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  1. Fantasy Free Persuasion - Straight To The Brain https://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/ https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/courses/ I persuade emotionally with beautiful stories I persuade emotionally with beautiful ideas I persuade emotionally with beautiful language I persuade emotionally with beautiful skills I persuade emotionally with beautiful energy I persuade emotionally with beautiful eye contact I persuade emotionally with beautiful gestures I persuade emotionally with beautiful communication I persuade subconsciously with beautiful stories I persuade subconsciously with beautiful ideas I persuade subconsciously with beautiful language I persuade subconsciously with beautiful skills I persuade subconsciously with beautiful energy I persuade subconsciously with beautiful eye contact I persuade subconsciously with beautiful gestures I persuade subconsciously with beautiful communication I persuade emotionally with wonderful stories I persuade emotionally with wonderful ideas I persuade emotionally with wonderful language I persuade emotionally with wonderful skills I persuade emotionally with wonderful energy I persuade emotionally with wonderful eye contact I persuade emotionally with wonderful gestures I persuade emotionally with wonderful communication I persuade subconsciously with wonderful stories I persuade subconsciously with wonderful ideas I persuade subconsciously with wonderful language I persuade subconsciously with wonderful skills I persuade subconsciously with wonderful energy I persuade subconsciously with wonderful eye contact I persuade subconsciously with wonderful gestures I persuade subconsciously with wonderful communication You persuade emotionally with beautiful stories You persuade emotionally with beautiful ideas You persuade emotionally with beautiful language You persuade emotionally with beautiful skills You persuade emotionally with beautiful energy You persuade emotionally with beautiful eye contact You persuade emotionally with beautiful gestures You persuade emotionally with beautiful communication You persuade subconsciously with beautiful stories You persuade subconsciously with beautiful ideas You persuade subconsciously with beautiful language You persuade subconsciously with beautiful skills You persuade subconsciously with beautiful energy You persuade subconsciously with beautiful eye contact You persuade subconsciously with beautiful gestures You persuade subconsciously with beautiful communication You persuade emotionally with wonderful stories You persuade emotionally with wonderful ideas You persuade emotionally with wonderful language You persuade emotionally with wonderful skills You persuade emotionally with wonderful energy You persuade emotionally with wonderful eye contact You persuade emotionally with wonderful gestures You persuade emotionally with wonderful communication You persuade subconsciously with wonderful stories You persuade subconsciously with wonderful ideas You persuade subconsciously with wonderful language You persuade subconsciously with wonderful skills You persuade subconsciously with wonderful energy You persuade subconsciously with wonderful eye contact You persuade subconsciously with wonderful gestures You persuade subconsciously with wonderful communication
  2. Inductive Seduction - Draw Them Out https://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/ https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/courses/ I seduce people with inductive reasoning I seduce people with inductive logic I seduce people with inductive emotions I seduce people with inductive language I seduce people with inductive understandings I seduce people with inductive stories I seduce people with inductive metaphors I seduce people with inductive ideas I seduce people with inductive thoughts I seduce people with inductive telepathy I seduce people with inductive abilities I seduce people with inductive creativity I seduce people with basic reasoning I seduce people with basic logic I seduce people with basic emotions I seduce people with basic language I seduce people with basic understandings I seduce people with basic stories I seduce people with basic metaphors I seduce people with basic ideas I seduce people with basic thoughts I seduce people with basic telepathy I seduce people with basic abilities I seduce people with basic creativity You seduce people with inductive reasoning You seduce people with inductive logic You seduce people with inductive emotions You seduce people with inductive language You seduce people with inductive understandings You seduce people with inductive stories You seduce people with inductive metaphors You seduce people with inductive ideas You seduce people with inductive thoughts You seduce people with inductive telepathy You seduce people with inductive abilities You seduce people with inductive creativity You seduce people with basic reasoning You seduce people with basic logic You seduce people with basic emotions You seduce people with basic language You seduce people with basic understandings You seduce people with basic stories You seduce people with basic metaphors You seduce people with basic ideas You seduce people with basic thoughts You seduce people with basic telepathy You seduce people with basic abilities You seduce people with basic creativity
  3. Ambition Energy: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-energy/ https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/
  4. Bread Magic: https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/magic-bread
  5. Party People Pattern: https://mindpersuasion.com/party-people-pattern/ https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/
  6. Volcano Turbine https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec02Post.mp4 There are two basic models to look at the evolution of human society. Note this is NOT about the evolution of humans. Assuming we started being humans about 200,000 years, there are some very simple "categories" to place humans in this history. One model is our use of energy. Long before we were humans, we discovered fire. Fire was important for two reasons. One, we used it to cook our food. This was kind of like "pre-digesting" it before we ate it. This gave us a lot of extra time. Since this BEFORE our brains got very big, we can assume that while we had all that extra time, whatever we were doing pushed our brain bigger and bigger. What, specifically, was this? The most important thing for all animals is getting food. So when humans were not eating, they were hunting. Critically, they started hunting with fire. Lighting fires in one place, knowing which direction the animals would run. This required abstract thinking and planning. Driving our brains bigger and bigger. Humans are also hierarchical. And since we could use fire to hunt strategically, or otherwise hunt strategically, how did we determine who was at the TOP of the hierarchy? Whoever had the best ideas. Think of a bunch of humans looking at a wooly mammoth. They wouldn't have just run screaming at the animal, everybody doing their own thing and hoping for the best. SOMEBODY had a plan. Well, probably a few people had a plan. But just like a bunch of engineers arguing over the best design for a new product, the BEST plan was chosen through an idea contest. The group considers each idea, and the best one wins. The guy who CONSISTENTLY comes up with the BEST idea is going to be the leader. This is true in modern engineering companies as much as it was back in the days of hunters and gatherers. How society evolved can be described by HOW these idea contests played out. First, it was in hunting. Who could best get the most ENERGY. Then we invented agriculture. This is when things kind of changed. Back in the days of hunter gatherers, they were nomads. But in agriculture, the energy was grown. In the same piece of land. For many, many years. This meant the alpha of agriculture could pass on this "alpha standing" to their kids. For the first time in our human history, humans could INHERIT alpha status. Or "noble blood" as they called it. Back in the days of hunter-gatherers, every generation WAS an alpha contest. Being SON of an alpha didn't mean squat back then. But every since agriculture it was possible to INHERIT alpha standing, but not demonstrate alpha behavior. This is still true today, thousands of years later. This is why just being rich isn't enough. Just having the right looks or the right clothes aren't enough. But if you understand WHAT those ancient, pre-agriculture alpha characteristics are, AND replicate them, you can CLEAN UP. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-dominance/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr14Post.mp4 One historian described the history of humanity as a scared and lazy people doing everything they could to become safer and work less. This sounds like a slam on humanity. But it's really true for ALL living creatures. There are two basic functions behind this statement. One is getting needed energy for survival. All animals need to do this. And they need to be as efficient as possible. Now, in our modern society, as much of a trainwreck it is becoming, this seems to be a no-brainer. You need food, you go to the store. Or order it online. But for the huge majority if life on Earth, getting food was very, very difficult. There was ALWAYS a battle, just like there is now, between the calories you burn, and the calories you consume. Every animal has that deep instinct programmed in the origins of it's DNA. Any animal that DIDN'T have that would go extinct. So right off the bat, getting MORE than energy than you burn is the prime directive. This is where the laziness comes in. Being lazy means spending as LITTLE effort as possible to get the MAXIMUM benefits. All animals have this. If they didn't, they wouldn't exist very long. How does this play out in modern life? If you are buying things you want to get the MOST VALUE for the LEAST amount of money. If you want to get laid, you want to get the HOTTEST partner with the least amount of risk. You want to find the EASIEST and QUICKEST to learn skills to get you the BEST career. Inventors and entrepreneurs that come up with inventions that make things easier for the masses get paid like crazy. All from the "lazy instinct." What about the "scared" part? In the quest for better returns for less effort, we can't die. Or break our legs, or get eaten by a bear. EVERY ANIMAL has this natural fear built in. This is exactly why Mountain Gorillas are on the verge of extinction. Wait, what? Mountain Gorillas, to us humans, seem utterly terrifying. But if one alpha Mountain Gorilla comes up against another one, they will feel a fear MUCH, MUCH more powerful than we will of them. That's why every troupe of mountain gorillas needs a HUGE area to live in. Their ENTIRE LIVES and instincts are built around NOT running into another group of gorillas. Because they need so much land, they are on the verge of extinction. What the heck does any of this have to do with anything? When you understand these two programs, fear and laziness, that are always running in EVERYBODY'S brains, you'll understand human nature. Human decision making. Human fears, human desires, and everything in between. Even better, you'll be able to pace where they are, and lead them WHEREVER you want them to be. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  9. Energy Gradients: https://mindpersuasion.com/energy-gradients/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar27Loop.mp4
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov07Post.mp4 Fight Club was a fantastic movie. A lot of ideas about masculine energy, what happens when there is a lack of positive male models, etc. But there was one scene in particular that was interesting. After the two main characters had their first couple of fights. It gave them a much better sense of everybody around them. They would get on a bus, for example, and IMMEDIATELY scan the crowd, and figure out who they could likely beat in a fight, and who they might not. This is one of those movie scenes that is intuitively true. Anything "new" that you do will do this to you. Once I was painting my first condo, a long, long time ago. A friend casually remarked that having had that experience, of going through all the trouble of painting my own house, I would never look at another paint job the same way. And he was right. For a while after that, whenever I went into somebody's home, I found myself checking out the quality of their paint job. Our brains have tons of filters. It has to, otherwise we'd go insane. So it needs to sort for things that are important. And bypass all the stuff that aren't important. This is the same as the red car effect. When you don't notice all the red cars. And then you buy a red car, and see all the red cars. Before, you hadn't done anything to indicate that red cars are important. So you filtered them out. The process of buying a red car slowly re-calibrates your filters. Since you bought one, this means they are important. So you start to see them. Before I painted my own walls, the quality of a paint job didn't matter. But since I spent a lot of time, money, and effort, it became important. Of course, after a while, it kind of become unimportant again. But if you fight, or train consistently, you'll get the "Fight Club" response. Measuring people up will be second nature. This happens when you practice verbal fighting skills as well. So long as you do a little bit of practice every day, you'll have a completely different set of filters. You'll see the things people are hiding behind their words. You'll start to notice the loud obnoxious people who are really cowards on the inside. Not just from a theoretical standpoint. But from an intuitive, deep knowing standpoint. You'll also see the opposite. The seemingly shy, quiet types that you know have rock solid self confidence and self esteem. And once you learn how to read people the way they REALLY are, not just the way they are projecting themselves, YOU will be radiating a much different kind of energy. A much more powerful kind of energy. A much more attractive kind of energy. Learn How: https://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  11. Impending Cannibal Apocalypse: https://mindpersuasion.com/impending-cannibal-apocalypse/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct14Loop.mp4
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept19Post.mp4 There are two ways to respond to the world. This assumes that every single human will look out into the world and see it as being LESS than ideal. This must be true. Since all humans will always have a collection of unmet needs. Food, water, protection from the elements. Emotional, sexual, relationship needs. All these need to come from our environment. So at any given time, every single one of us looks out into the world. When we do so, we have a collection of things in our mind that we would like FROM the world. Some are conscious and simple. Some are unconscious and utterly complex. Some things can be satisfied quickly and easily. Some may take a lifetime, and we still may fall short. How we RESPOND to this common human experience will define our lives. When we are very young, we are helpless. We absolutely DEPEND on those around us who have much more power than us. Those who have many more resources than us. Up to a certain age, it is absolutely necessary to expect OTHER PEOPLE to satisfy our needs. But beyond a certain age, we need to start getting our own needs in our own way. You may even say this is the main PURPOSE of our life. To MAXIMIZE the stuff we can get FROM the world. By interacting WITH the world. Of course, part of this involves recognizing that the entire world is filled with other people. With every one having that same exact strategy. To interact WITH the world. To get their needs met FROM the world. It's common to think that SOME of our needs are still NOT our responsibility. Even as adults. How can this be? This would REQUIRE that some adults have the responsibility of TAKING CARE of those they will never meet. Non relatives. This is a dangerous idea. Of expecting your needs to be met by people you will never meet. It's one thing to put energy INTO the system, and expect energy OUT OF the system. Energy in being work, time, effort, etc. Energy out being money, goods, things we need for life, etc. This is healthy. This natural. Put in, and get out. As you go through life, you maximize the ratio. By making the things you PUT IN more and more valuable. And that you can do with less and less effort. But if you only expect to get things OUT, without also putting things IN, that creates problems. Because what if EVERYBODY on Earth decided to do that? The flip side is that you can figure out how to MAXIMIZE the ratio of inputs and outputs. Creating a much better life. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
  13. Most people absolutely hate getting fat. Nobody ever tries to get fat. Except maybe a few actors who need to get into character. Once, Milton Erickon had a patient who was convinced she couldn't change her weight. Milton told her to purposely gain weight. She thought he was crazy, but she did any way. Through his hypnotic genius, he convinced her that losing weight wasn't really that much different than gaining weight. This, of course, isn't true for most people. But Milton recognized her weight problem was tied to feeling an absolute lack of control over ANY part of her body. For that particular patient, he recognized that once she proved to herself that she could gain weight on purpose, losing weight on purpose would be the next logical step. This was one of the reasons why Erickson was such a genius. He could talk to somebody and know the PRECISE detail of their unique problem. And give them a quick, custom made solution, all wrapped up in a messed up story. But when you think about gaining and losing weight in general, it's really a BEAUTIFUL system. It's kind of hard to see that now, but think about ancient humans. Whenever we saw food, we ate as much as we could. And our bodies would naturally store the extra energy. The more energy we had stored in the tank, the longer we could go without needing to fill up again. This is very much like a family on a long road trip. The bigger the tank, the more energy they can store. Whenever they see a gas station, they stop and fill up. In our natural, ancient habitat, adding to our energy stores is the same as spending from our energy stores. We GAIN fat just as easily as we BURN fat. Of course, this is based on a lot of other circumstances that aren't very common today. The food was much more natural. And we were much more active. But this metaphor, of finding, storing and using energy, can be found everywhere. The entire EXPLOSION in population after the Industrial Revolution was MAINLY because we finally figured out HOW to use fossil fuels. Which represented a MASSIVE AMOUNT of energy. Another HUGE discovery in human history was the use of fire. Another way to get MASSIVE energy out of wood and other burnable material. But the most METAPHYSICAL form of energy is money. You can make, it you can store it, you can spend it. The more you have, the longer you can go without needing more. This is the main DRIVING FORCE behind all human inventions. The more you get in THAT game, the more you can fulfil your human purpose. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  14. https://mindpersuasion.com/unlocking-hidden-energy/
  15. Why are babies so cute? From a purely evolutionary standpoint, babies being cute is a survival benefit. Since as babies we are absolutely helpless, we NEED other people to survive. Being "cute" creates a "let me take care of this poor thing" response from the adults around us. Young women are cute because they invoke a similar response from men. A "let me take care of this poor thing." Many women try and get away with being cute as long as they can. We are all programmed with a deep strategy that compels us to ALWAYS maximize our ROI. We always want to get the most RETURN for the least INVESTMENT. Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to. Nobody wants to put in more effort than they need to. What can you do if you're not naturally cute? Become more attractive. Not attractive with how you look or how you dress, but attractive by how you behave. Many personality traits are also evolutionary programmed into us. Humans are extremely social animals. We are always on the lookout for potential partners. Not just romantic or business partners. People that can help us out from time to time, and us then. This is why we LIKE going to social events. Take any group of friends hanging out on a Friday night. They will almost ALWAYS choose somewhere public where there are many people. They will RARELY choose some secret hideout. We LIKE being around other people. Because we LIKE other people. And we all come with deep subconscious filters that we use to sort for potential friends, people we WOULD LIKE to get to know better. Physical appearance is the first, and most shallow filter. Second is general personality. Some personality traits are much more attractive than others. And these same attractive personality traits can be enhanced. Strengthened, just like a muscle. How? Slowly and consistently, just like a muscle. When it comes to physical fitness, you can generally put people into two categories. Those who exercise regularly, and those who don't. Just like you can exercise your body regularly, you can exercise your personality regularly. And since FEW people even think about doing this, if YOU do this, you'll be in a category all your own. And you'll STAND OUT in nearly every crowd. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  16. A very enlightening study was done once on body language. They had a bunch of people walk through social situations. Bars, clubs, etc., where meeting and talking to strangers would be appropriate. They followed these people with researchers. They’d flash the pictures around and ask if anybody had seen them. They’d they ask for a first impression rating, on a scale of 1-10. “See this guy? Yeah? OK, real quick, how would you rate him?” Like that. The people giving the rankings would only have a very BRIEF memory of seeing the person. And they would use that brief memory to come up with their score. They reason they were doing the test was to see what impact posture had on their ratings. Meaning they would walk through places with two different postures. One unconfident, with head down, shoulder slumped forward. Another confident, with back straight, face forward, and shoulders back. Everything else was the same. Their clothing, their bling, their haircut, their cologne, their physical appearance. Simply by changing their posture, the average increase was two full points. This is only by a very obvious change. Add into this the idea that NON-VERBAL communication is more than 90% of communication. And the idea that we can’t NOT communicate. So even if you are in conversation with somebody, and words are going back and forth, the words comprise LESS THAN 10% of the message. And when somebody is checking you out from across the room, your non-verbal body language is 100% of the message. Whether you are being checked out, or if you are a conversation, the sum total of your NON-VERBAL communication can be called your FRAME. Your inner state comes out through your frame. The sum total of your non-verbal communication. Naturally, the stronger your frame, the more attractive you’ll be. People naturally gravitate to people with strong and attractive frames. In fact, people crave a strong-framed person so much, they follow gurus and cult leaders. Even when the CONTENT of their frame is absolutely insane. Imagine what you could do with a strong frame that has some pretty normal content? Luckily, building up the strength of your frame is just as simple as building up muscle strength or endurance. It’s not quick or magical, but with consistent effort, you’ll get consistent results. Building a strong frame is one those things that will make EVERYTHING do you so much more compelling. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  17. For many people, setting goals presents a paradox. One of the things we humans LOVE is a bright, yet undetermined future. As soon as we define the future, it becomes much less compelling. Imagine you’ve got a job. And your are 100% sure that in one year, you will get a raise of 50%. The boss says you’ve got to do some things, but you are 100% certain you will do those things. So you are 100% certain that within one year, you will get a 50% raise. At first it would be pretty cool. But as the days go on, it would seem less cool and more normal. If you’re like most normal people, by the time you got that raise, you would have already spent the money. At least mentally. Unfortunately, this is how they teach us how to set goals. To create a SPECIFIC target. At a specific time. Even when we KNOW (from the above example) we are getting that thing in the future, it naturally diminishes our desire for it. Now take that SAME idea, of a KNOWN thing coming at a KNOWN time, from KNOWN behaviors, and adding uncertainty to it. The idea of putting in some behaviors that you AREN’T sure will create that goal will make it LESS compelling than if it were real. Another is what happens if you SET a goal, but you CAN’T get it? Imagine guy who dreams of making a lot of money. But he never gets around to getting started. Since he hasn’t really started, he can still reasonably believe that if he DID start, he MIGHT actually make some more money. This is a NICE thought to think. But if he actually STARTS doing things, and realizes it’s MUCH HARDER than he realizes, this might KILL that vague thought of money in the future. The idea of having vague goals that you never get started on is actually VERY RATIONAL. Doing something that has a large chance of DECREASING your happiness is NOT rational. Luckily, there is a MUCH EASIER way. A way that doesn’t require that you EVER define your goals. That you keep them vague and FAR OFF in the future. So no matter how much progress you make, they will always be OUT THERE, pulling you forward. This makes it MUCH EASIER to try different things. If you have a specific goal that is supposed to happen at a specific time, and you try something and it doesn’t work, that can cause PANIC. You start to worry that you can’t meet your own deadline. Egads! On the other hand, if you have a vague but compelling goal that is ALWAYS a year from now, (whenever NOW happens to be) anything you do will get you closer. At the very least, you’ll get more information. This is the BEST WAY to create the actual feeling of outcome independence. So each individual interaction will be much easier. And your frame will be much stronger. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/ Till next time, George Hutton
  18. One thing your parents probably worried about when you were young was that you’d hang out with the wrong crowd. And for good reason. Decades of data show that there are really only TWO variables that make up your adult personality. Your genes, and your NON-FAMILY peer group. The data comes from twins. Identical, non-identical, raised apart, raised separate, and adopted kids. And when they combine ALL the data, those two are the most important. The genes you start off with, and the people you hang out with. Why are people you hang out with SO important? Even MORE so than your family? You can’t choose your family. You are pretty much stuck with your family. In fact, a pretty funny saying is that good friends are God’s apology for crappy siblings. We CHOOSE our friends. Because we LIKE our friends. And when we hang around people we like, we soak up their behavior. That’s why most parents are TERRIFIED that their kids will run with the wrong crowd. Because if you are a kid, and you happen to LIKE somebody who has “bad” habits, you’ll pick up those bad habits. Your grades might slip. You might start smoking. You might decide to become a vampire. This is a pretty powerful idea. It shows that whatever genes we have, we can LEARN whatever behavior we want. But it requires that we LIKE the person we are learning from. AND it requires that learning happens more or less subconsciously. Essentially, this is how humans exist. We soak up behaviors from the people we like. Without knowing it. Lucky for us, this works BOTH WAYS. Meaning you can soak up behaviors from others, or you can get others to soak up the behaviors from you. See, a shorthand way of hanging out with somebody, and slowly soaking up their behaviors over time, is “adopting their frame.” When we LIKE somebody, and look up to them, we adopt their frame. We take on their behavior, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. But if you purposely build a very strong and compelling frame, then plenty of people will adopt YOUR frame. Since most people don’t think about this stuff, they just kind of look around and FIND SOMEBODY with a strong frame. They don’t even know they’re doing that. Since this is what humans do naturally. Since we are hierarchical social animals, looking for somebody with a strong frame is an instinct. We naturally follow those with strong frames. But you can purposely BUILD a strong frame. What’s even better, is once you figure out how to build a strong frame, you realize that it’s like a muscle. With consistent “frame building exercises” you can build it as STRONG as you want. So strong that no matter WHERE you go, EVERYBODY will follow you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  19. There’s an idea in physics called sympathetic resonance. If you have two pianos next to each other, and you bang on one middle C, the other middle C will vibrate as well. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. The middle C that has been hit will vibrate at a certain frequency. The sound it makes is the air pressure radiating out as it’s compressed and then not compressed as the string vibrates at that frequency. Sound happens when those vibrating air pressure waves hit our ear drums. And frequency that our ear drums vibrate translate into our brains as a sound. So those vibrating sound waves work the same way on the other piano string. Our ear drum can vibrate at many different frequencies. That’s why we can hear many different frequencies. But the middle C on the other piano can ONLY vibrate at a middle C frequency. That’s why it’s called “sympathetic resonance.” Sympathetic because the string is set up to vibrate at the EXACT SAME frequencies that are being sent through the air. It’s also why the sky is blue. The entire spectrum of light (and even the ultra violet light that we can’t see but burns our skin anyway) comes from the sun. But the molecules in the upper atmosphere vibrate at blue light. So they have a sympathetic resonance with the blue light from the sun. Put in the two piano metaphor, it would be like banging on ALL the keys on one piano, and ONLY HAVING a middle C key-string on the other piano. If you could ONLY HEAR the sounds from the SECOND PIANO, you would be tricked into thinking that the first piano is playing ONLY middle C. This is why we see blue when we look up at the sky. This is also how humans communicate on a subconscious level. We have tons of facial expressions and body language movements. Too many to be perceived consciously. And most people are radiating a TON of mixed signals. Kind of like playing a bunch of random keys in random order on a piano. Most people’s “music” is a jumbled up mess. So if you take the time to CONSCIOUSLY radiate a certain emotion, or a certain collection of emotions, it will have a POWERFUL effect. Imagine being in a room full of player pianos. The kind that play by themselves. All of them are playing weak notes. Haphazard notes. Random, weak and haphazard notes. But ONE piano is playing something BEAUTIFUL, like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. When you take the time to purposely build up strong and positive emotions, and practice radiating those emotions, YOU will be like that ONE piano. Radiating a beautiful, compelling and congruent frame. Which will make everybody want to be around you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  20. Here’s a cool exercise you can do with a friend. Have them tell three lies but pretend they are telling the truth. Then have them tell three truths, and act like they are telling the truth. This will let you calibrate their “truth” energy and their “lie” energy. Energy, of course, means the sum total of all their facial expressions, micro-movements and voice tone. Too much to perceive consciously. But if you are relaxed enough (why it’s good to do this with a friend) then you can “feel” the difference. It’s kind of subconscious to subconscious communication. Nothing magical or mystical. But when we pick up things subconsciously, instead of getting actual thoughts and data, we get feelings. And since most of the time our feelings are a mix of a ton of random stuff, it’s VERY NOISY. But when you do this lie-detector experiment with a friend, with practice you can get a clearly identifiable, “lie energy” feeling when your friend lies. The trick is to then have your friend tell you a mix of lies and truths where ONLY THEY know which is a lie and which is the truth. If you CALIBRATE correctly, you’ll be able to tell. And usually it seems VERY OBVIOUS. If you are VERY SNEAKY, you can do this without them knowing. Get them to say something that you know is a lie, but they think you believe it’s true. This may take some time, and you’ll have to be creative. But once you CALIBRATE their “lie energy” they’ll never be able to lie to you again. This is essentially what people do when they play poker. They watch the other players VERY CAREFULLY. And they remember the stuff they do when they are bluffing. Later, they call these “tells.” This is also why poker players wear baseball hats and sunglasses. To hide their tells. All this is an indication of how we are ALWAYS sending and receiving information. Most of us are sending a whole jumble of mixed signals. Most of us are focused inward (worry, anxiety, etc) as much as we are focused outward. This is why it seems to mysterious when you do the lie detector exercise with a friend. But there’s another cool way to use this idea. And that is to practice radiating a specific emotion. Something positive and enjoyable. First, you’ll need to practice this at home. So when you radiate that emotion, it is strong, pure, and congruent. Then go out in public and radiate that SAME emotional “frame.” The results are fantastic. Because EVERYBDOY will not only notice, but they will VERY MUCH enjoy YOUR frame. Much more than their own. People will be naturally attracted to you. They’ll make up excuses to be physically near you. They’ll make up excuses to start conversations with you. And that’s just the beginning. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  21. Some people, nearly always women, are described as being able to “light up a room.” Of course, this is a metaphor. They don’t walk around with a flashlight or anything. The term “light,” is metaphorical for happy or positive emotions. So somebody who “lights up” a room doesn’t show up and light everybody on fire. They show up and turn up the mood. Everybody around the person becomes happier and more outgoing. Way back when I was a younger, there was a rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Both in college and in the pros. Most announcers said that Larry Bird helped others in a certain way. Meaning he would pass the ball, or otherwise do things that assisted the other players, helping them play better. But these were all obvious things. You could see it happening. Magic, on the other hand, was on a different level. Most announcers realized that just his PRESENCE made others play better. Larry Bird made others play better by his DIRECT support. Passes, screens, etc. Magic, on the other hand, elevated his teammates by his presence. In the same way that somebody can just “light up a room.” How, exactly, does this happen? Most people will explain it metaphorically. We tend to use metaphors when we DON’T UNDERSTAND the underlying science. If we were to be scientifically precise, we would have to be much more verbose when explaining the “light up the room” phenomenon. The person radiates body language, facial expressions, voice tone, etc., that have an “uplifting effect” on others. Since we humans are social creatures, we often take cues how we SHOULD feel by the non-verbal communication from others. For example, if we see somebody suddenly get a terrified look on their face as they stare over our shoulder, we will feel terrified as well. BEFORE we turn around and see whatever it is behind us. (Like a clown with a chainsaw, for example) The opposite works just as well. Somebody who is happy usually has a GOOD REASON. And just like we can get terrified BEFORE we see the reason, we can become happy BEFORE we see the reason. And in a roomful of people, this will have a chain reaction. But there is one missing ingredient. The lady who lights up the room has POSITIVE energy. But it’s also VERY STRONG. It’s VERY CONGRUENT. And this means her FRAME is the strongest in the room. And when you walk into a room with power, positive and congruent energy, your FRAME will DOMINATE the room. Everybody FEELS your frame and subconsciously decides, “Wow, I like THAT frame better than mine!” EXACTLY how Magic uplifted everybody around him. His FRAME dominated. His frame was more or less, “I’m going to play, I’m going to score, and I’m going to enjoy it.” THAT is the frame that made his teammates better. How do you DO THIS? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  22. If you’ve ever learned an instrument, perhaps you’ve had the following experience. You learned a song, and had it partially memorized. But sometimes when you practiced, simply by noticing your fingers, you messed up. Or perhaps you learned something like juggling. There are times when your conscious brain is turned off, and everything seems to “flow.” But as soon as you start to “notice” what you are doing, you mess stuff up. Sports psychologists study this idea of the flow state. The more skilled you become, the more effective this flow state is. Since most of us aren’t world class anything, we only experience “normal-people” flow states. Essentially, this is the level of “unconscious competence.” When we can do something effectively WITHOUT thinking. World class athletes, musicians, artists, they experience very high levels of flow state. This is why people often describe watching professional athletes as “poetry in motion.” At the same time we KNOW they are doing something WAY ABOVE a normal human skill level, but they are also doing it at the level of unconscious competence. Most of the things we normally do are at this level. Walking, talking, simple things like cooking and driving. However, when we communicate with unfamiliar people, that “messing stuff up by watching it with our conscious minds” happens. This is when we are struggling to think of what to say. This is why the advice of “be yourself” actually IS good advice. It basically means to speak like you would to your best buddy. Without any restriction or worry. To speak unconsciously like you normally do. There are two ways to do this. One takes a lot of practice. One is pretty simple. The first way is to simply practice talking to SO MANY people that you get used to talking to strangers. So talking to strangers becomes something you are unconsciously competent at. The second way is MUCH better. It is based on the idea the underneath all the surface structure stuff, we are THE SAME underneath. So when you talk to them, on that deep level, you are really talking to and about yourself. This can seem strange at first. But it’s much easier to practice. Since you can practice all alone. And when you switch your pronouns around, and use some hypnotic language, the other person will see you as somebody with profound insight. Deep understanding of the human condition. Somebody that REALLY “gets it.” This, of course, will make a life long, lasting impression on them. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  23. https://mindpersuasion.com/tai-chi-wizard/
  24. Everything can be improved with practice. But most people are lazy, so they don't practice. This is why there will always be ideas of shortcuts and magic tricks. Especially when it has to do with interpersonal communication. Making money, creating relationships, sales, giving speeches, few people will be brave enough to acknowledge that these are skills. And as skills, (like any other skill) they can be improved with practice. Just like if you spent twenty minutes juggling each day, you would pretty soon be a pretty good juggler. Same with sports or music. But when it comes to talking to other people, even the IDEA of practicing is pretty terrifying for most people. So we are suckers for any thing that sounds like a magic shortcut. Magic pickup lines that put girls into a hypnotic trance where they will eagerly agree to do anything you want. Magic closing techniques that will put your customers into a trance so they'll buy anything you're selling. Magic websites that you can put up with a couple of clicks, and they will make money for you while you sleep. Funny thing is, is once you get a certain level of skill, it DOES seem like magic. And those "magic" lines DO work. Incredibly well. Anybody that spends any amount of time practicing any kind of communication (sales, seduction, public speaking) will get to that tipping point. When they can't remember WHY it ever seemed so hard. When it's something they just DO and it works. This makes it very easy to ignore the practice part. And say things like, "Well, sure, it's easy for HIM!" The idea some people have some inborn skill that others don't. The truth is that since we are ALIVE, we have the same POTENTIAL as everybody else. But we won't realize if we don't acknowledge it. We don't acknowledge it if we think it's something we need to practice. Because we imagine practicing, and it seems terrifying. But that's because we are thinking about practicing the WRONG thing. The trick is to practice the non-verbal part FIRST. If you ONLY practice the words, while ignoring the non-verbal part, it will be clumsy. But the non-verbal part (the part that most people don't even recognize) makes up more than 90% of all communication. This means you can practice the BULK of any communication WITHOUT ever talking to people. Just walking around crowded areas. Projecting and reading body language. This means you can get to the EASY part BEFORE you ever say anything. And this very much IS magic. But only because you are focusing on what most people don't acknowledge. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  25. https://mindpersuasion.com/free-energy-vampires/
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