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Found 22 results

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  13. Acting Class Pep Talk https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan08_Post.mp4 What does it mean to be self actualized? Like many other vague terms, this is misunderstood today. Self actualized sounds pretty good. And it's almost always defined in vague but equally good language. And whenever we see something defined in vague but nice sounding language, our minds fill in the blanks. And HOW our minds fill in the blanks is what gets us in trouble. We tend to OVERESTIMATE how good something is going to be. And we tend to UNDERESTIMATE how much effort those good things will take. This is a function of our evolutionary past. If we compare two hypothetical tribes it's easy to see. Imagine one tribe had a very ACCURATE idea of both costs and benefits. Another tribe had an over-estimation of the costs, and an under-estimation of the benefits. The second IRRATIONAL tribe would be more motivated. We can call this the, "This is gonna be AWESOME tribe." This next part is kind of hard to wrap our minds around. But the beliefs that existed in our ancestors' heads were MEANS to an end. Their MAIN purpose was to MOTIVATE us. Whoever was MOTIVATED by their own beliefs, regardless of how TRUE those beliefs were, were the ones who WON the replication contest. Now, what the heck does this HAVE to do with self-actualization? First of all, most of us misunderstand self actualization to be a FINAL destination. No, not the movie where people keep getting killed by toasters and exploding barbecues. But a place where we can sit and ENJOY this permanent "state" of "self-actualization." But imagine our ancestors. Imagine when THEY felt most "on purpose." When they were relaxing and slowly eating away a slain wooly mammoth? I don't think so. Consider that our ancient ancestors felt BEST when they were getting CLOSER and CLOSER to that wooly mammoth. When, with every passing day, they had more and more evidence they WERE going to finally catch him. When they had that "this is going to be AWESOME!" feeling coursing through their veins. When their senses were heightened. Their teamwork and cohesiveness were at a MAXIMUM. Since we are the SAME PEOPLE today as we were back then, self actualization CAN'T be a "final destination." Self actualization is when ALL our skills were maximized. When our brains, our bodies, our friends, our team members, the support staff are ALL firing on ALL cylinders. When everybody was working together in the PURSUIT of something magnificent. And every day is getting you closer and closer. What would be this situation today? Today we live in a large economy. Not driven by hunting and killing and eating. But by thinking and creating and exchanging. And what is being exchanged? The fruits of your labor, and money. One goes out, the other comes in. Maximize what goes out (creativity, value, labor, etc.). Maximize what comes in (money, income, etc.). Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/prosperity-mindset/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov16Post.mp4 Plenty of animals can be trained. Even wild animals. This is something most would disagree with. But the word "trained" is often thought to be associated with the idea of being "trained to do what we want." For example, I've seen plenty of "trained" deer in the wild. No, they didn't do tricks or sit. But they were "trained." Only nobody "trained" them. They "learned." What did they learn? That humans are a source of FREE FOOD. My buddies and I had spent a day hiking. We got to our campsite, a big flat meadow. About an hour after setting up camp, the deer slowly showed up. They were just standing around, literally, staring at us. They'd been fed enough by people, they "learned" that if you show up next to a human, you'd get free food. On the other hand, I've seen plenty of deer way up in the Sierras, where few people go. So not nearly enough people feed the deer to "train them." When you see a deer up there, you freeze. One quick move and they'll bolt. Now, you couldn't really train an animal enough to make it a pet. But most animals DO have "learning capability." They do something, get a good result, and they remember that. Sort of. It takes a few iterations before they make the connection, but it happens plenty often enough. Humans are a bit different. We have language and memories. Sure, we can also be subconsciously "trained." Most of the time we call this "picking up bad habits." But our self awareness allows us to CHOOSE what habits or skills we can learn. This may be the reason we developed self awareness to go along with our language and memory. We can learn from other people, even if we don't see what they did. They do something, show us the results and tell us HOW they got those results. Those words go into our brains. We now know HOW to "teach ourselves" how to do what they did, so we can get what they got. But we can do even better. Somebody can literally MAKE UP a story. And even though we KNOW that story is made up, that will still MOTIVATE us to get close. Some guy makes up a story about a young hunter who destroys a big evil monster. So we can apply the STRUCTURE of that story to anything we want that isn't easy. Consider this the driving force of all human achievement. People DREAMING about doing things nobody has ever done before. To get the massive rewards nobody has ever gotten before. In a way that nobody has ever experienced before. This ambition-dreaming mind is your greatest asset. Wake it up, strengthen it, leverage it. And follow it to GREATNESS. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov15Post.mp4 When I was younger, I loved to go backpacking. I started way back in junior high school in boy scouts. Then later when I first started working. Both day hikes and week long hikes have something in common. You drive as far as you can, park at the trail head, and start walking. For day hikes, we would generally find a peak we could climb in a day. A few miles up to the top, and then back down to the car. Some serious endurance athletes do day hikes to the top of Mt. Whitney and back. I knew a guy that did that, and they started from the car at 4 AM. Didn't get back till way past dark. These are the same types of guys who do those ultra marathons out in the desert. But for me, going up to a peak is a pretty cool feeling. You walk for twenty minutes or so, stop and look down at how far you've come. Then continue this for a few hours. Then you get to the top, stop for a bit, look around, and then hike back down. But for longer hikes, it's kind of the same, but much better. Day hikes are usually pretty crowded. But for week long hikes, the first couple days is over a huge pass. Standing at the pass is usually a very good feeling. It's been chosen because it's the easiest way to walk over a mountain range. The best ones are where you can look back at where you've come from. Sometimes you can see signs of city, cars, etc. But then you look toward the other side, where there are no roads, cars or civilization. Particularly inspiring is when you can look down on the "no people" side and see a few lakes. Lakes without people, without cars, without parking lots. This "event" only takes a couple of minutes. Hike all day long up this brutal pass. Further and further away from cars and hospitals and police and Mexican restaurants. Where you've come from. Finally get to the pass, and look at where you are going. Pure wilderness. All while wearing a 50 lb pack and standing on the two legs that brought you to the pass. That is a pretty powerful, and pretty rare feeling. Looking back at where you've come from. Looking forward to where you are going. Knowing what you've done, and what you WILL do, have ONLY been accomplished by your own power. Your own determination, resilience and persistence. This is WHY you are built the way you are. This is WHY you have a dreaming mind, capable of imagining things you WILL in the future. To continuously drive yourself forward. Mentally, spiritually, financially, romantically, sexually, intellectually, and powerfully. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov13Post.mp4 One of the unknown drivers of the Industrial Revolution was land ownership. There are tons of variables about why, specifically, the Industrial Revolution happened where it did and when it did. Why England and not Japan, for example? Dr. Gregory Clark, an economist wrote a book looking all the details. (Farewell To Alms if you're interested). One critical driving force was the POTENTIAL for land ownership. If you're a fan of any middle ages based books, movies or TV shows, you know that only those of noble blood can own land. This was essentially feudalism. Nobles owned the land. The serfs worked on the land that the Nobles owned. That paid taxes to their noble Lords. The noble lords had to pay taxes to the king. Maybe not the fairest system, but it was stable. But unless you were born into a noble family, you were a serf. This was life for 90% of people in all societies BEFORE the Industrial Revolution. But for some reason, around the 1300's England decided to let ANYBODY buy land. So long as the buyer and seller agreed on price, the purchase would be made. This was perhaps the predecessor of the "American Dream." That if you worked hard enough, you could "be somebody." If you owned enough land, you could grow enough food to feed yourself and essentially give the world the finger. The modern version of this is "f-you money." Enough money to pay the bills, keep enough food coming in, and you can smoke endless blunts and watch endless TV or play endless video games. This is perhaps the ESSENTIAL drive of all human creativity. Of doing something well enough, long enough to get a big payoff. For ancient peasants it was very simple. Work very, very hard for ten years or so, save as much money as you could, and NEVER need to work for another boss again. Same as "f-you money." Today that is JUST as possible. To work hard long enough, successfully enough, and give the world the finger. Unfortunately, lately we've been a bit brainwashed. Through political promises and law of attraction mumbo jumbo. Most people today feel they are ENTITLED to "f-you money." Or at least it should be easy and automatic to get it. As if it really were possible to show up, be told what to do, and after ten or twenty be able to coast into the sunset. This is perhaps one of the HARDEST things to do. Leave the safety comfort of the pack. But UNLESS you are willing to do that, that "f-you money" will always be out of reach. But if you ARE willing to leave the lazy, copy-and-paste-brained-people behind, you WILL create your dream. But it needs to be built. By YOU. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov12Post.mp4 Once upon a time there was an animal called the "short faced bear." It lived from a couple million years ago to about 10,000 years ago. Why did it suddenly vanish? These bears, when standing on their hind legs, were about three times as tall as a human. These tiny little talking moneys without claws or sharp teeth. These tiny little talking moneys ate all these large and ferocious bears. Who had lived for 2 MILLION YEARS. Then we showed up. And ATE them. They've studied these modern humans who live the hunter gatherer lifestyle. They watched them hunt. At first, they were a bit confused. Perplexed. These modern hunter-gatherers had two choices. Go after tiny animals. Go after big animals. Logic says the tiny animals were a no-brainer. More kilograms of meat per day. Much, much safer, tiny risk per kilogram. But they RARELY went after these easy-to-kill walking BBQ dinners. Why? Nobody knew. Until they saw them kill a large animal. The dude who slay the beast was treated like a ROCK STAR. Mad respect and sex. Even secret sex on the side. This makes sense, when you think about it. You kill a huge animal, there's no way you can eat all of it. So you HAVE to share. But because going after those big creatures is dangerous, they only do so if they know they are going to get something IN EXCHANGE for what they share. The rock start treatment. And all the ladies looking at the killer. With eyes that say: "May I please have sex with you?" This is what DROVE all the big animals to EXTINCTION. Dudes who wanted to be rock stars. Dudes who wanted to get LAID with his CHOICE of women. This is EXACTLY what General Napoleon meant when he said: "Men will die for ribbons." Men who KNOW they will get treated like a hero (mad social validation and sex potential) they will RISK DEATH on the battlefield. This is ALL PEOPLE. Men, women, young, old. We have a deep, deep instinct that says: Do great things ---> Get great rewards. Rewards, of course, being MASSIVE fame, fortune and sex. However, there is a very important missing ingredient today. Nearly all human motivation and inspiration, in it's natural state, is TWO SIDED. Thing of the ancient caveman. Big kills = Big rewards. Small kills = NO SEX. Small kills = NO SOCIAL VALIDATION Small kills = NO OFFSPRING Our natural habitat, where we evolved as hunter-gatherers, provided EVERYTHING. The negative consequences of failure. The positive consequences of success. Today, the negative consequences of failure have all been removed. Today the food, sex, and fame (via social media) is within reach for most people. But it doesn't require ANY of the heroic action that it did in the past. Only a little bit of luck and a pretty face. But that INSTINCT still lives inside you. And if you wake it up, you'll GET the great things. Massive fame. Massive wealth. Massive social validation and massive choice of sex. Dudes just like you made the short face bear go EXTINCT. With rocks, sharp sticks, and fire. What will YOU do? Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov11Post.mp4 It's commonly hoped that changing your thinking can change your outcome. This is possible, but only in certain situations. One is when you get a new idea in your brain, and that new idea is connected to existing skills. For example, if you are a skilled piano player, and you get a new piece of music, you could play it pretty easily. The new music is the new idea. The skills are your piano playing skills. But if you don't have a lot of practice playing the piano, that new idea won't do much. Even if somebody tells you the necessary information. How the notes on the paper match to the keys on the piano. This is something you could pretty easily learn from an academic standpoint. To quickly map each note on the paper to a key on the piano. But added in to this is the beats and rhythm. Even then you might be able to hum the right notes and tap out the right rhythm. All without going anywhere near a piano. It's fairly straightforward to match the notes on the page with the specific sound they are supposed to make. But connecting all three together takes a lot of practice. Consider that most everything we want in life requires a lot of skills. Learning things is boring. Or it usually is boring. Think about this metaphor. If you worked for $10 an hour, and if you got fired you'd become homeless, that would suck. Especially if what you did was hard, brainless, manual labor. Picking up bricks from one pile and putting them in another. You would HATE that job. But now consider the SAME physical behaviors, of lifting up bricks and putting them somewhere else. But these bricks are made of GOLD. And you putting them in the back of your truck. You've got eight hours to do it, just like regular job. But in the gold job, you get to KEEP everything. Same exact movements, but a much BETTER payoff. This is the ONE thing that will make ALL practice enjoyable. Of having a tangible and positive outcome on the other side. What's the BEST tangible outcome? The one that's been the driving force of human behavior since the dawn of time. Fame, money and plenty of sex. This is why practicing algebra SUCKS. But practicing something like the guitar, that could LEGITIMATELY get you more money, fame and sex, is easier. This does take time, but without this BELIEF that there is a pot of gold, and fame, and sex, at the end of the road, it's hard to get there. With this drive, everything is much, much easier. Without this drive, you'll end up like everybody else. Sitting around WAITING for something to "happen." But build this drive strong enough, and you will MAKE things happen. Whatever things you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov10Post.mp4 I remember a long, long time ago, when my high school buddy and I were shifting from high school kids to college kids. I'd sent in my application early and had gotten accepted. It wasn't a big deal, since I went to one of those schools that accepts anybody with a pulse. The only benefit to sending in all the apps ahead of time was so you didn't have to worry about signing up for classes at the beginning of the semester. Kind of like having a reservation instead of showing up and having to wait. Anyhow, my buddy had the "show up and wait" strategy. I remember I was hanging out a his place after one failed attempt to drive down (about two hours) and wait in all the lines and fill out all the forms. He bailed about halfway through the line waiting. And I got to witness the conversation between him and his dad. About his failed attempt. I don't remember exactly was said, or even how it was said, but I do remember the vague metaphor his dad used. That if he was driving down their for a sure thing (sex) he wouldn't have bailed. And although he was a close friend, I couldn't help but agree with his dad. If a dude is going to get a lady and he's sure the lady is going to give it up, he'll do ANYTHING to get there. Waiting in line to sign up for remedial algebra, not so much. Humans rarely do things because we are supposed to. To the extent we do, we only do so to avoid negative consequences. But a much better motivator is to the sure thing strategy. If you KNOW you are going to get something good, either money or sex or fame, humans will move heaven and earth to get there. This is HOW modern civilization was built. Now, everything comes easy. More or less. Sure, the IDEAL doesn't come easy. Fame, fortune, fantastic sex from fantastic people. But enough food, enough money to not be homeless, and even sex (with beer goggles and lowered standards) are not very far out of reach. This KILLS our motivation for better things. But that deep motivation can be cultivated. That never ending ambition that drove our ancestors to cross oceans and destroy evil empires. Kids in high school in the early 40's went to fight Nazis. Not because they wanted to. Because they HAD to. So, how to you create that burning desire when we live in a much "safer" world that only a couple generations ago? How can you build such powerful ambition you are DRIVEN to get the BEST possible stuff, (sex, money, fame) and NOT settle for average? Here's How: https://mindpersuasion.com/ambition-generator/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan04Post.mp4 It's no secret that today's dating market is a dumpster fire. A romantic disaster. It's very easy to get frustrated today. Our instincts are getting yanked all over the place. If you're a guy, you can't help but to notice bombardments of pretty faces everywhere you look. At the same time, getting something going seems next to impossible. It's like being adrift on the ocean, and dying of thirst. Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. It would SEEM that the ladies have it easy. All they need to do is put up a decent photo on any online dating app, and they get tons of responses. Right? Not so fast. Believe it or not, ladies are just as frustrated as guys today. Sure, they get tons of responses, but nearly all of them are about as helpful as spam. Everybody is the same boat. That boat that is surrounded by water that you can't drink. The reasons for this are many. A corrupt system, tons of social media, the world sinking into entitlement. Everybody feels they deserve the goods, but nobody feels responsible for putting in any effort. Kind of like only eating processed, deep fried sugar. It sort of tastes good, but if that's ALL you eat, it will kill you. Male and female dating instincts are being fed with pure junk. That's why everybody is frustrated. Luckily, it's easy to fix. Especially if you are a guy. Guys are meant to lead. One of the reasons so many women are frustrated today is most men absolutely CANNOT lead. Most men are under the impression that looks are just as important to women as they are to men. Most men actually believe that if you get shredded, get some Chad like looks, all you need to do is show up, and the women will flock to you. This is what happens when you're ONLY experience is in online dating. In reality, your personality, your confidence, your frame are MUCH more important than how you look. Even more than how much you make, or how much you have. Think of an old fairy tale. What kind of guys do girls fantasize about? The prince. The man who WILL become king. Not the king. This is the missing ingredient in the modern dating dumpster fire. The missing ingredient is men with AMBITION. Not bling, not six packs, not looks. But raw, ancient male AMBITION. Build this, and you'll never worry about dating again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
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