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Found 81 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr02Post.mp4 You can find chickens and eggs everywhere. Well, not actual chickens and eggs, but complicated cause-effect relationships. One of our instincts is to see causal relationships where none exist. They believe this was to help us think much more quickly in our much more dangerous past. But today, this mis-firing cause-effect thing in our brain can be pretty funny. It can also create the aforementioned chickens and eggs. We see two things happening at the same time, and we wonder which came first. The honest answer is that we humans won't like ever know. The world is way more complicated than our monkey brains can make sense of. But some things are very easy to see once we remove some false ideas. Usually these false ideas are based on false fears. Like maybe when you were a kid, and you were scared the first time you jumped into a pool from the high dive. The first few times, it may have been terrifying. Then it became pretty fun. Or maybe the first time you rode a bike, it was pretty scary. But then it became pretty easy. One of the more complex transitions that some people CAN make is first conversations between strangers. Most people are stuck in the "scared of strangers" phase. Where we see somebody new and interesting, and it's ALWAYS pretty scary to make the first move. This actually comes in FOUR levels. Not two, like diving boards and bicycles. The first level is where most people will be and stay for their entire lives. The level that says, "Other people are interesting, but I wish I was better at talking to strangers." The second level is when you realize that talking to people is pretty easy, but only AFTER you realize that the first level is based on a false idea. That we need to present ourselves to others for approval. But once you talk to enough people, you realize that EVERYBODY is pretty much desperate for other people's approval. This is when you figure out how to talk to people. How to ask people simple questions that they'll enjoy thinking about, and answering. Questions that will make them see YOU differently than everybody else. This is when you slowly slide into the third level. Where you realize that most people, after you get over the excitement of talking to strangers, are pretty BORING. Most people don't have very much in their brains. The ideas most people have in their brains about themselves and the world is pretty similar. This is when you get to the third, and fourth stage. When talking to PEOPLE in general is a hobby. Something you do simply because the PROCESS is fun. And when this happens, you'll reach the fourth level switch. When most PEOPLE are interested in YOU. Which will allow YOU to choose the best ones. For whatever reason you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar31Post.mp4 A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her on this weekend business thing. She said it was something she and her sister were interested. She was pretty vague, and didn't make it seem very important. So, since it was Saturday, I wore my Saturday clothes. A pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some sneakers. Everybody else there was wearing a suit. I felt a little out of place. Until I realized it was some kind of MLM scam. The energy at those kinds of places is pretty unique. Everybody has got these strong, yet fake, sense of urgency. After, my friend asked what I thought. I said, yeah, uh, no. MLM's are fantastic if you are the founder. You CAN make a ton of money. But for most other suckers, it's a waste of time. Funny thing is plenty of things have a MLM "structure." Only they aren't cons, they are regular competitions. For every ONE job, you'll get hundreds of applicants. Millions of young people go to Hollywood every year hoping to be famous. Very few do. (many end up in porn...) Tens of millions of high school kids dream of playing professional sports, but few come close to making the cut. Because this is part of life, it's accepted. That's kind of the point of being human. Of figuring out WHERE to aim your skills, so you can do the best. One thing that has made being "famous" much easier is social media. Before, if you were to become "Hollywood famous" you had to have the right look, AND you need to have the right collection of skills. But today, ALL you really need is the right look, and you're in. This is absolutely FANTASTIC. Especially for those of us who are NOT genetically blessed. Wait, what? Because more than ever, being famous requires LITTLE or ZERO skills. Only appearances. That means with just some basic social skills, you can CLEAN UP. It's definitely not a simple as taking your picture and waiting for fame. But it's actually pretty easy. Because with some little-known-about language skills, you can CREATE your own halo effect. Sure, you might not ever be famous on YouTube or Instagram. But whenever there are people around, you CAN become a rock star. Old school, inter-personal charisma. The kind that people FEEL. Not the fake kind based on looks. This means when you operate socially, people will see you. They'll feel you. They'll very much WANT to know you. Giving you a HUGE advantage. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar18Post.mp4 All problems of modern society can be described as "instinct-mismatch." Back in the day, we were ALWAYS hungry. That was good. The HUNGRIER you were, the more motivated you were to get out and kill something. Not only to get out and kill something, but to eat AS MUCH as you could whenever you had a chance. PERFECT for the time before. Really, really horrible for modern society. Most other instincts are like this. Fantastic back in the day, horrible today. Social signals, relationships, social status, all perfectly calibrated for primitive times. All being horrifically misfired today. Probably the ONLY instinct that serves us is fear of dangerous animals. If we saw a tiger following us today, it would scare the crap out of us JUST LIKE back in the day. Of course, this is a pretty useless instinct as not a lot of people see tigers on their morning walk. But on a meta-level, we are much less likely to make the necessary TRANSITIONS we did back in the day. Way back in the day, we transitioned from being DEPENDENT to being PROVIDERS. If you were a slacker back in the day, you'd left behind. Today, finding out ways to game the system is a fantastic career choice. Especially if you're a banker! One way this plays out is how we MEASURE ourselves. If you were a little kid back in the day, AND today, your self worth was based on how well, or how poorly, other people treated you. Eventually, usually when you were old enough to walk around on your own, you started to DEFINE your self worth. There were no politicians on TV telling you how special you were. There were no classes in college telling you how it is somebody else's responsibility to take care of you. Every single human that survived long enough to send their DNA into the future learned a very important rule. One that is VERY RARE today. One that little kids back then were FORCED to learn. The rule? If you don't kill, you don't eat. Back then, all successful humans had to DEFINE their worth to the tribe on a daily basis. The BETTER you provided REAL VALUE to the tribe, the more they valued you. Nobody could just "decide" to be valuable or special "just because." Now, this may be offensive to many people. And that's fine. Plenty of people have ZERO PROBLEM letting OTHERS take care of them their whole lives. But as we alluded before, we STILL have these ancient instincts. So when YOU choose to take responsibility for your life, that will trigger these ancient instincts in others. Ancient instincts that say YOU are a very valuable human. Much more so than all the other entitled goofs running around. This, of course, will give you a HUGE advantage. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar17Post.mp4 We humans love competition. For fun, for business, and for fun. However, it's very easy to shy away from any kind of competition. For kids, this is pretty normal. You'll find plenty of little league sports that are easing the kids into competition. The first step is to get them running around and moving with other kids. The next step is to get them switching from offense to defense, or at least understanding what they mean. During this phase, they "score" but they don't "keep score." In most sports, this is a reminder of ancient battles of territoriality. Protect your goal, attack the other player's goal. Even in chess, they use the words "attack" and "defend." Eventually, the kids will start keeping score. They'll know the difference between the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. This is very, very necessary for a healthy personality. Because competition is EVERYWHERE. You want that ideal job? So do a lot of other folks. You want that cute girl or guy? So do a lot of other folks. You want that perfect house in that perfect neighborhood? So do plenty of other folks. It CAN be possible, in some areas, to avoid competition completely. This makes life VERY safe, but also VERY boring. Competition is where the fun is. Even when watching a football game with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon, they conversation will have competition built into it. Who can tell the funniest joke. Who can come up with the cleverest insults to the refs. Who can jump up and scream the loudest and the most enthusiastically when their team scores. Competition is like that one mohawk dude from one the Mad Max movies. "You! You can run! But you can't hide!" Some competitions are easier to face than others. It's VERY EASY to give up. Especially in modern society, where pretty much EVERYTHING is easy. At least not dangerous. But the MORE you can embrace and engage in competition, the better you'll do. Not in a caveman, battle to the death way. But in the friendly, "attack the other guy's king," chess way. And very often, how strong your competition FRAME is, the better you'll do. This is EXACTLY why boxers give each other the scare of death before the bell rings. This same thing takes place in the boardroom, on the tennis court, and while hanging out with friends. Most of the time, this "competition frame" is fake. A conscious ATTEMPT to demonstrate some kind of dominance. But a REAL and GENUINE competition is VERY powerful. Because it's NOT fake. It's congruent. A deep belief in yourself. Not even to win, but to ENJOY the game. It's one thing to try and fake a dominance frame. But when you present a congruent, "I'm going enjoy this," frame, it will be very rare, and very powerful. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar15Post.mp4 It's common to have folks who are successful in one area of life, but suck in others. A common movie character, and fairly common real life character is the guy who is a smooth-playing, lady-killer. The guy whose got tons of notches on his bed, but always behind on his rent. Or the guy who is the killer of the boardroom, master of negotiations, but gets floored and obliterated when his wife says she is leaving him. This is also true in sports. Michael Jordan, arguably one of the best basketball players of all time, absolutely sucked at baseball. He tried and failed miserably. Many "skills" are like this. Very narrowly applicable. Others are much more widely applicable. Things like general endurance, muscle strength and agility. The more you have all three of these, the more you'll be better in pretty much any sport. Mental skills can also be treated the same way. Take confidence for example. You might have mad confidence that you can cook the most delicious meal west of the Mississippi. You might also have mad confidence to play some decent songs on the piano, so long as nobody is watching. But when there's a party, and somebody mentions that you play, you shrink inside, terrified somebody might ask you to perform. Most of us are plenty confident doing plenty of things, so long as nobody is watching. But even the most accomplished actors suffer from stage fright. Some A-list actors NEVER watch their own movies. So long as other people are telling them WHAT to say, how to say it, their fine. But they are TERRIFIED of having to objectively judge themselves. This is one skill is very rare, but very powerful if you can cultivate it. The one skill that says: If I like my performance, that's all that matters. If I'm satisfied with my accomplishments, that's all that matters. Most of us try VERY HARD to pretend to believe this, but this is human self deception at its finest. If we TRULY didn't care what others thought about us, we would feel the SAME doing things in front of others as when doing those same things on our own. VERY FEW people truly feel this way. But consider this to be one of the most holy grail ideals of our human existence. To live as if OUR value of OURSELVES is more important than others' value of us. It's very EASY to fake this. To pretend it is real. But very, very few people live this. If you can approach this, the benefits are enormous. If you can slowly improve this, the benefits will continue to grow. Because the more YOU like and genuinely approve of yourself, so will everybody else. Most people follow others. But once you genuinely like and approve of yourself, others will follow you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar01Post.mp4 There are plenty of ways to impress people. Most people think in "case by case" terms. Like they see somebody, and they want to "impress them." So, most people think in terms of being "situationally impressive." But what happens when you flip this idea around? Of changing this from a transitive verb to an adjective? Wait, what? A trans what to a who? A transitive verb is a verb that requires an object I want to impress that girl. The verb is "impress" the object is "that girl." Or, I'm giving a presentation and I want to impress my boss. The verb, again, is "impress." The object is, "my boss." What is the adjective related to that verb? Impressive. As in, "he is impressive." Which means "he" impresses pretty much ANYBODY he engages with. This is what they sort of mean when they say, "be yourself." That short statement is incredibly complicated. For example, if you are naturally impressive, and you can "be yourself" you will impress a large percentage of people. Girls, bosses, etc. But for this to work, you have to have two necessary traits. One is you have to be CONFIDENT enough to "be yourself." This is very hard for most people. Two is that your "natural self" has to BE IMPRESSIVE. Again, unfortunately, most people AREN'T that impressive. Most people are pretty uncreative, uninspiring and unoriginal. So when they say, "be yourself," that only really works if you've got BOTH those qualities. So, what happens when you TRY to impress somebody? You are behaving in a way that ISN'T your natural self. This is something that isn't obvious, but many people can sniff this out. Like if you are trying to "impress" a girl, but you aren't being yourself, you'll send out some incongruent vibes. Yikes! This is a lot of think about. But you CAN work on ALL of these at once. Namely, how to be impressive. How to think much more flexibly, creatively and spontaneously than most slobbering knuckleheads out there. This will ALSO build up massive self confidence. And a massive frame. It requires you NOT fill your head with a bunch of ideas. But that you TRAIN your thinking. To think in terms of structure. This means you can take ANYTHING anybody says and flip it around. Shrug off insults with ease. Overcome any frame tests with ease. And even solve problems with ease. This will give you the CONFIDENCE to be yourself. This will give you the flexibility of thinking to BE IMPRESSIVE when you be yourself. And when you can relax, and be yourself, that means most people will be IMPRESSED with you. Automatically. No extra thinking on your part. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb28Post.mp4 If you happened to be wandering through the jungle and found an angry gorilla charging at you, what would be the best response? Those who study primates tell us that you break off eye contact, lower your gaze, perhaps look off to the side. And be as passive as you can. If the gorilla is really angry, he'll put his nose a few fractions of an inch away from yours, and give you the gorilla stare of death. (And probably some pretty nasty breath as well...) Needless to say, this is perhaps the most terrifying thing we can imagine. Even those who've ventured into the jungle for one reason or another say that when a gorilla screams at the top of his lungs, EVERYBODY shuts the hell up. It's like when the gorilla is angry, NOBODY wants to be anywhere near him. Funny thing is gorillas RARELY get physical. Their main power is INTIMIDATION. But it works. It's kind of like a very vicious energy field that automatically creates terror in everybody nearby. We can see this same trait in us humans as well. We are primates, after all. You see two guys getting ready to rumble and they'll try to give each other the gorilla stare. The best example is two boxers who are getting instructed on the rules, just before the fight starts. Nobody needs to tell them this. This is something they don't need to practice. This death stare is a very ancient instinct. This is why it is HARD to make eye contact with strangers for most people. This can work both ways. You can give powerful stares as well as receive them. When gorillas, boxers and bar brawlers give each other the death stare, there aren't many thoughts in their brain. Expect maybe half conscious thoughts of destruction. But what happens if you fill your mind with actual thoughts? Not fear based thoughts like, "Please don't kill me!" But thoughts of playful confidence. This might not be a good idea if the person you're staring at IS actually contemplating violence. But this is EXTREMELY rare. When your brain is filled with plenty of positive ideas, any negative energy in their brain will VANISH. They'll see it on your face. They'll read it in your non-verbal energy. What kind of thoughts are helpful? Curious thoughts. About what they're all about. About what they might say. About how you might turn WHATEVER they say into a playful conversation. We can imagine that inside everybody are two ancient primates. The gorilla side, that is only pure anger. And the playful monkey side, who wants to have fun. If you fill your mind with goofy thoughts and a subtle invitation to play, people will be HAPPY to join you. Especially when you have plenty of built in, playful thought structures at the ready. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb27Post.mp4 Metaphors are fantastic. But they can also be extremely dangerous. They are useful when talking about common ideas that are pretty complicated. For example, let's say you saw a movie. And your friend asked about it. And you report that it "started strong" but then "kind of fell apart at the end." This a perfectly understandable metaphor. It describes a very common human experience. Of watching a movie (or TV show or book) that grabbed your attention from the beginning. But then as it went on, you lost interest. Maybe the characters started doing crazy stuff, maybe the writing got lazy, who knows. Another very common metaphorical description of this common thing is that they ran out of money. You'll find this in plenty of comments about movies. "I guess they ran out money near the end." This is the utter beauty of metaphors. Even they are not very creative, we still know what they mean. This is what they are for. To DESCRIBE things that we all know and get, but at the same time, would be hard pressed to give an explicit description. When metaphors absolutely SUCK is when they are used as ADVICE. Let's say you see an interesting person across the room. You'd LOVE to stroll over there and say hey. You'd LOVE to show her your "best self." You'd LOVE to hit it off with her, and go somewhere more cozy. At the same time, you've got a TON of worries about what MIGHT happen. She might have a boyfriend. She might look at you with disgust while you're trying to impress her. She might kick you in the nuts and laugh while you lay on the ground squirming in pain. All of these horrific thoughts swirl around in your mind. At the same time all those BEST CASE outcomes swirl around in your mind. The result is ANXIETY. The kind of ANXIETY that freezes the best, most creative part of your brain. So, what do your buddies do? They give you the LAMEST advice ever. Grow some balls, man! Sure, this is a metaphor. They don't really mean to wander on down to the nursery and get some ball seeds, and plant them, and wait around until spring time. Then walk over to her (assuming she's there after all this time) and hand her your freshly grown balls. That wouldn't make any sense! But the INTENTION of that is to just be brave and walk over. The problem is that doesn't help AT ALL. IF you could just "be brave" you wouldn't BE in that predicament. When talking about things, metaphors are helpful. But when strategizing, you need to be AS SPECIFIC as you possibly can. Plan for every outcome possible. Luckily, there is a very easy way to do this. A way to plan for EVERYBODY possible thing that can happen. So no matter HOW the situation unfolds, you'll be ready. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  9. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb26Post.mp4 I love a good horror movie. Most are fairly decent, but once in a while a really brain bending one will come along. Not just for the movie itself, but the idea behind it. Namely, the question of, "who in the F--- would think of something like this?!" One of these is the Korean horror movie "Oldboy." It was remade by Hollywood, but it was nowhere NEAR the original. Part of the plot was a guy was kidnapped and kept in a hotel room. For twenty years. And during his captivity, he learned Kung Fu only by WATCHING Kung Fu movies. He even asked himself this after he was released. "Can you learn Kung Fu from only watching TV?" Then he kicked the crap out of a bunch of dudes and answered his own question. If you were some kind of inventor, and you figured out a way to train in physical traits by ONLY watching them, you'd make a kajillion dollars. Slap on some virtual reality glasses, put the viewer into some kind of trance, and then play the target skill a million times in ultra fast motion. An hour later, the dude would have the skill. Taken to its extreme, this would be some serious AI-Human interface skill. You could take somebody with basic skills and train them to do ANYTHING. Programming, new languages, martial arts, cooking skills, juggling skills, lion taming skills, ANYTHING! Of course, this is fantasy, right? For physical skills, yes. Even mental skills, like language, it would take a while. But there is a way you can do this with inter-personal skills. Humans are highly social creatures. We are programmed by millions of years of evolution to be highly social creatures. EVERYBODY has the in-born ability to be a natural with communication and conversation. The ability to walk up to ANYBODY, and be so completely relaxed, so have such a strong and compelling frame, they'll be instantly and subconsciously attracted to you. The problem is that ON TOP of the natural congruence, that we ALL had as children, is a ton of crap layered on top. Crap we learned, crap we were taught, crap we made up ourselves and then went out and found evidence of. The trick is NOT to try learn something new, like Kung Fu from your TV set. But to GET RID of that crap. And let the NATURAL YOU come out and play. Babies are adorable because they are NATURALLY EXPRESSIVE. Imagine if you combined the skills you already have, with that IRRESISTIBLY ATTRACTIVE natural expressiveness? How, specifically, do you do that? By going inside your brain, and systematically REMOVING all that crap. All you need is a pen, some paper, and your own mental lab to experiment in. No kidnapping required. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb23Post.mp4 One of the interesting paradoxes is whatever you prepare for doesn't happen. But if you don't prepare, it will. Sometimes, this is kind of silly, like if you think it's going to rain. If you DON'T bring an umbrella, it will rain. If you DO bring an umbrella, it won't. This is a common idea in many martial arts movies. The whole reason to train and learn how to fight, is so you don't need to fight. If you walk into a bar while radiating SCARED energy, you'll become a target for those types who like to pick on people. On the other hand, if you walk into a bar with confident energy, nobody will mess with you. Quite a lot, if not most, of our communication is NON VERBAL. The way we walk, how fast or slow our eyes dart around the room, our shoulders, etc. Similarly, the more confident you are, the more attractive you'll be. There are two ways to build confidence. One is to simply get out there and get a ton of experience. For example, if you approach a cute girl you've been flirting with, and you have a TON of experience talking to and seducing cute girls, those memories will all be in your subconscious. As you are walking over there, your body language, posture, etc., will reflect all those positive memories. That will make you VERY attractive to her. The closer you get, the more nervous SHE'LL get. On the other hand, if you have few experiences, that will reflect in your body language as well. The closer you get to her, the more nervous YOU'LL get. Since you might not have a lot of experience seducing cute girls, your brain will automatically default to the WORST CASE scenario. She will pick up on you anxiety, and she'll become more confident. So, if you spend lots of time approaching, you'll slowly get more confident. But that takes a LONG TIME. There is a much easier way. A way to build MASSIVE confidence without every needing to approach. It's based on understanding the STRUCTURE of thought and language. When you approach a whole bunch of times, you are SLOWLY re-wiring your brain. But this is a very inefficient, brute force technique. There is a much more elegant way. A much safer and easier way. To re-wire your specific thoughts. To re-wire your specific anxieties and fears. All by some simple writing techniques. This doesn't just work on the ladies. This works on ANY kind of anxiety based on ANY kind of conversation with ANY kind of human. Re-wire your fears, and never worry about rejection again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb19Post.mp4 A very common desire for humans is to show up, be told what to do, and get paid. This was possible a few decades ago. This was possible way back in our ancient caveman background. This trait, of being a team player and following orders, is likely a very strong instinct. Modern studies indicate this. But like many other instincts, they were OK before, but they can kill us today. Hunger is an obvious one. The rule of hunger is simple. Find something that tastes good. Eat as much of it as you can. Do that, and you stay alive. At least way back then. Way back then what tasted good was closely calibrated to what was healthy. Today, what tastes good is closely calibrated with mass produced death. So, if you want to stay healthy, you have to consciously MANAGE what you eat. Not automatic, but FAR from impossible. Male-female relationships are another example of ancient instincts that have long gone off the rails. Female attraction for men works very much like our ancient hunger. Our ancient hunger says find something that tastes good, and eat as much as you can. Ancient female attraction triggers say find a guy who is attractive, and do whatever you can to seduce him. This is contrary to what game gurus preach. The ancient female instincts create attraction IN HER for a certain type of man. Once she felt that, she did everything she could to seduce him. Of course, this is nothing like how men think about seducing women. Men think of things like spitting game, showing off bling, dropping hints of wealth and power. But when her ancient instincts are attracted to you, the female seduction strategy is MUCH, MUCH subtler. She'll go out of here way to be around you. In your line of sight. Find ANY excuse to talk to you. Ladies are programmed with something like a "plausible deniability" instinct. When they DESPERATE for a guy, they'll create a SITUATION that both allows a guy to sweep her off her feet, AND have total plausible deniability if he doesn't. Guys have NO IDEA what it's like to be a girl. Girls have a deep instinct that says if she's blatant in her desire for a any one guy, everybody will see that. And if it doesn't pan out, she'll be DONE. In modern times, this plays out as having a ruined reputation. The same instinct that keeps girls from blatantly sending out nudes to any thirsty dude who asks. The WORST thing for a girl is to be labeled as "easy." So, yes, she will seduce you. But no, it won't be blatant. She'll just CREATE a whole slew of OPPORTUNITIES for you to say hey, and get the ball rolling. But she ONLY does this for QUALIFIED men. Men with a strong inner MASCULINE core. One very few men have today. Which means if you build one, you will be in VERY HIGH DEMAND from the ladies. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb06Post.mp4 One of the reasons sociopaths can be successful is they can mimic whatever people need them to be. We can imagine three kinds of sociopaths. The criminal type, who end up in prison. The high performing types, who have high level jobs like politicians. These types can do pretty much anything, but they are intelligent enough to not do anything against the law. For most non-sociopaths, the law is close to our own morals. We don't kill people because doing so would cause irreversible damage to our psyche and emotional health. High level sociopaths don't kill people because they don't want to end up in prison. But then there is the run of the mill sociopath. The kind of person who can easily morph into anything they need to. These are the kind most of us interact with. They are compelling in part because they act EXACTLY like we need them to. They essentially mirror what we project. Without really feeling it. They get what they need, and then disappear. The reason these types are so compelling is because most people are nowhere NEAR this level of "connection." Most of us are hidden inside our own protective shell. So when we meet others, we are essentially getting to know them through THEIR own protective shell. This is why it takes a while to really get to know somebody. Sociopaths don't have that protective shell, since they feel no emotions, and therefore they aren't afraid. Afraid of what? Most of us have a deep fear of somebody getting to know the REAL us. And rejecting it because of it. But this is based on false idea. That it is possible for people to see US separate from our behavior. That deep fear of rejection (that all non-sociopaths have) is from before we could really think. Way back when we were screaming babies. But when we get older, nobody is even capable of judging us one some abstract concept of who we "really" are. They can ONLY judge is, in the moment, based on our behavior. As little kids, we really are just, "are." But as adults we ARE our behaviors. Our behaviors are an outer representation of who we are. If you are a quiet, shy wallflower, that says one thing. If you aren't making any efforts to let people know about you, that makes it very unlikely that others are going to make an effort to know about you. However, there are a few more variables that meet the eye. You likely have FANTASTIC ideas about yourself. You just can't put those ideas to words. So it may be just a matter of learning HOW to express yourself. Of learning more flexible linguistic skills. These will give you plenty of options on how, specifically, to express all those ideas in your brain. Ideas that people are desperate to hear. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-coypwriting/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb05Post.mp4 It's very easy for us silly humans to mix up cause and effect. Or to not notice all the variables that are going on. Take a common example. A guy is talking to a girl, and it's obvious the girl is into the guy. All the guys watching this are wondering WHAT he is saying. The idea is if we can UNDERSTAND what that guy is saying, and somehow emulate that, we can get the same results. This is based on a META assumption about human interactions and communications. We see somebody. We want something from that person, or with that person. We'd like to sell them something. Or get to know them to perhaps start a relationship. Or at the bare minimum, interact with them so they have a good impression of us. Most people ASSUME this is based on what we say to them. The most common question in these situation is "what do I say?" Consider that this assumption is incorrect. AND very dangerous. We have this very superficial idea that our words will leave our mouths, get into their brains and create some of feeling. If this were true, we could walk up, give them a note and it would have the same effect. This is ALMOST how it works in the movies. But consider that the words we use, and more importantly, the phrases and the energy beneath them is ONE variable in ALL the variables that make up how others perceive us. There's another idea that is very important. That overall, beyond our words, beyond our energy, is how WE perceive ourselves. Consider that how WE feel about ourselves is THE most important variable in all communication. Sales, seduction, and everything in between. For example, we tend to be "attracted" to people who are MORE articulate rather than less articulate all else equal. People that can say basic things but in interesting ways are MORE attractive than people who can express those SAME thoughts with much less robust words and phrases. And if you can connect positive energy to your articulation, you will be VERY difficult to resist. You or your ideas or even the products you may be selling. What, specifically, do we mean by positive energy? You LIKE what you are talking about. You LIKE YOURSELF as your talking about it. You LIKE the conversation you are having with the person you are having it with. The actual THING you are talking about is NOT NEARLY as important as all the other stuff. Luckily, you can work on your articulation just like you can work on your pushups or any other skill. And articulation is connected to your brain in a kind of form-function kind of way. You practice one, and you'll practice the other. If you build a daily practice of THIS, your overall attraction and charisma will continue to increase. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec11Post.mp4 One common problem both salespeople and social persuaders have is an inability to close. Sales people can give the most fantastic presentations ever, but when it comes to the close, they flounder. Guys and girls can talk a great game, but when it comes time to close, it goes sideways. Both people feel it. Both people know that SOMEBODY should say something. But both sit there, mumbling and suddenly avoiding eye contact. "So, uh, yea, wow, gee..." There are two ways to get around this common problem. One is to ALWAYS close. Close everywhere and often. This, however, is only a superficial solution. It's kind of like ripping a bandage off. It's painful, and you want to get it over with. This is the basic philosophy of number closing everybody who looks in your direction. It kind of, sort of, makes it SEEM like you are being confident. If you tell your buddies you number closed twenty girls in the past weekend, they'd be impressed. After all, most guys are terrified of number closing ONCE, let alone twenty times. But when you look at the stats, they aren't really that great. You ask twenty girls for their number. Fifteen politely decline. Four gave you a number only because they were too shy to say no. That one who was actually interested, was really only interested in the moment. You impressed her with your confidence, your focus, your lack of anxiety. But since that attraction was built QUICKLY, it dissipated quickly. So when you call her a day or so later, she might not even remember you. So, yeah, while number closing twenty girls a week is pretty cool from a confidence, brag to your buddies angle, it's pretty ineffective if you actually want to MEET people. If you want to slowly expand your social circle, and get to KNOW people, number closing everybody with a pulse is not the way to do it. Consider doing the OPPOSITE. This is counter intuitive. This is a LONG GAME strategy. This will build up your REAL confidence. The deep confidence that isn't temporary. The kind of deep confidence that naturally radiates from you when you are ordering a slice of pizza or asking the waitress for a refill on your diet coke. How can you BUILD this confidence? By practicing hit and run compliments. But not OBVIOUS compliments. Not compliments about how they look, or how pretty their eyes are. Compliments about their choices, their decisions. Compliments about THEM. That indicate you see them more deeply than everybody else. What will make these particularly powerful is if you deliver them with linguistic presuppositions. These will make them radiate in their mind much longer. Walk up, deliver the compliment, smile and keep walking. This will create a massive number of memories in your brain. Of people looking at YOU and wanting more. This will add up to a deep and REAL belief that people WANT you. This is something few people will EVER experience. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July7Post.mp4 Way back when I was in high school, my buddies and I love to watch Mad Max. My buddies were all car freaks, more so than I was. They loved the idea of having a big V8 with a secret nitrous oxide injection to give it an extra boost. Their favorite part was when Max was chasing the bad guys, then he'd calmly flip on the switch to give his car a boost. Then he'd suddenly accelerate, overtake the bad guys and cause them all to crash. One of the Star Trek movies was a crossover. Where they had the original cast in with the Next Generation cast. One engineer from the original cast was talking to an engineer from the Next Generation cast. He was asking him how fast the engines would go. The guy told him, and then he asked again. "Yeah, but how fast do they REALLY go?" The Next Generation engineer didn't understand the question. The original engineer shook his head, and said: "Never tell the captain how fast the engines will REALLY go." The idea of having a hidden resource of energy is very compelling. A secret ace up your sleeve. There's even a theory from physiology that we all have secret hidden reservoirs of energy in case of emergencies. To lift up cars, or make it an extra mile when we're about to die. But because we are usually VERY safe and not anywhere NEAR life threatening danger, we'll never really know. This is ONE reason why people love extreme sports. It gets them out on the edge of safety. When they get mad adrenalin rushes. The opposite is also common. Unfortunately, very common. Of thinking you don't have ANY skills or energy beyond what you are doing RIGHT NOW. If you believe you really DO have some secret power source, or an ace up your sleeve, it will give you a TON of confidence. So much you'll never have to need that secret stash. But if you are secretly terrified you have NOTHING, that will have the opposite effect. Knowing you have a secret stash will naturally EXPAND your comfort zone outward. Being terrified you have nothing will make it shrink. Luckily, the size of your comfort zone is completely up to you. It's based on plenty of assumptions you make about yourself, and about the world. Most of those assumptions are wrong. Which means if you can RE-CALIBRATE your assumptions, your comfort will expand significantly. Making everything you want OUT THERE much easier. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun28Post.mp4 A very common movie scene is the halftime locker room speech. Where the hero's team is behind at halftime. The coach gives them a rousing speech that fires them up. They come out, destroy the other team, and everybody lives happily ever after. It's also common for guys who are going out to pick up girls to a have some kind of "pre-game" warm up. Some times this involves hitting a bar before to knock back a few and practice some conversations. So when they get to the place where the girls are, they built up their courage. It's also very common for movie heroes to give themselves mirror pep talks before critical events. All these situations presuppose that the extra boost of energy is helpful. Kind of like in the original Mad Max, when he fired up the nitrous oxide to give his "Interceptor" and extra boost of power to overtake the bad guys. But what would happen if you didn't need that extra boost? What would happen if you ALWAYS had the energy you needed? We like underdog movies, and stories about underdog hero's because WE feel like WE are underdogs. We wish somebody would give US a pep talk. We wish WE could pull off a stunning, come from behind victory. In a sense, that is the main PURPOSE of those movies. To BE that "pep talk" for us. To give us a little bit of extra inspiration to hang onto when WE go into whatever situations WE feel we would like that extra bit of juice. These types of stories have been told since the dawn of time. Even way back in the caveman days, sometimes those dudes needed some extra motivation. It wasn't always easy for them. It isn't always easy for us. We can imagine two levels of energy. Our constant, base level energy. And the temporary higher level that we CAN achieve when we REALLY need to. When it's down to you and somebody else for the job. When it's time to ask the girl for her number. When it's time to lay down the law to an office bully. All humans have a two sided story instinct. To listen and remember those motivational parts. The parts we need to get us over the humps. AND to be the story teller to inspire others. Most of the time, we need to be inspired. But sometimes we NEED to step up and inspire others. You can build skills for both. The more you practice, the stronger you'll be. On both sides of that ancient and necessary instinct. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun27Post.mp4 There's a pretty common scene in movies. One guy has got to do something painful to another guy. Like set a broken arm, or put a dislocated shoulder back. The common way is for the guy or gal doing the painful thing to count. "OK, on three..." And then they invariably do the thing halfway between 2 and 3. The idea being to get the guy off guard, so it happens more quickly and less painfully. But this is so common in the movies, the some shows are starting to have the guy getting the bone fixed to KNOW that they're going to do it halfway between 2 and 3. Now, from a pure writing standpoint, they do this so the viewer won't think, "Oh I've seen this before." To have the other guy (the guy getting his bone fixed) know the same thing the viewer is expecting, that the dude's gonna pop his bone back on 2 1/2 instead of on 3. It's kind of cool from a meta, viewers standpoint. But it also presupposes that the guy getting his arm fixed has ALSO watched a bunch of those same shows. Otherwise, how would he know it was coming a 2 and 1/2? All centered around the idea that getting a bone fixed SUCKS. Or getting your shoulder popped back in. I can attest that getting a bone set really DOES suck. Even when they inject you with a bunch of stuff that's supposed to make it NOT suck. It STILL sucks. Which is why even in real life they do it quickly. This is how most of us think about personal development. We imagine whatever it takes to get to where we are is going to SUCK. So we want to get it over as quickly as possible. This is why we LOVE the idea of hypnosis. The idea that somebody can put you to SLEEP and do the work FOR YOU is massively compelling. But as an effective strategy, it's right up there with losing weight while you sleep. Sure, if you have to give ONE speech, it's not a bad idea to just suck it up and get it over with. But the idea of learning skills is completely different. Unfortunately, the ENTIRE self help industry is built around FALSE ideas of "quick fixes." That you need to pay a bunch of money and go to a seminar where you have a BREAKTHROUGH experience. But the truth is actually much, much simpler. AND easier. AND, believe it or not, cheaper. Changing your body through exercise diet takes time. And if you ever STOP, it's easy to backslide. But when anything related to social skills, once you get past a certain point it is self sustaining. This is why going as slow as possible is much better. No seminars, no gurus, no goofy metaphysics. Only a pen some paper, your brain and a few minutes per day. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun24Post.mp4 Human hierarchies are everywhere. But they are mostly subconscious. The thing about humans is that we are driven by deep instincts. But we are capable of being driven by external triggers that indicate those deeper instincts. For example, by sheer mathematics, men have evolved a natural attraction to women who are, all else equal, younger rather than older. This is simply because the guys of the past who were RANDOMLY programmed to be attracted to younger women had MORE babies. Because a women who starts having babies younger rather than older will have more babies, since she's got more baby years ahead of her. So more kids will be born that have the gene to make the dudes naturally attracted to younger women. Similarly, all else equal, women are genetically programmed to be naturally attracted to older, more powerful men. For the same reasons. Ancient women that had the RANDOMLY programmed genes to be attracted to older, more powerful men had more kids. Since that older, more powerful man could support more kids than a young guy. So over time, more kids were made with the genes that made women naturally attracted to older, more powerful men. All this happened WAY before organized society. Long before money was invented. There are other instincts that can override these deeper, and basic instincts. One of those is social proof. If the entire tribe believes something, that will tend to OVERRIDE the deeper, more ancient instincts. In modern societies, we have all kinds of instincts fighting for our attention. For example, let's say you've got a big reunion coming up. The part of you that wants positive social proof, a very strong instinct, will WANT you to lose weight. But the part of you that wants to eat, ANOTHER very strong instinct, will compete with that. This is really the ONLY WAY to shut down the instincts we don't like. By pitting them against other instincts. Either for real, or by building up powerful emotional images. As mentioned above, we are still very influenced by social hierarchies. Where we are in the hierarchy. Men AND women. Modern experiments show this over and over. Stick ten people in a room, give them a task, and they will QUICKLY and subconsciously self organize into a hierarchy. How do they do this? We can imagine we all are giving off, and reading, some collection of subconscious, non verbal behavior that indicated where WE are on the social hierarchy. So much that every time they do this experiment, the same thing happens. Everybody looks around, reads this energy and AUTOMATICALLY takes their place. The take way is that the MORE of this subconscious, social hierarchy energy you are RADIATING, the higher up the food chain you'll be. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun20Post.mp4 I've a had a pretty interesting experience a few times. And that is to spend quite a lot of time traveling. 20-30 hours. And when you're traveling, you're thinking about how tired you are. How crappy the seats are. How annoying all the people are. And how happy you'll be when you can collapse onto your hotel bed. But then you show up in the city. A city you've never been to before. And suddenly you've got tons of energy. So you go out exploring. Maybe only to get a bite to eat, something to drink. Next thing you know, it's way later than you'd thought. Certain situations tend to do that to us humans. They wake up some hidden source of energy. Sometimes it's easy to see where this is coming from. Other times it's hard to pinpoint the source. All the pieces just kind of fit together, and part of you decides it's game time. Your body is flooded with energy and excitement. It's a very "outward" energy. A very "outgoing" energy. When you are driven to get involved as much as you can with your environment. Other times, it's the absolute opposite. This is more common. The familiar, "fight or flight" response. This is when your mind-body system recognizes extreme danger. The first kind of energy requires a HUGE feeling safety. But not only safety. But safety combined with new things, combined with a HUGE potential for new and exciting experiences. The second one is the exact opposite. The funny thing is if you randomly pick a whole bunch of people, they won't all have the same responses to the same experiences. Some will have a fight or flight response in the SAME situation as the "Wow! Let's party!" response that others have. What's the difference? It CAN'T be based on the environment. Otherwise everybody would respond in the same way to the same environment. It's got to do with how we INTERPRET our environment. Two people can be in the same situation at the same time. One person wants to flee. The other person is having the "lets party" response. The good news is that you can slowly RE-CALIBRATE where and when you WANT to have the "lets party" response. It's not quite as easy as flipping a switch. It's kind of like opening up a machine, and carefully rewiring it. It takes a little bit of time and patience. Mostly patience, since the process is pretty boring. But when you're finished rewiring your brain, you'll have MUCH MORE CONTROL of your seemingly AUTOMATIC responses to those situations. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun18Post.mp4 Status is important. At the same time, we like to pretend it's not. It's a happy idea that people will see us for who we REALLY are beyond things like money and status, etc. We all have this deep belief that if people take the time to "get to know us," then they will TRULY appreciate and LIKE who we really are. But in a way, that's kind of selfish. Because every single human out there has a limited amount of time and attention. And they have to decide exactly HOW to use that limited time and attention. Suppose the AVERAGE human crosses paths with 100 people each day. 100 NEW people. Further suppose that EACH one of those people have that SAME idea up in their brain. That if people ONLY took the time to get to know them, then they would like and appreciate who they REALLY are. How long would that take? How long would it take for somebody to get to know YOU? Multiply that by 100. That's how long it would take for EACH HUMAN to get to know all the people they cross paths with on a regular basis. They reason why this is selfish is we expect OTHER PEOPLE to do the work to "get to know us." How many people, on a DAILY basis do you take time to really "get to know"? Not just once or twice, but every single day? Probably not many. The reason is simple logistics. Nobody has enough time OR confidence to go around starting conversations with strangers JUST to get to know them. What would happen if somebody approached YOU out of nowhere, just to "get to know you?" Sure, if they were sexy that would be one thing. But imagine somebody who WASN'T particularly attractive OR interesting? What if you were approached by 100 of these people each day? Life would suck! The idea of OTHER PEOPLE taking the time to "get to know us" is not only extremely selfish (expecting them to do all the work,) but it's also LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. If you WANT people to "get to know you" you've got to do the work. You've got to SELL YOURSELF. Not go door and door or anything like that. But when you see somebody that MIGHT be interesting, it's YOUR job to get the ball rolling. This takes confidence. This takes persistence. But there IS a much better position to be in. So that many people WILL naturally want to get to know you. And that gets us back to status. The more STATUS you have, the more people will WANT to get to know you. Not fake status. Real status. Real status is very ancient and is sent and picked up subconsciously. It's a certain kind of confidence. One few people have. Learn to develop THIS kind of confidence, and you'll have REAL status. Ancient status. Attractive status. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun17Post.mp4 Once I was at this local bar. And they had this blues band playing. A local band. Their guitarist was much better than you'd imagine to see in a small local bar playing up on stage. The bar could hold maybe 50 people, if it were packed. But this guy was up there just absolutely shredding. But he was doing it in a way that indicated he didn't need much of his conscious brain. Of course, nobody thinks like this. "Wow, that guy seems to well into the range of unconscious competence!" But when somebody plays guitar without needing to even open his eyes, just playing by feel, even going off on wild tangents, it's clearly a very high level skill. My friend made an interesting remark. "That dude must sleep with his guitar!" Meaning he must spend a LOT of time with his guitar. Practicing. We tend to automatically assume people spend a lot of time practicing when we see them with CERTAIN skills or abilities. If you saw a guy walking down the street with an eight pack and zero body fat, you'd think he spent a lot of time in the gym. Or he didn't drink beer or eat cookies. But for some reason, some skills we don't tend to think of as learned. We tend to think of them as in-born. If we assume, first, that ALL SKILLS can be improved, then WHY, specifically, would people assume the opposite? For example, guys see another guy walk up and effectively talk a girl into feeling happy, outgoing, and attracted. Most guys don't assume he's spent a lot of time practicing. Most guys say he's a "natural." Meaning he just showed up with those skills. But why don't we see a guy playing guitar and assume he's a natural guitar player? Why don't we assume that eight-pack-guy was born that way? Because there is ALWAYS another thought associated with learned skills. Especially observed learned skills. We see a guy up on stage, shredding on his guitar. We assume he spent a lot of time practicing. We QUICKLY imagine our own, usually subconscious, cost-benefit analysis of US spending that same time practicing. Meaning we quickly imagine why HE decided to spend all that time practicing, while we didn't. The answer that generally comes back is we've got better things to do. We don't WANT to become a literal guitar super hero. OK, fine. But why do we label "naturals" as naturals? Because anything that involves social skills is TERRIFYING. We don't even like to CONSIDER the idea of practicing and getting better. But the truth is twofold. Part one is EVERYTHING is a skill. EVERYTHING you can do can be improved. Usually a lot. The second part is practicing social skills is not nearly as terrifying as people think. Quite the opposite. In fact, if you practice correctly, it's actually pretty boring. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun16Post.mp4 If you ever find yourself up against a gang of bad guys, that strategy is pretty straightforward. At least from movie fighting strategy. Figure out which guy is the leader, and punch that guy first. Then the rest of the bad guys will flee. There was a movie a few years ago with Tom Cruise where he had to play this soldier fighting against aliens. He got some "super special" alien blood on him, so he could relive the same day over and over. Eventually, like most complex alien movies, in order to kill ALL the aliens, they had to kill the MAIN alien. Which was essentially the alien brain. This is a very common theme in movies. Mainly because we humans are hierarchical. So it makes perfect sense to kill the dude in charge and you'll be in good shape. It also makes sense to WANT to BE the guy in charge. If you are a good guy, and you are leading a good tribe or group of people, not much is better. The guys up on top get most of the good stuff. In chimps and in humans, social hierarchy is closely correlated with all the stuff we humans generally want. Money, sex, fame, etc. There is one idea binding these two ideas together. Killing the bad guy in charge, and being the good guy in charge. And that is public speaking. If you CAN manage to speak effectively in front of any crowd, for any amount of time, this will be a solid way to demonstrate REAL authority. Especially if your message is compelling. Everybody will be in the crowd watching you. Everybody will notice that everybody is watching you. This will give you both social proof AND authority. The two most powerful subconscious triggers. But to get there, you've got to get over your public speaking fear. A fear nearly EVERYBODY has. A fear nearly EVERYBODY thinks is WORSE than death. This is good news. Why? Because of all the fears up in your brain, fear of public speaking is the greatest. So if you knock out the leading fear, all the rest of your fears will scatter. Just like punching the leader of a gang in the face. So, what, punch yourself in the face? Like in Fight Club? No, nothing that drastic! Turns out there are a ton of simple and easy exercises you can do that will SLOWLY dismantle your public speaking fear. That's a problem with punching the bad guy in the face. He might come back! But if you DISMANTLE your fear, it will never show up again. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  23. I had a friend a while back who went through a divorce. It completely blindsided him. He was really messed up, and went in for some counseling. One thing she told him was to be careful while driving. Turns out lots of people have accidents after a traumatic event. It messes up your thinking. A lot of negative emotions swirling around. The thing about emotions is we only feel some of them. They're kind of like an iceberg. For most of us, we only feel the small portion that is poking through the ocean surface. This isn't bad or wrong, this makes perfect sense. It is a very strong survival instinct. If you dwell on negative emotions, they'll mess you up. Which means if you're driving, you won't pay as much attention as you should, and you might crash. But for ancient humans, dwelling on negative emotions would make you a terrible hunter. Imagine a guy up to bat, bottom the ninth, last game of the world series. Only right before he stepped up to the plate, his girlfriend called him and yelled at him for not putting the toilet seat down. Dude probably wouldn't do so well. Even in Rocky III (or maybe II or IV...) Rocky didn't want to train because Adrian was in a coma. But when she woke up, it all changed. Especially when she told him to win. Then it was on like Donkey Kong. This is how emotions can impact performance. Good emotions caused by people we care about will make is conquer the world. Bad emotions caused by people we care about will make us crash our cars. For ancient humans, this was a matter of life and death. So we evolved an instinct to keep bad emotions buried deep beneath the surface. Ignoring them helped us survive. Only now, that instinct doesn't work so much any more. Which means if we want to be REALLY successful, we'll need to manage them. Just like we need to manage our eating and activity if we want to be healthy. Luckily, managing your emotions is WAY easier than managing your hunger. In a way, it's kind of opposite. When you're full, it's EASY to imagine going on a diet. But the longer your diet lasts, the harder it gets. But emotions are the opposite. Just IMAGINING them causes deep anxiety and fear. But they are actually not so bad. Kind of like Rocky was taunting Mr. T. "You ain't so bad! You ain't so bad! You ain't nothing!" Once you can handle and manage your emotions, you'll open up a LOT more processing power in your brain. For all KINDS of intelligence. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/eq/
  24. I like to cook. But most of the time, I don't use any recipes. Once in a while, I'll find a decent one online. But I rarely follow it exactly. Long time ago, I took an "Asian cooking" class. I took it twice, two summers in a row. Same class, different teachers. The first teacher was very specific. Exact amounts. Exact temperatures. Exact times. The second teacher was much more laid back. Little of this, dash of that, and Bob's your uncle. Most of the time, when I cook, that's how I do it. Think of the ingredients, imagine how they'll go together, and then figure it out. Of course, some times it comes out awful. But I'm not very much a step-by-step kind of guy. I'm more of a figure it out as you go along kind of guy. But the thing is, when you're cooking, there's very little risk. You kind of get a feel for what goes with what, and what doesn't go with what. Human communication is the same way. Human communication is related to human thought structure. If you've NEVER cooked before, it can be intimidating without a recipe. Just like a common worry when going into social situations is not knowing what to say. But just like understanding food can help with whipping something up, understanding human thought structure can help understand what to say. The thing about human thought is it's not that complex. Sure, when we're talking or thinking about super important things, it can be extremely complicated. But in social situations, it's pretty easy. Since the main people go to social situations is to relax and enjoy themselves. And learning about basic human thought patterns under those situations is pretty easy. Everybody wants the same thing. To meet a few interesting people and have an enjoyable time. Everybody fears the same thing. Unwanted social exposure, getting rejected, being put down or ridiculed in front of others. Learning how to speak to people to maximize what they want, and minimize what they don't want is pretty easy. Human thought, just like human language, has a very simple structure. And for having fun, this can be a very enjoyable structure. Which is EXACTLY what everybody is looking for. So when you can speak in this structure, you'll always be a big hit. At every party or social situation. Lots of fun, and zero rejection. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  25. Secrets of Unlimited Authority https://mindpersuasion.com/over-the-line/
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