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Found 8 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun22Post.mp4 When I was much younger, I was in Boy Scouts. The best parts were the long hikes. Especially the multi-day backpacking trips. The first day was always the worst. Very long, very steep, very difficult. But once we got over the first high mountain pass, life was fantastic. Huge valleys with very few people. Big lakes, nobody around, fantastic fishing. When most people go camping, they think about car camping. Of loading up their cars with as much junk as possible. Big coolers filled with beers and steaks. Tons of firewood. This is also a lot of fun. But this is very easy. It doesn't take much effort, or planning, to drive somewhere, park, get out of our car and sit on the ground next to your car. So these types of camping spots are always filled. Other people, families, couples, etc. You'll find this idea everywhere. Of being able to separate things in these two categories. The things that are EASY to do. And the things that are NOT so easy to do. Anybody can do the easy things. That's why they, like car camping spots, are always so crowded. Very few people can do the difficult things. That's why these gorgeous, high valleys on the other side of big mountain passes have few people. But sometimes, the easy-difficult spectrum is a paradox. Sometimes what seems difficult at first, ends up being much, much easier. For backpacking vs. car camping, this is easy. Car camping places are easy to get to, but kind of hard to enjoy. Backpacking places are hard to get to, but very easy to enjoy. For for some things, the difference is purely mental. And it's much more a matter of momentum. For example, consider social situations. Most people have a short term approach. They don't consider thinking about approaching somebody, unless they are ALREADY interested in that person. This almost always means the person in question is attractive. This requires very little thought. But if you ever DO approach (some never do) it is VERY DIFFICULT. So, in the very short term, usually mostly mental, this SEEMS easy. But when the rubber meets the road (e.g. when you see an attractive person you'd like to talk to) this can be the most TERRIFYING THING in the world. But if you only spend just a LITTLE BIT more effort in the short term, those attractive people will be like the high mountain meadows. Fantastic and with ZERO competition. How do you do this? First, get into the habit of talking to anybody who looks like they MIGHT BE interesting. Second is to NEVER worry about closing. Let the other person worry about that. What will this do? This will slowly and easily build your confidence. This will make you much more subconsciously attractive. Which means when you DO see attractive people, you'll not only start conversations with them without even thinking, but you will have SUCH an attractive frame, they'll close you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/charming-personality/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr02Post.mp4 You can find chickens and eggs everywhere. Well, not actual chickens and eggs, but complicated cause-effect relationships. One of our instincts is to see causal relationships where none exist. They believe this was to help us think much more quickly in our much more dangerous past. But today, this mis-firing cause-effect thing in our brain can be pretty funny. It can also create the aforementioned chickens and eggs. We see two things happening at the same time, and we wonder which came first. The honest answer is that we humans won't like ever know. The world is way more complicated than our monkey brains can make sense of. But some things are very easy to see once we remove some false ideas. Usually these false ideas are based on false fears. Like maybe when you were a kid, and you were scared the first time you jumped into a pool from the high dive. The first few times, it may have been terrifying. Then it became pretty fun. Or maybe the first time you rode a bike, it was pretty scary. But then it became pretty easy. One of the more complex transitions that some people CAN make is first conversations between strangers. Most people are stuck in the "scared of strangers" phase. Where we see somebody new and interesting, and it's ALWAYS pretty scary to make the first move. This actually comes in FOUR levels. Not two, like diving boards and bicycles. The first level is where most people will be and stay for their entire lives. The level that says, "Other people are interesting, but I wish I was better at talking to strangers." The second level is when you realize that talking to people is pretty easy, but only AFTER you realize that the first level is based on a false idea. That we need to present ourselves to others for approval. But once you talk to enough people, you realize that EVERYBODY is pretty much desperate for other people's approval. This is when you figure out how to talk to people. How to ask people simple questions that they'll enjoy thinking about, and answering. Questions that will make them see YOU differently than everybody else. This is when you slowly slide into the third level. Where you realize that most people, after you get over the excitement of talking to strangers, are pretty BORING. Most people don't have very much in their brains. The ideas most people have in their brains about themselves and the world is pretty similar. This is when you get to the third, and fourth stage. When talking to PEOPLE in general is a hobby. Something you do simply because the PROCESS is fun. And when this happens, you'll reach the fourth level switch. When most PEOPLE are interested in YOU. Which will allow YOU to choose the best ones. For whatever reason you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov05Post.mp4 I watched an interesting lecture a few days ago. A guy was talking about how different skills can fetch different incomes, now compared to a hundred years or so go. His imaginary comparison was a guy a hundred years ago that had pretty good math skills, but very weak social skills. The best that guy could do a hundred years ago would be a math professor. Which wouldn't tend to make a lot of money. But a guy today with a ton of math skills and low social skills could easily make six figures or higher. Working as a programmer for a large trading company. Most trades that happen in the stock market today are done by these high frequency trading machines. Or HFT's. The guys who create these algorithms can make a ton of cash. This is a way to see the difference between social skills and technical skills. One one extreme, you can have mad technical skills and low social skills. This is the stereotypical introverted genius who makes millions. On the other hand, you an have mad social skills but zero technical skills. These types become salespeople, actors and politicians. Most of us are in the middle somewhere If you were to get a job at a company, they would need to make sure you knew what you were doing. This would be the technical skills. But because they HAVE face to face interviews, technical skills are not the ONLY skills. They also need to know you're not a psychopath and can work well with others. Most companies require that you interact with others effectively to get the job done. This means you need to hang around with, and work effectively with, people you wouldn't otherwise choose to be your friends. If you are not so good at this, it will limit you. If you do happen to have a ton of technical skills, like programming or any science related skills, that can compensate. The worst situation would be to be an average guy with average technical skills, but below average social skills. This would make life very hard. Luckily, most who lack social skills really lack social confidence. Humans are social animals. Being social isn't anything you need to learn. It comes naturally. Or at least it SHOULD come naturally. But if you have some baggage that keeps you from getting in the game, you won't have the luxury of learning social skills easily and naturally. But that's OK. Because once you eliminate all social fears, it WILL happen naturally. And as it turns out, being utterly devoid of any social fear will make you very VALUABLE socially. Which is good news, since there is a step by step process to utterly obliterate any social fears you may have. Learn How: https://udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  4. How do you make an impression on somebody? There are plenty of theories. But let's take a step back and see what that means. There's a time when they don't know you. Then they interact with you. Then there's a later time when that interactions is only a memory. They think of you, and compare you (subconsciously) to all the other people they've interacted with. This goes for every human that talks to other humans. Job interviewers, hot girls and guys that are getting hit on all the time, people with money that want to maybe buy something. What strategies would be BEST for making sure you make a positive impression? So when they think about you, and their interaction with you, it stands out in their mind as being BETTER than all of their other recent interactions. One way would be to walk around doing magic tricks, and telling awesome jokes. Or maybe learning to juggle, or some other complicated party trick. One way would be to wear a few thousand dollars worth of bling. Another way would be to get a ton of plastic surgery, spend countless hours in the gym, so you look like a Greek god or goddess. Or you could do it the easy way. How's that? You're the one who gets the ball rolling. You're the one they find easy to talk to. You're the one they feel most comfortable with, the most quickly. You're the one they tell all their desires to. You're the one who DOESN'T spend tons of time trying to convince them how awesome you are. You're the one who reminds them how awesome THEY are. And even helps them discover that they are more awesome than they thought. This is the kind of people NOBODY forgets. Ever. How do you BECOME this person? By understanding the structure of human nature. By understanding the structure of human communication. By taking the time to build the skills that will serve you for life. The same skills that will allow you to build better relationships, make more money and radiate much more charisma and personal magnetism. What skills are these? The ones you can learn here: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  5. The idea of going back in time is pretty cool. Especially those movies where an adult switches bodies with a kid in high school. Imagine being able to go back to high school knowing what you know now! One of my favorite time travel movies is called "Primer," which is a low budget indy film. One of the reasons I like it is was realistic (as much as time travel movies can be). That the FIRST thing the characters did when they realized they could go back through time was to figure out how to game the stock market. One of the reasons we like the idea is few of us look back on any part of our history and think, "Yep, I handled that absolutely PERFECTLY!" I'm sure you, like most people, have incidents in your past that you'd rather not think about. I know I do! Another sci-fi type idea that's pretty popular is mind reading. Being able to read other people's thoughts. Playing poker, negotiating, knowing which girls to talk to, etc. The truth is that this is more likely than most people realize. Most people have the same desires and the same fears. Most people don't like going to work, they aren't best buddies with their boss, they worry about their bills and they are terrified of rejection. Most would like to be more confident socially, but are afraid to try. Which means you, as an advanced social operator, already have a head start. You can be the one to not reject them. You can be the one to let them know that meeting new people can be easy and enjoyable. Just imagine your worst fears, with regards to social situations, and then talk to THEM to make sure THEIR worst fears don't come true. That way YOU can be the person to make everything happen. Click Here To Learn How
  6. There are a lot of metaphors for our comfort zone. The elephant that was tied up as a kid, but when he was untied as an adult, he still thought he could only go in the same circle. The fish that would only grow as big as his tank. Most of these are describing our comfort level. The things we are comfortable doing. In doing so they miss a very crucial and extremely limiting factor of our comfort zone. It not only keeps us doing things that are safe, but it constricts our creative imagine to the safe things. Sure, we have plenty of "wishes" where we get stuff without having to do the work. Like winning the lottery, or having some supermodel take us home for some fun. But we usually acknowledge that these are wishes, at least on some level. But when we are creatively trying to come up with solutions, we tend to ONLY think in terms of what we're comfortable doing. This happens subconsciously. Imagine you were really strong and flexible. You spent a lot of time on strength training as well as speed and flexibility. Suppose you were standing on the corner, next to a baby in a baby carriage. The mom (or the babysitter) was busy staring at her phone. Then some object came flying at the baby carriage. Because your subconscious understanding of your strength and flexibility, you'd naturally swat whatever it was out of the way. It would happen before you even knew you were doing it. Now consider the same situation if you had weak arms, a bad back and intense shoulder pain. Your mind-body system might not even consider swatting it away. Instead, you might yell instead. Or lunge to push the baby out of the way. The bottom line is whenever our subconscious is looking out into the world and sorting for solutions to our problems or answers to our desires, it's only going sort based on what we're comfortable doing. And if your comfort zone is socially limited in any way, you WON'T SEE all of the opportunities around you. For example, your subconscious will figure that "talking to strangers" is out of the question, so you won't even notice all the opportunities that involve talking to strangers. But when you slowly expand your social comfort zone, you'll start to see MANY MORE opportunities. And when you're daydreaming and thinking of creative solutions, your mind will have a LOT more flexibility. Click Here To Learn More
  7. I remember once when I was a kid, way back in 3rd grade. I had to pee really bad, but I was afraid to ask for permission. It was the beginning of the school year, and I didn't really like the teacher. She was pretty scary. AND I was in the back of the room. So I sat there, holding my junk, hoping recess would come before I peed my pants. The teacher stopped and asked me in front of everybody if I needed to pee. I was glad to go, but I was also embarrassed for having being called out. Kind of what I was trying to avoid in the first place. We tend to do things like this. We want something, but we're afraid to ask for it. Usually because we're afraid of two very common human fears. Being the center of attention, and rejection. And if we imagine those two things can come at the same time, we are generally pretty timid. But as you get older, you we tend to see those as things that can hold us back. Both socially and financially. The strategy most of us use is to simply power through. Fake it until we make it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. While repeating things to ourselves like, "fortune favors the brave," or "go big or go home," or "no guts, no glory." While these work, they take a lot of effort, and a lot of motivation. And it's easy to slip back. I remember when I made the decision to go through all ten speeches of the toastmasters program. Most nights before class, I had to FORCE myself to go. It was very EASY to come up with excuses not to. Luckily I belonged to a very close and supportive group. But we don't always have that advantage. Especially if you've got a job where you might have to stand up at a moment's notice and give a speech. Fortunately, there's a lot of ways to "sneak around" your fears instead of muscling through them. It does take a little of time, but you'll never have to leave the safety of your comfort zone. Ever. Click Here to learn more.
  8. Your brain is incredibly fast, but it's not very accurate. Most people don't realize how much energy the brain uses. Based on its size, it's an energy hog. Kind of like some of those programs on your computer. Everything starts running slow, so you check and see that one program is sucking up all your resources. Unfortunately for us humans, that means that our brains simply CAN'T be BOTH fast and accurate. How do we lose accuracy? By making "guesses," or as they say in NLP, "distortions, deletions, and generalizations." Meaning every time we look out into the world, our brains are quickly trying to find as much background info as possible. Kind of like the cache on your browser. Unfortunately, it's pulling up some OLD data. Like when you were two, three years old. Just when you started to learn to walk and talk. At first, it was pretty cute. But sometimes it was a pain. So today, when you look out into a social situation, you feel a desire to move forward, but also tons of subconscious memories that are telling you that expressing yourself is dangerous. Lucky, there's an easy way to fix it. All you need to do is create a "buffer layer" between those OLD memories and your current self. And you make up that buffer layer with NEW memories. Basically, you just create situations that give you the OPPOSITE feeling of those very early memories. And what kind of memories are those? Ones that say it's safe and easy to express yourself socially. How do you do that? ALWAYS bail out before something "bad" happens. NOT after, like most people do. Most people charge ahead until they get kicked out. But when you do the opposite, you'll quickly OBLITERATE any effect those early memories have on you. All you do is START to do something, and as soon as you get ANY GOOD RESULT, eject like crazy. You want to LEAVE the situation just as it's getting good. This will create a feeling of "I could have done more." Do this enough times, and that "expressing myself socially" will FEEL EASY. So when you think about doing anything socially, or talking to anybody for the first time, you'll have a lot of memories making it seem simple, rather than difficult. The sooner you start building those memories, the easier it will be. Click Here to make it easy.
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