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  25. One of the features of us humans is we have a big brain. So big, that long ago we had to be born WAY before we were done. Our brains are still developing AFTER we are born for a long time. Other animals, not so much. They are born, and before long they are good to go. But not us humans. The Jesuits had a saying, "Give me a child at birth and I'll make him a soldier of Christ by seven." Or something like that. What this REALLY means is WHATEVER we soak up into our brains from birth until mid adolescence will be treated AS IF it were an instinct. This is why learning a language (speaking, reading, writing) is easy and UNCONSCIOUS before seven. It's hard and conscious after seven. Plenty of other things are soaked into our brain in those early years. This is also how LIMITING beliefs can be transferred generationally. AS IF they are being transmitted genetically. For example, if a kid grows up in a house where money is scarce, it's going to be TALKED ABOUT as if it IS scarce. So before the kid even knows what money is, the kid's going to have a DEEP BELEIF that money, whatever it is, is HARD to get. And that it CAUSES problems. This belief will be AS STRONG as an instinct that says "snakes are scary." One is genetic (fear of snakes) the other is GENETIC-LIKE. Anything that you program (or have programmed) into your brain between 0 and 7 years old is going to be AS STRONG as a genetically programmed belief. These can take a LIFETIME to overcome. But overcome them you CAN. How? Through actively seeking PROOF of the opposite. This isn't something that can be done quickly or easily. There are plenty of other beliefs that are JUST AS INSIDIOUIS as the "money is scarce" belief. Some of them are structural. One of these is the MUCH WORSE belief that, "my needs are somebody else's responsibility." Lots of people LOVE that we have these beliefs. Politicians, TV marketers, etc. Because humans with the idea that our needs are SOMEBODY ELSE'S responsibility are VERY EASY to manipulate. But just like the our money-scarcity beliefs, these can take a LOT of effort to overcome. NOBODY is going to do it for you. This is something that MUST be done on your own. This is your life's mission. To ERASE all the limiting beliefs put in your brain by others (on purpose or by accident). And life YOUR life on YOUR terms. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
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