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Found 6 results

  1. There's this Japanese lady who has become pretty famous recently. I don't know much about her. I haven't read any of her books of watched her show. But her concept seems pretty simple. And pretty old. Clean up your living space. Toss out clutter, etc. I recall a desk sign from about twenty years ago saying that a cluttered desk was a sign of a cluttered mind. Or maybe it was that a cluttered desk was a sign of genius. It's been a pretty common idea for a while that a way to "refresh" yourself is to rearrange the furniture. Toss out the old stuff. A rule of thumb is you haven't used anything in over a year, then it's safe to toss in the junk pile. Having a more spacious area where you spend most of your time can help your thinking. There's also the idea of "re-inventing" yourself. This is essentially what people do when they go shopping. At least on a superficial level. They say clothes make the man. So you change your clothes, and you'll change how you feel. I had a friend once who had studied Aikido for several years. I asked him how it changed how he viewed social situations. He said it allowed him to read "energy" a lot better. Aikido is unique in that it's mainly defensive. Using your opponents energy against him. My friend said gave him much deeper insight into social situations. He could sense bad things happening before they unfolded. So he could leave before they got bad. This represents how something simple like learning a different set of skills can shape how you view your reality. There was a similar scene in Fight Club. After the two characters started fighting, they noted how it allowed them to "see" other people through a different frame. A much deeper way to do this is change how you THINK. When you change your level of skill, it indirectly changes how you think. But you CAN change how you think directly. This requires taking time to review early memories. Foundational memories which make up who you are. Once you find them, you can change what they mean. So you keep the same memories, but you can use them much more effectively. This will change your belief structure. Which will change how you view the world. It takes time, but you can do this very privately. And safely. Nobody needs to know but you. Which means you can see this as your very private, very secret weapon. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  3. A while back I used to do lot of rock climbing with a co-worker. Different climbs have different lengths. The measure of a climb is how many "pitches" it is. One pitch is essentially the length of a rope. The first guy that goes up "leads." He carefully puts in the pieces of protection, or "pro." Then he loops the rope through these pieces of pro. The guy on the ground slowly feeds the rope up as he climbs. So if the lead falls, he'll fall twice as far as the last piece of pro. Since he's got to fall past it until the rope catches him. Anyhow, my friend would always "lead" and I would always "follow," as well as "clean." Cleaning means taking out all the pro, and clipping it onto your harness. One day, as we were getting ready to leave, he said, "Hey, I want to show you this one climb. It's pretty easy, only one pitch." It was also a face climb, which meant it didn't have any huge holds or ledges. You had to go pretty quickly, and make sure you were balanced carefully. Most rock climbing walls you'll find in gyms and other places have HUGE hand holds and foot holds. (Called "bomber jugs") Face climbs don't. You have to accurately "read" the face. And you have to move quickly. No resting. Anyway, my friend knew I was TERRIFIED of face climbs. They were very much a mental, inner game. One stray thought of anxiety and you'd start sliding down. So he told me it was a 5.5. They measure climbs just like they measure earthquakes. On a logarithmic scale. A 5.5 was pretty easy for me. So he goes first, I follow. And it did seem pretty easy. My friend was grinning the whole time. I get to the top, and he siad, "Wow, you walked right up that." Meaning I didn't pause and look around. Very much the "flow state" of just acting without thinking. "Yeah," I said, "it's only a 5.5." "Actually," my friend said, "I lied. It's really a 5.9." Now, a 5.9 was something I'd NEVER done. Let alone a 5.9 face climb. Had he told me it was a 5.9 face climb, I NEVER would have tried. But because I THOUGHT it was easy, it was easy. Just like everything else. So long as you don't let those stray thoughts of fear and worry creep into your mind, everything's easy. So, what do you do? Find a friend that will always trick you? When it works, it works. Or you could systematically find all the fears in your brain, and kill them before they sprout. Pull them out at their root. Because without any fears holding you back, EVERYTHING becomes easy. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
  4. If you live in the states then you've heard of "March Madness." A yearly college basketball tournament. It's a big event in offices. People choose randomly, choose favorites, and make "bets" in all kinds of different ways. Going as far back as you can in human history, gambling of some sort has always been around. One of the reasons people like it is because there is a CHANCE that you can get "something" for nothing. You put fifty bucks on some wager (color, team, number, etc) and by "magic" that fifty bucks can turn into a hundred or even more. And if you've ever gambled and WON, you know what a "rush" it can be. So much that plenty of people get addicted. They end up losing everything. All because they were chasing that magical "feeling" where "something" turned into "more." All beyond their control. As if the gods of luck smiled upon them. It sure is a wonderful feeling to suddenly "get" something just "because." Unfortunately, many people plan their lives like that. Sure, they don't think they're "gambling." They are waiting for a "break" or an "opportunity" to present itself. But unless they go out and actively FIND an opportunity or MAKE the breaks happen, they're still hoping for "luck." Most people spend their lives wishing for something better, but never really DO anything differently. But those who consistently MAKE things happen know the secret. That if you wait for something or somebody to "give you" and opportunity, you'll be waiting a long time. And that "waiting room" is very crowded. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. That's one of the reasons things like March Madness office pools are exciting. But it's also the same reason people sit around their entire lives WAITING. Taking action, when you're NOT SURE what will happen, is scary. So they'd rather wait. Or pretend they are waiting. When in reality they are playing it safe. But you don't need to take huge risks. Not even small ones. You only need to make very tiny, very consistent moves. SLOWLY push your comfort zone in different directions. Instead of putting it all on black (or red or double zero), just do ONE SMALL THING differently each day. Just to see what will happen. Just to get feedback. This are the daily activities that build magnificent lives. The biggest gamble is NOT doing this. Waiting for "something" to come along. Because EVERYBDOY is waiting, that "something" is out there. Waiting for you. Get it. Learn More: End Self Sabotage
  5. Coming up with creative solutions can help in any environment. But just the name, "creative solutions" sounds like a pretty specific job. Meaning you might be stuck in a corner office in some R&D divisions, and people only call you whenever they've got an issue that needs fixing. Kind of like the "cleaners" in those mobster movies. The guy they call when stuff has gone way off the rails. The dude shows up, deals with the bodies, fixes everything, and then gets back to his mobster lifestyle. But in reality, we ALL have to come up with "creative solutions" on a regular basis. Every single second of your existence involves you looking out into your future, and trying to make the best decision possible. However, since most people spend their entire lives AVOIDING any kind of risk and uncertainty, the idea of "solving problems" seems foreign. The biggest problem they might have is how to pay for dinner. But the BIGGER you build your life, the more "problems" you'll "solve." But they won't be problems, they'll be opportunities. Now, that sounds really lame, I know. "They're not problems, they're opportunities!" is one of the most OVERUSED phrases in any kind of "self development." Instead, think of your life like Tetris. The future is always coming at you, whether you like it or not. Most people find a place where they SAME STUFF keeps coming at them. But if you PURPOSELY and CONSCIOUSLY move toward areas where more COMPLICATED stuff is coming at you, you can build much better things. And the cool thing is, the better you get at handling the more complicated stuff, the more complicated stuff you'll be able to handle. Over in the corner where it's safe (and the only thing coming is the same day at work, same shows on TV, same conversations with the same people), life is VERY BORING. And when it's over, it's over. On the other hand, if you slowly position yourself where more and more complicated stuff is coming (different types of skills for different types of jobs, different conversations with different people, different hobbies) life will continue to get BETTER. Every day is an opportunity to become a CLEANER. A FIXER. To handle the stuff that others are too scared to. Keeping learning more, and keep doing more. Click Here To Learn More
  6. This is a short phrase from the bible that has been around for such a long time. After, my Kundalini Awakening I now FULLY understand what this means. I can't believe it. The mysteries of life are practically sprinkled everywhere you just gotta really dig in and look. Almost makes you think you're going crazy... I guess it's one of those things we can't really openly express, but we vaguely touch upon. VISUALIZE - OMG!!! Now, I first thought, "yeah right." When I heard this the first hundred times, until I learned what it meant, lol. P.S This is not about religion .This is about life.
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