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Found 3 results

  1. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to making money. A common idea is that all you need is an "idea." But the truth is that ideas are only a beginning. A small seed that MAY turn into a fortune. This is the idea behind the saying, "genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration." People like things like scavenger hunts. When I was a kid we had those. Adult also enjoy doing this. Only as adults, it's much more complex, and much more rewarding. Geocaching, where you essentially use the entire EARTH to have treasure hunts. What does this have to do with money and genius? Think of going on an adventure. A geocaching adventure. You and a few buddies have taken some time off work. You're going to canvas a huge area looking for a few hidden pieces of treasure. You find the treasure, leave some of your own for the next group. This takes time. This takes effort. This takes thinking. But it's FUN. Making money COULD be the same. The EXACT same. You keep trying different combinations. You keep learning new skills. Making more money with each iteration. This is, potentially, even BETTER than treasure hunting. Because in money making, the closer (or further along) you get, the more money you make. The "perspiration" in that saying (1% inspiration, 99% perspiration) is ENJOYABLE perspiration. Your mind is on fire with excitement. Your body is on fire with energy, getting closer and closer to the breakthrough. This is the stereotypical scientist in his lab for days, losing track of time. This is how making your fortune COULD be. But for most people, it's not. Since making money generally involves getting out there and interacting with strangers. Something most people are TERRIFIED of doing. So we like to FANTASIZE that all we need is an "idea." And once we have an idea, then somebody else will buy it from us, and do all the work. But if you look at some of the biggest fortunes in the past few decades or so, most of ideas are pretty basic. In fact, most ideas pass through something called "survivorship bias." Most fortunes are made like this. Start out a TON of ideas. Keep trying them out until ONE of them "hits." And that ONE idea is going to make your fortune. If you look at it AFTER the fact, it seems easy. We say, "Damn, I could have thought of that!" And you CAN. But thinking of ideas is only the beginning. Trying them out, again and again, until you succeed is where the money is made. And this WILL feel like an exciting adventure once you get rid of your limiting money beliefs. In fact, this is the most exciting thing you can do as a human. It combines ALL your positive skills. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  2. I read a fascinating article by an economist. It was about how he watched his kids and their friends after they'd been trick or treating. There were about seven or eight of them. They'd just finished, and had chosen his house for the after party. Meaning they were going to dump out all their candy, count their loot, and make whatever trades they wanted. So they started trading the candy they HAD for the candy they wanted. But then something interesting happened. Without being told, these kids started using an intermediary "placeholder." They traded something they had for this intermediary placeholder. Then they would use this intermediary placeholder to trade for what they wanted. The intermediary placeholder they were using were Tootsie Rolls. The reason we humans use intermediary placeholders is something economists call the "coincidence of wants." If have something, and you want something else, this CAN present a problem. You have to find somebody that not only HAS what you want, but also WANTS what you have. Like if you were a kid on playground with a bag of chips. You'd have to wander around until you found something some other kid had, that you wanted MORE than the chips. But it would also require that whatever they had, they would want YOUR chips more. You might find another kid with a bag of cookies. And if you wanted the cookies more than the chips, you'd offer a trade. But the other kid would ONLY trade if he wanted the chips MORE than the cookies. Any time you have a bunch of people, a bunch of stuff (or the skills people have) you'll run into this problem. The "coincidence of wants" problem. But as this economist watched these kids, it seems that we humans have an INSTINCTIVE way of deciding what kind of "thing" is acceptable to be used as this intermediary placeholder. The little kids used Tootsie Rolls. Nobody needed to tell them to. They didn't even need to talk about it. They just sort of started using them. Of course, there is another, more common word for this "intermediary placeholder." Money. Or currency. And if you hopped into your time machine, and went back to ANY society in the past, or ANY society in the future, you would find different forms of currency. Once you have enough people with enough skills, and some form of currency, then economic activity will EXPLODE. Everything you need to MAXIMIZE how much money you make is already in your brain. Since they are very essential human instincts. All you need to do is figure out to calibrate these instincts to MAXIMIZE your income. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
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