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Found 22 results

  1. A very common, and very dangerous idea is that you need money to get girls. It's common because like most beliefs, it's easy to find proof. This is a function of confirmation bias. On the other hand, if you purposely tried to find evidence of guys with NO money who could easily get girls, you'd find it. One of the reasons this idea, that you need money to get girls, is dangerous is it can serve as a very HANDY excuse to stay on the sidelines. There you are, looking out across the room. You see TONS of sexy girls. But then that belief pops into your head. That you need money to get girls. And since you don't have any money, you stay on the sidelines. This is the PERFECT cover for the real reason. Which is that talking to girls causes a ton of anxiety in most NORMAL people. But most normal people also don't like to admit they are scared of doing SEEMINGLY normal things. Like talking to cute girls. Luckily, we can kill both false beliefs at once. First is to understand that money is only a EXTERNAL SIGNAL of something deeper. Or it least it CAN be. That something deeper is what women are REALLY attracted to. And that is raw ambition. The desire to BECOME something better than you are. Now, for most of history, when you combine this raw ambition with half a brain, you get a guy who gets out there and gets stuff done. This USUALLY involves making money somehow. That money, and all the signs of money, are really EXTERNAL pieces of evidence of a deeper characteristic. It's also why girls get together with guys who HAVE money, but get bored. Because in today's corrupt clown show economy, it's easy to make money WITHOUT having a sense of "old school" ambition. That's actually GOOD NEWS. Because you can cultivate that old school ambition. This requires you have a PLAN for your life. A REAL PLAN. Not a bunch of things you wish or hope will happen. Having a REAL PLAN based on REAL AMBITION will trigger those ancient desire instincts. But you have to be willing to EXPRESS that ambition. This is EASY. But it requires you understand part two of this strategy. That you don't talk to girls ONLY to get their number. And you don't ONLY talk to cute girls. NOR do you ONLY talk to girls. You talk to EVERYBODY. Practice chit chat. Eventually somebody will ask what you do. And no matter WHAT your job is, even if you don't have a job, when you express your ambition correctly, they will remember you. Why? Because so few people HAVE ambition today. This will help you cultivate and develop a REAL reputation. Which will make you INSANELY attractive. To EVERYBODY. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  2. It's a very common idea to NOT do something SPECIFICALLY to attract women. This is a very good idea. Because if you are ONLY doing things to attract women, or any particular women, this is dangerous. You're basically sending a message to her, and your subconscious that getting a woman is MORE important than living a successful life. Most guys do this when they put women up on a pedestal. The make her seem much better than they really are. This is a form of one-itis. When you have an IMAGINATION of her that is not based on reality. When you fall in love with an idealized version of her. But this can also happen when you try to pursue women in general. You start to focus on doing things ONLY to get women. For example, when you buy clothing ONLY to impress women, this can be dangerous. However, there is a LOT of overlap. Meaning if you ONLY focus on living a successful life, then chances are you will be MORE attractive to women. In this way, the general attraction you are generating WITHIN a large number of women can be a very useful measurement. A side effect. Especially when you consider that women are attracted to non-verbal behaviors. The type of non-verbal behaviors that are highly associated with general male leadership. This can be very confusing. Many guys try and FAKE alpha behavior. This can work well in the short term. But it's generally ONLY associated with short term female attraction. Deep and intuitive alpha behavior is picked up on by both men and women. Deep and intuitive alpha behavior will make you more attractive to PEOPLE in general. More men will WANT to follow you. More women will WANT to be with you. The truth about female attraction triggers is they are attracted to male behaviors. Behaviors that indicate general success potential. Since the dawn of time, men have been PRODUCTIVE. And women have been ATTRACTIVE. The job of women is to choose the most productive man and seduce him. This gives us a very keen insight. That if you measure the attraction you are creating in women, the deep intuitive attraction, this is ALSO a strong measure of your masculinity. Not fake masculinity, where you are worried about what to say and what to wear and how to act. REAL and deep masculinity. That is EXTREMELY rare today. The kind of masculinity that builds financial empires. The kind of masculinity that leads men to conquer nations. The kind of masculinity that all women deeply crave. If you work on building this kind of masculinity, you can choose from among a whole slew of women. For whatever reasons you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  3. One of the biggest killers of attraction is to make your intentions known. One of Dale Carnegie's most helpful insights is the idea that you can get anybody to do anything so long as they believe it's their idea. Which means if you are CONSCIOUSLY trying to create attraction, it won't work very well. Best case is you are her only choice. And she ALREADY has a baseline level of attraction. But if you come out of nowhere, and start talking to her, it's very difficult to CREATE attraction from nothing. It's especially hard if she sense's that is your intention. If she DOES become attracted to you, it will be IN SPITE OF your conscious efforts. Why is this? Because you absolutely cannot consciously create attraction. This is the deep natural subconscious attraction. This ISN'T a girl consciously deciding the TYPE of guy she wants. When it comes to girls and guys, a food metaphor is appropriate. Nobody can CONVINCE you (or anybody else) to LIKE a certain kind of food. Sure, they can convince you that it's healthy, and good for you. But only your SUBCONSCIOUS can determine if you LIKE something or not. If it gives you PLEASURE while you eat it or think about eating it. But you CAN figure out how to COOK SOMETHING that has a high probability of being liked to many people. You can do some reverse engineering of what many people eat. Find out what kind of restaurants are popular, etc. So if you were having a dinner party, for example, you could figure out BEFORE HAND what kind of food people would like. Then make that. But it would be IMPOSSIBLE to talk somebody into liking something that they didn't like. Sure, you could convince them it was HEALTHY. That they SHOULD eat it. But you'd never be able to convince somebody to like it. Girls being attracted to guys works exactly the same way. The guys that she is NATURALLY attracted to is beyond her choice. And it's beyond your choice as well. At least in the short term. If a girl REALLY likes you, you can get away with a lot. If a girl DOESN'T like you, there's not much you can do. But if you understand the types of guys she and other girls NATURALLY like, you can slowly build in those characteristics. Turns out there are some very SIMPLE exercises that you can do. The MORE you do the, the more girls will be naturally attracted to you. While you can't get A GIRL to like you, you CAN get many, many GIRLS to like you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  4. One thing we humans have better than any other animal is flexibility. For example, we have a ton of muscles. And if you work your muscles, they will get stronger. This is obvious. From a bio-engineering standpoint, this allows for an increase in efficiency REGARDLESS of what type of work a human would do. This allows for ancient humans to live in ANY environment, figure out what they needed to do, and do it. The more they did that, the more those specific muscles would strengthen and become much more energy efficient. Farming, climbing trees to get coconuts, hunting. Another area where we are extremely flexible is in our thinking. Every other living thing takes THOUSANDS of years to adapt to its environment. Humans can do it much quickly. Because we have a flexibility of thinking. Instead of evolving claws, we make tools. Instead of evolving extra hair, we make clothing. Every thing we have is born of this "meta creativity" and "meta flexibility." The thing that makes a critical difference is communication. We can take vague ideas inside our brains and transfer them from one brain to another with words. And just like our physical bodies, you become better at whatever you practice. If you run every day, you'll eventually be able to run a LONG WAYS without getting tired. If you do pushups every day, you'll eventually be able to do plenty of pushups. If you practice music every day, you'll soon be a skilled musician. If you practice communication every day, you'll soon be a world class communicator. But here is where the problems start. Practicing many things is very straightforward. Keep doing it until you get better. Running, pushups, sports, music, all these are easy to measure. Easy to see if you are getting better. But what about communication? How do you practice this? How can you measure if you are getting better or not? What makes it even worse is even the IDEA of "practicing" something like communication causes anxiety in most people. Sitting at the piano and playing scales for a couple of hours is easy. It might bore you to tears, but it doesn't cause anxiety. Nobody is afraid of getting yelled at by a piano. But talking to people every day, just for practice? That sounds downright silly! Luckily, there are plenty of components to communication. Inner game and outer game. And plenty of ways practice that DON'T involve other people. AND plenty of ways to measure how much better you are getting. And even better, once you start to get some POSITIVE feedback from others, you'll be on your way. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/conversational-brilliance/
  5. If you saw a gorgeous girl or guy from across the room, you'd remember them. The more gorgeous they were, the more you'd remember them. But you would REALLY remember them if they looked at you and smiled briefly. In fact, just a little bit of direct, non-verbal communication, no matter how brief, would be MUCH more powerful than just their looks. You can imagine a gorgeous person who doesn't notice you. And a semi-attractive person who looks RIGHT AT YOU and smiles before looking away. You would definitely remember that. The longer and more involved that interaction is, the MORE you would remember them. And the less their physical appearance would be a variable. To be sure, they have to be above a certain level of attraction. This is very personal and subjective. But so long as it's above this point, the MORE effort they put into personal communication, the less important their physical appearance would be. People like Victoria's Secret models can skate by on ONLY their looks. They walk into a room and don't need to make eye contact with ANYBODY to leave a lasting impression. But for most of us normal humans, we have to AUGMENT our physical presence with our energy. This energy is the sum total of all our non-verbal communication. The stuff we are radiating all the time. This energy we radiate is VERY dependent on our mental state. We can do a mental experiment to see this. Imagine you were about to walk into a party. You were in the hallway of an apartment building, and JUST ABOUT to open the door and walk in. RIGHT BEFORE you turned the knob, two sexy super models came out of the elevator, walked past you and looked at you like they wanted to bang you silly. (Or imagine another appropriate situation). How would this impact your mood as you walked into the party? You'd be confident, smiling, much more extroverted. This would impact how you made others feel, which would further enhance your good mood. Your internal state (cause by the chance meeting with the super models) would significantly enhance your non-verbal communication. Now imagine the opposite. Same two models, but as they walk past you, they look at you like you're dirt. Suppose you try and smile at them. They recoil in horror, and say something like: "Don't DARE look in my direction you worthless human! You're not even fit to clean my toilet when I'm on vacation in the South of France!" This would impact your party experience in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Your inner state, and your outer energy, would be HORRIBLE. You'd be radiating anger and frustration, and nobody would want anything to do with you. Suppose you could walk the Earth with a CONSTANT positive internal state? As if you have ALWAYS just had a recent positive super model experience? How would THAT affect your life? It's actually pretty easy with some consistent mental practice. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  6. Some things are easy, and other things are not. Some things start out as difficult, and become easy. These are things that we practice. This is pretty self evident, and it almost seems so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning. But sometimes we overlook such simple ideas. Much to our demise. If you started to play any sport, and you sucked, that would be normal. Because most people suck when they start most things. But the more you practice, the better you get. We all get this intuitively. Once a couple of friends and myself were watching a live performance. The guitarist was absolutely killing it. My friend remarked, "That guy's gotta sleep with his guitar!" Meaning he assumed that to get to that high level of skill, he must spend a lot of time with his guitar. So much that he sleeps with it. Nearly any skill we think of, we think of in this way. That the more you practice, the better you get. Except for the most important skills. Unless you are expecting to be a world class musician or athlete, most normal humans practice sports and music as hobbies. Few people will ever be able to quit their day jobs to pursue their hobbies as careers. But we still enjoy practicing. Because it feels GOOD to get better at something. But the things that get us the MOST IMPORTANT things in life are things we DON'T practice. Things like conversation skills, persuasion skills, people reading skills, confidence projecting skills. We tend to think of these things like height or eye color. Based one hundred percent on genetics. If you walked into the gym and hired a personal trainer with the specific goal of becoming TALLER, he'd think you were nuts. But we very much CAN change much of our personality. The main reason we don't like to think in terms of specifically doing exercises to improve our personality is twofold. One, it seems "fake." We imagine doing something that's not genuine. Not really the real "us." The other reason is it's scary. We imagine walking up to somebody and speaking in a particular way, and we imagine them looking at us like we're some kind of sociopath. But in reality, plenty of people work on their personality all the time. Back in the day, many girls would go to "charm school." Men didn't quite have the same thing, but older men would teacher younger men how to properly "behave" so they wouldn't send the wrong message. If you were taking a class in public speaking, to specifically increase your earning power, that would be exactly the same thing. And the idea of the real "you" is a myth. Because the real "you" is a sum total of every single thing you experience. Which means the real "you" is always changing. And since it's always changing, why not CONSCIOUSLY change it in a direction that can make life EASIER and more ENJOYABLE? And not just for you, but for everybody that is lucky enough to interact with you? Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  7. Humans seem to have an instinct to keep improving. This is pretty obvious when you compare technology now to only a few decades ago. It's also pretty obvious when you compare old people to young people. Simply by being around, you get more experience. Even passive experience will teach you things. Most people go through some kind of educational system. Our brains are even created so we are born with less than developed brains. We have an instinct to soak up as much information as we can. Next time you have a chance, watch people in line at the supermarket. If you see any young children, they will be moving their heads and eyes and if they can, their bodies. They are in the "collect data" mode of their lives. Their little brains are RAVENOUS for information. Adults on the other hand, will tend to be either staring blankly into space or blankly at their device. The older we get, the less AUTOMATIC our "hungry for data" brain gets. But just because it's not automatic, doesn't mean it's not possible. Your muscles stop growing on their own past a certain point. But even a dude over sixty can start lifting, and show obvious results. Both brains and muscles CAN be continuously improved. The older you get, the more effort it may take. But it is JUST as possible. But there's one thing people RARELY consider as something they can strengthen. But it's JUST as "strengthen-able." And that is your personality. Our personality is kind of like our musculature system. Both are designed to respond NATURALLY to our environment. If you started working in the fields, for example, your muscles would NATURALLY respond to make that work easier and more energy-efficient. If you got a job in a shoe store, your PERSONALTY would naturally respond to make those interactions more natural and energy-efficient. Just like you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain muscles, you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain areas of your personality. And just like somebody with a well built and sculpted muscle system is more attractive, a person with a well-built and sculpted personality is more attractive. Both systems behave the same way. The more effort you put in, the more benefits you get out. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  8. A common and very old expression is "to know me is to love me." This is kind of opposite of the "love at first sight," idea. Love at first sight means you SEE somebody, and you INSTANTLY fall in love. Or course, this is kind of impossible. It's a nice idea, but it's usually not one that is "true" until any couple has been together for a while. It usually goes down like this. A couple meet, and they hit it off. They like the way they look. They like the way they make each other feel. They click deeply and quickly. They go on a few dates, and maybe after a couple of months, they move in together. And then they get married, have a couple kids, and grow old together. Much later, they will REMEMBER this as "love at first sight." But that idea, of falling in love, didn't HAPPEN at one instant in time. It took a while. Of course, the emotional feelings were there from the beginning. But WHEN, exactly, those feelings TURNED INTO love is not certain. But with a ton of fond memories, and with the help of hindsight bias, it FEELS like it really WAS love at first sight. But imagine if EITHER PARTY had actually said, when they first met, "I love you! Let's get married, have kids, and grow old together!" The other would have fled. So it wasn't REALLY love at first sight. Even something that FEELS like love at first sight takes time. But what about the other statement? "To know me is to love me." This implies that you DON'T love them when you first see them. That the MORE you get to know the, the MORE you love them. This IMPLIES that what it is that you DO love about them is NOT about their looks. Most couples that end up growing old together are MUCH MORE like the second statement. Most couples date for a couple of YEARS before they get married. It takes that long to get to know somebody. We humans are VERY complicated. So, what about that part of you that they need time to get to know? Can you make THAT PART of you "more lovable?" Of course you can! That part of you that is deeper than your appearance is VERY MUCH under your control. This part of you involves your confidence, your short and long term goals, your intelligence, you communication skills, your social skills, and plenty of other PERSONALITY traits. All of which can be STRENGTHENED just like a muscle. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  9. Why are babies so cute? From a purely evolutionary standpoint, babies being cute is a survival benefit. Since as babies we are absolutely helpless, we NEED other people to survive. Being "cute" creates a "let me take care of this poor thing" response from the adults around us. Young women are cute because they invoke a similar response from men. A "let me take care of this poor thing." Many women try and get away with being cute as long as they can. We are all programmed with a deep strategy that compels us to ALWAYS maximize our ROI. We always want to get the most RETURN for the least INVESTMENT. Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to. Nobody wants to put in more effort than they need to. What can you do if you're not naturally cute? Become more attractive. Not attractive with how you look or how you dress, but attractive by how you behave. Many personality traits are also evolutionary programmed into us. Humans are extremely social animals. We are always on the lookout for potential partners. Not just romantic or business partners. People that can help us out from time to time, and us then. This is why we LIKE going to social events. Take any group of friends hanging out on a Friday night. They will almost ALWAYS choose somewhere public where there are many people. They will RARELY choose some secret hideout. We LIKE being around other people. Because we LIKE other people. And we all come with deep subconscious filters that we use to sort for potential friends, people we WOULD LIKE to get to know better. Physical appearance is the first, and most shallow filter. Second is general personality. Some personality traits are much more attractive than others. And these same attractive personality traits can be enhanced. Strengthened, just like a muscle. How? Slowly and consistently, just like a muscle. When it comes to physical fitness, you can generally put people into two categories. Those who exercise regularly, and those who don't. Just like you can exercise your body regularly, you can exercise your personality regularly. And since FEW people even think about doing this, if YOU do this, you'll be in a category all your own. And you'll STAND OUT in nearly every crowd. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  10. It sucks to be a hot chick. At least that's what they say. And it makes sense on many levels. For one, everywhere you go, dudes are looking at you and dreaming of banging the crap out of you. Most people assume that ALL you've got is a hot body and a pretty face. In a way, gorgeous people (both guys and girls) end up with a bit of a personality handicap. This isn't done on purpose, it just happens. If you go through life with an exceptionally good looking set of features, you don't have to do as much work as everybody else. It would be possible to get by with less effort than everybody else. This isn't fair, and nobody really likes to talk about this stuff. But study after study shows that attractive people get better attention than unattractive people. In the short term, it is definitely a plus. But in the long term, it add up to some personality deficiencies. This isn't meant to slam attractive people. Only to understand that although on the surface they seem to have an advantage, in the long run that can easily add up to a disadvantage. Of course, plenty of attractive people are intelligent enough to know that skating by on ONLY their looks is very dangerous. Because looks WILL fade with time. Plenty of young, hot, up and coming actors are now ten, twenty years older and NOWHERE to be found. In a sense, if you AREN'T particularly blessed in the looks department, that's actually a good thing. Because most of the time, we humans are pretty lazy. Meaning we don't really do much until we have to. This is essentially the story of human history. Humans are cruising along, some calamity happens and FORCES them to invent something new. And that something new ends up sending society up a notch or two. Making life better than it was. On a personal level, if you DON'T have good looks, you have to get by on your smarts. And there are a LOT of ways you can increase your non-physical traits. It IS very true that personality goes a long way. Or at least it CAN go a long way. Most people don't realize this because they don't realize that personality can be STENGTHENED and ENHANCED. Just like a muscle. If you do the right exercises, pretty soon you'll have some clear evidence. Personality works the SAME way. If you do the right exercises, pretty soon you'll have some clear evidence. And then you'll know EXACTLY how personality can go a long way. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  11. It's a pretty common idea that sex sells. Put a gorgeous model next to a toaster, and you'll sell more toasters. How this works isn't really understand. Mainly because most people don't think about these things. They're too busy thinking about the model. A common misunderstanding is that there's an implied relationship between the toaster and the model. This is more pronounced when models or sexy ladies are used to promote cars and alcohol. The idea being that the car or the brand of beer will lend itself to "girl getting lifestyles." This is false. It's much more subconscious. The sexy models invokes certain unconscious feelings. In both men and women. Those unconscious feelings of attraction and desires are then attached to the product. This is essentially the halo effect. When a sexy lady is standing next to a toaster, her sexy "aura" is also kind of surrounding the toaster. But this is an incorrect metaphor. The "aura" isn't coming from her. It's coming from the OBSERVER. The observer sees the sexy girl, and the OBSERVER creates a strong feeling of desire. And that "desire" energy that is pointing at the sexy girl ALSO hits the toaster. But if a normal person looks at a sexy girl, and there isn't a toaster, whatever she is saying or doing will also be hit by the OBSERVER's "desire energy." So when sexy people talk, the stuff they are saying is elevated just like the stuff that sexy people sell is elevated. Only it happens organically, so nobody really notices. But the thing about the halo effect is it's really shallow, and short lived. It only works on stuff that doesn't matter so much. A sexy girl on TV next to a car might get you into the shop, but it will take a lot for you to buy the car. A sexy girl talking on YouTube might hold your interest. But studies show again and again that when we choose more important things, the halo effect is worth less and less. This is why it's not such a big deal if you aren't one of the genetically blessed, pretty people. Because you can build up a halo effect associated with your personality. And unlike physical appearance, where there's only so much you can do, you can increase and enhance your personality as much as you want. So much that after just a few moments of interaction, YOU will be much more compelling that any genetically blessed pretty person. And the MORE they interact with you, the MORE they'll be attracted. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  12. One of the strangest figures from history is Rasputin. He was allegedly some guy who lived in the forest. But then he got himself connected to the Royal family at the time. This was around the time of the communist revolution. Whether he was a good guy or a bad guy is up for debate. But what is generally accepted was he had a very STRONG presence. He had to in order to get so close to the Romanov family. It would be like some guy wandering out of the forest and suddenly becoming the best friend of the family to the King of England. It's one thing to have plenty of social power and authority. Kings usually try to marry off their sons and daughters to sons of daughters of other nobility. Kings don't normally even talk to normal people unless they have some accepted rank. But Rasputin was a monk who allegedly lived in the forest. Surrounded by forest ladies who were always swooning for him. He was the opposite of nobility. So opposite that he eventually was assassinated by other nobles and higher-ups who didn't like his closeness to the royal family. There are a few people from history like that. Unfortunately, most of them are usually bad guys. Guys like Charles Manson who convinced teenage ladies to kill for him. It's kind of easy to understand how that would happen. If you were BORN with a massive amount of charisma and presence. You would kind of be seen as an outcast, since you had no need for the regular way of doing things. And your whole life, people around you would just do whatever you asked. It's easy to see this power turning one into a criminal master mind. On the other hand, what would happen if you could BUILD this kind of power? Slowly and consciously, so it wouldn't go to your head? And in a way so you could combine it with business, sales, public speaking, etc.? Sure, it might be cool to start your own forest cult. But it would also be cool to just make tons of money and live like a modern wizard. This is the cool thing about social skills and personal "energy." It's just as trainable as muscle related skills. If you practice juggling long enough, you'll have some impressive juggling skills. If you practice presence long enough, you'll have Rasputin levels of personal magnetism. How do you practice? With This: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  13. What's the easiest way to get a girl to like you? This technique will work every time. But it only works if it's the FIRST thing she sees you do. The reason it works so well is few guys can pull it off. It's not complicated, but for many guys it is nearly impossible. Most guys are too busy coming up with clever lines and techniques. Or spending hours a day online trying to interpret and decipher her signals. Or maybe hours a day in the gym hoping a chiseled body will get them "noticed." So, what's the "trick?" The method that will virtually GURANTEE most girls will be attracted to you? Walk up and start talking to them. Right off the bat. But not with an attitude of "I hope you like me." An attitude of, "Hey, you're pretty cute, what's your personality like?" If you are confident enough to walk over (most guys aren't) and you're relaxed enough to have a NORMAL conversation (most guys aren't), she'll make a LOT of assumptions about you. Since you're confident and you're not treating her like a queen BEFORE you even talk to her, she's going to ASSUME you've got a lot of girls waiting for you. Either literally or metaphorically. In her experience with guys, ONLY the guys who have a lot of experience talk to girls like they are no big deal. But since you'll be talking to her in a relaxed, confident way, she'll assume something else about you. You aren't too interested in having sex. At least not until you get to know her. This will make her CRAZY for you. Just this simple attitude, and only a few minutes will do everything. Authority, social proof, all taken care of. Most guys NEVER get to this level. They believe you need to approach a ton of girls before you get to his level of confidence. But in reality, there is a shortcut. All it takes is your daily NORMAL experience, and your creative imagination. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
  14. Ten exercises to destroy it and replace it with a much more positive idea, that attractive people are safe and fun to talk to. https://mindpersuasion.com/ten-easy-exercises-to-obliterate-approach-anxiety/
  15. In fiction, they have a saying that helps people write better. "Show, don't tell." Meaning if you want to get across the point that a character is angry, you don't say something like, "he was angry." You describe him acting the way angry people act. As a reader, it's much more interesting to come to your own conclusions about the characters, rather than be told they are angry or happy or whatever. The same strategy is pretty good when dealing with women. Meaning you "show" instead of "tell." Unfortunately, many guys mess this up. In many different ways. Like when it comes time to kiss her, they think she's going to say, "OK, you can kiss me now!" Sure, that happens in sappy romances, but not in real life. In real life, girls LOVE being kissed by confident men. Men that don't need to be told what to do. This is kind of a risky thing to say, but most women have a fantasy of being "taken" by a very confident man that she is INTO. Understand this doesn't mean she'll automatically respond if you go kino all of a sudden without verifying that she's into you. If you cross a line, she might and should call the cops. Which means you'll need to be able to read her body language, and know WITHOUT ASKING whether or not she's good to go. Because once a woman feels she needs to tell a guy what to do, she's already gone down the slippery slope of killing her own attraction for him. Girls are NOT unconsciously attracted to guys they need to "manage." They are unconsciously attracted to men they try IN VAIN to "tame." Confident men who know where they are going. And paradoxically enough, she (or her unconscious) prefers to feel a bit of uncertainty. Meaning if you are into her, and she knows you're into her, but you're also following YOUR LIFE more so than chasing her, she won't be able to get enough of you. Click Here To Learn How
  16. One under-appreciated invention is artificial flavor. Not really from a health standpoint, but from a marketing and production standpoint. If you had to use real strawberries to make strawberry ice cream, it would be pretty expensive. But since you get use highly concentrated strawberry extract (or whatever the heck they use) you can make it a lot cheaper. Now, most of those artificial flavors aren't the greatest thing for your health. If you drink them by the gallon you'd probably have problems. Other things that are "artificial" are better. Meaning they're similar to the "real" thing, but they're a lot cheaper. For example, a couple decades ago, to come up with some music to score a movie, you'd need to hire a whole orchestra. Now you can make the same sounds on your laptop, with some software and sampled music. And from a consumer's standpoint, it's WAY better since you can also create sounds that no orchestra could come close to. Female attraction, and how to create it, can be thought of the same way. There's the old school, original way. Become the dominant alpha, and lead a group of men out to kill some wooly mammoth. But with technology, you can get the same result (the female attraction) but with a lot less effort. Like scoring a movie on your laptop instead of hiring a humongous orchestra. The "trick" (it's not really a trick) is to exhibit the behaviors of an alpha leader. You don't have to actually "lead" anybody. All you have to do is have something you're "chasing" that is MORE important than any girl. And this will make all the girls chase you. (Or wish they were confident enough to chase you.) It involves building your beliefs a bit differently, which will change your behaviors in a subtle yet much more attractive way. Click Here To Learn How
  17. There's a thing in modern society called "demographic shift." It means that as societies get more advanced, they start making less kids. Because kids are very time consuming and expensive, people start to plan them instead of just having them. Widely available birth control is also responsible for this. But there's something else going on as well. The longer couples tend stay married, the less then tend to have sex. Now guys will blame the girls, and girls will blame the guys. What's really going on? One reason is our instincts aren't really built for a modern society. Our instincts are built for a primitive society. Think of that in terms of female attraction. Think of all the guys in a female's life back then. They always got up early, and went out hunting. Sometimes for days. They didn't call, they didn't text. They came home when they came home. If they were successful, everybody was happy. If they got skunked, everybody was worried. Because if the guys couldn't get it done, the whole tribe was in trouble. Think of how the modern guys behave. Most guys can't go a couple of hours without contacting a girl they're chasing, let alone a couple of days. The idea of a guy always calling, or at least being available 24/7 just didn't exist in our past. And guess what? If it didn't exist in our past, there's no part of her neurology that is going to find that behavior attractive. Her inner cave girl will interpret that "24/7 availability" as a guy who's NOT out hunting. She'll interpret that as a guy who's too scared to stray too far from the women and children. Not the type of behavior that make her panties wet. She may not know it, or even like it, but she IS programmed to be attracted to a guy who leaves when he leaves, and doesn't come back until his job is done. Now, this may not be the BEST behavior to keep a long term relationship alive. That requires communication and an understanding of how to handle those pesky ancient instincts. But if you want to create automatic attraction in ladies, start thinking like a HUNTER. Click Here To Learn How
  18. I don't know where else to post, but this isn't a request for a video it's a request for a new sub for sale in the store. I'd like a sub that manifests an abundance of women into my life. 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  19. Hi, I will use this space for collections of feedback and trial errors that I pick up on my own feedback loop. This will help you maximize your potential in the art of charm and seduction as well as my own. The goal is to read,learn,practice and more importantly, go out in the world and take action. We will incorporate all that we learn onto ourselves the real juice of life. Lesson #1 : Say 'hi' to everyone A) Discipline yourself to initiate eye contact and say 'hi' with a smile on your face. If within 3 seconds - 5 seconds no response look away and continue. B )Look at them test their reaction. If they respond in a way that is profitable(green light) then go in and approach, else look away and continue until you find someone who will reciprocate. Reasoning: This will instill a natural confidence in yourself and it will make approaching seem easy and effortless because it is something you do at all times. So, if there is someone that you secretly like. This will give you the momentum to boost up your confidence. Lesson #2: Shower like a King and Smell like one Take a cold shower or start hot then drop it to cold. If this is too hard for you, keep the warm shower and before you finish, put the cold water on for 30 seconds to 1 minute pouring all over your head and neck and get out. You want to leave with the water being as cold as possible! Use the best soap you can get, or anyone that is best for you and/or for your surrounding. I recommend nubarian soap Use Body wash like this one (during the shower and rinse off) Immediately after taking a shower put on on your favorite cologne. Put on chapstick this will give your mouth and kisses a nice soft and subtle moisturize feel. Why? You will feel refresh and all your stress from yesterday will be eliminated. It will give you a new day feel like yesterday never existed and you can start from where you are at right now. Lesson #3: Lock-Eye with strong intention This will highly increase your chances of opening the door to sex or the very least a conversation. They may say something awkward or out of place, but that's okay our job is to lead it to the point of intent. Go in or go out. Lesson #4: Social Proof People like people who are pre-approved by others. If people like you it makes easier for other people to like you as well. When you think of Social Proof think of any big celebrity names such Robert De Nero(Famous Actor), Stephen Curry(Famous Basketball player), and Rock N Roll rockstars they all trigger social proof. This is why celebrities can just go down the street and generate massive attraction/interest because they are already massively famous for the public. On top of this, their talents are already shown case by all to see. Social Proof 2 Also, social proof can be simply you asking your friend for advice and you accepting it. Making our own decisions can be hard, which is why when people validates/ gives us an idea it becomes must easier to do. Now here's a trick. Knowing this you can directly ask people question to purposely trigger social proof on yourself. You make them apply it for you. I realized a lot of time when a friend confirmed something I wanted to do became easier to take action. I suppose a padded up confidence. Why is this important? It's important to know this because it can help you generate celebrity like attraction if you know how to apply it. Now, granted you don't have to be famous to use social proof. Social Proof will work among your social circle, club, community, organization, etc. Lesson #5: New Friend This one is super important and I want to write it down here before I forget. Every time you meet someone new, it is their very first time meeting you. So, it makes sense to speak to them like you've just a met a new friend for the first time. Notice the phrase 'new friend.' We want to make them feel like we have known them for a very long time while making conversations in a rational chronological order. Hell, even being awkward in the first meetup make sense because it's the first meetup. So you can even act awkward if you wanted to lol. Most people like other people when they first meet. This is a good because you can almost assume they would be glad to talk to you, not always, but most of the time. They don't know your past, history, nothing at all about you. Go in there expecting to make a new friend, but not too fast-forward. The beginning it's actually better to be slow. What's your favorite color, comment on the surroundings, what's your favorite food, what do you love to do, that sort of thing. A simple hi, or a convo that leads to the phone number, or handing your business card after convo, etc. Concise - Talk to them as if you just met a new friend. Lesson #6 : Ask Them For Their Favorite Food When eating out to a new location and you have no idea what to get. Feel free to ask the hostess/waiter or whomever for their favorite dish in the location. This will save you a lot of energy,time,and possibly disappointments. Now this isn't particularly seductive but is a good general tip to help you get by in those situations. Let them give you clues on what the best things are. You will also get a conversation(big or small) which is always a plus. Funny, now that I think of it this can also be applied to the person you are dating! Just in a slightly different way. Do note this will be me constantly experimenting all of these things so everything is subject to change. Having that said, you are encouraged to try these as well, so you get the same benefits! Feel free to make suggestions along the way.
  20. Please create a video that helps create a superior mindset. I am a professional boxer but have difficulty turning on my "killer instinct". I need to develop a mindset that allows me to destroy opposition. Some ideas to help with this are: *superior to others *more deserving than others/they deserve nothing while I/you deserve everything *better looking than others *you are/I am a leader; they are followers *better than others in all ways *you are/I am the man *more capable than others *take everything; give others nothing *I am/you are special while all others are inferior *others deserve nothing and need to be stamped out I am new to this world so I don't know if I'm using the right terminology here. I'd like a video that is not subliminal. I'd also like one that uses one voice at a time. With that said, I'm looking for a video that is not just sounds, music, and or vibrations. I'd like one with words, but not a bunch of people speaking at once. Thank you
  21. Seduction Training Hi George These are new affirmations focusing on the process of getting good with woman and with some good habits that are higly recommended by great seducers in agreement with text I have posted about how to make better affirmations. I Know that recently there has been a lot of requests, so I am not so desperately but when you cold do I will be extremely gratefull. I posses the abbility to attract and seduce the women I desire I am developing the hability to perceive the women who want me I am developping my skills of attracting woman I am going out with the objective of learning about attracting and seducing women I am focusing more on what are the quailites that make me attractive to the opposite sex Why I am getting better on attracting women? Why I am getting better with my communication skills? Why I am getting better with my body language? Why I am getting better with my seduction skills? Why my life is getting more interesting everyday? Why Im getting more interesting every day? Why my relationships are getting more stronger every day? It is possible to me to get more social and confident Why I am a always prepared to attract and seduce women? I am understanding that practice is yhe key to master seduction am I capable of become more persisten with woman?* am I capable of become more resilient with woman?* It is possible for me to lern to love my voice and the way I speak Why am I liking to practice attraction and seducion more and more? It is possible to me to create and maintain good social circle's Why I am surrounding myself with people that make my seuctive skills grow? I am making more friends that enchance my skills I am making more friends that makes me a better person why every time is a chance to practice attraction? why every time is a chance to practice seduction? Why I am always tryng new ways of attract and seduct women? What experiences could I get if I get good with women? What experiences could I get if I become a master of seducing women?
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