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Found 6 results

  1. https://mindpersuasion.com/easy-and-effective-persuasion-techniques/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July5Loop.mp4 The idea of free will kind of squishy. On one hand, it's pretty much the cornerstone of western society. In both religion and law. According to Christian tradition, the ONE THING we have, that nobody, not even the devil, can take away is our free will. Our decision to choose. Similarly, if you did something wrong, and you have to face a judge and jury, it's VERY HARD to convince them that somebody else MADE you do it. Even wives that kill husbands after years of abuse have a hard time getting off, UNLESS they kill the dude WHILE he's trying to kill her. All this presupposes that every single ACT we take is based on our ability to DECIDE to do it or to DECIDE to not do it. On the other hand, you could easily argue there is NO SUCH THING as free will. For example, one long study in the UK found that only 2% of adults who lost a significant amount of weight could keep it off for more than a year. If there was any argument AGAINST free will, it would be the growing obesity rates. Few people who are skinny make a rational decision to BECOME obese. And most people who ARE obese are DESPERATE to NOT be obese. If our FREE WILL is so ultra powerful, why can't we just DECIDE to only eat a couple thousand calories a day? Why can't we just DECIDE to get up an hour early and go jogging for an hour before work? Why can't we just DECIDE to study instead of watching TV, so we get a better degree and make more money? There MUST be something else going on. There must be something BESIDES just making a decision and getting an automatic outcome. Some things are EASY. If you decided to read a comic book, that would be EASY. If you decided to read a calculus book, that would be DIFFICULT. What's the difference? Perhaps the thing in between our will and our action is our skill level. Perhaps EVERYTHING we want to do is based on skills. Think of it this way. Every thing we WANT to do, that is EASY is based on a skill that has been TRAINED to the level of unconscious competence. If you have spent years practicing the piano, the DECISION to play a song would have an easy outcome. Without practice, the same decision to play the same song would be difficult and frustrating. The more you practice ANYTHING, the easier it will be. The more skills you have, the more you can do. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  3. One of the strangest figures from history is Rasputin. He was allegedly some guy who lived in the forest. But then he got himself connected to the Royal family at the time. This was around the time of the communist revolution. Whether he was a good guy or a bad guy is up for debate. But what is generally accepted was he had a very STRONG presence. He had to in order to get so close to the Romanov family. It would be like some guy wandering out of the forest and suddenly becoming the best friend of the family to the King of England. It's one thing to have plenty of social power and authority. Kings usually try to marry off their sons and daughters to sons of daughters of other nobility. Kings don't normally even talk to normal people unless they have some accepted rank. But Rasputin was a monk who allegedly lived in the forest. Surrounded by forest ladies who were always swooning for him. He was the opposite of nobility. So opposite that he eventually was assassinated by other nobles and higher-ups who didn't like his closeness to the royal family. There are a few people from history like that. Unfortunately, most of them are usually bad guys. Guys like Charles Manson who convinced teenage ladies to kill for him. It's kind of easy to understand how that would happen. If you were BORN with a massive amount of charisma and presence. You would kind of be seen as an outcast, since you had no need for the regular way of doing things. And your whole life, people around you would just do whatever you asked. It's easy to see this power turning one into a criminal master mind. On the other hand, what would happen if you could BUILD this kind of power? Slowly and consciously, so it wouldn't go to your head? And in a way so you could combine it with business, sales, public speaking, etc.? Sure, it might be cool to start your own forest cult. But it would also be cool to just make tons of money and live like a modern wizard. This is the cool thing about social skills and personal "energy." It's just as trainable as muscle related skills. If you practice juggling long enough, you'll have some impressive juggling skills. If you practice presence long enough, you'll have Rasputin levels of personal magnetism. How do you practice? With This: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  4. Little kids like to play pretend. I know I did when I was a kid. Young children especially can imagine creatively. Their brains are in the theta wavelength a lot more. Compared to adults, who are usually between alpha and beta. Alpha is like daydreaming, and beta is like always drinking coffee. They say we naturally shift every so often. Which is why it's hard to concentrate for very long. Eventually, you're brain is going to shift into alpha, even if it's just for a few minutes. That's when you find yourself reading the same sentences over and over, not sure what's going on, when only a few minutes ago you were devouring everything with intense focus. The only time adults drop into theta is when we go to sleep. That brief period where conscious thoughts turn into dreams. Sometimes you can catch yourself right before drifting off to sleep. But kids? They're in theta most of the time. Theta is also the best state to be in to reprogram the mind. However, this generally only works on yourself. It's tough to use theta to program other people's minds, as much as we'd like to. It's not like you can ask your customers or romantic interests to put on a pair of headphones and listen patiently while the suggestions do the work. However, there is a way to get them into theta. And into that wonderful "imagination land" that we usually only experience as children. That's to get them talking about ideal futures. Get them talking about what they want, and then ask them to describe it under the best possible scenario. Once you get them to ignore the normal constraints of their normal life, and into imagination land, you've effectively put them into a very light hypnotic trance. And the bigger you can get them dreaming, the deeper the trance goes. Turning their mind into a fertile playground. Have Fun: Hypnotic Sales
  5. Alexander the Great was one of the world's top conquerors. Going by actual square miles conquered, he's in the top ten. Genghis Khan is number one. If the Earth were to enter a BAMF contest with other planets of humanoids, I think Genghis would be a pretty good representative. Born as a peasant, parents killed by raiders, he rose to control huge armies and left a long lineage. One out of every eight Asians has Uncle Genghis in their DNA. Alexander was another story. He came from royal blood. His father was king of Macedonia. But his "team" was one of the best. Since they all came from Greece, they'd been fighting each other for a while. So when he united them, (or finished up what his father had started) he had a LOT of talent. One of the reason they were undefeated in battle was their flexibility. Alexander was like a QB on a team that could do ANYTHING. Running game, short passing game, long bombs, no huddle offense. And the other teams they played (usually the Persians, since they'd conquered most of the places Alexander re-conquered) had a simple game. Like an up the middle running game. Most people if they were in Genghis' shoes (parents killed, dirt poor) would have given up. Some people say that Alexander was "lucky" since he inherited his father's kingdom, and had a collection of the best armies on Earth. But in reality, there is only us, and the hands we are dealt. Genghis had a lot less, and turned it into near world domination. Alexander started way ahead, but in reality, most (nearly half according to historians) of the places he "conquered" just switched flags when he and his boys showed up. New boss, old boss, same difference, they said. We can't control the life we've given. But we CAN control what we do with it. Genghis literally had NOTHING. But he build a world empire, one that frightened even the mightiest kings and armies of Europe. What empire will YOU build? Get Started: Entrepreneurial Mind
  6. One under-appreciated invention is artificial flavor. Not really from a health standpoint, but from a marketing and production standpoint. If you had to use real strawberries to make strawberry ice cream, it would be pretty expensive. But since you get use highly concentrated strawberry extract (or whatever the heck they use) you can make it a lot cheaper. Now, most of those artificial flavors aren't the greatest thing for your health. If you drink them by the gallon you'd probably have problems. Other things that are "artificial" are better. Meaning they're similar to the "real" thing, but they're a lot cheaper. For example, a couple decades ago, to come up with some music to score a movie, you'd need to hire a whole orchestra. Now you can make the same sounds on your laptop, with some software and sampled music. And from a consumer's standpoint, it's WAY better since you can also create sounds that no orchestra could come close to. Female attraction, and how to create it, can be thought of the same way. There's the old school, original way. Become the dominant alpha, and lead a group of men out to kill some wooly mammoth. But with technology, you can get the same result (the female attraction) but with a lot less effort. Like scoring a movie on your laptop instead of hiring a humongous orchestra. The "trick" (it's not really a trick) is to exhibit the behaviors of an alpha leader. You don't have to actually "lead" anybody. All you have to do is have something you're "chasing" that is MORE important than any girl. And this will make all the girls chase you. (Or wish they were confident enough to chase you.) It involves building your beliefs a bit differently, which will change your behaviors in a subtle yet much more attractive way. Click Here To Learn How
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