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Found 4 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov26Post.mp4 We silly humans have a hard time with cause and effect. Particularly when things are linked. But plenty of things can be mathematically linked, but have zero causality. A famous example is ice cream and sharks. During the summer, people eat more ice cream. During the summer, there are more shark attacks. So, you could create a positive correlation between the two. But, it would be silly that eating ice cream causes shark attacks. Like every time you bite into any kind of ice cream, some poor dude is getting bit into by a shark. Or if you're out swimming, and a shark bites off your leg, you'll respond with a telepathically sent impulse to get people to eat ice cream. But other things aren't so obvious. In the previous example, it's easy to see the common thing. The same thing, the heat of the summer, causing both things. But often this third element is hidden. Or even more complicated, there are WAY more elements. Consider the common advice of "being yourself." We are "ourselves" with close friends. With new people, most people take a while to "be themselves." Both nice guys, and guys who study and practice "game" are PURPOSELY not being themselves. Nice guys assume that if they be "nice," they'll be "entitled" to some kind of reward. This is kind of subconscious, as they really BELIEVE that is their natural behavior. Guys who practice game are purposely and deliberately not being themselves. But what about naturals? Consider that naturals ARE naturals because they feel confident being themselves around EVERYBODY. They stroll up to pretty ladies and ARE their true selves right off the bat. But if you only see the surface, you'll create "game" based on their behaviors and communication. That is missing the point. Kind of like thinking that ice cream sales drive shark attacks. For naturals, it's not their actual actions, it's their CONGRUENCE that is so attractive. Juts like little kids. Everybody likes little kids because they aren't being "fake" nice or running some kind of game. When they are happy they let everybody know they are happy. Consider this cause-effect paradox. The ultimate goal for any guy or gal looking for action is to get the point where you can express your real self. They can express their real self. And you both like each other's real self. THEN you have sex. And AFTER sex, you both experience that post orgasmic "after glow." But what if you could create that "after glow" but BEFORE you even speak to them. How could this be possible? Consider that finding somebody who gets and appreciates us, AND wants to have sex with us creates some very POWERFUL emotions. And those emotions drive that mutual gaze of love. But what if you could CREATE those emotions ON YOUR OWN? And share them with ANYBODY you wanted? How would THAT affect your social life? Learn How: https://mindperusasion.com/seductive-eye-contact/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept22Post.mp4 TV salesman are very charismatic, and very entertaining. One example is the guy from "Halt and Catch Fire." A fictionalized drama about the beginnings of the computer age. PC's, internet, web browsers, back when all that stuff was invented. But the main character that was the sales type was VERY stereotypically charismatic. When he spoke, he had tons of confidence, and unbreakable frame, and he spoke in very well calibrated, very beutiful metaphors. Similarly, fictional seducers are either one of two types. The over the top womanizer jerk. And the flowery speaking, gorgeous metaphor spinning Don Juan type. A good example of this is Johnny Depp in "Don Juan DeMarco." But this is fiction. These characters are written by people who have never seduced or sold anything to anybody. We like those characters because they are the IDEAL. Things everybody would LIKE to become. Consider this to be a main function of our brain. A survival function. Since all the way back before time, we've been telling each other stories. Stories about IDEAL characters who do IDEAL things. Sure, we'd love to have real role models. Father figures whose footsteps we can follow it. But that's the genius of Mother Nature, or God or whoever made us. If we don't HAVE role models, we can make them up. Ancient stories were calibrated to match what we believed were our IDEAL role models. Young people who didn't know what they were doing. Having to stumble around for a while before they figured out what was what. And when they finally battle against the monster, the BARELY win. This is the IDEAL to strive for. Unfortunately, most of us miss the point when we see those smooth talking TV people. Consider the most important thing about their characters is NOT the words they say. Because plenty of well-written words are said by some pretty bad actors. This is why memorizing patterns for both sales and seduction MISSES the point. If you don't have the underlying frame, you'll be like a wooden actor trying to pretend to be congruent. Some of the BEST actors don't need words. They are VERY congruent in their facial expressions. How their facial expressions change upon nearing negative news, for example, is much more moving than a well written speech. Actors who can do that have skills few can match. Of feeling one emotion and then slowly shifting their facial expression to show another. If the rest of the story is set up correctly, a small shift in facial expressions at the right point of the story can make audiences WEEP. Words are nice, but not necessary. Build up the stuff beneath the words and NEVER worry about the words again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-mindset/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept19Post.mp4 Very few human decisions are logical. Most people very much like to believe we are logical, but those same people would struggle in a class in formal logic. At the same time, ALL of our decisions are based ON logic. What the heck does this even mean? Logic is a structure to handle inputs and outputs. If X is greater than 3, and Y = 2, then X is greater than Y. Logic is based on conditional statements. But when you are hungry and standing at the all you can eat buffet, you may not think you are choosing logically. When, in fact, you are. Only most of the "if then" stuff happens in your subconscious. This happens rather quickly. You and your conscious brain are kind of glancing back and forth across all the different stuff. Your VAST memory and HUGE imagination is calculating ALL the costs and benefits of the various things. When your subconscious makes a decision, it will send a signal to your brain. "Let's get that one!" The reason everybody thinks everybody ELSE is illogical is that we make ASSUMPTIONS about all those costs and benefits. Here's a really goofy example. Suppose a friend of yours got a hold of some really bad weed. And it made him hallucinate SO strongly, he believed the hallucinations were real. And your poor friend saw some demons coming at him. And he BELIEVED that if the demons caught him, they'd drag him to hell and torture him for ETERNITY. But for some reason (something about the bad weed) the demons would disappear if he banged his head against a brick wall and made himself pass out. Since making yourself pass out is LESS horrifying than being tortured for eternity by demons, that would be the LOGICAL choice. But unless you knew all of this, he would seem crazy. You should just see your friend screaming, and bang his head into a wall and make himself pass out. NO WAY would you assume he was acting logically. Now consider THIS idea. Everybody is acting logically ALL THE TIME. But we and they won't ever really know their SUBCONSCIOUS inputs, outputs, and costs and benefits. This is why YOUR rational arguments are almost ALWAYS going to fail, since you have NO IDEA what their subjective and mostly subconscious variables are. So, ditch the logic. And speak to their unconscious. There's ONE TRAIT that will trump pretty much every other trait. If you have this trait, you or your message will be SO COMPELLING, you won't have to worry about anything else. This trait will make bosses, strangers, potential lovers and even ANIMALS want to get on your team. Because this trait is ANCIENT. Even older than our conscious, self aware minds. If you work in this trait (which you can, privately in your mind, whenever you want) nothing else can compare. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-mindset/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept14Post.mp4 There are a lot of harsh truths in life we don't like. In fact, we don't like these truths so much, we pretend they don't even exist. Sometimes, these are blatant and conscious. So our avoidance of these is blatant and conscious. Like you get a letter in the mail from your bank. You're afraid to open it. You might look at your balance and find you owe the bank a few thousand dollars. Egads! But sometimes our fears are so deep we don't even know they exist. And we layer a ton of self deceptive based rationalizations top of them. A very common structure is the sour grapes response. A guy tries to grow some grapes, and he sucks. He looks over this fence into his neighbhors yard, and sees some very big, very plump grapes. Since he doesn't want to admit he sucks at growing grapes and his idiot neighbor doesn't, he makes up a story. That his neighbhors grapes are SOUR. So, whenever you look at something, you want it, but you can't get it, and you reframe that thing as being BAD, rather than something you desire but can't get, this is the sour grapes response. And modern men and modern women are super, super guilty of this when looking out into the dating market. Men think women suck. Women think men suck. Maybe this is true, maybe this isn't. But guess what? If you're a guy, having tons of women who WANT YOU and are actively pursuing you, this makes it much easier. If you working under the "beggars can't be choosers" model, this DOES suck. But if you are living from an "abundance" mindset, it doesn't matter if most men or most women suck balls. Since most will actively PURSUE you, you can simply skim off the top. Leave the leftovers for the rest of the beggars and sour grape haters. Now, the money question. How do you DEVELOP this abundance mindset? Structurally, it's pretty simple. Develop something EVERYBODY wants, but few people experience. Most people today are VERY fake. Everywhere you look, there are tons of people pretending to think and believe and do things that are only true up on the surface. But after just a little bit of conversation, you'll see the mismatch. Between their surface structure descriptions, and their deep beliefs. This is why most people do things that don't match with what they say. So when YOU come across with pure congruence, you will be very, very attractive to a great many people. Which means you'll have a MUCH BETTER chance of choosing somebody that actually isn't a trainwreck. All by simple daily exercises, that you can do on your own, to build up MASSIVE congruence. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-mindset/
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