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Found 2 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug06Post.mp4 There's a really messed up term in biology. Eusociality. Why is it messed up? Well, it isn't really, it's just one way Mother Nature has figured out how to organize people. Well, not people, but certain insects and maybe a few mammals. Like ants, bees, wasps, etc. From an organizational standpoint, it makes for a highly efficient group. Everybody comes pre-programmed with their "life's purpose." For worker ants, for example, their life's purpose is to work. To NEVER get laid. If you are human, and came back as a worker ant that would SUCK. But, the higher up on the food chain you get, the more of an "every man for himself" kind of rule pops up. Like in us humans, at least theoretically. Of course, you'd never get that by looking around today. It's very, very easy to make comparisons to people today and people a few generations ago. People a few generations ago really WORKED for a living. One example from the Great Depression was shown in the movie, "Cinderella Man." True story about a depression era boxer, James J. Braddock, played by Russell Crowe. His family had very little food. So Braddock had to work hard to get money to buy food so his family wouldn't starve. Since he was also trying to be a boxer, he boxed. And he hurt his hand. Back then, the only jobs you could get were as day laborers. So when he hurt his hand, he HID it from the guy choosing the day laborers. If you were the dude hiring the people, and you were paying each one the same, you'd hire the dudes who looked like they were in the BEST shape. Not some guy with a messed up hand. This was human resilience way back in the day. Hiding injuries so you would get hired as a manual laborer. Today our society is much different. We've all grown up under endless promises. Endless reasons why we should feel entitled to get something. But guess what? The same rule applies today as it did a thousand years ago. Or ten thousand years ago. It really IS every man for himself. Or every woman for herself. Sure, if you DO find yourself in a position where you are getting a steady stream of money in exchange for a steady stream of work, that's good. Especially if that steady stream of work won't dry up. But even then, what your boss wants and what you want are two different things. What you want, according to your ancient instincts is to keep doing MORE. To keep getting MORE. More skills. Better jobs. Better and more enjoyable relationships. What does your boss want? Probably for you to be a good little soldier. Show up, do your job, keep your head down, don't make any waves. But deep inside, you KNOW that's a dangerous plan. After all, who is better at taking care of your needs, your dreams, your ambitions, than YOU? Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/anxiety-killer/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec01Post.mp4 The most sought after feeling is a deep connection. The biggest source of pain is lack of human connection. The more we are connected digitally, the less seem to be connected emotionally. A couple of years ago, they released some never been seen photos of the Soviet Union. During the cold war, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was common to describe them as the "evil empire." This idea was significantly enhanced by the recent TV show "Chernobyl." A more or less true story of how government corruption ends up killing plenty of innocent people. But the real life, on the ground, "non-tragedy," regular life photos told a different story. Sure, the shopping pictures were pretty depressing. Stores with pretty bland choices on the shelves. But the photos of people just hanging out and chilling told a different story. Once you removed the images of their oppressive government and messed up shopping conditions, you saw pure human happiness. Friends and family members hanging out. Usually with half drunk bottles of vodka to go along with their smiling faces. This is the one thing that is most missing in today's society. The deep human connection. This deep connection that has given modern and ancient humans solace in even the worst of times. Even though they lived in an "evil empire," even though their local mall was a bunch of boxes of the same crap, they still had close friends and family (and vodka) to pass the time. These human connections are the SOUL of any society. Those were the deep human connections that even the Nazi war machine couldn't make a dent in. When any society loses the ability to create and maintain these deep, ancient, even metaphysical human connections, the end is near. This is why so many people are so depressed today. This is why the most common theme in so many romantic movies is the idea if FINALLY finding somebody who GETS YOU. That is the most common, most over used, yet truest line in all cheesy romantic movies, from tragedies to comedies. "You get me." What, Dear Reader, does this mean? This means if you can create that feeling in others, of truly GETTING THEM, you will never be forgotten. You will always be cherished. They will see YOU as the one beacon of hope in a world gone mad. How, specifically, can you do this? By realizing the deepest truths of human nature. How they exist in you, and how they exist in them. Learn this, and you will want for nothing. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/cold-reading/
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