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Found 6 results

  1. Rooster Theory: https://mindpersuasion.com/rooster-theory/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct07Loop.mp4
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July16Post.mp4 The other day I was watching this TV show, "Hell on Wheels." It's about the early beginnings of the American railroad. Lots of social issues. Recently freed slaves working along side whites. Cutting across territory still "occupied" by natives. One of the main characters is the typical cowboy archetype. Maybe 51% good guy, and 49% bad guy. Kind of like a cowboy Han Solo type. He was trying to escape a bad, mysterious past, fighting for the South in the civil war. And the more he kept running away
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec18Post.mp4 Nearly all humans have the same basic intentions. We want to operate within the world to get what we want and need. We want some kind of vocation that rewards us for our skills. Skills we can continue to learn. Skills we feel are an expression of our nature. The ideal rewards for these skills are not only money, but recognition. The ideal situation is to present your skills to the world. And have them recognized as skills few others have. And because of that, you get money and genuine validation and re
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept29Post.mp4 A lot of things we humans do is to avoid facing tough issues. Eating, sex, TV, alcohol, drugs, etc. But unless we face these tough issues, they won't go away. For most of us, these aren't nearly as dramatic as on TV or in the movies. For most of us, these are like Mark Twain fears. Mark Twain famously said that 90% of his fears never happened. But unless you realize this, they will SEEM real. Which is the basis of one of those clever acronyms. F.E.A.R = "false enemies appearing real" The problem
  5. Mark Twain is famous for a lot of interesting quotes. One of them is regarding the difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read. Nothing. Meaning that have a skill and not exercising is the same as NOT having the skill. This is an interesting way to look at things. We all like to believe we COULD do something if we REALLY WANTED to. But we never really want to, so we never do it. There is a myth that we'll somehow "rise to the occasion." Meaning if a situation presents itself, we'll somehow behave much better than we normally
  6. Humans love stories. We've been telling stories to each other since the dawn of time. And these stories all have similar elements. Whether the story is about fighting dragons, or fighting government corruption, the overall structure is very similar. You've got the good guy, and the bad guy. And the good guy is never wholly good. He or she ALWAYS has some kind of flaw. And central to most stories, before the hero kills the bad guy in the world, he's got to face his demons within. How this is presented is different from story to story. Sometimes they
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