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Found 8 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun22Post.mp4 When I was much younger, I was in Boy Scouts. The best parts were the long hikes. Especially the multi-day backpacking trips. The first day was always the worst. Very long, very steep, very difficult. But once we got over the first high mountain pass, life was fantastic. Huge valleys with very few people. Big lakes, nobody around, fantastic fishing. When most people go camping, they think about car camping. Of loading up their cars with as much junk as possible. Big coolers filled with beers
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr02Post.mp4 You can find chickens and eggs everywhere. Well, not actual chickens and eggs, but complicated cause-effect relationships. One of our instincts is to see causal relationships where none exist. They believe this was to help us think much more quickly in our much more dangerous past. But today, this mis-firing cause-effect thing in our brain can be pretty funny. It can also create the aforementioned chickens and eggs. We see two things happening at the same time, and we wonder which came first. The honest
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov05Post.mp4 I watched an interesting lecture a few days ago. A guy was talking about how different skills can fetch different incomes, now compared to a hundred years or so go. His imaginary comparison was a guy a hundred years ago that had pretty good math skills, but very weak social skills. The best that guy could do a hundred years ago would be a math professor. Which wouldn't tend to make a lot of money. But a guy today with a ton of math skills and low social skills could easily make six figures or higher. Working as
  4. How do you make an impression on somebody? There are plenty of theories. But let's take a step back and see what that means. There's a time when they don't know you. Then they interact with you. Then there's a later time when that interactions is only a memory. They think of you, and compare you (subconsciously) to all the other people they've interacted with. This goes for every human that talks to other humans. Job interviewers, hot girls and guys that are getting hit on all the time, people with money that want to maybe buy something. What strate
  5. The idea of going back in time is pretty cool. Especially those movies where an adult switches bodies with a kid in high school. Imagine being able to go back to high school knowing what you know now! One of my favorite time travel movies is called "Primer," which is a low budget indy film. One of the reasons I like it is was realistic (as much as time travel movies can be). That the FIRST thing the characters did when they realized they could go back through time was to figure out how to game the stock market. One of the reasons we like the idea is few of us loo
  6. There are a lot of metaphors for our comfort zone. The elephant that was tied up as a kid, but when he was untied as an adult, he still thought he could only go in the same circle. The fish that would only grow as big as his tank. Most of these are describing our comfort level. The things we are comfortable doing. In doing so they miss a very crucial and extremely limiting factor of our comfort zone. It not only keeps us doing things that are safe, but it constricts our creative imagine to the safe things. Sure, we have plenty of "wishes" where we get stuff withou
  7. I remember once when I was a kid, way back in 3rd grade. I had to pee really bad, but I was afraid to ask for permission. It was the beginning of the school year, and I didn't really like the teacher. She was pretty scary. AND I was in the back of the room. So I sat there, holding my junk, hoping recess would come before I peed my pants. The teacher stopped and asked me in front of everybody if I needed to pee. I was glad to go, but I was also embarrassed for having being called out. Kind of what I was trying to avoid in the first place. We tend to do th
  8. Your brain is incredibly fast, but it's not very accurate. Most people don't realize how much energy the brain uses. Based on its size, it's an energy hog. Kind of like some of those programs on your computer. Everything starts running slow, so you check and see that one program is sucking up all your resources. Unfortunately for us humans, that means that our brains simply CAN'T be BOTH fast and accurate. How do we lose accuracy? By making "guesses," or as they say in NLP, "distortions, deletions, and generalizations." Meaning every time we look out into the
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