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Found 7 results

  1. Reunited Tragedy: https://mindpersuasion.com/reunited-tragedy/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov06Loop.mp4
  2. There's this Japanese lady who has become pretty famous recently. I don't know much about her. I haven't read any of her books of watched her show. But her concept seems pretty simple. And pretty old. Clean up your living space. Toss out clutter, etc. I recall a desk sign from about twenty years ago saying that a cluttered desk was a sign of a cluttered mind. Or maybe it was that a cluttered desk was a sign of genius. It's been a pretty common idea for a while that a way to "refresh" yourself is to rearrange the furniture. Toss out the old stuf
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  4. A while back I used to do lot of rock climbing with a co-worker. Different climbs have different lengths. The measure of a climb is how many "pitches" it is. One pitch is essentially the length of a rope. The first guy that goes up "leads." He carefully puts in the pieces of protection, or "pro." Then he loops the rope through these pieces of pro. The guy on the ground slowly feeds the rope up as he climbs. So if the lead falls, he'll fall twice as far as the last piece of pro. Since he's got to fall past it until the rope catches him. Anyhow,
  5. If you live in the states then you've heard of "March Madness." A yearly college basketball tournament. It's a big event in offices. People choose randomly, choose favorites, and make "bets" in all kinds of different ways. Going as far back as you can in human history, gambling of some sort has always been around. One of the reasons people like it is because there is a CHANCE that you can get "something" for nothing. You put fifty bucks on some wager (color, team, number, etc) and by "magic" that fifty bucks can turn into a hundred or even more. And if you've ever
  6. Coming up with creative solutions can help in any environment. But just the name, "creative solutions" sounds like a pretty specific job. Meaning you might be stuck in a corner office in some R&D divisions, and people only call you whenever they've got an issue that needs fixing. Kind of like the "cleaners" in those mobster movies. The guy they call when stuff has gone way off the rails. The dude shows up, deals with the bodies, fixes everything, and then gets back to his mobster lifestyle. But in reality, we ALL have to come up with "creative solutions" on a regul
  7. This is a short phrase from the bible that has been around for such a long time. After, my Kundalini Awakening I now FULLY understand what this means. I can't believe it. The mysteries of life are practically sprinkled everywhere you just gotta really dig in and look. Almost makes you think you're going crazy... I guess it's one of those things we can't really openly express, but we vaguely touch upon. VISUALIZE - OMG!!! Now, I first thought, "yeah right." When I heard this the first hundred times, until I learned what it meant, lol. P.S This is not about religion
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