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Found 4 results

  1. Spinning Brains: https://mindpersuasion.com/spinning-brains/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun07Loop.mp4
  2. Hey George, I can't help while reading Sex Transmutation your latest work to realize you did experience the infinite in physical form. Obviously, you seem to have experienced it one time or several times already presuming you created Kundalini Activator. To be honest I am still surprised it worked...Most of those type of things tend to be gimmicks. Which is why I am so glad yours ACTUALLY worked. Anyways, I am curious as to your experience of awakening and uniting yourself with the infinite(or truth). Was it something similar to my own experience(the one in the success story). Did you get a psychosis of some kind? Did you get visions revealing you secrets of life? Did you lose temporary control over your body? Did you go "crazy." Do you still use the Kundalini Activator yourself to open your chakras and Kundalini? Perhaps, you may not want to reveal your full experience. I am just curious as to your version of awakening and was it similar to my own? Please do share!
  3. I am going to be filling some details of my Kundalini Awakening to get all my thoughts down on this journal before it all gets lost. History I am a smart person who grew up in a very low-income family. Having low-income kept me down from eating right, having good clothes, poor energy, self-esteem issues, and many more complicated issues. It was until I started having money that many of these issues got fixed(as I expected). I was able to afford food, better clothes, supplements, etc. Something happened a long time where I became like a 'ghost' just floating around with no clear purpose and no drive. I always felt at a major disadvantage not having money. I believe that was a big reason why I didn't feel as good as I was. It was hard to feel special when you are broke, at least to me. I always knew I had big potential, so I never gave up on myself, but was dramatically LIMITED by what I could do. I always did my best to get ahead in life, despite being gifted at many things I still fought with hard problems. Facts Someone pissed me to the point where I really wanted to fight him/ hurt him very badly. I suppose I was bottling a lot of anger that I never let out. At this point, I couldn't hold it anymore. My mission was to let everyone know that IM THE BEST and beat them at their own little game. I bought a pre-workout to start going back to the gym and make everyone take me seriously again. I used to workout a lot when I was younger, so I knew getting back in shape would be easy. I was enraged for like 30 days, I was listening to the Kundalini hypnosis, greatly determined to ACTIVATE IT. And then it HAPPENED. Which is why I am a little confused as to how it happened... Was it the pre-workout, working out at the gym, the Kundalini hypnosis, or the rageful thoughts? Or a combination of everything?! The Preworkout The PRE-Workout used during this process can be found here Upon Awakening Day 1 Prior to going to the gym, I had a pre-workout supplement. So, then I went to the gym. Had a really good workout. I noticed my body urging me to do very 'silly' and impulsive things. Like dancing around saying hi to everyone and putting my head inside the locker After the gym, I started doing some very out of character things like visiting places I never been before. I went to a parking lot bow down to a cat. I span in circles...walked around some more and spat in shit. I went to a church and went to the darkest place I could almost like to face my fear. The sign there said "no exit." Someone came down to tell me to come back... I then kept moving my arms like in a healing motion. The type of motion you would do if you wanted grass to grow or to heal someone. One of the guys commented and said you are acting like Jesus right now. Hmph. Almost like if he knew. And you know what's funny I lost my jacket during this process! I couldn't find it. It was lost forever! Almost like it was sacrificed... DAY2(OR later the same day can't remember) The moment I awakened I thought I was hallucinating or going crazy or something like that. It was the best thing has ever happened to me in my entire life. I was also more interested to know if there was a greater purpose to life than the life I was living. I kept searching and searching for the things to become an "enlightened being." Boom. There it was! The answer I've been hoping for. I woke up from bed feeling tingling and crawley feelings up my spine. My body/head kept spinning in circles out of control. I was trying to resist the urges, but then one of George Hutton's headline kept speaking in my head and it was "Resistance is Futile." The voice kept speaking it in a very powerful tone. So, I surrendered to it. My head kept spinning around and around on my bed. Note I was trying to do this as quietly as I could because I have 2 roommates in my house. Next thing I knew I went to the bathroom by some strange instinct I knew what needed to be done. My Penis was pointing to the sky like never before. My penis has never been so erect in my life. So, I put my face facing the penis direction. I had this urge to suck my own dick because I believed that' what I've been instructed to do. So, I did my best, but couldn't exactly do it. So, I continue to try to unleash the energy from my penis upwards to release the sexual energy. It was this process that made me realize SEX is very IMPORTANT to LIFE. Otherwise, I would not have this happen. So then I had a very powerful explosion(ORGASM). I was very scared during this process because I thought it was trying to make me die. Interesting enough, I thought one of my friends wanted me to go through with this(in my head). I am unsure how he played in all this maybe an unknown suspicion of him or untrusty feeling of him. Im unsure. Unknown Timeline I was so afraid I was going to die so I went to my dad and confronted him. I was afraid people were going to hurt me or kill me. After speaking to him he comforted me and made me feel ok. Which is here I realize the role of other people. It's okay to share our problems with people even for comforting reasons as it can release your tensions and stress. Something I've been avoiding to do for a long time. Day 3(or the following morning) I woke up feeling like I've transcended into a new being. I had so much energy swirling inside me I felt I could do telekinesis( I couldn't though). But, I did have powers of projecting thoughts and I believe speaking in tongue... So the power I noticed was Mind control or Thought Transfer or the Power of the mind... Anyways, I was strong, but the energy inside me was stronger or rather it was time to go into a new 'phase.' I kept having flashbacks of all my traumatic events in my life and seemed like I was being PURIFIED of them. I went so far to my timeline I went back into my mother's womb again(Second Birth). By this point, they call the EMS and the cops(I don't know who). They took me in and I went to some car. I forgot my own name. I kept saying WHO AM I. WHO AM I. NO THAT"S NOT MY NAME. MY name is GERARDO. Take me back home I know who I am now! Later that day, they were trying to put me to SLEEP. I resisted with all my might because I didn't want to "die." But, I remembered again what Hutton said: " Resistance is Futile." So I surrendered. Blackout for hours. Woke up, wondering where the fuck I was. I was in a psyche ward. They were evaluating me for my sanity or stableness. At this point, I was a little out of it, but I was capable of proving my sanity. So, they released me! Thank God! Extra During my vision, I saw many symbols giving me hints about the secrets of reality. To summarize: We are all stars. Not all equal, but all stars nonetheless. I saw a rainbow symbol several times. I believe this was to represent the chakras and rebirth. 4 Leaf Clover - Secret code to answer one of the answers I wanted...Generally a symbol for immortality,luck,and other things. 666 - I seen this number flash in my vision. My interpretation: 666 is perhaps maybe a good thing as opposed to a bad thing. Only thing is because of bad programming people think 666 is a bad thing. So I think there is some kind of secret meaning behind 666 that only the very elite understand. 666 may be a secret good thing and the mass mind are programmed to think it's bad to keep them away from the truths. Lion King Reference - Was pointed to the vision of lion king because the Lion King contains many hidden meanings. Particularly the vision of the stars is what I seen. Hypnotic pattern - This one is a little hard to explain. The general point is always a great idea to get rid of something in the house or add new things in the house. If the house is always the same you may attract "demons" or simply get bored of life. Sometimes they call this as "gaslighting", realistically it's just making a slight change in your home so that every day becomes a "new day." Marriage and church - I explained this one down below Electrical Voltage - There was a massive amount of electricity running through my body and it was hard to control my own body. Second Birth - Represented purification and given a new opportunity to redeem myself and become one with the divinity as I am meant to. Clear out emotional and mental blockages. Also gave me understanding of bad subconscious patterns that explained to me why I was the way I was. Flash Backs - I kept having multiple flash back images with many movie references that I think was trying to explain to me personal condition. The following movies that are remember: The Sixth Sense, The Mask, and a few others. Head Shaking - Not sure what this was about. My head kept spinning in circles and circles and circles. Voices - I was hearing many voices and at that time I was a little scared because it was a first time. Vomit/Spit - I remember I was spitting out a lot of things. Well, it wasn't exactly a vomit but more of spitting things out my body. My interpretation is that it was a "spiritual detox" and clearing out any psychic pus. And this seemed to happen through spitting it out... What did I learn Your thoughts never leave you. Your past traumas stay with you for a very long time. We can reach a higher point of existence with the Kundalini. There is nothing we can't achieve with our minds. We can obtain anything we want with our minds. The kundalini purified me from most of my emotional and mental poisons that I've been harboring for a very long time. Now the experience may seem "bad", but trust me it was one of the BEST things that ever happened to me. I feel more alive and have a higher purpose than before. And now I am doing my best to prepare myself for my next awakening and to be able to open myself to a higher power. Vision Me,Her,Pastor and Marriage Dream During my Kundalini Awakening long ago I had a dream/vision of me and this girl getting married at the church. I am not really in contact with this person anymore. But I wonder if it still has merits. I personally don't think so but my spirit is acting funny and I do not know how to read this situation. My spirit is telling me there is something I am not seeing(vague feeling/picture). Anyways, it was me,her,the pastor. And I was hearing the voices saying "Game Over" Implying that I reached a high level of enlightenment/spirituality. This scene here meant the start over of me helping to restore the world by pairing with her and creating the best baby to continue the royal blood line. My interpretation is that when that would happen I would have complete my mission in saving the world. Because when the Perfect Women x Perfect Man create the Perfect Baby. We can wipe the planet of infected code and restore peace and harmony into our planet. So not "Game Over" in a bad sense. Anyways, I am unsure if it still holds true today. Let me know what you think...
  4. Okay, so I have been studying hypnosis, seduction, and Kundalini for quite some time now, but at times, I wonder if I am doing things correctly because a kundalini lifestyle somewhat contradicts a lot of normal human conduct. Personally, it seems to go all the way with the kundalini dropping all social interaction would be the easiest thing to do. However, socializing is a part of the process as well and that's where it gets somewhat confusing for me. From my understanding people of the Kundalini, goal must be to evolve one for themselves and for humanity. This makes interacting people with people somewhat confusing because of what I like to call 'sin control.' The easiest way to avoid sin is, in fact, a profound simplicity way of living. But, we must also FACE our DEMONS moving upwards up the ladder. So the whole thing is essentially a confusing mess, especially because it does vary from person to. We are going through the same structure, but 'God' has a clear purpose for each one of us. Thoughts or feedback would be appreciated!
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