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Found 3 results

  1. They say that behind every man is a good woman. Or at least they used to say that way back in the day. Before the dating scene became a jumble of confusion. Most don't even call it dating any more. With so many dating apps and hook up techniques, it's a wonder we can still function. It's even getting dangerous to talk about dating in any kind of "old fashioned" sense because you might offend certain people. But if you look at the raw, bare statistics, stronger and healthier relationships tend to make for a better society. Imagine, for example, you were a hiri
  2. Linguists tell us we use metaphors all the time. Even when we aren't aware of it. Most of us think of metaphors as these beautiful way of describing feelings. Something that belongs in the realm of poetry, literature, music and film. But generally speaking, a metaphor is any shortened description of an underlying process that is too complicated for our monkey brains to understand. Sometimes this results in some interesting scenarios. Once upon a time the only physics was Newtonian physics. Stuff we could see and describe. So the metaphors used to describ
  3. hi George, would you please do a 256V subliminal for finding a guy for marriage not a boy friend or just long/short term relationships but someone that will marry you so with following subliminal and other you can think of to add in humble, understanding, open minded, wealthy, honest, loyal, masculine, courageous, companion, compatible, wise, genuine, kind, compassionate, empathetic, has morals and principles, good sense of humour, down to earth, easy going, loving, romantic, attractive i will find the right husband i will get married soon he will be fair/
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