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Found 12 results

  1. Energy Transfer Loss: https://mindpersuasion.com/energy-transfer-loss/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr10Loop.mp4
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb10Post.mp4 Humans are fantastic at self deception. We want something, but we are too terrified to try and get it. So we pretend we don't want it. Even better, is we do this by taking the reason we don't want it, and use that very same reason to make ourselves feel BETTER than everybody else. Humans are not only primates, but hierarchical primates. Self-organizing, hierarchical primates. But since the primate, self-organizing hierarchy part of us was around LONG before conscious thought, it operates mostly subconsciously. And part of being a hierarchical primate is ALWAYS needing to come up with a story of WHY we are better than everybody else. For example, guy sees a cute girl at a bar. He would LOVE to get down with her. But he imagines approaching, and getting shot down. Or worse, he imagines approaching, being successful in the short term, but getting his emotions obliterated in the long term. This happens in two or three nanoseconds. What comes next is the ego protection reframe. He decides to NOT approach. But he does in a way that makes him feel BETTER for not approaching. As if he COULD approach if he wanted, but he's choosing not to. Why? Because SHE is not his type. She is INFERIOR in some way. I mean, just look at the way she's dressed! Of course, this is all a lie. How do we KNOW it's a lie? Because if she walked over and seduced him, he would NOT resist. Not one bit. If she decided to seduce him, get him to fall in love with her, have a couple of his children, he would not resist. Life is funny that way. The way we are SUPPOSED to do things is the HARDEST way. Men are supposed to approach women. Men are supposed to get the ball rolling. But few men do. This is one of the main reasons why so many women are ANGRY today. If you're a man, and you want to stand out, you've got to get off the sidelines. There's no other way. If you're a woman, it's much, much easier than you realize. But ONLY if you do the OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to do. Most ladies believe it's the man's job to approach, and to get the ball rolling. Sure, that's the common idea. But that's just a suggestion. Kind of like a red light in the middle of nowhere. If you are a lady, and you would like to clean up, there's NEVER been a better time. Clean up how? Any way you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/sugar-baby-hypnosis/
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/necessity-of-social-fears/
  4. When we are very young, getting what we need is simple. We start screaming until somebody fixes whatever is wrong. When we are happy, we express certain emotions via facial expressions and noises. Our parents are driven by genetics to feel happy when we are happy, and feel terrified for our safety when something is wrong. If you have kids, or know anybody who has kids, they'll tell you it changes their value system significantly. Eventually, though, we all have to grow up. In ancient societies, this had to happen sooner rather than later. Getting enough food for everybody was a lot of work. Lazing around eating while everybody was out working wasn't an option. If you look around, you'll see these mindsets EVERWHERE. The childhood (somebody fix me) mindset. (common) The adult (I'll take care of things) mindset. (very rare) One is easy, but it's very inflexible. One isn't so easy, but it is VERY flexible. With a solid adult mindset, and enough skills (or the willingness to learn) there is not a lot you CAN'T do. However, these can often times get confused. For example, think of a typical guy in social situations. The kind of guy that relentlessly approaches every cute girl he sees. Is this more adult mindset or childhood mindset? Most would guess adult, since he's actively getting out there and going after what he wants. Maybe, but maybe not. It all depends on how he presents himself. Most guys present themselves as a "please accept me" either in how they speak, how they feel, or even in the structure of their language. Getting rejected can ONLY happen to somebody with a childhood mindset. Getting rejected means you asked for something. And they said no. This presumes that the asker was in the childhood mindset, since they were HOPING that SOMEBODY ELSE could satisfy their needs. Of course, then there are naturals. These are adult mindset oriented people. Both men and women. Because they are just having fun. After all, social situations are really for relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you meet somebody, that's cool. But that is NOT the purpose. This is one reason why naturals are SO attractive. They don't NEED anything. They are TRULY outcome independent. This doesn't only apply to social situations. Imagine hiring people for a job. And most applicants have the, "please hire me! I need this job!" mindset. Then there's one guy or gal who has the "let's see if this can be a mutually beneficial relationship" mindset. A true adult mindset is very rare. Most people walk the earth hoping SOMEBODY ELSE will swoop in and save. Adult minded people have a certain level of contentment. And this radiates a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT kind of energy. One that is insanely attractive. Not just to potential romantic interests, but to EVERYBODY. Because in a world of children, the lone adult is sought by EVERYBODY. How do you BECOME that person? Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  5. Plenty of experiments have demonstrated human hierarchy. The simplest is when they stick ten people in a room. Then they drop in an complicated task. Within minutes, and usually without much discussion, there is a hierarchy. We humans seem to have a very instinctive way of looking around and quickly, democratically and subconsciously figuring out who's in charge. This means a lot of things. One of them is that ninety percent of people, (or more depending on the size of the group) have a "go to" strategy when uncertain about what to do. And that strategy is to look around for somebody in charge. Most humans, in most situations, when presented with uncertainty, DO NOT look at the task and think, "Hmm, how should I handle this?" Instead most humans look around for somebody to TELL THEM what to do. This comes across different ways in different situations. In social situations, it comes across as people WANTING to meet new people but HOPING the other person will do the initiating. Most people would be open to a friendly chat with an interesting stranger. But VERY FEW people will do the initiating. There are many ways to respond to this information. One is to be the one making the approach. If this is easy, this CAN BE a reasonable strategy. But it kind of sets a bad precedent. Meaning if a friendship or other relationship is formed, YOU (since you did the approaching) are the leader. For many people, this is fine. But there is another way. Humans tend to look for leaders because we are nervous and don't like uncertainty. But what if there was a way to REMOVE their nervousness and uncertainty AT A DISTANCE? See, in those experiments, where they put people in rooms, there's another part. They take a bunch of rooms and do the same thing. Each room has a leader. But then they put each leader in a room, and the SAME THING happens. Ninety percent of leaders become followers. Which means very FEW people are consistently leaders. Which means even leaders have the "go to" response of looking around and seeing if there's anybody in charge. Only when they find out that people are looking at them, do they become leaders by default. Since in other situations, they are JUST AS WILLING to become followers. This means there's a missing ingredient. That missing ingredient that can remove fear and anxiety at a distance. To make it natural and easy for others to approach you. Without assuming any kind of leadership. This is the power of presence. To be absolutely congruent in mind. To radiate calmness and certainty. This is extremely rare, but it can be built with practice. Specific practice that must be done consistently, but privately. And just like any skill, the longer you practice, the stronger it becomes. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  6. One of the reasons for human dominance on Earth is flexibility. The first time this showed up was when there was a split among gender roles. This was WAY back before this became an issue. Before humans could even talk. For every other animal, except us humans, the males and females each get the same kind of food. Male and female sharks both eat fish. Male and female rabbits eat carrots. Male and female monkeys eat bananas. But for some reason, male pre-humans started hunting. And female pre-humans started gathering. At the same time. This allowed them to live in twice as many places. And because they lived in plenty of different places, this "flexibility" became a very important trait. And it evolved in a lot of different ways. Some simple ways. Some in very strange and hard to describe ways. One of them is the idea of form following function and function following form. Both work. Meaning if you are happy, you will smile. But if you force yourself to smile, maybe even whistle a happy tune, you will BECOME happy. Imagine if we had to wait around for something OUTSIDE of us to make us happy? We can either fake it till we make it. We can conjure up some happy memories. Or we can laugh at a goofy joke. We are very flexible in how we can CREATE our emotions. At least we are CAPABLE of how we can be flexible. Kind of a flexible way of being flexible. Another way of form following function or function following form is how we perceive charisma in others. This can EASILY be faked, as has been done plenty of times. One way is to take a normal, non-charismatic, non-famous goof and pretend to be famous. Get a bunch of people to follow them around. Act like the guy is famous. And pretty soon, everybody will THINK he's famous. And since they all THINK he's famous, they'll FEEL those "famous feelings." They'll describe him as being charismatic, magnetic, etc. They'll describe what it's like to BE in his presence. Even though it's all pretend. Suppose you see a famous guy walk into a nightclub. Only you have no clue who he is. But everybody is staring at him like he's Jesus. Then imagine he comes and talks to you for some reason. How would you feel? Talking to somebody that you DIDN'T know, but was being treated like Jesus by everybody? No doubt, that would feel pretty cool. Luckily, there are TONS of ways to create this presence. To project an energy so people treat YOU like a famous person. And just like form following function or function following form, it works both ways. You can build it from the inside, and people will FEEL IT wherever you go. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  7. One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. When you think about learning skills, we can put them into two categories. Those that involve other people, and those that don't. Those that DON'T involve other people are things you do on your own. Learning software, instruments, playing sports. Sports sort of involves other people, but it doesn't invoke the fear of rejection. Even in one-on-one sports like boxing and martial arts since they are performance based and not choice based. Meaning each person does their best, and whoever performs the best wins. On the other hand, any skill that involves talking to others, and giving them the choice to accept or reject your idea, this can create MASSIVE anxiety. Anything involving sales, or public speaking, or seduction. These cause so much anxiety that we don't tend to think of them as skills. We think of them of things we can do, or things we can't do. Thinking about practicing martial arts, for example, doesn't create the same anxiety. Even if you were making a decision to get a certain rank that would take a few years, the decision would involve some "unpleasant" ideas. It wouldn't be an easy decision. It would take a lot of dedication, practice, exercise, and specifically NOT doing enjoyable things like eating Big Macs and watching TV all day. But it wouldn't be scary. On the other hand, if you imagined practicing every day for an HOUR on social skills, that would be VERY DIFFICULT to even think about. The idea of going out, for ONE HOUR each and every day, just talking to strangers, for the sole purpose of improving your social skills. Since even the IDEA of doing that creates anxiety in so many people, most people don't put social skills into the "practicable skills" section of their brain. It goes in the binary, "I can do this" or "I can't do this" section of their brain. Ask somebody who trains regularly what their hobbies are. They'll say something like, "I practice martial arts twice a week, and a practice the piano on weekends." NOBODY would say something like, "Well, I practice talking to strangers twice a week." That just sounds silly! What does this mean? This means that EVERYBODY you see out in public has these SAME fears. Everybody likes the idea of talking to interesting people. But everybody is also terrified of going first. Now, one idea is to simply start approaching people, knowing they are just as nervous as everybody else. But there is a MUCH easier way. And that is to re-calibrate your energy so you become extremely APPROACHABLE. That you radiate energy that DISSOLVES everybody's fear around you. So they see YOU as different from everybody else. Somebody who is very EASY to approach. Even better this is something you can practice all on your own. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  8. There's a saying in horse racing. "You can beat the race, but you can't beat the races." Meaning you might get lucky once in a while, or you may get some inside info, but generally speaking, in the long run, you'll lose money. The more you play any legal gambling game, the more likely you'll lose. The house usually wins in the end. Otherwise, they'd go out of business. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) women are the OPPOSITE. Meaning it's pretty easy to win with women in general. Problem is many guys have their sites set on ONE WOMAN. When a woman makes up her mind that she DOESN'T like you, it's kind of tough to turn it around. Especially when you consider the economics involved. Sure, it IS possible. But it will take a LOT of time and effort. And with that SAME time and effort, you could get a LOT more and a lot BETTER women. The problem lies with our caveman brains. Our caveman brains still think we live in a hunter-gatherer society. When we really do only have a chance with ONE woman. In those days (when you lived with the same tribe your entire life) it made PERFECT SENSE to spend your whole life chasing one girl. Today it's nearly idiotic, from a purely objective standpoint. How do you overcome that "one-itis?" You have to FORCE yourself to look for other women. To get better with other women. Because as soon as you find a woman that's into you, your caveman brain will absolutely FORGET about the previous one. The trick is to see women as things to enjoy. To get into the habit of playfully interacting with ALL the women you encounter, JUST to have fun. Then you'll start to FEEL the massive abundance that is REALLY out there. And nothing obliterates any fear or anxiety than the feeling of REALITY BASED sexual abundance. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
  9. Many things in life are the OPPOSITE of what we think they are. Rumi, and ancient Sufi poet knew this. In one of his poems, he talked about how backward we humans are. We think we're going into the cool water when we're really going into the fire. We think we're going into the fire when it really turns out to be cool water. What the heck does this mean? Plenty of guys spend their entire lives chasing ONE woman. When they SHOULD be chasing WOMEN. Because women, collectively, are easy. Any particular WOMAN can be IMPOSSIBLE. The truth is that once she's made up her mind, there's not much you can do to change it. But the solution is the EASIEST thing you can ever do. And the hardest at the same time. Therein lies the paradox. Sometimes men refer to women as "branch swinging monkeys." Meaning they are in relationships while they are starting the next one. They're afraid to "let go" of one branch before they grab on to another. So in effect, they are cheating on both guys at the same time. These types of girls spend their lives oscillating between monogamy (when they are satisfied) and cheating (when they are transitioning to another dude). Buy guys are the SAME WAY, but in a different ways. Guys refuse to LET GO of a women. Even though she's forgotten him. They refuse to LET GO until they FEEL the same way about another girl. Unfortunately, this doesn't work NEARLY as well for guys as it does for girls. Because dating is largely a sellers market (from the ladies' standpoint) we guys are at a disadvantage. At least, if we play it like branch swinging monkeys. But if we LET GO, then it's WAY EASIER. Because paradoxically, the ONE THING that can make a guy ULTRA ATTRACTIVE is his ability to DISQUALIFY a girl, even when she's attracted. Most guys are TERRIFIED of doing this. Most guys would NEVER let a girl go UNTIL he has another. But the BEST WAY to ensure you have PLENTY of girls ready to go is to RELEASE the need for any ONE girl. After all, this is the natural way of male energy. Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. Men are hard wired to HUNT WEALTH. Women are hard wired to gather and follow. The reasons so many ladies are angry today is the world is FILLED with dudes who have forgotten to BE MEN. Men are trying to "branch swing" just like women. They are sitting around "hoping" for that "one girl" to like him back. This is the LEAST ATTRACTIVE thing you can do. What is the MOST attractive? Become a hunter. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
  10. Ten exercises to destroy it and replace it with a much more positive idea, that attractive people are safe and fun to talk to. https://mindpersuasion.com/ten-easy-exercises-to-obliterate-approach-anxiety/
  11. If you've ever been to a bar or club or party, you have likely seen this behavior. A guy, or group of guys come in and approach every girl and every group. From the guys' standpoint, this can seem pretty fun. But if you're not ultra confident, it can also be extremely nerve wracking. If you've ever approached a group of girls on your own, you know what I mean. If it works, it works. But if they start grilling you, and you aren't sure how to respond, it can make you want to run away with your tail between your legs. Luckily, there is a much better way. It DOES require a certain mindset. Think of it like a runner, who's getting ready for a race. He's got training days, and he's got race days. He doesn't confuse the two. On training days, he does certain things. Not for the immediate benefit, but for the benefit he'll get in the future as he builds up his endurance and speed. Consider talking to girls in two categories as well. "Training days" and "Game days." What do you do on training day? Never, ever close. Wait, what? I know, this is very counterintuitive, and contradicts the "make the ho say no" strategy that many gurus preach. But consider what will happen. You walk past a girl, smile, and she smiles back. Most guys would charge forward like a starving hound in a meat shop. But avoid this. Instead, keep walking. Keep this "leave on a high note" strategy for as long as you can. Think of it as a mental battle. Keep doing this until you build up SO MUCH confidence, and you are SO SURE (based on your experience) that you can make ANY GIRL feel happy. And pretty soon girls will start closing YOU. Click Here To Learn How
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