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  15. There are really only two ways to become successful. Consciously and unconsciously. Sounds like some goofy reframe, I know. But most people who are successful are lucky. But not in the way that most people think. Most people imagine success as one lucky "thing." Come up with one idea, invention, etc. But it's not really that way. For example, imagine there are 10,000,000 people all flipping coins. Some national contest or something. And the contest is to see who can get the most heads in a row. So they all flip. First, there's ten million. Then five million (one head). Then 2.5 million (two heads). Then 1.25 million (three heads). Then 625,000 (four heads). Then 312,500 (five heads). Then 156,250 (six heads). Then 78,125 (seven heads). Then 39,000 (eight heads). Then 19,500 (nine heads). Then 9,700 (ten heads). Then 4,800 (eleven heads). Then 2,440 (twelve heads). Then 1,220 (thirteen heads). Then 650 (fourteen heads). Then 325 (fifteen heads). Then 165 (sixteen heads). Then 82 (seventeen heads). Then 41 (eighteen heads). Then 20 (nineteen heads). Then 10 (twenty heads). Then 5 (twenty one heads). Then 2 (twenty two heads). Then 1 final winner. A winner who had flipped twenty three heads in a row. Do this "experiment" a kajillion times, starting with ten million people, and you'll get the same result every time. Now, here's the question. Do you think that lucky coin tosser would think it was ONLY luck each toss? Not likely. They probably prayed to the coin gods. Or said their favorite law of attraction chant, or something. This is the human ego. Of taking credit for RANDOM things. This is the LUCK that drives most success. A random string of events, just like twenty RANDOM coin tosses. So yes, it is very LIKELY that most success is people just kind of stumbling through life, getting lucky, and then taking credit for that luck. But since life is much more complex that tossing coins, not only do lucky person believes they "skilled", but so does everybody around them. But what about the OTHER kind of success? The conscious kind? Think about this. One thing that SIGNIFICANTLY helps the lucky people stay lucky is they REMEMBER their lucky past. But they don't remember it as being lucky. They remember them as CHOOSING their success. So even if they are WRONG with how they reference their memories, they'll be demonstrating SUCCESSFUL body language and communication and confidence. That means YOU can do the same. Just pick and choose all the successful memories from your past, whatever they are, and you'll have the SAME effect. Lucky people go through life and their subconscious memories support their self-described success. YOU go through life, and your carefully and deliberately enhanced memories will support YOUR self-defined success. And from the outside? Nobody will be able to tell the difference. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-proof/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct06Post.mp4 Bees are pretty cool. At least when a few hundred are not chasing you and trying to sting you to death. But the way they get food, and share information is fascinating. They all go out in different direction, looking for food. Then they come back and "share" their information. How, specifically, they share this information is the cool part. They all take turns doing a bee "dance." They fly around in a figure eight. Everybody takes turns doing their figure eight dance. The SIZE of that figure eight is related to the AMOUNT of the food they found. So whenever has the largest figure eight, found the most food. But WHERE that food is located is ALSO embedded into the figure eight. The direction (East, West, etc.) AND the distance, are also embedded into the figure eight. Based on the 8's angles. Z axis, Y axis, etc. This, of course, is all programmed into the bees DNA. Since they are insects, it's more or less automatic. Humans, more or less, do the same thing. Except when WE went out hunting, we could remember EVERYTHING. What we caught, how we caught it, all the details. We have language and memory. Not just individual memory, but a COLLECTIVE memory. All it would take is ONE dude to find and kill a never before seen animal. And he could explain exactly where he found it, the type of environment it lives in, the kind of tracks it leaves, the kind of food it likes, AND the best way to sneak up on it and kill it. This would go from HIS brain, to EVERYBODY's brain, through language. Then the next day, everybody could go out and use that memory, based on somebody else's words, and reproduce that same outcome. Of killing that same animal. This is the power of the human brain. We can listen to somebody else's WORDS. Those words will create a visual imagine in our brain. Then later, we can use that visual image as a TEMPLATE. A trial and error ideal outcome. Even better is we can MAKE UP stories and use those as templates. Stories of heroes and monsters and victories. We live, today, in a world FILLED with ideas. Some FANTASTIC, most average, some really, really lame. Your BRAIN can do work wonders with all those ideas. Take all the ideas out floating around. Way back in the day, the "collective memory" was only a couple dozen people. And the only way to add to this collective memory was by talking and listening. Nothing was recorded. Today, the collective memory is BILLIONS of brains. And EVERYTHING is recorded. This means you take any collection of ideas, put them your brain, and mix them together to create something NOBODY has ever seen before. Needless to say, your BRAIN is your best resource. Master THAT part of you, and conquer everything. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept24Post.mp4 I once read about this guy who wanted to make a toaster. He was doing this specifically just to see how hard it would be. Eventually he had to give up. He was attempting to make a toaster purely from scratch. Like smelting his own metal and copper and heating coils, etc. A famous economic article was written way back in the fifties, called "I Pencil." It was about how a simple pencil was made. All the different parts coming from all different areas in the world. Every thing we use today is like that. Made from tons of different people from many, many different areas in the world. Our brains are also like that. Nearly ALL of our ideas are a combination of ideas we've heard from others. Even the greatest scientists who ever lived, like Newton and Einstein, took what plenty of others had ALREADY discovered, and simply pushed the knowledge bubble just a little bit further. Most people are content to use their brains as "repeaters." They hear ideas, and then repeat those same ideas. This is perfectly normal, and even needed. Think about this from a simple mathematical point of view. A hundred people decide to become teachers. They don't work in a lab inventing new ideas. They learn things, and when they demonstrate this, that they really know these things, they get paid to teach these SAME things to others. How many people will they teach over the course of their lives? Thousands. Only a few of those need to push the limits of understanding out a little bit. So long as this system keeps on humming, knowledge will keep on growing. When it comes to being an individual, consider your brain has four important components. But only two are really necessary. If you spend your life focusing on ONLY these two, you'll already be ahead. The first how well you soak up information, and how much information you can soak up. The second is how well you can explain this information to others. These two will take you far, and make you some decent money. But the next two is where the REAL money is. Where the REAL fame can be found. And is taking the first two steps, and IMPROVING. Step three would be mixing up all the ideas you can soak up, and using them to create NEW ideas nobody has ever heard before. Step four would be to EXPLAIN these new ideas that nobody has ever heard before in a compelling way. Do this, and you will be recognized as a true genius. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July11Post.mp4 There are a lot of sales jobs that have the same basic structure. Low entry requirements. Very little training. If you can manage to sell, you can make a lot of money. Most do not. This is the Pareto Principle in action. Or the 80-20 rule. 20% of folks do most (80%) of the work. Work, of course, being relative. 20% of any books for any given publisher will get most of the sales. 20% of dudes will bang most of the ladies. 20% of the salespeople at any sales company will make most of the sales. Now, many people complain about this. They say sales companies should spend a lot of time and money training their employees. After all, they would make the money back, right? Not so fast. Think about the legacy publishing companies. Those old school, hundred year old businesses that served as the holy gatekeepers of fiction BEFORE self publishing became a thing. They had agents, editors, and people who read books just to pass them on to the next level. You'd think with all that experience, all those educated gatekeepers and screeners on their staff, they'd be able to sniff out the winners from the losers, right? Nope. No matter WHAT any organization does, they cannot beat Pareto. The 80-20 rule DOES NOT CARE how you choose. Within ALL the books those well educated literary super geniuses let pass their filters, the 80-20 rule still held true. The top selling books tended to SUBSIDIZE the crappy selling books. Those books that agents, editors, and gatekeepers read and thought to themselves, "Yeah, this will be a best seller!" DID NOT SELL. And guess what? Pareto is a smooth function. Within the top 20%, it still is in effect. That means with the top twenty percent of the top twenty percent does most of the work IN THAT top twenty percent. Which means that 4% (20% of 20%) does 64% (80% of 80%) of the sales. This is why there will ALWAYS be these types of distributions. Turns out those sleazy sales companies that hire anybody with a pulse aren't so stupid. They save a TON of money. Even if they did spend a ton of money on training they'd STILL be trapped in Pareto. And guess who else is a big fan of the Pareto Principle? A huge fan of the 80-20 rule? Mother Nature, that's who. Natural selection. Here you are, a living creature, with a thinking, rational brain. A ton of natural instincts. Just showing up and waiting for an opportunity won't work. Sitting around waiting for somebody else to make life fair won't work. What will work? Getting in the game. And getting some. Before somebody else does. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/obstacle-obliteration/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan21Post.mp4 Way back during the middle ages, there was a lot of new ideas popping up all over the place. One of the main events was the creation of a Christian religion besides the Catholic church. The philosophical differences between the various Christian churches are pretty interesting and very dense. The Catholic Church, was suddenly in a bad way. Up until the protestant reformation, they had TONS of power. Each European country had their own king or ruling system. But so long as they were all Catholic (or back then Christian) they Pope and his Bishops had the final say. Once the protestants came along, this all changed. Structurally, this is like one company that has a monopoly, and gets lazy. Then a startup comes along and changes everything. The protestants were the startup. The Catholics responded by creating the Jesuits. The Jesuits were like secret agents for the Church. Their job was to travel around the world, and try to gain as many converts as possible. They quickly learned something very interesting. That convincing adults of a new religion is very difficult. Kids? Very, very easy. These Jesuits had a saying: "Give me a child at birth and I'll make him a soldier of Christ by seven." Turns out this really doesn't have anything to do with Jesus. It has everything to do with how our minds are configured when we are born. We have a bunch of very basic wiring in our brains. As we go from 0 to 7, a lot of this wiring is finished. Once it's finished, it's pretty much set. This is why whatever religion you learn as a child is hard to change. This is why all kids learn language unconsciously as kids, but learning a foreign language is not so automatic when you grow up. But since there are plenty of people who speak more than one language, it's not impossible. Not by a long shot. And there are also a ton of people who switch religions when they grow up. Or get stronger or weaker in their religion of upbringing. Between 0 and 7 our little brains are like unconscious sponges. As adults, they are still sponges, but it takes a bit of conscious effort. Learning a second language will give you a ton of benefits. If you are in any kind of business with international customers, knowing more than one language will make you worth a lot more to your company. But there is another second language that few people know about. One that is very secret, kind of like being a secret agent. On the surface, it sounds very much like English. But deeper, on an unconscious level, it is EXTREMELY powerful. You can covertly embed ideas into people's minds. Ideas, desires, whatever you want. This is the language of covert hypnosis. You can speak it, and you can write it. Speaking is hard. Writing? Not so much. Write hypnotically and trance out your readers all over the world. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  20. Everything we do has deep reasons and surface reasons. And not from a metaphysical sense. From a purely biological, scientific sense. On a very deep level, we are driven by instincts. Every single thing we do is it satisfy one or more combinations of instincts. Hunger is the easiest to understand. Because it involves taking something physical that we can see, touch, and smell. And through the process of eating, or satisfying our deep hunger instinct, we take that STUFF from OUTSIDE of our body, and put it INSIDE of our body. And while it is INSIDE our body, our body transforms it from STUFF to ENERGY that we can use to get around. This process of eating is EXTREMELY important. As such, much of any culture is centered around this experience. But at the very core, on the deepest level, is this extremely ANCIENT instinct that drives all biological entities to GET ENERGY needed to continue to stay alive. It's unlikely the many animals besides us humans think much about eating. But how we satisfy our hunger instinct shows that there are deep reasons, and surface reasons. The deep reasons are ancient. The surface reasons are cultural, contextual, and literally INFINITE. If you get into a fight with your spouse because they got the wrong cake for a party, this is a surface level disagreement over a very deep and ancient instinct. Every single decision about every single action (past, present or contemplated) contains both elements. Deep, instinctive levels. And surface level, conscious and rational reasons. Whenever we persuade others, the more of ALL the reasons we understand and target, the better of a persuader we can be. Something as simple as eating, for example, is rarely done in isolation. There are usually social instincts being satisfied at the same time. Often there is hopefully some sexual instincts being eventually satisfied. Meaning getting together for dinner is one step in a longer intention to satisfy sexual and romantic instinctive needs. No matter WHO you are intending to persuade, the more you understand about ALL LEVELS of their unmet needs, the easier you can persuade them. Most folks ONLY focus on the surface level ideas. These surface level ideas will always need language. Because language only speaks to surface level things. But the deeper you go, the less language you need. The deeper you go, the less of their conscious minds that you need. If you go deep enough, and subtle enough, you can persuade them without EVER needing to engage their conscious minds. Meaning you can get them to do ANYTHING, and they'll never know it was you. This can lead to MANY interesting outcomes. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/people-training/
  21. One of the presuppositions of NLP is that flexibility is better, all else equal. Meaning if there is some contest, whoever is the most flexible in solving problems will win the contest. If you are a football team, and all you can do is run up the middle, and defend against runs up the middle, you won't do well against a team who can do everything. Short passes, long passes, no-huddle offenses, etc. The team that can respond differently to different situations will generally do better than a team with only a handful of plays. One of the reasons that Alexander the Great was such a bad ass was his armies were made up of all the various Greek City-States. They had a TON of different "fighting styles." Which meant he had a ton of flexibility as his disposal when he would come up against his various enemies, many of which significantly outnumbered him. One of the reasons humans are in charge of planet Earth (instead of say, Koalas, for example) is because of our brains. Our brains are the definition of flexible. In our long evolutionary history, those who had bigger brains were better for a TON of reasons. They could speak better, and tell more interesting stories. They could plan better, and communicate these plans persuasively. This allowed them to lead better. They could imagine better, and come up with new tools that were better than rocks. Every other animal has only a very small range where they can live. Except humans, who can think our way around problems, and live in deserts as well in igloos. Luckily, all the skills that gave humans an edge collectively can give us an edge individually. Thinking skills, planning skills, learning skills, communication skills, all these can be enhanced. Just like going to gym and eating properly can turn you from a flabby mess into a chiseled machine, doing the right brain exercises can turn you into a thinking and communicating powerhouse. And when you think about it, this is kind of odd. Our best asset as humans is our brains, not our bodies. But most people spend their lives strengthening their bodies, and not their brains. If you spent just a little bit of time strengthening your brain, you would have a HUGE advantage over nearly everybody on Earth. Since most of us believe that are brain skills are set. And once we have a certain level of brain skills, that's it. Luckily, that is not true. Not by a long shot. So when YOU start to do these brain exercises, you will be doing something that few people know exist. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
  22. The world is a complicated place. Lucky for us humans, we come pre-built with certain filters. Some of these are programmed in, some are flexible. For example, we seem to come pre-built with filters that cause instant fear when we see a creepy crawly thing scurry across the floor. Maybe there was once was a race of people who thought snakes were cute, but they all got bit and died before they could pass that gene on. On the other side, we all are drawn to bright colors. If you were gazing across an ancient landscape, and you saw a cluster of colors, it usually meant something good. Sweet fruit, flowers (maybe bees and some honey) or at least some water. We also have tons of filters we can build in. Like our names. Nobody is born knowing their name, but pretty soon it's the sweetest thing we'll ever hear. On top of the idea of filters is the idea of models. These are more temporary. They can help us make sense of an overly complicated world. Turns out there are three very POWERFUL models that make it very easy to focus on improving ANY skill. Three areas that when improved, all other skills will be improved. If you look back in history, every single creation that has helped mankind has been borne of these three skills. Skills that everybody has in varying degrees. Skills that can be improved with daily practice. Which means the MORE you focus on improving these three skill, the easier everything will be. Yes, everything. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
  23. One of the cool language patterns from NLP is the sleight of mouth patterns. The idea being that you can hear an "objection" and then overcome it with linguistic wizardry. Sell more stuff, get more dates, have more fun. But the concept itself is pretty powerful. And that concept is that any idea isn't set in stone. After all, Marcus Aurelius, a bad ass Roman orator, said over two thousand years ago that, "All is opinion." Meaning any idea we have is not a fact. Just an opinion. Which means any thought we have, is a temporary "snapshot" of our reality. Both within us an outside of us. And since all is "opinion," and opinions can change, we can literally build and hold any idea we want. I used to think sushi was disgusting. Raw fish? Gross! Who would want to eat raw fish? Until a buddy of mine reframed it. "No, dude, it's cool. Just imagine eating a really rare steak." Just like that. My idea of "sushi is gross" turned into "sushi is delicious" in less than a minute. Our heads are FILLED with ideas like "sushi is gross" that we NEVER question. We just accept them as fact. When I was in high school I worked at a pizza place. The thing about pizza is you can get it with whatever you want on it. Few food fast food items are like this. Imagine walking into a burger place and saying, "Yeah, I'd like a medium cheeseburger with bacon, tomatoes and olives." Most places you get what you get. But pizza? You can get any combo you want. Even half something and half something else if you've got a couple picky eaters on your team. Why not treat our brains like that? "Let's see, today I'd like to be outgoing, clever and witty." Or maybe if you were going on first date, you could choose to be, "romantic, seductive and irresistibly attractive." If you were taking an important test, you could decide to be "a genius with a rapid steel trap memory." Why not? It will certainly take practice. But if you decided to learn how to play tennis, you could eventually play tennis. Why not spend some time learning how to "be" however you want? Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
  24. Many NLP techniques are taught as "once and done." If you're a trainer, this is a goldmine way to make a lot of money. You teach an expensive seminar, and the only place to learn and practice these magical NLP techniques is in that seminar. Of course, seminars are cool experiences. You meet some cool people, talk about cool things that you would otherwise not talk about. These can be life changing events. I saw a documentary on one famous guru on Netflix. They talked to some of his fans. Many of them said they'd followed him all over the world. Attending his seminars and retreats. Some spending more than $100K in the process. And then it struck me. The fans of these "gurus" sounded very much like the folks who followed the Grateful Dead around back in the day. If you went to a seminar to learn something, you'd only need to go once. Spend any time going to any type of "self development" seminar, and you'll quickly run into "seminar junkies." They go there for the experience. Much like the Grateful Dead fans who dropped out society and followed them around the country. The REAL changes in NLP come with daily practice. Very small drills and exercises and journaling techniques you do on a daily basis. NLP seminars are fantastic, don't get me wrong. But learning the most powerful NLP techniques don't require seminars at all. All it requires is a few minutes you spend every day practicing them. Practicing how you think. Rehearsing situations in your mind. Using your brain, instead of letting it be led by others. This is perhaps the biggest benefit. Because once you realize how POWERFUL your mind is, you'll never look back. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
  25. When I was a kid I loved puzzles. Not the jigsaw type, the bigger ones. These small, 3D objects that could only fit together in one configuration. Once you figured it out, it was less interesting. Many people treat life as a puzzle. Like there's a "right way" and a "wrong way" to do things. To be sure, there are some things that are DANGEROUS to do. Like robbing banks is probably not a good way to make a living. But within the commonly accepted morals, ethics and laws, there isn't really any "rules." Of course, many people don't like this idea. Many people are afraid of taking risks. After all, if you stray from the common path, you might mess up. And if you did things differently than most people, and you made a mistake, everybody would laugh and point fingers at you. Or at least that's what we imagine. So most of us are content to do what we're told, not do anything too crazy. But think of all the people who made a HUGE impact on society. For whatever reasons. Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs. They didn't do what they did by following the well worn path. One time a young entrepreneur asked the founder of Sony how one could double their success rate. The founder of Sony, by then an old experienced business person, answered: Double your failure rate. If you are afraid to fail, you'll only learn what works. Which is the same stuff that everybody else learns. Which means you'll get the same stuff everybody else gets. If you want to make a difference, then you've got to do things differently. Different actions stem from different thinking. Different thinking requires practice. But it's pretty easy, since you can try out different ways of thinking safely within your own brain. Nobody needs to know except you. And when the new ways of thinking become familiar so will the new ways of acting. That's when things get fun. Learn More: NLP Mind Magic
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