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Found 9 results

  1. Our brains can sometimes make things too complicated. Being our best feature, our brains, and everything it can do, has made us humans the (currently) top dogs on Earth. Why, specifically, is something that is open for discussion. Some argue it’s our use of language. Or our use of tools. Or our ability to think consciously. One interesting theory says that the long road to conscious thought began WAY back when the first creatures crawled out of the water. See, in the water, you can’t see very far ahead. So you never really need to think about what’s comi
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/super-villain-potential/
  3. Thinking about brainpower requires brainpower. Brainpower is different than other skills. Very different. If you had zero upper body strength, you would know it. You could see somebody doing a pushup, and not be able to. You could see somebody benching 300 lbs, and not be able to. You could imagine what you couldn't do. But with brainpower, you are limited to what you can imagine. Meaning that we can't imagine what we can't imagine. One of the ways this presents itself is when we look at something AFTER it has been figured out. Before, it's one
  4. Kids have a game they call "telephone." Maybe you've played it. The teacher whispers a sentence into one kid's ear. Then that kid whispers that into another kids' ear, and so on. By the time the "sentence" goes around the room, it's completely changed. Usually, this is seen as a fun game, but also an example of how we humans tend to mix up ideas. It's generally seen as a human weakness, that we can't our brains as perfect repeaters. If you had a class full of robots, for example, they wouldn't mess up the message. But if you think of all the stuff humans
  5. It's pretty common these days to beef up at the gym. Some psychologists say that in bad economic times, more guys end up in the gym getting ripped. If they can't impress the ladies with their salaries, they'll impress them with their abs. Even if you aren't interested in impressing anybody, getting and staying in shape has a ton of benefits. You sleep better, you eat better, you feel better. Unless you've got some hidden, psychotic reasons for getting in shape, getting a lean mean body provides TONS of benefits. Of course, it does require a very necessary thinking
  6. Long ago, humans didn't have to motivate themselves. They did, but to get their most basic needs met. They were largely regulated by their environment. Getting food was difficult and dangerous. Maintaining relationships was necessary. Authority and social proof worked in everybody's favor. It kept couples together, and it spurred people to their best. Everybody was on the same page. Nobody needed to find their motivation. It was always there. Pushing them. Last couple hundred years, everything changed. Food is easy to get. Relationshi
  7. Many people know the story about the frog and the scorpion. The scorpion begs the frog for a ride across the river. The frog complains, says you're going to sting me. Scorpion says, no I promise, I won't. Frog agrees and they take off across the river. Halfway across the river, scorpion stings the frog. Frog gets paralyzed, and they start to sink. Frog asks why, scorpion says it's my nature. I can't help it. Moral of the story? Depends on who you're telling it to and why. It could be a warning. To avoid certain people. Even though th
  8. Meaning is very flexible. At least some of the time. If you're taking a test in school, then there is only one correct answer. But most of the time, there is no "correct" answer. Sure, some "answers" are better than others. The "answers" depend on what you want. For example, if you wanted to convince somebody to tell you what time it was, there are "useful" ways and "not so useful" ways. Meaning some techniques would be much more likely to get the time AND a positive response. Other techniques would be less likely. For example, if you asked somebod
  9. Once I went on a bike ride with a buddy of mine. It was a last minute plan, so he used my old bike. After a few miles, we both wondered why he was huffing and puffing so much. We were both in more or less the same shape. When we'd go jogging together, we'd always kept the same pace. So it was puzzling why he was having such a hard time. Then we decided to check the bikes. He had a brake that was stuck slightly. Not enough to notice right away, but just enough to make him pedal a little bit harder. Once loosened up his brakes, he quickly went ahead. He's
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