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Found 10 results

  1. There is a very critical transition that humans need to make. This has nothing to do with culture or politics or any kind of metaphysical mumbo jumbo. This is based purely on biology and mathematics. Societies need stuff. They need a certain number of people to make that stuff. Doesn't matter if the society is filled with 100,000,000,000 people or 100 people. Every human needs a certain amount of energy in the forms of calories, and energy in other forms. Electrical, gas powered, solar, etc. We need food to live, and we need energy to power our stuff.
  2. Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling each other stories. As a studier of story structure, I find it fascinating that TV shows and movies like "Game of Thrones," "Lord of the Rings," and all the hobbit movies have not only the same structure, but the same content, as stories told thousands of years ago. Structure is easy to see. Hero's start off being uncertain in some way. Then they meet some friends, and finally beat the bad guy. This structure can be applied to almost anything. A kid going to middle school. A girl starting her own business.
  3. Imagine if you had a web page. And the web page was a sales page. And you decided to do some split testing. Meaning that you would tweak something, and compare it to the original. This is also called "A-B" testing. You've got version A, and version B. You run each one and keep the winner, and ditch the loser. Let's say you did this every day for a few years. Meaning you ran several hundred A-B tests. Eventually, you would have a VERY high converting sales page. If any B version didn't do better, you'd ditch it. But if B version DID do bett
  4. Social proof is a very powerful force. But since the term, social proof, is so common, we tend to overlook it. People say things like using social proof to become more attractive. Or adding some social proof on a website to increase sales. The way the term is used conversationally, it sounds like a spice you'd put on food. "I'm going to add some social signals to my site to increase conversions." "I'm going to add some crushed red peppers to my pizza to increase flavor." As if social proof, or social signals (things that indicate social proof) are some physic
  5. There was one episode of Seinfeld when George, one of the characters, accidentally discovered the secret of success. He was a typical guy who had less success with the ladies than he wanted. And one day, he gave up and tried something different. What he did was the opposite of what he would normally do. He would walk up to tall, gorgeous women (he was short) and say that he was unemployed, and that he lived with his parents. And it would work like magic. Of course, it was a comedy. And it was TV. But like most art, it imitates life. Meaning when you
  6. One cool thing about studying linguistics is finding all the interesting connections built into language. Like if you're a fan of the Hunger Games, you know it takes place in a country called Panem. That name, "Panem," is significant. As the Roman Empire was collapsing, they had to do certain things to keep the riff-raff from revolving. This is one of the main reasons behind the gladiator fights. They figured if they showed the common folks some bloody battles up close, these common folks wouldn't cause problems for the government. If you've watched the Spartacus
  7. One thing we humans always look for is safety. And one of the most common and instinctive ways of doing this is by finding safety in numbers. We generally don't feel comfortable doing anything unless we see other people going first. At the same time, we are hierarchical animals. Every time they test this, and every way they test this, it always comes out that way. Humans are self-organizing, hierarchical creatures. So are chimps. And the higher up a chimp is on the food chain, the more sex he gets. And the more bananas he gets. And since we also lin
  8. We humans are curious creatures. We have a complex mix of instincts and learning ability. Once we learn something, it feels just like an instinct. This was famously shown in the movie, "Karate Kid." By training certain movements over and over, they became instinctive. We can train our thinking to be instinctive as well. Humans are natural learners. Due to our curious evolutionary history, we are born WAY before we are fully formed. This means human children are EXTREMELY resource intensive. And due to the way we split along gender lines according to
  9. Men and women are fundamentally different. Way beyond just the plumbing. A fantastic book described this in terms of our long time spent as hunter-gatherers. (Book: Why Men Don't Listen and Why Women Can't Read Maps) Lot of interesting differences once you understand how our respective natures were "cooked." For example, the male habit of not talking much stems from how men were always hunting. And if you yammer away while hunting, you'll scare away the animals. Women, on the other hand, talk endlessly. Since they were gathering, they needed to keep them
  10. https://mindpersuasion.com/beta-male/
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