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Found 20 results

  1. Our language is absolutely filled with metaphors. When people think of metaphors, we usually think of poetry, or literature, or fairy tale type storytelling. But it's hard to speak more than a few words before tossing out a few metaphors. Just take a look that last sentence. "Words" is a metaphor. It is a collection of sounds or squiggly lines that mean absolutely NOTHING to the untrained eye. And they represent and "idea" in mind, another metaphor. If we wanted to be super specific, each "idea" would have to be described according to the EXACT neural configuration. Something that's not even scientifically possible. So every WORD we use is a metaphor unto itself. An extremely OVER SIMPLIFIED description of something much more complex. So when we put a bunch of these words together, to describe a much more complex metaphor, it's metaphor made up of smaller metaphors. And how, exactly, do we "get" these metaphors "out there"? According to that original sentence, we "toss them out." In reality, we move our mouths and throats and make a bunch of sounds. Nobody is actually "tossing" anything. But HOW we describe the "way" we "toss" these things out is instructive. A lot of times, we actually SAY, we are going to "put this out there." We PREFACE a collection of metaphors by saying: "I'm just gonna put this out here..." In reality, this is a BAD idea. Why? One, it breaks the rule of Carnegie. That you can get anybody to do anything so long as they think it was THEIR idea. As soon as you SAY, "I'm just going to put this out there..." it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT associate that thing you "put out there" with YOU. So if you are including any ADVICE in that "thing" you are "putting out there," BEFORE you even mention the advice, you essentially OBLITERATE any chances it will be taken. Why? Because the OPPOSITE of Carnegie's rule is that NOBODY likes unasked for advice. What's the solution? Easy. It comes from fiction. Fiction, of course, being a very, very, very LONG string of metaphors. What does fiction teach us? SHOW, don't tell. When you SAY, "I'm just gonna put this out here..." you are TELLING. How do you SHOW instead? Don't preface that THING you are putting out there by saying you are putting it out there. Just put it out there. How? Just say it. And LEAVE it for the other person to discover ON THEIR OWN. If you build these metaphors correctly, and put them out there correctly, your targets will do WHATEVER you want. Without EVER knowing how you snuck those ideas into their brains. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  2. When it comes to eating, there are two kinds of food. The kind that tastes good. And the kind that is good for you. Ideally, getting both in the same thing is best. But hard to find. Plenty of healthy food is dressed up to taste like delicious food, but it's usually an acquired taste. When it comes to choosing romantic partners, the same thing applies. There are people who are GOOD for you, and then there are people who are ATTRACTIVE. The people who are good for you are like healthy food. The people who are attractive are like the delicious food. This is true for both men and women. When it comes to the guys women are attracted to, there are two kinds. The guy who she is INSTINCTIVELY attracted to. The guy she can't help thinking about. Then there's the guy that she knows is "good for her." And if she is VERY LUCKY, she'll find both in the same guy. The guy who makes her subconsciously, romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted. And the guy who is good for her. The guy her friends approve of. The guy her parents approve of. Most ladies assume they've got to settle. But this rarely works. If the choose the guy who's good FOR her, her eyes will begin to wander. If she chooses the guy she's irresistibly attracted to, HIS eyes will always wander. If she COULD find the guy who satisfied BOTH criteria, she'd be in heaven. Not only would she be irresistibly, romantically and sexually attracted to him, but she would also look good with him. Her friends and family would approve. Most of the time, it's hit or miss. But when you understand exactly WHAT creates attraction, you can reverse engineer this feeling. Just food companies have reverse engineered stuff that we can't STOP eating, you can reverse engineer her attraction triggers. This goes way beyond short term game techniques. This is way beyond clothing, or looks, or even wealth. This is based on deep and ancient instincts. Things she won't be able to STOP thinking of. Things about you. Because once you develop these traits, you'll never have to chase women again. Just show up, act naturally, and choose from the best ones. This WILL take time. Like I said, it's NOT based on short game techniques. It's based on re-calibrating your core being. Not only will you become insanely attractive to many women, but you will become an extremely HIGH QUALITY MALE. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  3. Groucho Marx famously said that sincerity is the most important thing in the world. And if you can fake it, you've got it made. A-list actors are very good at faking sincerity. This is why they get paid so much. Just looking at their facial expressions makes it seem real. The other night I watched a weird, low budget, alien, time travel movie. The acting was very good. In one scene, an actress had to look out her kitchen window, and make it seem like she was really seeing a glimpse of hell. Then she went back to normal. She had to go from a normal expression, to seeing actual hell, and then back to normal. All in a few seconds. Of course, they later put on a lot of hellish sounds and colors and shadows, but her facial expressions did all the work. If most of us tried this, it would look silly. It's why actors that suck are referred to as "wooden." Their faces don't move. Good actors, on the other hand, can conjure up any emotion they want. And for them, it's a REAL emotion. It's not uncommon for actors to have serious and long lasting trauma because of a particular role. Shelly Duvall, for example, was seriously messed up after filming, "The Shining." Plenty of other actors have some lingering side effects. This is what you'd expect. To be in a situation where you PURPOSELY conjure up REAL emotions of getting hunted by evil supernatural entities. Kind of hard to shrug that kind of stuff off. But the technique is something most of us can use. Most people expect their situation to do the work for them. For example, people try to apply Dale Carnegies advice to let others do the talking. But then they find that most other people are pretty boring. The thing is, though, that ANYBODY can let somebody else do talking if that other person is INTERESTING. Listening to an interesting person talk is NOT a very valuable skill, since ANYBODY can do it. Another common idea is to expect the external situation to help us feel safe. We don't usually think in these terms. But we behave this way. We only feel safe when we are around friendly people and friendly situations. When we are in unknown situations, or around unknown people, we don't feel nearly as safe. But this is ONLY because our "factory setting" is to let our EXTERNAL situation dictate our INTERNAL state. But we can do the same thing actors do. Create an internal state at will. And let that internally created state OVERRIDE our external situations. This is exactly what actors do when they pretend they are surrounded by demons, but in reality, they are surrounded by dudes with cameras. Of course, you don't want to pretend you are surrounded by demons. You can pretend you are surrounded by anything you want. Like friendly angels. The more you practice, the better you get. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cb/
  4. Archimedes is a famous old school scientist. One of the things he's famous for is running down the street naked. Not the naked part, but what caused his excitement. The king was worried that somebody was scamming him. He'd paid to have a gold crown made. But he wasn't sure if it was gold or copper or a mix. And since way back then (ancient Greece) they really had no way of knowing. So he gave Archimedes the task of figuring out how. And as a scientist, he put his mind to work while he did normal things. And when he got into his bathtub, he saw the water rise as he got in. This was the famous, "Eureka!" moment. When he figured out how to solve the king's problem. By putting various things in water, you could measure their volume. With weight AND volume, you would figure out the density. Since gold and copper have different densities, he could quickly figure out of the king's crown was pure gold or not. He was so excited he ran down the street naked. Another famous thing associated with Archimedes is his work on levers. He famously said, "Give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world." Lever, of course is the operational part of the word "leverage." We can easily translate his statement to mean, "Give me enough leverage and I can do anything." Whoever has the most leverage in any negotiation, for example, will generally get their way. But leverage also works inside your brain. Our body has plenty of two-sided systems. Awake and asleep. Excited and relaxed. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Desire and fear. Most of the time we have a desire, but that desire is overshadowed by fear. Because fear is a survival instinct, it's usually much more powerful than it's counterpart. Which means you've got to be pretty sure things are safe before you go charging ahead. One way to kill fear is with knowledge. This is why we can enjoy scary movies. We KNOW they are fake. We KNOW that really isn't a ghost, or a demon. Another way we can leverage knowledge is by killing the "I don't know what to say" anxiety that keeps us out of conversations. Because if you are reading this, then you have TONS of information up in your. And because of the structure of your brain, you can pretty much link any idea to any other idea. This means with a little practice, you'll NEVER "not" know what to say. In fact, with enough practice, the amount of data you feel up in your brain will OVERWHELM any anxiety. The practice is easy and can be done safely at home. The more you do, the more data you'll re-discover, and the more leverage you'll have in ANY conversation. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cb/
  5. If you saw a gorgeous girl or guy from across the room, you'd remember them. The more gorgeous they were, the more you'd remember them. But you would REALLY remember them if they looked at you and smiled briefly. In fact, just a little bit of direct, non-verbal communication, no matter how brief, would be MUCH more powerful than just their looks. You can imagine a gorgeous person who doesn't notice you. And a semi-attractive person who looks RIGHT AT YOU and smiles before looking away. You would definitely remember that. The longer and more involved that interaction is, the MORE you would remember them. And the less their physical appearance would be a variable. To be sure, they have to be above a certain level of attraction. This is very personal and subjective. But so long as it's above this point, the MORE effort they put into personal communication, the less important their physical appearance would be. People like Victoria's Secret models can skate by on ONLY their looks. They walk into a room and don't need to make eye contact with ANYBODY to leave a lasting impression. But for most of us normal humans, we have to AUGMENT our physical presence with our energy. This energy is the sum total of all our non-verbal communication. The stuff we are radiating all the time. This energy we radiate is VERY dependent on our mental state. We can do a mental experiment to see this. Imagine you were about to walk into a party. You were in the hallway of an apartment building, and JUST ABOUT to open the door and walk in. RIGHT BEFORE you turned the knob, two sexy super models came out of the elevator, walked past you and looked at you like they wanted to bang you silly. (Or imagine another appropriate situation). How would this impact your mood as you walked into the party? You'd be confident, smiling, much more extroverted. This would impact how you made others feel, which would further enhance your good mood. Your internal state (cause by the chance meeting with the super models) would significantly enhance your non-verbal communication. Now imagine the opposite. Same two models, but as they walk past you, they look at you like you're dirt. Suppose you try and smile at them. They recoil in horror, and say something like: "Don't DARE look in my direction you worthless human! You're not even fit to clean my toilet when I'm on vacation in the South of France!" This would impact your party experience in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Your inner state, and your outer energy, would be HORRIBLE. You'd be radiating anger and frustration, and nobody would want anything to do with you. Suppose you could walk the Earth with a CONSTANT positive internal state? As if you have ALWAYS just had a recent positive super model experience? How would THAT affect your life? It's actually pretty easy with some consistent mental practice. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  6. Some things are easy, and other things are not. Some things start out as difficult, and become easy. These are things that we practice. This is pretty self evident, and it almost seems so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning. But sometimes we overlook such simple ideas. Much to our demise. If you started to play any sport, and you sucked, that would be normal. Because most people suck when they start most things. But the more you practice, the better you get. We all get this intuitively. Once a couple of friends and myself were watching a live performance. The guitarist was absolutely killing it. My friend remarked, "That guy's gotta sleep with his guitar!" Meaning he assumed that to get to that high level of skill, he must spend a lot of time with his guitar. So much that he sleeps with it. Nearly any skill we think of, we think of in this way. That the more you practice, the better you get. Except for the most important skills. Unless you are expecting to be a world class musician or athlete, most normal humans practice sports and music as hobbies. Few people will ever be able to quit their day jobs to pursue their hobbies as careers. But we still enjoy practicing. Because it feels GOOD to get better at something. But the things that get us the MOST IMPORTANT things in life are things we DON'T practice. Things like conversation skills, persuasion skills, people reading skills, confidence projecting skills. We tend to think of these things like height or eye color. Based one hundred percent on genetics. If you walked into the gym and hired a personal trainer with the specific goal of becoming TALLER, he'd think you were nuts. But we very much CAN change much of our personality. The main reason we don't like to think in terms of specifically doing exercises to improve our personality is twofold. One, it seems "fake." We imagine doing something that's not genuine. Not really the real "us." The other reason is it's scary. We imagine walking up to somebody and speaking in a particular way, and we imagine them looking at us like we're some kind of sociopath. But in reality, plenty of people work on their personality all the time. Back in the day, many girls would go to "charm school." Men didn't quite have the same thing, but older men would teacher younger men how to properly "behave" so they wouldn't send the wrong message. If you were taking a class in public speaking, to specifically increase your earning power, that would be exactly the same thing. And the idea of the real "you" is a myth. Because the real "you" is a sum total of every single thing you experience. Which means the real "you" is always changing. And since it's always changing, why not CONSCIOUSLY change it in a direction that can make life EASIER and more ENJOYABLE? And not just for you, but for everybody that is lucky enough to interact with you? Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  7. Humans seem to have an instinct to keep improving. This is pretty obvious when you compare technology now to only a few decades ago. It's also pretty obvious when you compare old people to young people. Simply by being around, you get more experience. Even passive experience will teach you things. Most people go through some kind of educational system. Our brains are even created so we are born with less than developed brains. We have an instinct to soak up as much information as we can. Next time you have a chance, watch people in line at the supermarket. If you see any young children, they will be moving their heads and eyes and if they can, their bodies. They are in the "collect data" mode of their lives. Their little brains are RAVENOUS for information. Adults on the other hand, will tend to be either staring blankly into space or blankly at their device. The older we get, the less AUTOMATIC our "hungry for data" brain gets. But just because it's not automatic, doesn't mean it's not possible. Your muscles stop growing on their own past a certain point. But even a dude over sixty can start lifting, and show obvious results. Both brains and muscles CAN be continuously improved. The older you get, the more effort it may take. But it is JUST as possible. But there's one thing people RARELY consider as something they can strengthen. But it's JUST as "strengthen-able." And that is your personality. Our personality is kind of like our musculature system. Both are designed to respond NATURALLY to our environment. If you started working in the fields, for example, your muscles would NATURALLY respond to make that work easier and more energy-efficient. If you got a job in a shoe store, your PERSONALTY would naturally respond to make those interactions more natural and energy-efficient. Just like you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain muscles, you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain areas of your personality. And just like somebody with a well built and sculpted muscle system is more attractive, a person with a well-built and sculpted personality is more attractive. Both systems behave the same way. The more effort you put in, the more benefits you get out. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  8. A common and very old expression is "to know me is to love me." This is kind of opposite of the "love at first sight," idea. Love at first sight means you SEE somebody, and you INSTANTLY fall in love. Or course, this is kind of impossible. It's a nice idea, but it's usually not one that is "true" until any couple has been together for a while. It usually goes down like this. A couple meet, and they hit it off. They like the way they look. They like the way they make each other feel. They click deeply and quickly. They go on a few dates, and maybe after a couple of months, they move in together. And then they get married, have a couple kids, and grow old together. Much later, they will REMEMBER this as "love at first sight." But that idea, of falling in love, didn't HAPPEN at one instant in time. It took a while. Of course, the emotional feelings were there from the beginning. But WHEN, exactly, those feelings TURNED INTO love is not certain. But with a ton of fond memories, and with the help of hindsight bias, it FEELS like it really WAS love at first sight. But imagine if EITHER PARTY had actually said, when they first met, "I love you! Let's get married, have kids, and grow old together!" The other would have fled. So it wasn't REALLY love at first sight. Even something that FEELS like love at first sight takes time. But what about the other statement? "To know me is to love me." This implies that you DON'T love them when you first see them. That the MORE you get to know the, the MORE you love them. This IMPLIES that what it is that you DO love about them is NOT about their looks. Most couples that end up growing old together are MUCH MORE like the second statement. Most couples date for a couple of YEARS before they get married. It takes that long to get to know somebody. We humans are VERY complicated. So, what about that part of you that they need time to get to know? Can you make THAT PART of you "more lovable?" Of course you can! That part of you that is deeper than your appearance is VERY MUCH under your control. This part of you involves your confidence, your short and long term goals, your intelligence, you communication skills, your social skills, and plenty of other PERSONALITY traits. All of which can be STRENGTHENED just like a muscle. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  9. Value can either be subjective or objective. When we humans go shopping for food, the food must be something we can digest and get energy from. To that extent, the food has objective value. Beyond that, we can choose food that we enjoy eating. Or we enjoy our state of health that the food supports. To that extent, most of the food we eat has both objective and subjective value. If you were ONLY concerned with the objective value of any food, you might be consuming something like tasteless protein shakes that had a scientifically determined combination of nutrients. On the other hand, if you were ONLY concerned with your food's subjective value, you might only eat fast food. Many of the things we do have a mix of subjective and objective value. The things we NEED tend to have a minimum amount of subjective value. Furniture, for example, has to be sturdy, even, and stable. Cars need to runs smoothly and not explode while we are driving them. But once we get the objective part settled, there is a lot of subjective leeway. Since pretty much all cars and all furniture satisfy the objective requirements, they are shopped for and sold by their subjective value. If you walked onto a car lot, for example, and the guy started by explaining exactly why driving somewhere is better than walking, you'd think you walked onto some reality comedy TV show. When it comes to subjective value, we can further separate it into conscious and unconscious. When you're staring up at the menu, you don't really spend a lot of time CONSCIUSLY deciding what you want. We more or less turn off our conscious brains, and let our subconscious decide. This happens as we slowly glance over the menu items, and wait for a "feeling" that tells us that is what we want. We even say this out loud when we are glancing over a menu in a restaurant. "I don't know what I want." It's as if we are waiting for our subconscious to TELL US (through feelings) what we want. This happens on an even deeper level when we are mingling socially. When reading from a menu, it's a clear mix of conscious and subconscious. We wait until our subconscious "pings" us and then our conscious minds take over. When were are mingling socially, that "ping" is a very slow evolving collection of feelings. When looking at menu items, it's quick and obvious. But with people, it's slow and evolving. Luckily, there's a way to significantly JACK UP your subconscious value that others will perceive. Turns out that same signals advertisers use (social proof, scarcity, etc.) to promote products can be used to "promote" yourself. Socially and subconsciously. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/walk-away/
  10. There are two kinds of fear. Real and imaginary. Once upon a time, we only had real fears. Tigers, other people, dangerous terrain, etc. And through the long slow grinding path of evolution, we humans developed a pretty good strategy for dealing with fear. Better safe than sorry. Meaning if something was even potentially dangerous, it made sense to run first and ask questions later. This was balanced by our never ending need for food. So on one side, we were being driven forward by our instinctive need for food. On the other side, we were being driven back by our instinctive fears. Two things are very different today than they were before. One, getting most of our needs met is not so difficult. Food is everywhere. It's rarely, if ever, dangerous to get something to eat. Second, most fears we experience are social fears. Not real fear. Unfortunately, our social fears don't have a natural counterbalance. So the same strategy doesn't work so much. Kind of like our hunger instinct. Way back in the day, it made sense to ALWAYS be hungry. And to ALWAYS eat as much as we can, whenever we can. Because those opportunities to gorge ourselves were few and far between. Today, you combine our never ending hunger with the ease of food access, and you get a planet of overweight people. It's kind of the opposite of social fears. Losing weight is easy, in theory. You just recognize your hunger, but don't obey it. Obey your rational, conscious mind instead. Eat a couple thousand calories a day, and call it good. Obviously, this is WAY easier said than done. The same goes with social fears. Logically, rationally, there is NO REASON to be afraid of talking to strangers. Or speaking in public. Or trying new things. But just as it's hard to NOT EAT when you're sitting in front of an all-you-can-eat-buffet and you're starving (and all your friends are eating), it's just as hard to ACT when your brain is screaming at you not to. Which is why those that CAN do things like speak in public will tend to make a lot more money than those who can't. It's the ONE THING that doesn't require intelligence, or upbringing, or a STEM degree (or any degree) or any specialized knowledge. Just the desire and the persistence to practice. And if you add some hypnotic language patterns into the mix, you'll be in a very elite group of people. Capable of doing things few people even know exist. It's not easy to start, but there are plenty of ways to ease into it. All can be done safely, on your own, so nobody knows but you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  11. There are a lot of paradoxes in human life. One was explained fairly well by Bryan Cranston, the guy who played Walter White on "Breaking Bad." He said most everybody is very reluctant to "let it all hang out" emotionally. But as an actor, you HAVE to do that. He also said that the more you do that (let it all hang out) the more of the paradox you see. Our deep fears is that the more we let it all hang out, the more likely we'll get rejected. But the opposite happens. The more we show our true selves, the more people will absolutely CRAVE our presence. But we spend most of our lives TERRIFIED of sharing our true selves. Which of course, creates an equally confusing paradox. We are terrified of sharing our TRUE selves in a fearless way. Since we think THAT will get us rejected. So instead, we are very careful how we express ourselves. We only express ourselves safely. We say safe things with safe energy and safe gestures. And THAT is what makes us UNINTERESTING to other people. Because playing it safe is pretty boring. Everybody can do it. Everybody DOES do it. So it's not special. Yet we all have this deep desire to BE SEEN by who we really are. At the same time, we are TERRIFIED to show ourselves the way we really are. This is why we HOPE for some magical person who will somehow "notice" our true selves. Problem is, this creates a world where EVERYBODY is waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to come and "notice them." Nobody is willing to share themselves. We all want the OTHER PERSON to go first. It's like one of those dances back in junior high school. Boys on one side, girls on the other. Everybody looking across the room waiting for somebody else to make the first move. One of the things we tell ourselves, is that we "don't know what to say." But it's not really WHAT we say that's important. It's HOW we say it. Not just energetically, but structurally. And the energy and structure of our expressions have NOTHING to do with the words we use. Because human interest, human desire, are MUCH DEEPER than simply the words. If you can learn to resonate on this deep, unconscious level, people will CRAVE your presence. How do you do this? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  12. There's no question than being able to speak in public is an asset. If there is one thing you could add to your set of skills, standing up and speaking before a crowd is one of them. If you are in a room of 50 other job applicants, and you can get up and give a speech, you'll significantly increase your chances. Even if you are beaten by everything else, (GPA, degree, experience, etc.) being able to get up and talk will put ahead. But there's speaking, and then there's persuading. It's really not so difficult to give an informative speech. Essentially, it's all about getting over the butterflies. The structure is pretty simple. Same structure as a high school essay. Introduction (tell them what you are going to tell them). Body (tell them). Summary (tell them what you just told them). Anything can be put in that format. Why you should floss every night. The benefits of exercise. Why political party X is better than political party Y. This is pretty easy. What's not so easy is persuading. Moving people to action. Many people think this is MUCH MORE nerve wracking. It's like knocking on doors and trying to sell vacuum cleaners, but about a billion times more terrifying. Getting rejected by a housewife (or househusband) who's angry that you interrupted their housework is one thing. Getting rejected by a whole room of people is TERRIFYING! They might start throwing rotten vegetables at you! Only they won't. Especially if you use a special kind of hypnosis designed for public speaking. It will sound like you're telling stories about a friend. And then a couple of other stories. And pretty soon, they'll be so zoned out they won't know WHAT the heck you're talking about. But at the end, they will feel COMPELLED to do whatever it is you wanted them to do. But since they won't really remember most of what you said (since they were hypnotized) they'll think it was their idea. And once you have a speech that works, you can give the SAME speech over and over and over and over. Even better, you don't actually need a room of people to do this. You can make a video if you like. And if you can make ONE, you can make dozens. One each week. Each one will continue working. Zonking people out and implanting ideas in their minds. What ideas? Whichever ones you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  13. Once upon a time a guy killed his wife. This was a famous story all over the news about 15 years or so ago. One of the reasons was that he planned it all out. He had her killed, discovered the body, and went on TV pleading for the criminal to be caught. At first, everybody believed it. But then the guy disappeared. And the more they dug, the more they suspected him. He had bought a large insurance policy, and by the time they'd found him, he'd totally changed his appearance. But the guy was no dummy. He only ran away because he got spooked by all the media attention. But as far as evidence, there was none. He was finally convicted due to a confession. And the way he slipped during the confession was by using the wrong verb tense. That led to more slips, and eventually he was convicted. Which means one might intellectually plan the perfect crime, as far as not leaving any tangible evidence. But withstanding the massive pressure of an interrogation, and all the social attention via the media is something else entirely. But one thing struck me as very odd during the entire process. He was never described by any media as anything that sounded like "charismatic." Quite the opposite. He put on a show of being emotionally distressed. And once they had enough pressure on him, he cracked like an egg. But when he walked into his trial, one female juror had the response of saying he was very charismatic. And I wondered, why was SHE the ONLY person who saw him as charismatic? I believe that she had built up a huge idea of him in her mind. Then when SHE finally saw him, she interpreted him as being charismatic. Kind of like when little kids go to Disneyland the first time. They have this huge image of Mickey Mouse. Then when they see him, it's like seeing some magical cartoon character. But it's just a guy in a suit. And suits can't radiate charisma. They are heavy and cumbersome so the gestures and movements on the person INSIDE the suit don't really go through. So the charisma seen in Mickey, AND the charisma seen in the killer are made up beforehand in the mind of the observer. This type of charisma is VERY DIFFICULT to create. The opposite kind, the kind that comes from inside YOU, is much easier. And it's MUCH more powerful. You can walk up and say hey, and the person can have ZERO idea who you are, yet still be blown away by your presence. That word, "presence," gives us big clue what it really is. Zero stray thoughts or ideas in your mind. All that fills your mind is the person before you. When somebody with THAT kind of power looks at anybody, whoever is on the receiving end will be stunned. Magnetized. Entranced. How do you GET this kind of presence? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  14. https://mindpersuasion.com/remember-who-you-are/
  15. A while ago I took an improv class. I thought it was going to be about how to tell jokes. But it was about something much deeper. See, when actors are up on stage (or in front of the camera), they've got to do two things which seem to be opposite. On the one hand, they have to repeat lines written by professional writers. But at the same time, they have to seem VERY "in the moment." This is not as easy as it seems. Just watch some of the bottom-of-the-barrel movies on any streaming service to see what I mean. When somebody can deliver the right lines but WITHOUT any emotional congruence, it's correctly labeled, "wooden." What did we learn in the improv class? How to interact with each other non-verbally. Words are really only about 5-10% of our communication. The rest is non-verbal. And two actors who have TONS of congruent energy between them are going to be much more believable that two actors just spitting out lines. This is true EVERYWHERE. Knowing what to say is just the tip of the ice berg. Not even the most important part. Much more important is the ENERGY beneath the words. The sum total of all of your unconscious behavior, which is an OUTER representation of your INNER state. And your INNER state is comprised of your beliefs, understandings, and how you see yourself compared to the rest of the world. Most importantly, whether you see yourself as a CAUSE or an EFFECT. Whether you radiate LEADER energy, or FOLLOWER energy. Because this energy that you are ALWAYS projecting is MUCH more important than your words. If you are walking across a room to start a conversation with somebody, they've ALREADY read your energy. When you first enter the room for a job interview, they've ALREADY read your energy. Most people don't notice this other than getting either a "positive" feeling about you or a "negative" feeling. When you radiate the energy that creates those positive feelings in others, what you say is a LOT LESS important. What IS that energy? Continue it on a spectrum. On one side is TOTAL LEADERSHIP. People LOVE this kind of energy. On the other side is TOTAL DEPENDENCE. Most people very much dislike this energy. (Unless it's coming from a very young biological child). The more LEADERSHIP energy you can project, the more people will naturally gravitate toward you, and want to be around you. Learn How: Cult Leader
  16. Whenever you have two competing ideas, or people, the one with the longest range plan is usually going to win. For example, it's commonly understood that corporations have more or less taken over most governments. How did they do this? Governments can only focus so far ahead. Since government officials are elected, they can only do so much. Any idea they come up with has to work in a very short time period. Otherwise somebody else might get credit. And the flip side is that if they do something that looks good in the short term, but disastrous in the long term, they can always blame somebody else. Corporations, on the other hand, don't need to worry about such short term issues. They can think in longer terms. Five, ten years, even longer. No matter what the competition is centered around, if you can OUTLAST your opponent, you will win. In the middle ages, this meant surrounding your enemy's castle and just waiting until all their food ran out. Sometimes it took months. But as an old Chinese proverb goes, "If you wait by the riverside long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies floating by." Here's a GOOD way to use these "long game" strategies. If you talk to other people in way that highlights their wants and needs, WITHOUT commenting on them (even to tell them how awesome you think their plans are), something pretty cool will happen. Those people will experience something they experience around no other human. Since few people can talk to others long enough to make sure the OTHER person is feeling really good. If ALL you did, was talk to people until they were feeling really good, they would ALWAYS be glad to see you. If you made it a point to talk to others like this only SOME of the time, pretty soon EVERYBODY would start seeing you differently. They would light up when you walked into a room. Because YOU are the guy or gal that makes OTHERS feel so awesome. Do this enough, and even people who don't know you will want to. Because they'll see how OHTER people respond to you. Even if you walk through a crowded club to find your friends, this will work. Once your friends see you, they will all suddenly shift their unconscious behavior. And everybody else in the club will see that shift. And everybody else will wonder WHAT it is about you that people like so much. This takes time, it IS a long game after all. But if applied consistently, it will add up to some VERY happy results. Namely, strangers coming up to you and doing everything to get into your social circle. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  17. How do you motivate people? When we think of the term, "motivational speaker" we imagine somebody like Tony Robbins. Somebody who is larger that life (literally, lol) and speaking with massive enthusiasm and charisma. Maybe they've got a couple of giant screens up on stage, so the people in the cheap seats can see. The image is much like a rock concert. So when we think of motivating people as individuals, it seems kind of intimidating. Like we have to stand up, use a lot of charismatic gestures, speak from the heart, AND have a lot of decent material. After all, when you go see a Tony Robbins "concert" you kind of just sit there. Similarly, when we think of motivating people on a one-to-one level, we imagine THEY are going to do the listening, and WE are going to do the talking. It IS possible, make no mistake. But it's VERY difficult. It takes a LOT of energy and enthusiasm. Luckily, there is a MUCH easier way. And that much easier way is also much more effective. The only drawback is it can ONLY be done in a one-on-one setting. So if you DO want to become a motivational speaker (from the stage), you'll need to keep working on your stage game. But one-on-one, it's INSANELY easy. Not only that, but this one-on-one technique will affect YOUR listener much more than if they went to a Tony Robbins concert. Why? Because speaking from the stage REQUIRES you use a lot of vague stories and statements. So they can impact EVERYBODY. So they get EVERYBODY worked up to the same level. Only problem that same level is also pretty vague. But in a one on one setting, you can get them EXTREMELY motivated to do VERY SPECIFIC things. And the more specific their motivation, the LONGER they'll stay their mind. How do you do it? When speaking from the stage, you have to hit as many of their buttons as you can. But more importantly, it's an "outside-in" structure. The ideas are coming FROM the stage and going INTO their brains. But in a one-on-one setting, it's the OPPOSITE. You find the deep desires that are already INSIDE their brain, and pull them out. And because all of the information is coming from THEM, you don't really need to have ANY stories or content. You just gotta be able to ask the right questions in the right order. Another cool thing is that you'll be getting them talking about, and excited about, things they have maybe NEVER talked about before. So not only can you get them more motivated than EVER, but they'll remember YOU as being one of the most amazing people they've ever met. WAY more powerful than any super-guru up on a stage. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  18. There's an old saying that goes, "progress is astonishing when you forget about who gets the credit," or something like that. Meaning if you've got a bunch of people working on a project, one thing that can "clutter things up" is when everybody starts to get attached to their own idea. It could be an issue at work, where you're trying to develop a new product, or you could be trying to figure out what to do on the weekend with your buddies. Generally speaking, the more people you've got, the longer it takes to make a decision. On the one hand everybody's got their "pet idea" that they want everybody to agree to. On the other hand, nobody wants to do ANYTHING unless they're sure they won't get in trouble if it doesn't work. Few people will stand up and say, "Let's do this. I'm sure it will work. I take full responsibility if it doesn't." Most people like to have their cake and eat it to, so to speak. Meaning they want to be able to take credit for coming up with the brilliant idea that solves everything, but they also want everybody else to agree with it. So if it works, they can say, "Yep, it was MY idea!" But if it doesn't work, they can say, "Well, we all agreed, we gave it our best shot." I know a guy who's got two VERY VALUABLE skills. One is he is a genius electrical engineer. Two is that he can make decisions, especially when nobody else can. And with those two skills, he can make a ton of money at any modern company. Another very lucrative and useful skill to have is to LET OTHERS take all the credit. When you're in a meeting, this won't do much good. (Other than make those long boring meetings over a lot more quickly). But if you're in a one on one situation (job interview, sales presentation, first date) and you turn off your need to "take credit" it's amazing how much the other person will open up. It's almost as if we have a sixth sense, where we can feel when the other person is about to pounce on us, and tell us why THEIR idea is better than OUR idea. But when you REMOVE this common human tendency, and ask the right questions, people will be flabbergasted. Not only will they, for likely the FIRST TIME, be expressing their deep desires in absolute detail, but they'll automatically and subconsciously associate those deep desires with YOU. Think THAT can come in handy? Click Here To Learn How
  19. There's two ways guys tend to get girls. One is the old school way. Walk up and talk to dozens of girls per week. Learn from experience. Write down all the objections you got but couldn't overcome. Practice overcoming them in the mirror ten times a day before you go to bed. Collect fifty phone numbers a week, call all them and set up ten dates. Then end up going on five, since the other five flaked. Essentially, this is the sales funnel method. Tons in at the top, and a few high quality girls at the bottom. It works and it works well. But it takes a lot of time, and effort. AND if you're not the kind of guy who easily walks up to gorgeous girls and starts conversations, it could be a bit tricky. Then there's the other way. Those few lucky guys who just seem to have tons of charisma. They walk into a room, and all the girls are hoping they pick them. They barely have to lift a finger, and girls are swarming all over them. Most guys see those guys, those ultra charismatic guys, and figure it's some weird combination of genetics, and a particularly lucky upbringing. But they're wrong. You can LEARN how to be charismatic. AND you can do so without having to approach tons of girls. Learn How: Click Here To Learn How
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