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Found 5 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec08Post.mp4 Way back in high school I worked at a movie theater. It got really busy in Friday and Saturday nights. There'd be a big line outside, and went it was ready, we'd open the doors. There'd be a mad rush to by candy popcorn and soda. Common for one person to grab some seats, and somebody else to grab the popcorn. Then my boss got the idea to set up another stand in the back of the theater. Not a full fledged stand, but a cart with some stuff pre-made. A few cokes, a few popcorns, some candy. The first girl who tried it just stood in the back. Nobody bought anything. Then they let me give it a whirl. I absolutely LOVED it. Because I didn't just stand there waiting for customers. I would slowly push the popcorn cart up and down the aisles, screaming like an old school pitchman. The first few times I was petrified. It seemed like a good in my mind. A fun idea in my mind. But once I started screaming, and all the people were looking me like some weird clown kid that escaped from the mental hospital, it didn't seem so fun. Until I muscled my way through the fear and found a FANTASTIC correlation. The more energy I put into it, the more I sold. Pretty soon I saw it as my mission to sell out before every show. The goofier of a pitch I came up with, the louder and more sillier I belted out the pitch, the more I sold. I once saw an interview with the guy who played Walter White, the Breaking Bad character. He said as an actor, you must confront a paradox. That most humans, as our natural setpoint, want to be as low profile as possible. But to be an actor, you HAVE to express all your emotions. He said the deep fear is that we will express our emotions, we'll get rejected. But the opposite happens. The MORE we express our emotions, not just the easy ones, but ALL of them, the MORE people will not only accept us, but EMBRACE us. Why is this? We ARE emotional creatures. We like to think we are logical. We aren't. Which would you rather do, watch a FANTASTIC drama that yanks your emotions all over the place? Or study algebra? When you buy a shirt or other piece of clothing, do you do a pure logical treatment of cost-benefit analysis of the skin protecting elements of the fabric? Or do you buy a shirt because it will make you look COOL? Hopefully cool enough for all those sexy people to notice you? Emotions are the most powerful engine of human expression. Master your emotions, and master everything. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/emotional-mastery/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov18Post.mp4 Social skills are necessary. But social skills are also very difficult to practice. Anything that has social skills built into it is something we don't even think of as skills to learn and improve. We tend to put them in the category of being good at them, or not being good at them. Being shy or outgoing. Being introverted or extroverted. There's even some very complex ideas about a personality TYPE. And once you determine your type, that's it. If you're not the "type" to make a lot of money, oh well. If you're not the "type" to be good with the ladies, oh well. If you're not the "type" to do well in job interviews, oh well. This is like MANY of our self-accepted limitations. They have two sides. One side is it feels very comfortable. Very safe. Because claiming to be a "type" absolutely absolves us of the responsibility. We can even pretend it's not our fault we can't get what we want. We are, after all, programmed with DNA, and an upbringing that we had nothing to do with, right? Sure, we'd LOVE to make more money, but that's just the way it goes. We'd love to be more socially outgoing and playful around attractive people, but that's just the way it goes. You CAN accept your limitations. You CAN accept that you'll NEVER do better than you are now. That it's not your fault. That's common, and safe, but pretty boring. Or you can slowly improve yourself. Imagine if nobody knew about exercise. Everybody just ate whenever they got hungry. And they ate whatever tasted good. Some people had jobs in factories. Some people had jobs behind desks. Some people were WAY overweight, but they figured that was JUST the way there were. Other people who were in shape, well, those guys are just lucky. That would be SILLY! Clearly, there's plenty of evidence that people CAN improve their health. It's certainly not easy. But it's absolutely possible. Increasing social skills is the same way. So long as you do it slowly, safely and consistently, you WILL get better. Sure, it won't be like magic. It won't happen overnight. But it WILL happen. One of the biggest fears of improving social fears is the idea of getting rejected. But there are plenty of ways you can improve your social skills without EVER worrying about rejection. A lot of ways to improve your playfulness, without EVER worrying about rejection. A lot of ways to improve our overall attraction, without EVER worrying about rejection. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/party-hypnosis/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug23Post.mp4 There are some very enlightening surprises you'll find once you start to get over any social anxiety. The first realization is that ALL people have a certain amount of social anxiety. Everybody is different around new people, compared to close friends. Everybody is a little bit more withdrawn around new people. It's common to put people into binary categories. Introverted, extroverted. Shy, outgoing. But in reality, these are very flexible sliding scales. Nearly ALL people are MORE withdrawn and MORE nervous around people they don't know. The more they value the unknown person, the more withdrawn they are. It's EXTREMELY rare to be SO self confident, SO relaxed and comfortable with who you are to NEVER worry about anybody's opinion. In fact, people who CLAIM they don't worry about other people's opinions are being very self deceptive. That would be like claiming you NEVER get hungry or sleepy or horny. Humans are EXTREMELY social animals. It is a very important and very powerful INSTINCT to be concerned about others. If somebody really didn't care about what other people thought, they wouldn't spend ANY money on fashion or clothing. They would go to parties wearing the SAME stuff they wore around the house. Old sweats, slippers, tattered T-shirts, etc. But they don't. The first step is to stop thinking in terms of HAVING something called "social anxiety." As if only YOU have it, and nobody else has it. It's not like a cold, that you can catch and then get rid of. It's part of every normal human's makeup. It's a matter of decreasing it to MANAGEABLE levels. If you can't do things you WANT to do, then it's NOT at a manageable level. If you do things you want to, but you're a little bit more careful, that IS at a manageable level. Once you start thinking of it like a muscle, that can be weak or strong, you're halfway there. This will also help you get rid of any "magical thinking." Anything that sounds like you get any benefit with "one weird trick" is magical thinking. But if you think of it like muscle, you can exercise it like a muscle. There is NO rush. Because you have your entire life ahead of you. How do you exercise social confidence? Slowly. Carefully. Consistently. Inside your own brain, your own home, and your own comfort zone. Five minutes a day is all you need. Do a little bit every day, and pretty soon social anxiety will not keep you from doing what you want. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/social-anxiety-killer/
  4. Imagine if a rich person reached out to you. They wanted to do some kind of experiment. Maybe a new reality show or something. Every day, they'd give you a stack of $100's. All you had to do was hand them out. Walk up, introduce yourself, hand them a c-note, and bounce. For every person that accepted a hundred bucks, you'd get $20. Would that be fun? Would that be easy? Or would you be worried about getting rejected? Here's another mind experiment. Imagine you were hosting a party. But the only people coming were shy introverts. One new person would come every fifteen minutes. And as soon as they came in, you'd have to talk to them and find out certain things about them. And for every two people you introduced, and got a conversation flowing between them, you'd get $1,000. Meaning you'd have to find enough about each introverted party guest to introduce one shy introvert to another, and convince them they had enough in common to have a friendly conversation. Would you be able to do this? Or would you be too worried to start a conversation? The meaning of these goofy mind experiments is that once you put enough INCENTIVE into anything, it can seem easy. Walking up to people and introducing yourself to give out money seems easy. But walking up to people just to say hey seems difficult. But why would it? Imagine somebody says hey to you while waiting in line. They aren't trying to pick you up. They aren't trying to sell you anything. They're just saying hey. Would you be angry? Would they be interrupting your important thoughts about what you were having for dinner that night? Or watching on TV? What about the party host idea? Talking to people enough to find out information, so you can introduce them to other people seems EASY if you are going to get paid. But why not just to enjoy talking to people? Most people enjoy conversations. Humans are very social animals. Unless you are going to OVERTLY seduce or sell somebody, most people WELCOME a friendly conversation. But you can do much, much more than have a friendly conversation. You can learn to talk to people so they NEVER forget you. So they always remember. Not as that weird or awkward person, but as they cool party person. The one they want to see again. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hero/
  5. Subliminal Messages: I am confident in social situations I am naturally outgoing I love expressing myself I enjoy expressing myself I enjoy social pressure I enjoy social attention I enjoy meeting new people it is easy for me to speak up it is easy for me to ask for what I want it is easy to express my opinion It is natural to express my opinion I love expressing myself I am self confident I am outgoing I am socially magnetic I have lots of charm I enjoy being around new people I enjoy meeting new people I easily start conversations with strangers I naturally start conversations with strangers You are confident in social situations You are naturally outgoing You love expressing yourself You enjoy expressing yourself You enjoy social pressure You enjoy social attention You enjoy meeting new people it is easy for you to speak up it is easy for you to ask for what You want it is easy to express your opinion It is natural to express your opinion You love expressing yourself You are self confident You are outgoing You are socially magnetic You have lots of charm You enjoy being around new people You enjoy meeting new people You easily start conversations with strangers You naturally start conversations with strangers
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