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Found 51 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jul01Post.mp4 One interesting idea that is usually mis-interpreted is the idea of Yin and Yang. This is almost thought to be a static balance. For example, it's common to say that your yin and yang is out of balance. Or your "male-female" energy is out of balance. This is a common mistake, not just for this particular metaphor, but for plenty of metaphors. Of misunderstanding their origins, and then misapplying them. But according to those who study East Asian mythology, Yin Yang is NOT a static balance. Think of the famous circle, with the swirl of black swirling into the swirl of white. That circle is created by mapping out the sunrise and sunset, on a sundial, over the course of a year. It's a static picture, but it's meant to be a representation of a continuously flowing idea. Night is ALWAYS turning into day. Spring is ALWAYS moving toward summer. Think about this from an ancient man-woman perspective. Men's instincts are calibrated to get out, and KILL THINGS so everybody can eat things. Women's instincts are calibrated to create more people, and raise them from babies to fully functional adults. Men are driven to LEAVE the tribe every day, and KILL things. Destructive-creative energy. Women are meant to follow men, seduce them, create more people with them, and keep everybody together. Men are meant to leave and kill. Or to leave home and build. To create. More wealth. Women are meant to attract and bind. To create. More people. This cycle between man and woman has gone on for millions of years. Ever since we split, and created a sexual division of labor. Men hunted. Women gathered. No other animal does this. Once humans made this split, we were on the way. With this exit and return, mutual creation (wealth and people) strategy, humans eventually took over the world. This ancient magnetic attraction still exists. Or at least the POTENTIAL exists. For women, their instinctive methods of attracting men are still more or less intact. To be young, and healthy. Or in modern terms, young and gorgeous. Smooth skin. Firm breasts. Long legs. Flat stomach. Straight, white teeth. Just a little bit of body fat in the right places. But for men this is NOT so easy. Women just need to have the right DNA and men will DIE for them. This is nature in action. The youngest, healthiest (hottest) women have the most chance of having the most babies. But men need to CREATE their attraction. They need to develop a KILLER attitude. A leave home, slay the dragon attitude. This will come across in the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think. This DOES need to be cultivated. But the older you get, the more ATTRACTIVE you'll get to more and more women. And since so few men today even CONTEMPLATE developing the ancient killer attitude, ALL THE WOMEN will want you. This is the BEST part. Because deep in her mind, women would rather SHARE a sufficiently alpha killer, with plenty of other young, gorgeous ladies, than have a beta all to herself. Conquer your world. BE that guy. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun29Post.mp4 One of the interesting, and troubling things, about language is metaphors. For descriptive purposes, metaphors are perfect. Whether describing a movie or a gorgeous lady, metaphors are ideal. The better you are at creating metaphors, the more of an elegant communicator you'll be. In fact, those that can accurately describe the indescribable (feelings of love, heartbreak, breathtaking views, etc.) the more respected you'll be. After all, language is one or most powerful tools. Getting an idea from your brain to another is one thing. But doing so in an interesting and emotionally pleasing way is another. If the best you can do when describing a beautiful sunset is: "Man, it was so AWESOME! You should have been there!" It's one thing. But if you can describe the sunset with words that are AS BEAUTIFUL as the sunset itself, then people will LOVE listening to you. The area where metaphors fall apart is when trying to describe scientific ideas. Or when describing a process that needs to be repeated. This is when metaphors CAN make things more confusing. This happens a lot in science. Our brains evolved to experience things in short, macro terms. We see an apple falling from a tree. We think about yesterday, tomorrow, maybe next week. Two or three years ago? Forget it! Stars that are millions of light YEARS away? Forget it! Quantum ideas about particles and waves being essentially the same thing? Forget it! Even commonly used phrases to describe things like the national debt don't make sense. Sure, we know it's X Trillion dollars. But how much is a TRILLION? It's about as familiar as a star system a million light years away. Natural selection is one of those things that is VERY misunderstood. From a purely, scientific accuracy standpoint, "evolve" is a purely passive, purely random, purely organic process. But when we describe it, particularly when we describe "how" things evolved, and "why" they evolved, it sounds like they did it on purpose. Like, "Monkeys evolved tails so they could hang from trees." That whole sentence is an INCORRECT metaphor. It sounds like, once upon a time, the monkeys decided it would be nice to have tails. So they made a plan to slowly grow out their tails over the next couple million years. Why? Because they WANTED to be able to hang from trees. When men think about creating attraction in women, they make this mistake ALL THE TIME. Women are UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to a certain "type" of guy. Women can no longer choose who they are attracted to any more than people can choose what kind of food they like. No more than those imaginary monkeys CHOSE to grow their tails. What does this mean? When you figure out WHAT those things are that create attraction in women, you can start building them like a muscle. Which means MORE and MORE women will naturally and UNCONSCIOUSLY be attracted to you. Before you say a single word. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun05Post.mp4 Once I was in Las Vegas, playing blackjack. It was in the early morning, and my buddies and I had just arrived. It was three of us and one other guy. We are all in a good mood, at the beginning of our trip. I don't remember exactly what had happened, but everybody noticed it. Even when we were all talking and laughing, the dealer made a mistake. And even though NONE of us were looking directly at the dealer, we all noticed the mistake. But it was a kind of mistake that if the dealer caught it BEFORE he dealt the next card, he could have recovered. But if he dealt one more card, we all would have won by default. The way the energy changed was pretty amazing. There we were, chattering and laughing and telling stories and then BAM! We all froze. But NOBODY looked directly at the dealer. We ALL had the EXACT same idea in our brain. "Don't say anything, pretend nothing is wrong, but watch him carefully and hope he makes a mistake." The dealer NOTICED the sudden shift in energy at the table. And I think that's what caused him to make a mistake and deal another card. As soon as he did, we all resumed our natural, happy, conversational state. Then he realized his mistake and paid us. This is only ONE example of how much we are always perceiving. The main reason we noticed this was MONEY was on the line. It's kind of like when you're walking down the street, and you see some green paper out of the corner of your eye. Like your subconscious jumps up and says, "HEY! Look over there!" Your train of thought is suddenly yanked off the tracks, and now you've got some money. This is essentially what happened at the blackjack table. Only it happened to all of us. And not for MONEY, but for a MONEY OPPORTUNITY. This is how our brain works. We have our brain, we have plenty of filters, then we have TONS of data hitting our senses. But most of us don't see ANY of that data, unless there is a BLATANT reason. Like money, or somebody calls our name, or there is suddenly a gorgeous woman with huge boobs smiling right at us. But guess what? You can learn how to perceive ALL that data that is hitting you. For example, we'll all suddenly shift our attention if a sexy person is looking right at us. That is very blatant. But what about ALL the people sending very subtle signs that they would like to get to know us? How many of these do you miss, every single day? Find Out: https://mindpersuasion.com/intuition/
  4. Social Charisma https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/SC_Sales.mp4
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May01Post.mp4 The halo effect is a real thing. Unfortunately, it's one of this things most people have a vested interest in NOT believing. Pretty people very much don't want to believe it. They want to believe their success is due to something BEYOND their genetic gifts. But it's pretty simple, both how it works and WHY it works. Step one is to understand what specifically makes pretty people, particularly pretty ladies, so "pretty." "Pretty" in modern terms is "healthy and can have a lot of kids" according to ancient caveman terms. So being more interested in pretty people was an evolutionary benefit way back in the day. This was back when our instincts did our thinking for us. Today we need to manage this stuff on our own. The way it works is simple. We look at a pretty person talking, and we find the thing they are talking about very interesting. What about if you are a dude? If you're decent looking, you've got some decent threads or bling, some status, that's essentially the same thing. Guys look at a pretty lady, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. Ladies look at a high status male, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. So far, no rational or conscious thought is required. But we aren't cave people any more. We can OVERRIDE our instincts with rational thought. And we can do this in a way that will INCREASE how attractive others find us. How so? One technique is by telling quick, broken stories. Most people tell stories linearly. This happened, that happened, something crazy happened, and everybody lived happily ever after. But you CAN break them up. Build up to the "mini climax," when something crazy happened. And then BEFORE you resolve that climax, start another story. And keep breaking them off BEFORE each climax is resolved. Why does this work? Because another one of our instincts is we HATE unfinished business. So no matter WHAT the content is of your stories, they won't have any choice BUT to be fixated on your stories. EXACTLY LIKE dudes can't help but to be fixated on hot ladies. And EXACTLY LIKE ladies can't help but to be fixated on high status dudes. Even BETTER is if you DON'T have status, bling or looks. Why? Because she'll be focused on you with rapt attention. But there won't be any obvious reasons WHY. So her ancient cave lady brain will have to come up with a reason. And that only obvious answer is she is MASSIVELY attracted to you. Where else can you find this kind of INEXPLICABLE attraction? Within her favorite romance stories. Do THIS and she'll feel like she's suddenly smack dab in the middle of a romantic fairy tale. With YOU as her prince. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr30Post.mp4 Henry Ford was a genius. He, of course, became rich and famous for creating a mass produced car. Not inventing the car, but inventing a way to build a ton of cars quickly and cheaply. There's a famous pair of pictures from back in the day. Both are pictures of the same street in New York. One has a bunch of horses, and a few cars. Another has a bunch of cars, and a few horses. They were only taken ten years apart. This is what they mean by "disruptive technology." When you can make something WAY better, and WAY cheaper than the competition. It absolutely OBLITERATES the competition. Plenty of businesses went OUT of business because they couldn't see what was coming. Funny thing, though, is the company that showed up and put FORD out of business. Well, since they're still around, they never went out of business. But Ford being the main maker of all cars didn't last long. This is free market economics at work. If you have a good idea, EVERYBODY will try and copy it. To make it better, cheaper, etc. What was it that did Ford in? What did this new company figure out that Ford didn't? A very simple shift in the product, the car, that made all the difference. One of the ways Ford streamlined his manufacturing line was to make ALL cars the same color. Black. So all the competition did was to make them DIFFERENT colors. That was enough. If you live in a world with ONLY black cars, you can't really think of COLOR as being something that differentiates one car from another. There is a very simple parallel in today's dating market. If you think connecting dating and romance to cars is odd, it's actually pretty common. Just listen to the lyrics of any Springsteen song. Anyhow, back to the metaphor. Today's dating market, from the perspective of women, is like the FORD ONLY days of cars. This leads us to make a false conclusion about what the ladies like. Because most men LACK this basic skill, women have no choice but to compare men on other qualities. Looks, bling, artificial status. What's the missing variable? The one variable that will DESTROY the competition? Being able to MOVE her emotions. All women are attracted based on how they FEEL. And with the market so disastrous today, they have to rely on ONLY what they can find to get those feelings. And this is looks, money, status etc. But when you UNDERSTAND why they want those feelings, it's like being the first guy who can make different colored cars. YOU will stand out. But even better is when you understand HOW to create those feelings. Not through bling, or money or even LOOKS. But conversationally. Hypnotically. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr25Post.mp4 For a while there's been a kind of myth around the world of PUA and seduction. More of an improperly calibrated metaphor. The "myth" or the "metaphor" is that once you get to a certain level of "game" you have access to some kind of "secret society." Where the rules are different than for normal people. That once a lady sees you, and realizes that you are part of this "secret seduction society," then it's straight to the bedroom. Now, this is one way to describe this. But it's ONLY a description. Most descriptions are metaphors. In fact, unless a description is filled with equations, it IS a metaphor. For example, consider the sentence, "fall in love." Love is a metaphor. An intangible noun. If we were to describe with scientific accuracy, we'd have to understand all the chemical and hormonal and mental processes associated with it. We might "better" describe the process of "falling in love" as a human mating strategy that creates a strong and long attraction between two people to ensure any offspring have the best chance of survival. An ancient, instinctive, and mostly SUBCONSCIOUS process. That's why we "fall" in love. Since it happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness, we think it is some kind of mysterious thing. This same word, "fall" also is used to described when we get sick. We "fall" ill. It happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. Now, back to the "secret society" idea. Why does it APPEAR that high level seducers and attractive women somehow "recognize" each other as being members of secret society? Because that's what it looks like. Two people who don't know each other, but get REALLY close, REALLY quick. They become very FRIENDLY with each other, very quickly. The EXACT same thing would happen between two seventy year old dudes who realized they were part of the same fraternity many, many years ago. Two strangers meet, and BAM! Best friends. Outside, the two look the same. But inside, they are VERY different. For the REAL secret society, or old frat brothers, there is a common tie to an EXTERNAL organization. But what about the top level seducers? A women sees a guy, who has a certain set of traits that few other guys have. The guy sees the woman, and see's she's WAY hotter than all the other girls. They both WANT each other, but they don't KNOW each other. This is really a very ACCELERATED version of what happens normally. Meet people, slowly become friends, or lovers, etc. Now, everybody knows which girls are hot and which ones aren't. But what is the trait of MEN that make them stand out? Their deep confidence, self assurance, and frame. How can you DEVELOP this? Learn How Here: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr01Post.mp4 The halo effect is a real thing. It's very superficial, but it's very real. In many ways, pretty people, both guys and girls CAN have it easier. So long as the content surrounding their halo effect is superficial, they will have a significant advantage. Why is this? When we look at pretty people, we get a very strong, very positive, very ancient instinctive feeling. A very ancient feeling that says, "I want that." Not just "that," but everything associated with "that." This is tied to beauty and youth. This was also calibrated a long, long time ago when life was very, very simple. Halo effect people AND fast food have plenty of similarities. Fast food tastes good in the short term. Halo effect people make us feel good, in the short term. Of course, this comparison itself is very shallow. There are plenty of things you can eat that are both delicious and very healthy. There are plenty of people who are attractive, but also have similarly attractive personalities. This is where the comparisons end. With food, healthy food can ONLY taste so good. You'll never get a healthy meal that satisfies you like your favorite junk food. Staying AWAY from your favorite junk food and eating ONLY healthy food takes constant vigilance. This is why it is MUCH easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. But for people? It's the opposite. In this regard, pretty people have a disadvantage. Way back in the day, being physically attractive was enough. But today, the world is much more complex. Deep, long lasting and complex emotional feelings are MUCH more important than quick, superficial feelings. If you are one of the genetically blessed, creating those superficial positive feelings is EASY. So easy you can make a career out of it. So long as you NEVER have to talk about anything deep or complicated. This is why pretty people can be more prone to depression. Especially if ALL they have is their looks. They feel, on a subconscious level, that they are only a few steps away from rejection. They always have a sinking suspicion that if they lost their looks, they'd lose everything. That's why being able to CREATE positive feelings in others is a very powerful skill. Not through your looks, but through your communication. Not the superficial communication of memorized patterns or compliments. But deep communication. The questions that make them think. Not just a little bit, but for a long time. Questions that they will ponder for a long time. Questions that will resonate in their mind. They longer they ponder them, the more they'll think about you in fantastic terms. This is something you can engineer with your language. Your interactions. Your focus and your interest. This is the power that exists in your mind. An unlimited potential of never ending attraction building. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  9. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar30Post.mp4 There's an old Far Side cartoon of a kid pushing against a door. He's really leaning into it. However, the sign on the door says, "pull." And above the "pull" sign, there is a much bigger sign saying "School For Genius Children" or something similar. Funny because a super genius kid pushing against a door that says pull. There are quite a few metaphors or doing the opposite of what we THINK we should do. George Costanza, the character on Seinfeld, decided to do the opposite of what his gut told him. And everything worked fantastically. Even Rumi, a poet from a few centuries ago, wrote about when we go into the fire, we are really going into the cool water. And when we go into the cool water, we are really going into the fire. Now, some of our instincts are PERFECT. If you are leaning over a railing on the 50th floor of a hotel and your instincts are screaming at you to get back, that's pretty good advice. But when it comes to social instincts, most of them ARE backwards. Many of our instincts are reversed today. Our world is much, much more complicated today than when our instincts were calibrated. But sometimes this doesn't mean running into the fire and hoping it's cool water. Consider this "double reverse" conversational strategy. When we see somebody interesting, we want to impress them. So far so good. Staying neutral or even repulsing them won't do any good. The problem comes in HOW we attempt to impress them. We try to tell them things about OURSELVES. In PUA circles, this is generally described as DEMONSTRATING HIGH VALUE. Meaning we need to show them or tell them that WE are very valuable people. If they agree that we are very valuable people, that's good. If they don't, that's bad. But most people think WAY too "short term" when demonstrating high value. Consider instead, to build high value. The word, "demonstrate" makes it sound quick. But BUILDING high value takes time. Especially when it's happening AUTOMATICALLY in their mind. How can you do this? By asking them questions about them. Not superficial questions, like their favorite perfume or band. But how they think. How they see the world. This will do a LOT. One is few people ever ask questions like this. Two is they will resonate in their minds. Three is the more they think about these questions, the more they'll see YOU as having high value. Four is these questions will kind of "grow on their own" in their mind. As will their VALUE of you. And the more they think about these questions, the better they'll feel about themselves. And subconsciously, about you, for asking them. All it takes on your part is a few simple, innocent sounding questions. And then let their opinion, and value, of you, naturally and organically increase. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb17Post.mp4 It's no mystery that the dating market these days is an absolute dumpster fire. On the back of a train that is about to crash off a cliff. Being driven by drunken clowns who are also probably a little off to begin with. What's a guy to do? The main thing that makes modern dating so confusing, and extremely frustrating (and depressing) for modern men is online dating. Online dating is heavily tilted in women's favor. But not for reasons most people believe. And only on the surface. Firstly, we need to truly understand how male-female attraction works. Most people have an idea that men are more visual, which is why men are more drawn to looks. This is only half right. Men are drawn to looks, but NOT because men are visual. Men are drawn to looks is because from an evolutionary perspective, the best mates, from a caveman's perspective is based on how a woman looks. Not how she behaves or speaks or moves. But on how she looks. Why? Men only need to know that women are young and healthy. The job of women, according to evolution and mother nature, is to make more people. The younger a women is (yet beyond puberty) and the healthier she is, the more babies she can have. So, according to natural selection, men who happened to be attracted to young, healthy women had many more babies than men who were attracted to a different kind of women. This attraction is created through signs of youth, and signs of health. These are the SAME things that would describe a gorgeous woman. That's why women really only need to show their picture to create plenty of attraction in plenty of men. What about men? What kinds of things, in men, create attraction in woman? It's NOT looks. Women's job (according to evolution) is to make more people. What is man's job? To provide for those people. So, women evolved a natural attraction for men who demonstrate the traits associated with being a strong provider. Not a strong provider today, but a strong provider back when we were hunter-gatherers. This is VERY MUCH dependent on men's behavior. Confidence, social skills, leadership skills, speaking skills, persuasion skills. All the things that would make an ancient man a natural leader. Somebody who would demonstrate the ability to acquire resources. But many men today believe that women like men based on looks, just like men like women based on looks. This means VERY FEW men are even working on things like inner game. Most men are worried about looks, and very superficial things like short term game. So when you decide to work on your inner game, you will not only be very attractive to a LARGE number of women, giving you plenty of choice, but you'll leave all those pretty boys trying and failing in online dating in the dust. Even better, is working on inner game can be done anywhere, any time. No cold approaches or even conversations with ladies needed. Just keep building, and they will come to you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan03Post.mp4 Most guys believe, or at least have heard, the idea that attraction isn't a choice. This is absolutely true. An easy way to understand this is how we choose food. Eating is a necessary instinct. We need to eat, or else we'll die. Since all animals need to eat, we are all programmed with a dual motivation system. It feels really good to eat. It feels really horrible to not eat. And when it comes to choosing WHAT we eat, we don't need our brains. Sure, we CAN use our brains, but that's not our default function. If you are only hungry, and not concerned with calories or anything, your natural tastes will do just fine. So, we can say that the food we like to eat is NOT our rational choice. The food we enjoy eating, we don't CHOOSE to eat. If we could choose to like certain foods, nobody would be overweight. We would all CHOOSE to love broccoli and boiled chicken breasts. Attraction works the same way. Attraction is connected to reproduction, or sex. And just like food, we can't CHOOSE who we are attracted to. Otherwise, nobody would ever have a broken heart. We could just choose to be attracted to whomever was attracted to us. But if you've ever had an unreciprocated crush, you know this impossible. So, attraction is NOT a choice. Most of us very much wish it WAS a choice. But it's not. However, we often behave as it if it WERE a choice. Guys talk to ladies as if they can CONVINCE them to be attracted to them. A guy sees a girl across the room. He's already attracted to her. So he decides to TALK to her. And he wants to TALK to her, and CONVINCE her to be attracted to him. This utterly contradicts our nature. It would be like having a dinner party, and deciding to cook a huge pot of oatmeal. And having a strategy of trying to TALK to your dinner guests and convince them to "like" the oatmeal. What does this mean? It's one of those good news, bad news things. The bad news if you are attracted to any one girl, and she's NOT attracted to you, there's not much you can do. The good news? There are some very simple things you can do to INCREASE how attractive you are to WOMEN in general. These are simple drills you can do daily. The more you do them, the more attractive you'll get. The more attractive you get, the LESS talking you'll have to do. You'll just need to show up. Quickly check among all the ladies who are interested in you. And pick the best one. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec31Post.mp4 There are a couple of very common misconceptions in dating. One is that guys are more visual. This is incorrect. It only seems that way, but when you get what's going on, it will make sense. The thing that causes initial, subconscious, automatic attraction in men is how a woman looks. A man can look at a women and know within a couple of nano seconds whether she's not or not. Sure, this happens only through visual perception. But the driving force of INITIAL male attraction to women is female appearance. This isn't a function of men's eyes. It is a function of women's looks. Now, for most normal guys, this is only a starting point. But the thing that gets guy's attention is physical appearance. For women, it's not nearly as physical. Again, this is a common misconception. Many men put WAY too much emphasis on how they look. Now, you might debate WHAT, specifically, a women is looking for beyond looks. But it's pretty obvious that men are more concerned with looks, and women are more concerned with NON LOOKS. Because you can see plenty of hot looking ladies with some pretty weird looking dudes. Much more than the other way around. The money question is what, specifically are women looking for BEYOND just the looks? Make no mistake, looks are important. You have to have a MINIMUM level of attraction. But so long as you aren't a thousand pounds overweight, and you are wearing some decent clothes and you've showered recently, you're good to go. Most guys will claim that girls only want money. Sure, that's true for some women, but not most. So, what DO they want? Ask a woman, and she won't know for sure. This is generally given as evidence that women are crazy, or emotional, or illogical. While men are logical and not so crazy. Another misconception. Women might not KNOW what they want, but they certainly respond to what they want. The problem is that most women will rarely meet any guy who is CLOSE to what they want. Or rather, what their ancient instincts want. For guys, that can't imagine this. Guys see hot girls everywhere. Even if you don't see them in your neighborhood, you can find them online. Can women find hot guys online? Sure, they can find physically attractive men on line. But that is NOT their main criteria. The main attraction criteria for women is based on a guy's personality. His social skills, his confidence. NONE of this stuff shows through online. Few guys can demonstrate this in person. So when it comes to deep and ancient triggers of female attraction, most women are STARVING. Which means if YOU can develop just SOME of those personality based characteristics, you'll be a dream come true. For who? For pretty much any woman who is lucky enough to have a conversation with you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec29Post.mp4 One of the best pieces of advice in fiction is to show, don't tell. This is one of those things that everybody has heard a billion times. But few have taken the time to understand precisely why this is such good advice. A common complaint is a movie or TV show sucks because of lazy writing. This is usually an example of telling rather than showing. A good piece of fiction requires our participation. We like to watch the plot unfold, and make inferences about what has happened and why. Characters that have complex and unknown back stories make them more mysterious, and therefore more interesting. Every time we see them, we are subconsciously reminded that they have a complex backstory that we don't know about. This makes our brains, from a subconscious standpoint, much more interested in those characters. It's very similar to using curiosity as a marketing strategy. They more curiosity they can generate for any kind of product, the more we'll tend to buy it. When we are watching fiction, and we can put together what's going on, from the clues, we feel a sense of ownership. A sense of discovery. It feels much more like OUR experience. One that we participated in. Moves and TV shows that only TELL, don't require nearly as much brain power. It's much more passive. It's much more like passive watching, rather than participating. This the difference between well written dramas, and movies that depend on special effects and action. This can also be applied to dating, attraction, and seduction. The idea is the same. Show, don't tell. For example, a guy who is TELLING instead of showing will say things like, "I want you to be happy." As if a girl is going to hear that, and suddenly become happy. On the other hand, a guy with much deeper seduction skills will behave in a way that will make her happy. He'll carefully calibrate her behavior, so he can alter his behavior to get the best response. She can just relax and enjoy the ride. Guys mess up with they make it TOO OBVIOUS that they are interested in her. It's much better if she wonders whether you're into her or not. Step one is to behave in a way that will CREATE positive feelings in her. WITHOUT talking about it. Simply by calibrating her behavior, and using her subconscious signals to MAXIMIZE her good feelings. Step two is make sure she is always wondering about you. This will create maximum attraction, in her, for you. All by SHOWING her, and not telling her. The best part is once you make this part of your personality, you can do this with EVERY girl you interact with. Which will create plenty of women out there that are dreaming of you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec26Post.mp4 It's hard to eat only a little bit. Especially when you are hungry. Imagine trying to keep to your diet by going to an all you can eat buffet for both lunch and dinner. It's extremely difficult, from inside our own brains, to tell the difference between eating because we like it, from eating because we need it. This is why a common piece of advice is to eat very, very slowly. Our brain is about twenty minutes behind our mouths. I don't know about you, but I can eat plenty in twenty minutes. For any given meal, you only need about 500-1000 calories. So if you eat VERY SLOWLY, your brain will send you the "stop eating" signal right around that same calorie mark. But if don't purposely eat slowly, you can EASILY put in a couple thousand calories in twenty minutes. All our instincts work like this. When they are happy, our brains pretty much shut down. Because they were calibrated way back in the day when there were FAR fewer things to satisfy our instincts. A very COMMON similarity to "eating too fast" is talking to girls for TOO LONG. Most people understand the law of scarcity. The scarcer something is, the more you value it. So if you text or call too much, you'll RUIN any attraction she has. But this works with first conversations as well. Most guys talk to girls as long as they possibly can. Until they run out of things to say. But here's a general rule, that works kind of like the "eating slow" rule. If you end the conversation BEFORE she wants to, she'll end up WANTING MORE of you. But if you keep talking after SHE thinks it's time to end, it will have the opposite effect. It will create a subconscious feeling of not being able to get rid of you if she wants to. But if you always end the interaction BEFORE she wants to, it will create a subconscious, "I want more of that guy" feeling. If you do this with successive interactions, it will have a much more powerful effect. Do it once, and she'll enjoy it, but it's easy to forget. Do it a few times, over a few weeks, and that will cause her to wonder about you. To think about you. To convince HERSELF that she really likes you. Not for your reasons, but for hers. This is essentially how people fall in love. Self hypnosis. Trouble is, it's very difficult to do this consciously. But if you build your life so you behave this way naturally, you'll have this same impact on PLENTY of women. Just by living your life, you'll be creating a whole ARMY of women who are always out there, dreaming about you and wishing you'd call. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec25Post.mp4 One way to figure out what to do is ask what a caveman would do. A common problem people have is with overeating. That's because our hunger instinct is out of calibration. Back in the day, we had to spend a lot of time, energy and risk to get food. So, our bodies slowly calibrated themselves, via natural selection, to our environment. So we have a three phase energy system. The first phase is we get a hungry feeling. This is an unconscious signal that makes us want to eat something. All animals have this, so we don't need conscious thought. Sure, we can describe our hunger. We can talk about how we can satisfy our hunger. But the hungrier we get, the more we want to eat something. For ancient humans, this got us up out of bed and got us out looking for something to eat. The second phase of our hunger instinct is when we actually HAVE something to eat. The "pleasure" of food in our mouths sends a signal to our brains. To stop thinking about anything else, and eat as much as we can. This is like a family on a road trip, stopping and filling up every time they pass a gas station. The third phase of our hunger instinct is that we store the extra. So we can go for DAYS between meals without dying. The longer we go without food, the hungrier we get. When we have food, we eat as much as we can and store the extra energy. An absolutely PERFECT system for an ancient world. Today, this SAME system will KILL you if you don't always and consciously manage it. Modern dating is the same. Our mating instincts in the PAST worked fantastically. Today, if we obey them they will DESTROY any chance of long lasting sex and love. So, how would it have worked in the past? Men were always away from the women, looking for something to kill. They would bring back stuff, and everybody, including all the ladies, would be grateful. Then the men would leave again. The women would NOT KNOW when they would come back. So when they did, they were grateful. And since men had to follow the animals (the wealth of hunter gatherers) the women had no choice but to follow the men. The instincts of men is to chase and kill (acquire) wealth. The instincts of women is to follow men. If you go to a fast food restaurant, it will be very hard to control your instincts. The food will trigger your ancient eating instincts whether you like it or not. If a woman sees a MAN WITH A PLAN, it will trigger her attraction instincts. Whether she likes it or not. Once they are triggered, she'll have little choice but to obey them. What will they make her do? FOLLOW the man who is chasing wealth. How to you BECOME this man? Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov25Post.mp4 A fairly common movie scene is where one character whispers something into another character's ear. Nobody watching knows what was said. Nobody in the audience knows what was said. If done well, this is a pivotal scene. Mystery makes everything seem much more enjoyable. This has been proven experimentally. Some researches did a marketing split test. They had two crayons. One called "Tangerine Orange." The other called "Millennium Orange." The second one, the one with the weird sounding name, outsold the first, by a lot. This is why those movie scenes work so well. Everybody is wondering what was said. Our brains don't like unfinished business. When something happened, and we don't know what, that makes us WANT to know what. This is not a conscious thing. This comes across as more INTEREST in that which we don't know about. This is why a lot of guys have learned, the hard way, to maintain a certain sense of mystery. If the girl knows EVERYTHING about them, there is no mystery. Why does mystery work so well? Let's go back to the crayon experiment. Unless you specifically WANTED an orange crayon, you wouldn't be very interested in the Tangerine Orange. There is NOTHING about that crayon you don't know. The other one, Millennium Orange, has a bit of mystery. And when we don't know the full reason behind something, our brains will tend to fill in the blanks. But here's the important part. The VERY important part, so make sure you read this correctly. When we fill in the blanks with our OWN subconscious information, we do so with ideas that we would LIKE to believe. We don't look at a crayon and think, "Wow, Millennium Orange. I bet it's called that for some really DUMB reason!" Instead we think it must be called Millennium Orange for a very COOL reason. And while we stand their and fantasize about WHAT that cool reason may be, it makes us WANT that crayon more and more. In those movies, when characters whisper to one another, we the audience, the other characters, ASSUME that whispered thing was very PROFOUND. This is why the best movies NEVER REVEAL what was whispered. Because no matter WHAT the writers come up with, it will NEVER match our best case, subconscious imaginations. This is why revealing EVERYTHING about yourself to a potential relationship partner is a BAD idea. Because when you have a little bit of mystery, your love interest will fill in the blanks with his or her BEST CASE imagination. So when you TELL THEM, it will ALWAYS be less interesting that what they imagined. Even better is when you learn to speak in ways that are PURPOSELY VAGUE. So everybody who hears you will fill in the blanks with THEIR best case imagination. This is entire idea behind covert hypnosis. Purposely vague language. So your listeners can imagine the VERY BEST about you they can. Automatically, subconsciously, and instinctively. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/party-hypnosis/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov24Post.mp4 One major paradox of human thinking is the difference between cause and effect. Everybody and their sister has heard or said the phrase, "correlation doesn't mean causation." This means we all are both fooled by this and skeptical of this. Evolutionary psychologists believe this is a function of survival. Our brains evolved to be quick, but not accurate. Everything cost something, and our brains aren't any different. The cost of having a very fast brain is that many of our assumptions are incorrect. Turns out that thinking quickly is much more important than thinking accurately. So even today, this cause-effect mystery messes us up. For example, you see a guy talking to a girl. The girl is attracted to the guy. The guy is attracted to the girl. Attraction happens subconsciously, automatically. But we don't like that idea. We like the idea of being able to CONSCIOUSLY create attraction. Of saying the right things in the right order. Kind of like we practice for job interviews. It feels they same. They have something we want. And in order to get it (a number, some affection, a job) we've got to say the right things. Only in a job interview, the words we say go through a much more objective filter in the other guy's brain. Since they are hiring for very objective reasons. Some people hire for emotional reasons, and this rarely works out. Nepotism, because the candidate is hot, etc. Objectively hiring people tends to work much better. But what about in social situations? A common mistake in any kind of consciously learned "game" is by reversing cause and effect. A guy is confident, and he's talking to a girl. His subconscious perceives that she's attracted him. Her subconscious perceives he's attracted to her. This fantastic and unconscious feedback loop creates a good feeling in both. They both sort of know the other person likes them. And they both sort of know they like the other person. This attraction feedback loop is the CAUSE. The EFFECT is the words they are using. The mistake comes when we think the WORDS are the cause, and the attraction is the effect. This is a very natural and common mistake to make. Most people ONLY think about the surface level language. Most people are unaware of the emotions and subconscious communication going on beneath the surface. If you only focus on the top, you'll HAVE to play the numbers game. Keep talking to people and HOPE you get lucky. Or, you can learn to speak subconsciously. Covertly. Hypnotically. And CREATE attraction at will. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/party-hypnosis/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug15Post.mp4 Cialdini laws can be found everywhere. These are very much like biases, in that you can see them in others, but it's very hard to see them in ourselves. For example, social proof, authority, and commitment and consistency are three of Cialdini's laws. And these three ideas are behind most beliefs in our brain. Most of us NEVER take the time to consider any of our most closely held ideas. Humans didn't evolve by being slow thinking logicians. Humans evolved by thinking quickly. As a means to an end. The END was not "truth." The END was safety, food, sex, social status, etc. Advertisers know all about Cialdini laws. Even before Cialdini showed up. Social proof, authority, scarcity, commitment and consistency, you'll find these in all things sold. But since they operate BENEATH conscious awareness, we can ONLY see them in other people. We are not robots, we are not Vulcans. We are ILLOGICALLY thinking, emotionally driven humans. And we very much NEED to believe we are logical. Normally, this isn't a problem. Normally, this is a BENEFIT. If you had to logically prove everything, not only would be you lonely, but you'd be EXTREMELY depressed. Unless you are hard core scientist who NEVER leaves the lab, (and is married to a robot sex doll), being illogical and emotional is WHO WE ARE. The problem comes when we try and PERSUADE others. We tend to make decisions emotionally. Based largely on Cialdini laws. But THEN, because we have a need to BELIEVE that we are logical and rational, even when we aren't, we come up with a logical sounding reason WHY we did what we just did. When we only tell ourselves these reasons, that's PERFECT. But if we use these SAME REASONS to try and influence others, it won't work. Since they aren't the REAL reasons. Luckily, there is a way to temporarily SHUT DOWN this post logic imagination. Which is essentially an ego protection tool. Once shut off (temporarily) you can talk to others to BUILD up their deep desire. The STRONGER their desire is, the more they'll enjoy talking to you. The more they'll be ATTRACTED to the things you are talking about. The more they'll want to DO THEM. The more they'll want to DO YOU, but you gotta be careful. Because this works VERY QUICKLY, and very strongly, the LAST thing you want is somebody you DON'T KNOW being super attracted to you. So go slow, and you'll be fine. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/get-anybody/
  19. Why Being Yourself Is Excellent Advice: https://mindpersuasion.com/be-yourself-is-excellent-advice/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July23Loop.mp4
  20. https://mindpersuasion.com/collateral-attraction/
  21. If you ever get stuck in a social situation and you don't know what to do, it's usually too late. Humans behave BEST when we are operating mostly subconsciously. Automatically. In sports, the coveted flow state is when you are operating at a very high level AND mostly unconsciously. When it seems like you are WATCHING yourself perform. This can happen socially as well. For most of us, this happens with close friends with whom we have a ton of built in rapport. This is when conversations flow and good times roll. But it is also possible to create this social flow state with people you've just met. This requires we think a little meta. If you want to get good at something, you have to practice. The more you practiced, the higher level of unconscious competence you'd become. For example, it's pretty easy to get to the level of unconscious competence playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano. But getting to that same level of unconscious competence while playing something like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata would take a LOT more practice. So how can you develop unconscious competence, that flow state, with social situations involving people you DON'T KNOW? By practicing talking to people you don't know. Most people don't like this idea. They only like the idea of talking to somebody they are interested in. This is actually a form of self-deception. They think about being social and outgoing around EVERYBODY, and it scares them. So they cover up this fear by saying things like, "Why would I talk to THAT person? I'm not interested in them!" But by practicing friendly small talk with EVERYBODY, you'll be practicing social skills on a META level. And you'll soon get to know "people" on a structural level. After you talk to ENOUGH people, you'll realize TWO THINGS about everybody. One, that everybody is unique in some way. Two, everybody is VERY SIMILAR in many ways. And once you feel this similarity on a deep and unconscious level, all fear will VANISH. This means talking to anybody NEW will seem familiar. Which means it will be much easier to enter into that free flowing, outcome independent flow state. Which everybody finds INSANELY attractive. This REQUIRES that you see small talk as something you PRACTICE. Not something you do because you ONLY enjoy it. That would be like somebody who doesn't exercise because they don't enjoy it. It takes a while to ENJOY exercising. And it will always be BOTH a means and an end. So will small talk. It may suck to think of practicing it. But when it becomes both a means and an end, you will be developing some very rare, and very attractive, social skills. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  22. Very often there is huge difference between long term and short term strategies. If you want something in the short term, this will often make it MUCH more difficult to get those same things in the long term. And if you try to get those same things in the LONG TERM, it will make it much more difficult to get satisfaction in the short term. One obvious area is food, eating and exercise. Sitting on the couch and eating burgers FEELS GOOD in the short term. But it adds up to lots of PAIN in the long term. The older you get, the more your joints will hurt. The more clogged you arteries will get. And ultimately, the sooner you'll die. Jogging and eating healthy every day doesn't feel good in the short term. But it adds up to a much LONGER and healthier and happier life. You will have much less body pain as you get older. You won't have pains shooting up and down your joints when you get out of bed. You'll even keep your brain intact for much longer. As they say, short term gain leads to long term pain. And short term pain leads to long term gain. This is also true in dating and attraction. For example, many guys have mastered the art of short term success with the ladies. Any time you use ARTIFICIAL strategies, or "game," you are using a collection of INORGANIC personality traits. This is why a guy CAN have ton of short term success, but not much long term success. Since that short term success is based on an inauthentic representation of YOU, it's hard to keep up. Pretty soon the REAL YOU will show up. And that REAL YOU will be different than the guy she was attracted to. Consider an alternative. Of being the REAL YOU all the time. This sounds like VERY CORNY advice! Just be yourself! The trick is to ALWAYS be improving your REAL SELF. So your REAL SELF will always have better and better results. How do you do this? By improving your goals. By improving your communication skills. By improving your financial skills. Here's where it gets REALLY interesting. The quality of woman you can attract by being the REAL YOU is a very useful PROXY for how SUCCESSFUL of a life the REAL YOU can achieve. Which means if you continue to build up the REAL YOU to have a much better life, you'll AUTOMATICALLY be more attractive to higher quality women. This means you'll need to ditch short term, magical "game" type thinking. And focus on REAL, long term success. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  23. It's a common idea to wish for magic seduction tricks. Even in other things like weight loss, it seems we humans are absolute suckers for the "one weird trick" scam Like if we find that one weird trick to lose weight, our problems are over. Or if we find that one secret hack into the female mind, we'll understand how easy it is to make ANY girl fall head over heels in lust with us. Unfortunately, these are all cons. Based on the same idea of the ancient snake oil salesman. The guy who would roll into town, and sell the "one weird potion" that would fix everything. Of course, he NEVER sold stuff out of an actual store. He HAD to sell it off the back of a wagon. So he could go from town to town. The idea being he'd be gone when people were wise to the scam. PT Barnum famously said there is a sucker born every minute. And suckers are suckers because we are willing to believe something that is too good to be true. Like shortcuts to making money, or shortcuts to losing weight, or shortcuts to romantic success. The truth is that anything WORTH getting will have a couple of clear identifying signals. One is it will be something FEW people have. If EVERYBODY had it, whether it be a thing a skill or a characteristic, it wouldn't be special. Two is it takes time and effort. And since most people are SCARED and LAZY, most people would rather spend their entire lives searching for one weird trick. In a way, this is good news. Because if you actually put in the work, you'll slowly differentiate yourself from every other lazy goof out there. And when it comes to developing GENUINE attraction from attractive women, the more work you put in, the more attraction you'll generate. So long as you start SLOWLY, and continue SLOWLY, it will very soon become a daily habit. And daily habits are easy. So long as they are daily habits that are BUILDING valuable skills. And it turns out the SAME SKILLS that attract high quality women are the skills that build a high quality life. And these skills have NO upper limit. Which means the more consistently you build them, the BETTER and STRONGER your skills will become. No weird tricks needed. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  24. Despite modern popular propaganda, there are tons of differences between men and women. And a very easy way to imagine these differences is the ONE THING that led to human flexibility and creativity. Every other animal except for humans doesn't have a sexual division of labor when it comes to getting food. Choose any animal, and when they are hungry, males and females both go after the same type of food. But humans split along gender lines. LONG before we were humans. Men hunted, and women gathered. We either become omnivores BECAUSE of this, or we split along gender lines BECAUSE we were omnivores. Men got protein and fat. Women got roots and other stuff from the ground. This lasted for a few million years, and accounts for MOST behavioral and psychological differences between men and women. For example, women are capable of carrying on about a million different conversations at once. This is because while they were digging for roots and grubs, they were watching the kids AND gossiping like crazy. Not only can they carry on tons of conversational threads at once, BUT they seem to have eyes all over their heads. When you were a kid, and you thought you mom couldn't see you, now you know why she could. It is an evolutionary advantage. Men, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They can carry on ONE conversational thread at most. And even then it's mostly grunts and nods. And male vision is very long range and narrow. This is what you'd expect from spending all day hunting. Not talking much, always scanning the horizon for something to kill. This gives us an insight into the type of MEN women are hard wired to be ATTRACTED to. NOT the kind who can carry on a girly type conversation. NOT the kind who is prone to gossip. The kind of guy women are hard wired to be attracted to is the guy who is ALWAYS looking for something to kill. And when he DOES kill it, he drags it back to camp. The guy who kills the biggest animal gets the biggest rock star treatment. This is why women love a guy with REAL social status. The social status that comes from being a KILLER. He goes out, he kills, he comes home and chills with his people. This is why if you text too often it will kill attraction. This is why if you're too needy, it will kill attraction. This is why if you're too worried whether she likes you, it will kill attraction. She wants you to get out and kill something. And then bring it back. Translate these instincts into modern times, and you've got it made. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
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