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Found 6 results

  1. Rooster Theory: https://mindpersuasion.com/rooster-theory/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct07Loop.mp4
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July16Post.mp4 The other day I was watching this TV show, "Hell on Wheels." It's about the early beginnings of the American railroad. Lots of social issues. Recently freed slaves working along side whites. Cutting across territory still "occupied" by natives. One of the main characters is the typical cowboy archetype. Maybe 51% good guy, and 49% bad guy. Kind of like a cowboy Han Solo type. He was trying to escape a bad, mysterious past, fighting for the South in the civil war. And the more he kept running away from his history, the more it kept catching up. A very, very common archetype that is as old as the hills. One scene, he was talking to his buddy, about this girl that he was falling for. Another very common inflection point in the hero character arc. Seemingly good guy trying desperately to escape from his bad boy past. Falling in love with a very virtuous "good girl." Then he expressed the most common fear held by humans. This, of course, is the reason for these common stories. The CONTENT is always different. Building railroads, fighting against the Death Star, good Vikings vs. bad Vikings. But the structure is the same. Because the structure matches our deep fears. We MUST identify with the good guy. And while we don't need to identify with the bad guy, we must at least have the "Chris Rock - O.J." perspective. In one of his more famous stand up routines, Chris Rock said, about O.J. Simpson: "I don't condone what he did. But I understand." The MORE we can identify with the good guy the better. Sometimes the good guy and the bad guy are the same person. Or struggling within both. This is the very recently common "Anti Hero. Walter White. Tony Soprano. The Joker. Anyhow, back to the scene from Hell on Wheels. Where the hero expresses the most common fear. "I'm afraid she is going to find out who I REALLY am, and run away screaming." Everybody has this fear when getting to know somebody. And even deeper, everybody has many common fears about meeting others. And we approach "new" people with a fear of them finding our hidden fears. This is like two positively charged particles coming at each other. Not likely to "hook up" unless there is a outside, strong force pushing them together. But you CAN change your polarity. Temporarily. You CAN learn to turn off those inner things creating social anxiety. Which means with just a LITTLE bit of practice, and a understanding of human nature, you can EASILY be a hero to everybody you talk to. Walk up, say hey, enjoy a few back and forth words, and they'll feel FANTASTIC. Because of YOU. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/conversation-hero/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec18Post.mp4 Nearly all humans have the same basic intentions. We want to operate within the world to get what we want and need. We want some kind of vocation that rewards us for our skills. Skills we can continue to learn. Skills we feel are an expression of our nature. The ideal rewards for these skills are not only money, but recognition. The ideal situation is to present your skills to the world. And have them recognized as skills few others have. And because of that, you get money and genuine validation and recognition. And when you go home at night, with a pocket full of cash and some fond memories in your brain, we like to imagine a positive future. A future when your skills will get better. A future when your income will become higher. A future when your validation and recognition will become greater. This is the human spirit. To dream of presenting valuable skills in exchange for valuable rewards. Sure, free money is nice. But free money inevitably ends in pain. This is why lottery winners, and children of the rich are generally not the happiest people around. But we all have doubts. We all have a horrible fear deep within. One few are courageous enough to face. A fear that we will try our best, we will present our skills to the world, and the world will glance in our direction, and say, "no thanks." That we'll present our skills and somebody will say, "We don't want that." This twin energy pairs live in everybody's brain. In everybody's soul. The angel of success. Of trading skills for increasing success, recognition and admiration. The demon of failure. Of present skills and being told to take a hike. Knowing this gives you an advantage. Just strolling through a social environment, you can glance around at all the people. And see these twins battling for their soul on daily basis. With this knowledge, and only a few words, you can make them feel much better. So much better, they'll remember YOU forever. As being the turning point in their lives. The one stranger who uttered that one strange sounding collection of words. That resonated in their minds for days, weeks, months. We all have fears, we all have hopes, we all have dreams. We are all always on the precipice of success or failure. Every single person whose paths you cross can be tilted slightly away from failure, and toward success. Simply by learning a few structures of language and thought, you can become a real super hero. Not a pretend super hero with pretend powers. But a real super hero of language. A genuine wizard of thought. A gift that you can give to anybody, that will resonate in their brains. Learn this skill, and be remembered. Be valued. Be appreciated, loved, and cherished. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept29Post.mp4 A lot of things we humans do is to avoid facing tough issues. Eating, sex, TV, alcohol, drugs, etc. But unless we face these tough issues, they won't go away. For most of us, these aren't nearly as dramatic as on TV or in the movies. For most of us, these are like Mark Twain fears. Mark Twain famously said that 90% of his fears never happened. But unless you realize this, they will SEEM real. Which is the basis of one of those clever acronyms. F.E.A.R = "false enemies appearing real" The problem is unless you look at them in the eye, and PROVE to yourself they are false, they will act as if they are real. In every hero's journey story is what Joseph Campbell called the "belly of the whale experience." It's when Luke had to go into the cave in "Empire Strikes Back" to face Vader. It's when Gandalf the Gray faced the demon of hell that "shall not pass." And became Gandalf the White. It's when Hercules had to spend time in Hell before becoming a hero. It's also when Jonah was in the belly of a literal whale. And when Jesus was in the tomb for three days. Why are these "belly of the whale" experiences in nearly every hero's journey story? Because unless we face our FALSE FEARS inside, we'll never be able to face our real obstacles in the world. The obstacles in the real world are NEVER as big and scary as we THINK our inner fears and demons are. The ones that come in the middle of the night. Those pesky worries that invade an otherwise good night's sleep. Back in the times of hunters and gatherers, our deepest fears were VERY dangerous. They involved killing a huge animal that didn't want to be killed. For most ancient hunters, unless they literally FACED this fear, they would never get the good stuff in life. The mad social status. The crazy sex. The rock star treatment. All that was on the OTHER SIDE of facing their fears. Literally face to face with a much larger animal that very much DID NOT WANT to be killed. So every story they listened to around the campfire growing up had heroes who faced much bigger monsters. Dragons and demons and witches. If you never face your inner fears, the good things in life will always be out of reach. If you DO face your inner fears, the good things in life will be possible. Not easy, but possible. Mechanical even. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
  5. Mark Twain is famous for a lot of interesting quotes. One of them is regarding the difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read. Nothing. Meaning that have a skill and not exercising is the same as NOT having the skill. This is an interesting way to look at things. We all like to believe we COULD do something if we REALLY WANTED to. But we never really want to, so we never do it. There is a myth that we'll somehow "rise to the occasion." Meaning if a situation presents itself, we'll somehow behave much better than we normally behave. It's one thing to hold something in reserve, but if you NEVER use what you THINK you have in reserve, you might not actually have that. If you were an alien studying humans, and you had NO IDEA what was going on in their heads, you might be puzzled. For example, you would see TONS of people spending TONS of money on weight loss products, but nobody ever really loses any weight. One excuse we tell ourselves when we learn some "skills" is that at least we "know" something that we didn't know before. Meaning if we REALLY WANTED to, we could use those skills. On a much broader scale, those aliens would watch people read all kinds of self improvement books, but never really improving. Their bank accounts would be the same. Their relationships would be the same. Their jobs would be the same. The aliens might wonder what the heck is IN those books. On the one hand, the self help industry is a BILLION DOLLAR industry. So their are a lot of IDEAS being "consumed." On the other hand, not a lot of people are making any actual changes. What gives? If EVERYBODY is following the same courses and ideas, and NOBODY is doing anything different, there are two possible answers. One is that humans are incapable of changing. But that CAN'T be right. Because plenty of people HAVE made significant changes. In finance, in health, in relationships. What's the other possible answer? That maybe there is a fundamental flaw in the STRUCTURE of all those self development courses. Suppose the aliens ran an experiment. And they compared how people consume FICTION to how they consumed self development books. They might conclude they are the SAME. They read them, they have some fantastic imaginations, and when they finish, they go back to normal. Could it be the secret to real change doesn't like in those books? Maybe it's something that YOU need to discover on your own. Through careful, deliberate action. What if THAT were true? Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  6. Humans love stories. We've been telling stories to each other since the dawn of time. And these stories all have similar elements. Whether the story is about fighting dragons, or fighting government corruption, the overall structure is very similar. You've got the good guy, and the bad guy. And the good guy is never wholly good. He or she ALWAYS has some kind of flaw. And central to most stories, before the hero kills the bad guy in the world, he's got to face his demons within. How this is presented is different from story to story. Sometimes they have what Joseph Campbell calls a "belly of the whale" experience. Where they are physically constrained, and have to face some literal demon-type thing. Sometimes they have real world issues like broken relationships, addiction, or a physical handicap. However they are presented, they represent the same idea. We've all got demons inside, and we'll all face "bad guys" outside. And BEFORE we can face the bad guys outside, we've go to FIRST defeat the demons inside. There is simply no way around this. And like the crazy guy in the Road Warrior screamed, "You can run, but you can't hide!" Because that demon will always be within us, no matter where we go. And until you kill that dude, killing the bad guys outside is going to be difficult. Of course, the bad guys outside come in many forms. A job interview, something important you've got to say to somebody important before it's too late. But unless you destroy the demons within, that "bad guy" outside is going to seem incredibly terrifying. So, how, exactly, do you destroy the demon within? Just like you eat an elephant. One bit at a time. Start by identifying your inner fears. The fears you hope NOBODY ever finds out. Then slay them, one at a time. All your fears come with a specific structure. And once you understand the structure of your fears, you can dismantle them. Take them apart so they lose their hold. Unlike the movies, this takes time, and it is nowhere near as dramatic. You don't actually have to stand on a collapsing bridge shouting, "You shall not pass!" But you do have to the work. If you get busy, you can slay one inner demon per day. All by yourself, in the demon killing arena of your mind. The more of your inner demons you kill, the EASIER it will be to handle all those "bad guys" out in real life. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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