and forth, these two ideas still exist. Inner game leading outer game (which is very, very strong) or outer game leading inner game (which is very, very difficult). If are nervous on the inside, it's going to be very hard to try any outer game techniques. At least congruently. However, if you are calm and relaxed on the inside, even some basic communication skills are really all you need. In fact, consider that the STRONGER your inner game is, the less you need to worry about outer game. This is why naturals are naturals. It's also why they don't KNOW how or why they are naturals. Huh? Naturals are naturals because ALL they know is success. Every since they started getting boners, getting girls was EASY and natural. Even this is very hard to explain. Some kids grow up with decent supportive parents, they luck out and get some good teachers. AND they even get "lucky" in that the first few random girls they flirt with flirt right back. So their "belief" about the world is essentially AUTOMATIC. In their brain is a belief that says: "Girls are fun and easy to talk to, flirt with, and have sex with." Judging by the millions of people in the world, and all the random things that can happen to random kids as the grow up, you'll inevitably have a bunch of "naturals" that never EVER have problems with things like this. Then there is everybody else. And among everybody else, there are two ways to BECOME a natural. One is to simply muscle your way through and approach a kajillion girls, get rejected a bunch (.99 x 1 Kajillion) and SLOWLY build up inner confidence. AND to train your brain to ONLY reference those success (equaling 1% of a kajillion) whenever you see a hot lady. That's ONE way. What's the other? To retrain yourself on the inside. Deeply inside. Specifically, how you automatically RESPOND to your sexual urges. Most normal people feel a sexual urge and IMMEDIATELY try to cover it up. But once you re-calibrate it, you'll feel something much different. Much more profound. Much more AUTOMATICALLY attractive. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/sexual-charisma/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec26Post.mp4 There's an interesting scene from the old movie, "Jaws." That movie has a lot of iconic scenes. This isn't really one of them. But it is kind of interesting. Not likely an original scene, as this particular scene, in different forms, but the same structure, can be found everywhere. Not just the movies. Anyhow, it was early in the movie. A few people had washed up dead. A bunch of people were arguing over what to do. Nobody had any real authority. Everybody was talking over everybody else. The one dude shut them all up by dragging his fingernails over the chalk board. Once they all shut up, he explained what was what. Another similar scene was in "The Road Warrior." Part II of the original Mad Max. Max had found a relatively safe compound. But they needed to move, but they had to smuggle out their secret stash of petrol. Similar to the scene from Jaws, everybody was talking over each other. Finally Max silenced them all by whistling. Once he had their attention, he gave them the solution. "Two days ago I saw a vehicle that can haul that tanker. You wanna get out of here? Talk to me." All humans are driven by instincts. Food, sex, safety. And a ton of social instincts. As much as we pretend we don't care what others think, we do. If we show up and people stop talking, look at us, and then pretend nothing happens, that feels HORRIBLE. On the other hand, if we solve some problem, and then return to our "group" and they spontaneously give us a standing ovation, that feels fantastic. Most of the time, we are safely in the middle. Doing everything we can to avoid the negative side. And trying our best to come up with any answer to any potential problem. Normally this evolves into those "idea contests" where everybody is talking over each other. Our deep fantasy is to be that guy that has the REAL answer. To wait patiently, send some signal for everybody to shut the F up, and then drop in the solution. And then calmly drop in the Mad Max solution: "You wanna get out of here? Talk to me." In the movies, this has to be heavily dependent on content. Content that is part of the story. How to find and kill the shark. How to escape the crazy motorcycle killers hanging around outside your compound. But this desire, to be "the guy" with the solution is WAY more ancient. Which means it's NOT based on content. It can't be. It's based on deep confidence, deep feelings of certainty. This simple idea, "you wanna get out of here, you talk to me," does not even need words. The right glance, the right head movement is often all you need. And when you can speak like a true leader, with true authority, words won't matter. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/commanding-voice/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec25Post.mp4 They say that first impressions are hard to change. This is kind of true. But the part that is generally misunderstood is the "first impression" part. Another corollary to this is we make a first impression in ten seconds. This CAN be true, but it's often not. This idea, of first impressions being made in tens seconds or so REQUIRES we have a lot of data. This is unfortunately WHY many guys have the wrong idea about the ladies. For example, imagine a typical guy, flirting with a lady across the room. The guy sees her. The guy finds her attractive. Then when she glances at him a few times, it feels fantastic. This is where assumptions go crazy. Since the dude has already made up his mind that she's hot, and she's smiled at him a few times, he assumes the feeling is mutual. Then he walks over and starts a conversation. And crashes and burns. Unfortunately, for guys, the first impression they make requires MUCH more data than the one the ladies make. The first impression a lady makes is based more on looks. And once it's established in anybody's brain that she's hot, anything she say will be filtered THROUGH that previously established filter. This is otherwise known as the halo effect. For dudes, people, not just ladies, need more data BEYOND looks. Otherwise known as frame. How he carries himself. This is actually good news. Because for dudes, this is something they can ALWAYS improve. How you walk. How you speak. How you handle "frame tests." And it's all based on how you view your inner self. Since how you view your inner self, on a true level, will drive all your behaviors. And this is one of those form-function things. Form drives function, and function drives form. All it really takes is a slight shift. Specifically, how you speak. If you walk over there and speak with uncertainty, that will make her, or anybody else, question their first assessment. This will invite tests. And if you respond to those tests with self-doubt in your voice, the tests will get harder. If, on the other hand, if you lead with a strong and confident voice, that will invite another response. A positive response. Which makes it EASIER to speak in a confident voice. Which will invite even more pleasant responses. Creating an attraction-virtuous cycle. And when it comes to form-function, how you speak is the EASIEST thing you can practice. And will get you the best results. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/commanding-voice/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov08Post.mp4 One of the curious things about us humans is our self awareness. The concept is incredibly simple, but it's also extremely baffling. Neurologists and other scientists really have no idea what it is. We sort of know how to describe it, and we know when it's gone (when we're sleeping or passed out). But exactly HOW it works is a mystery. All we know is we are aware of our own thinking process. But this can make us think we have much more power than we really do. Being aware of something doesn't mean you can control that same thing. You can walk through a forest, and be aware of all the trees. But that awareness doesn't give you the power to rip the trees out of the ground with your mind power and make them float around. It's possible that our self-awareness is the same. This is hard to accept, as our ego thinks doing so will KILL us. Way back in the day, a strong ego was closely associated with survival. Every since humans invented fire, and used it as a strategic hunting tool, life has been an "idea contest." Whoever could demonstrate that their idea was the best, would get the most food, the most social recognition and the most sex. This is still true and VERY helpful today in many places. A bunch of scientists arguing over who has the best theory will generally produce the best theory. A bunch of engineers arguing over the best design will generally produce the best design. But this idea falls apart when we are in one on one situations. Idea contests work PERFECTLY when all the competing brains are operating under the same frame. Trying to create the BEST outcome. The best strategy, the best design, the best way to attack the castle. But when two STRANGERS are talking, this idea contest is the WORST strategy. Because the two strangers have to DIFFERENT frames. This is why sales conversations FEEL very confrontational. It's a frame battle. A battle of wills. And it's also why successful sales people are stereotypically EXTREMELY charismatic and strong framed. And this CAN work, in both sales and seduction, but only if you HAVE a massively strong frame and extreme levels of charisma. But you don't need those things. In fact, just that strategy puts you at a disadvantage. Instead, consider a different strategy. One that is very non-intuitive, but paradoxically VERY effective. It means shutting down COMPLETELY the ideas in your brain. This is just like NOT stuffing your face with chili cheese fries. Of telling your ancient instincts to TEMPORARILY take a hike. So, what do you focus on instead of the ideas in YOUR brain? The ideas in their brain. Not just any random idea. The best ones. The most hypnotic ones. The ones that create the most emotional PLEASURE. Because when you do that, they'll AUTOMATICALLY associate those pleasurable feelings with YOU. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-communication/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct13Post.mp4 There are a lot of paradoxes in modern life. Many poets and philosophers have spoken and written about these. The things we feel compelled to do are the absolute wrong things. You meet a girl, you hit it off. Then you text, and she doesn't text back right away. You very much WANT to see her text. You get a good feeling when she texts you. When normal guys hook up with ladies, unless you have a long history of lady slaying, it gives you a bit of "I can't believe this is happening" feeling. Most guys get WAY less sex than they want. Most guys get WAY less friendly affection than they want. So when guys do get a little bit, it seems kind of surreal. Especially if it's NOT expected. Sure, if you're a lady killer and you collect numbers and notches on your bedpost like crazy, it's no big deal. But for most normal guys, this experience usually comes out of left field. AND because sexual intimacy is the most wonderful feeling there is (so long as you're not starving to death) your instincts make you hang on for dear life. So the moment you send a text, your "scarcity brain" goes into OVERDRIVE. Every second that passes by, you fear the worst. Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe she doesn't like me like I thought. Maybe I hallucinated the whole thing! AHHHHHH! Then she texts back and it swings in the opposite direction. She likes me! Fantastic! Unfortunately, these is the PERFECT training scenario. Nobody is training anybody, but it works the same. You get RANDOM and unexpected signals. You feel VERY GOOD when they are positive. You feel horrible when they are dismissive or non-existence. This creates scarcity and desperation. So you send a kajillion texts over the next few minutes. This does the OPPOSITE Of what you want. What SHOULD you do? The opposite of what you WANT to do. If you look carefully enough, you'll find this EVERYWHERE. Sex, health and money are critically important. But our instincts make us do the OPPOSITE of what we know we should do. Even worse is when we are interacting with people. The BEST question to ask on a job interview is like this: "I know your company does X, Y, and Z, but based on my research, you seem to have issues with A, B and C. Why would it be in my interests to work here?" The BEST attitude to have when talking to a pretty lady would be: "You seem fairly attractive, but I'm looking for something much deeper than surface level looks, which obviously fade with time. Tell me something about yourself..." Of course, both of these are IMPOSSIBLE if you are desperate for both sex and money. However, you can re-calibrate your behavior, using ONLY your existing memories, to create that mindset. Getting more of whatever sex and money you like. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/nice-guy-killer/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct10Post.mp4 Self deception is one of our most powerful traits. This was very necessary back in the old days. If humans were like Vulcans, who only were based on pure logic, we would have died out a long, long time ago. Imagine a group of ancient "logical" hunters finding some wooly mammoth tracks. They followed them, and found some wooly mammoth poop. Then they'd calculate how far ahead of them the wooly mammoth was based on how dry the poop was. If they were purely logical, they would have had a certain cutoff. Maybe if the probability was less than 20% they'd catch him, they'd give up and find something easier. But suppose they were competing with another tribe of non-Vulcans in that same area. And that non-Vulcan tribe found the same type of scenario. They'd see the wooly mammoth poop and IMMEDIATELY get excited. We're gonna be rich! Even if they only had a 20% chance of getting that wooly mammoth, that "bias" of being way overconfident would give them an edge over time. The opposite would also be true. If the Vulcans thought they would die, due to some unexpected calamity, they wouldn't try hard to survive. But the humans would keep trying, due to their biases. Today, these biases can mess us up big time. Most of our instincts get in the way of success, while in the past they helped us to succeed. A lot of guys have trouble with women today. Attracting them, "keeping" them, having regular relationships with them. The modern dating scene is pretty much an irreversible trainwreck. There are plenty of reasons for both teams to take their ball and go home. But this is missing out a HUGE amount of opportunity. For a guy, there are many, many benefits from interacting with women, EVEN IF you never, ever want to be in a relationship. Even if you NEVER want to have sex. How the heck is this possible? For one thing, being able to create attraction in a women through simple conversations requires a LOT of underlying skills. Confidence, congruence, a strong frame, conversational skills. These SAME underlying skills will help you in plenty of other ways. All else equal, having "attraction creation" skills will help you make more money. All else equal, having "attraction creation" skills will help you make more and better friends. They'll help you start up conversations with strangers, be more successful within any potential networking opportunities, and in many ways you can't even imagine. So even if you're utterly disgusted with the dating scene, if you NEVER want a relationship, simple conversations with attractive women are a FANTASTIC measuring tool. Even better, if you chat up a lady, create some attraction, and then SPLIT without even asking for a number, she'll be wondering WHY. And walking away from a women you JUST created attraction in, while SHE wishes you'd come back will do WONDERS for your confidence. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/nice-guy-killer/
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