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Found 7 results

  1. Parasitic Metaphors: https://mindpersuasion.com/parasitic-metaphors/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb23_Loop.mp4
  2. There are really only two ways to become successful. Consciously and unconsciously. Sounds like some goofy reframe, I know. But most people who are successful are lucky. But not in the way that most people think. Most people imagine success as one lucky "thing." Come up with one idea, invention, etc. But it's not really that way. For example, imagine there are 10,000,000 people all flipping coins. Some national contest or something. And the contest is to see who can get the most heads in a row. So they all flip. First, there's ten million. Then five million (one head). Then 2.5 million (two heads). Then 1.25 million (three heads). Then 625,000 (four heads). Then 312,500 (five heads). Then 156,250 (six heads). Then 78,125 (seven heads). Then 39,000 (eight heads). Then 19,500 (nine heads). Then 9,700 (ten heads). Then 4,800 (eleven heads). Then 2,440 (twelve heads). Then 1,220 (thirteen heads). Then 650 (fourteen heads). Then 325 (fifteen heads). Then 165 (sixteen heads). Then 82 (seventeen heads). Then 41 (eighteen heads). Then 20 (nineteen heads). Then 10 (twenty heads). Then 5 (twenty one heads). Then 2 (twenty two heads). Then 1 final winner. A winner who had flipped twenty three heads in a row. Do this "experiment" a kajillion times, starting with ten million people, and you'll get the same result every time. Now, here's the question. Do you think that lucky coin tosser would think it was ONLY luck each toss? Not likely. They probably prayed to the coin gods. Or said their favorite law of attraction chant, or something. This is the human ego. Of taking credit for RANDOM things. This is the LUCK that drives most success. A random string of events, just like twenty RANDOM coin tosses. So yes, it is very LIKELY that most success is people just kind of stumbling through life, getting lucky, and then taking credit for that luck. But since life is much more complex that tossing coins, not only do lucky person believes they "skilled", but so does everybody around them. But what about the OTHER kind of success? The conscious kind? Think about this. One thing that SIGNIFICANTLY helps the lucky people stay lucky is they REMEMBER their lucky past. But they don't remember it as being lucky. They remember them as CHOOSING their success. So even if they are WRONG with how they reference their memories, they'll be demonstrating SUCCESSFUL body language and communication and confidence. That means YOU can do the same. Just pick and choose all the successful memories from your past, whatever they are, and you'll have the SAME effect. Lucky people go through life and their subconscious memories support their self-described success. YOU go through life, and your carefully and deliberately enhanced memories will support YOUR self-defined success. And from the outside? Nobody will be able to tell the difference. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-proof/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May12Post.mp4 Humans come preprogrammed with a lot of instincts. Both instincts and learning capability. This has two sides. An "avoid the negative" side. A "maximize the positive" side. Most people stay as close to the center as possible. On the "avoid the negative" side, the perfect example is gaining weight. Our instincts tell us to eat as much as we can, whenever we can. NOT doing that requires continuous conscious management. Not easy, but not impossible. But we also have a social proof instinct and other social instincts. Our social instincts (social proof, authority) are often at odds with our deeper instincts. Instincts like food and sex. So within our own conscious minds, we are being pulled in two direction. Individually, we'd like to look good naked. But socially, we're told it's OK to be overweight. This is just ONE instinct. Wherever you lie on this particular spectrum is up to you. Most folks are ONLY concerned with staying AWAY from the far negative side. Most people are motivated mostly AWAY from pain. So they spend their lives trying to avoid things. But the other side of the coin is much more robust. Must more open to many more possibilities. This is the "maximize the positive" side. Avoiding the negative is easy. You know what you DON'T want, so you do anything to move AWAY from that. But the positive side requires calibration. This is the OPPOSITE of doing anything to avoid being a slave to your instincts (food, sex, social approval, etc.). But the positive side has much, much more potential. Imagine having a caveman for a neighbor. These represent your instincts. This neighbor is loud, obnoxious and can't reason to save his life. The natural and common response is to AVOID this neighbor at all costs. To keep him from getting angry at you. But suppose you could slowly get to know him? Find out that he really DOES have hidden strengths? This is what happens when you move beyond only managing your instincts. But to leverage and maximize them. How? Here's a quick example. Everybody's heard of the "red car phenomenon." When you buy a red car and suddenly see all the red cars. This is an example of all the filters in our brain. Most people know these filters exist. And they CAN be changed by random events. You buy a red car, and see red cars. At least until your red car becomes natural and normal. Then the red cars disappear. Or you see a few strange numbers. 11:11 on the clock for example. And you get a cool, but undefined and vague feeling. Then you forget about it a few days later. This is NOT the universe speaking to you. These are the filters in your brain giving you RANDOM hits about what's out there. When you calibrate these filters, you can consciously choose WHAT you want to see. For whatever purposes you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May10Post.mp4 I used to know this guy who went to a lot of law of attraction type seminars. He was a chiropractor, the first one I'd met and both seen as a customer. It turns out chiropractors believe in a lot of weird stuff. Make no mistake, this guy had some skills. At the time, I'd had shin splints for YEARS with no idea how to fix them. He fixed them in about three minutes. It WAS extremely painful, but it worked. But some of the other stuff he believed in was kind of kooky. I went to a couple free, "introductory" seminars with him. A lot more "kooky" people like him. They would do these "money manifesting" exercises. And then go out and look for money on the street, left over in vending machines, etc. And they'd do these goofy "parking space" manifesting exercises. Where they'd purposely drive into a huge, crowded parking lot and then imagine they were "creating" an empty space near the front. Or they would sit at a stop light, close their eyes and do a brief "string of green lights meditation." And they'd get a string of green lights. Or so they said. The little kid in me WANTED very much to believe in magic. But the scientist in me was skeptical. I knew about things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias, etc. I've always thought about metaphysical type stuff this way. Very much like how the writers created the two characters on the X-Files. One was very much a believer in aliens and paranormal activity. Another was a doctor, and had to explain everything due to science. The absolute GENIUS of the show was that every episode could legitimately be explained by either side. Hard, provable science. Or seemingly magic paranormal alien type stuff. This is where it gets kind of cool. It turns out our brains DO have a ton of filters. Many more than most people realize. Things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias are common. EVERYBODY knows about them. But there are also much deeper filters. Much more complex filters. A long time ago, life was VERY harsh. We had to work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY to not die. To get enough food. To not eat eaten. To not end up in an exposed area for too long. Today, life is not only much simpler, as far as what we need to do, but much, much more complex. You can leverage BOTH of these ideas. One is the potential good stuff out in the world is FAR greater than any caveman could hope for. Two is that because most of us have been brainwashed into tiny attention span obedience, you can build your brain much stronger. If you do both, you'll plenty of fantastic opportunities. Way more than green lights or money on the street. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May09Post.mp4 There are a lot of cool optical illusions. There's a guy in Japan who makes these very cool, 3D illusions. Not pretend 3D. But real physical objects. Where depending on where you look, the object looks completely different. There's a few paintings that look 2D, but they are really 3D. From a distance, it looks like a regular painting. But it's really a bunch of shallow "sticks." Long square rods with an edge pointing straight out. So from one side, it looks like one thing. But if you slowly walk across the front, to the other side, it slowly morphs into something else. All this is based on how our eyes are designed. One theory is that one of the reasons our brains are so big is it requires a lot of processing power to see so much visual detail. And since our brain is very expensive, it needs whatever shortcuts it can find. This is why visual illusions are so cool. Our brain fills in a lot of the blanks. For example, if we are in a familiar location, most of the stuff we "see" is really internally generated. Kind of like a brain cache, similar to your browser cache. When you visit the same websites over and over, your browser doesn't download the images every time. It stores them locally. Similarly, your brain "knows" when you are around familiar places, and generates most of what you see from memory. This is much less brain-processor dependent that perceiving all that stuff "out there." One of the biggest problems of modern society is that we have a smaller and smaller attention span. One way they can measure this is how many cuts a movie has. High intensity, fast paced action movies like the latest Mad Max movie has a cut every couple seconds. Our brains are so lazy, that movies that DON'T have a lot of cuts cause a lot of deep anxiety. Like a recent movie, "1917," has plenty of VERY LONG shots. Some people simply can't handle that. Which means they don't have access to the MASSIVE amount of data that is out there. It's very easy to wander through life, letting other people, other entities, your device, etc., do all your thinking for you. So long as you have enough food, and you have enough interesting and entertaining data hitting your senses, you'll be a happy human. You won't have to do much thinking. On the other hand, if you train your brain to THINK and to see beyond the obvious, you can discover something wonderful. What, specifically? That's the whole point. There is SO MUCH stuff that most people will never see, that you can calibrate your brain, your eyes, and your subconscious to see TREASURE. Whatever kind of treasure you want. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May08Post.mp4 One of the biggest problems guys have is with noticing IOI, or indicators of interest. This is mainly due to social anxiety. Anxiety burns up a ton of brainpower. With so much energy being spent on worrying, it's hard to notice all the micro-movements that would be a wide open invitation. From the ladies' perspective, this is extremely FRUSTRATING. In her mind, she is sending you MASSIVE signals. From inside her mind, it works like this. She WANTS to get your attention. But if she is TOO obvious, it will make her look terrible. After all, guys and girls both BELIEVE that the guys are SUPPOSED to do the approaching. This isn't social programming. This is ancient human instincts. So when a girl sends a guy a signal, one that is putting some conscious thought behind, she must be VERY CAREFUL. If she is too blatant, everybody will see. Guys and girls. And a girl who is TOO OBVIOUS will be marked for life. At least in her ancient cavegirl mind. But if she's NOT clear enough, the guy won't notice. This is one of the MAIN complaints ladies have of dudes. That dudes are just TOO THICK to play the covert flirting game. That even if she's making it VERY OBVIOUS, the dude will look over at her with a dumb expression. Huh? What? Me? But this doesn't just go for girls flirting with guys. This goes with pretty much EVERYTHING. Most of us miss TONS of signals. TONS of openings. Not just for romantic success, but for all kinds of success. Kind of like that line from the Talking Heads song: "Dreams walking in broad daylight." But most of us are TOO up in our heads to see it. Our self-talking nervous chatter is drowning out ALL the signals around us. Most of are waiting for an obvious, blatant ENGRAVED invitation. And since nearly all opportunities are EXTREMELY subtle, we miss all of them. There's this old school dancer, who also make a killing in the stock market. He wrote a book back in the sixties about his techniques. He had a very SIMPLE system. His biggest complaint? He'd give his friends tips. SIMPLE tips. If this stock does THIS , you should buy it. But it does THAT, be sure to sell it. Would they take his advice? No. They would spend WEEKS studying the company, waiting for some kind of GUARANTEE that they'd succeed. If they would have TAKEN this advice, they'd be rich. But they were too scared. So opportunity after opportunity passed them by. You will RARELY get an all clear signal. Probably never. But if you relax your mind, turn off the chatter, you will see POTENTIAL opportunities every where. For love, sex, money and plenty of other good stuff. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/LA_SubSales.mp4 Get Some https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/LA_Sales.mp4 Get Some
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