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Found 3 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug03Post.mp4 A couple decades ago, the U.S. congress was talking about porn. This was long before the internet. They had a problem of defining porn. When you create and pass a law, you have to be pretty precise. If you aren't it can lead to serious trouble. For example, in one of the many insurance lawsuits that came after 911, one of the key elements was hinged on an interpretation. The point of contention was when both of the twin towers fell, was that "one" event, or "two" events. The insurance companies, of cours
  2. Mark Twain is famous for a lot of interesting quotes. One of them is regarding the difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read. Nothing. Meaning that have a skill and not exercising is the same as NOT having the skill. This is an interesting way to look at things. We all like to believe we COULD do something if we REALLY WANTED to. But we never really want to, so we never do it. There is a myth that we'll somehow "rise to the occasion." Meaning if a situation presents itself, we'll somehow behave much better than we normally
  3. One puzzling idea from NLP is the idea that there is “no such thing as failure, only feedback.” This is one that people tend to have the most issues with. Partly because it is the most ill-defined “truism” or “presupposition” from NLP. Because “feedback” and “failure” are both MEANINGS given to EVENTS. And since another idea INSIDE NLP is the ability to change meanings of events, this idea is problematic. It’s more of a recommendation than a rule. Kind of like looking both ways before you cross the street. If it’s quiet, and you don’t hear any cars approachin
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