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Found 39 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July04Post.mp4 Most people are familiar with the plateau idea. If you've ever done any kind of exercise, you've experienced this. When you first start any kind of physical based sport or activity, the gains in the beginning come pretty quickly. You put in X amount of effort and get Y amount of gains. The plateau comes when you are putting in the same X amount of effort, but the gains, Y, are getting less and less. This can be maddening, especially if you have a particular target in mind. The time it will take to get to your target is a function of your daily gains, or Y. And when you start, you tend to underestimate how long it will get there. You want to lose fifty pounds, for example. Week one, you put in X amount of effort, and you lose two pounds. Cool, you think. Twenty five weeks, and I've hit my target. But after a month or two, you're STILL putting in the same weekly time and effort, but now you're only losing ONE pound per week. This means your goal is now further out in the future. This is the plateau that everybody has problems with. There are plenty of strategies and mental techniques to deal with this. This type of idea shows up pretty much everywhere. Health, money, relationships, career, etc. Put in a little effort, get some results. Based on the efforts and the results, we extrapolate. Only to later find out we underestimated the time it is going to take. This is even a function of natural selection and evolution. They call it "punctuated equilibrium." A species will unchanged for a LONG time. Then something drastic will happen, and they'll go through tons of changes in a very short time. This is also what happens when you learn to "love the plateau" as many recommend. Instead of focusing on the end point, just learn to love the journey. And allow those sudden shifts described by "punctuated equilibrium" to show up whenever they show up. This is a fine strategy. A very useful, life long, self development strategy for nearly every area of life. Why, "nearly"? There's one area where this doesn't hold true. And that is in the realm of human inventions. These are a function of human creativity. We look out into the world, and see a bunch of stuff. We imagine better stuff, and make it happen. Every time anybody does this, the "stuff" out there changes. This means the stuff that exists in the world, the stuff that was first an idea in somebody's brain, doesn't follow the "punctuated equilibrium" theory. It's more like a continuously increasing EXPLOSION of stuff. What is an economic description of stuff? Wealth. What do you GET when continue to create more and more wealth? Money. A TON of money. This is what your brain is capable of. Every single day, there is more "stuff" out there to use as raw material. To CREATE better things. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/creativity/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan22Post.mp4 For most of human history, we were hungry. Literally. Every day the main goal was to find something to eat. The hungriest survived the best. Then they figured out how to grow stuff. This changed everything. This changed how people thought about wealth. Before, wealth was meat. Fish, fruit, roots, etc. Maybe a few animal skins. But after agriculture, wealth was still food. But food could be stored for a long time. Particularly grain. All ancient societies realized that building huge grain warehouses was a good idea. The idea is exactly the same as body fat. If you eat as much as you can, you can store the fat as extra energy. So you could live off that in case you couldn't find anything. But grain could be stored outside the body. And in massive amounts. So you could "coast" a long time, in case of calamity like bad weather or dried up rivers. But this also created another powerful idea. Of using wealth to make more wealth. You weren't required to keep all your excess for yourself. If you were a caveman, and you were hungry, you couldn't exactly borrow some of your friends body fat. (unless you happened to be a cannibal caveman...) But with grain? You could sell it. And do what with the money? Buy more land. Grow and sell more grain. And then buy even MORE land. Keep doing this, and you will own a TON of land. And you'll have a ton of power and influence. This is essentially how wealth has been created since the dawn of time. Figure out a way to make money. Take the money you make, plow it back into the system, and make even more money. This is why land is STILL connected the idea of wealth. Land produces food, which is energy. Land can be mined to find precious metals, or other resources, which is money. But what if you don't have any land? How can you make money? The digital age has created a NEW way to earn a living. Plant seeds, and wait for them to grow. Where, specifically, do you plant seeds? In people's brains. How? The easiest way possible. Words. Powerfully written words. Words that they'll think about. Words that will compel them to action. This is precisely what covert hypnosis is. The idea of telling stories, to plant ideas in their mind. That will grow and help those people become more productive, more confident, more intelligent. And when you combine this idea, of planting seeds in their mind, with the art of copywriting? You've got the absolute best of EVERYTHING humans have ever invented. Language. Wealth generating that will create more wealth. Hypnotic language patterns. And a globally connected economy that will allow you to do this ANYWHERE. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan09Post.mp4 I love scientific and mathematical paradoxes. I have as long as I can remember. One of my favorites, even when I was a kid, was two different types of infinities. Imagine two lines, one above the other. The two endpoints line up. But the bottom line is flat, or parallel to the ground. While the line above it is tilted, and therefore longer, since the endpoints line up. Both lines have an infinite number of points. And each point on the top line can connect to a point on the bottom line. Which mean each line can be said to have same number of infinite points. But since the line on the bottom is shorter, its infinity is denser than the top infinity. Of once you start talking about different kinds of infinity (there are actually an infinite different kinds of infinity) your brain starts to get dizzy. This is really a function of our brains not being "calibrated" to understand stuff like this. I suppose if we were visited by aliens a few hundred thousand years ahead of us, they might think it was cute that we silly humans were impressed with simple things like infinity. But meanwhile, back in reality, we can consider two kinds of strangeness. There is the stuff that is purely magic. The stuff that is in super hero movies, and comic books. Then there is the stuff that only seems magic, but can be (allegedly) described by science. But then there is the stuff that can only be explained metaphorically. Take Napoleon Hill's insight, that "thoughts are things." On one hand, this makes perfect sense. A thought is a noun. I have a banana. I have a thought. One is a tangible noun. One is an intangible, or metaphorical noun. But intangible thoughts CAN become tangible things. For example, if you were thinking about a burrito. There you are, thinking about that, and it doesn't yet exist. At least not in your proximity. But if you get up and make one, it will exist. This is perfectly normal, but it's also kind of cool. Because we can do this with things that don't yet exist. Taking a thought and turning it into a never-before-seen thing is what inventors do. Every single non-natural thing that exists today, was once a pure fantasy in somebody brains. Once upon a time there were no tables, no microwaves, no roller skates, no burritos, nothing else. But even more magical is the potential energy stuff that makes this all possible. What kind of stuff is that? Money. If you have money, you can buy stuff that exists. Or you can hold onto it until somebody invents something better. And buy that. Money, inventions, and human brains. Normal, plain, everyday. And paradoxically magical at the same time. Get Some: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  4. Spiritual Physical Dichotomies: https://mindpersuasion.com/spiritual-dichotomies-homeopathic-cures/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept16Loop.mp4
  5. Debt Diamonds and Copycat Humans https://mindpersuasion.com/diamonds-weddings-and-debt/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July7Loop.mp4
  6. Instinctive Secrets To Creating Wealth: https://mindpersuasion.com/trade-magic-economics/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July5Loop.mp4
  7. Magic Spells Growing In Your Brain https://mindpersuasion.com/quantum-tunneling-through-pancakes/
  8. There's a very common idea that money comes from the government. But this is very dangerous. There have been brief periods when this was helpful. But there have been many more incidents when government issued money caused way more problems that they intended to solve. The very first official "money" was created way back with King Croesus of Lydia made the first coins. About 500 BC or so. These were very helpful, because before that happened, you had to KNOW the person from whom you were accepting any kind of exchange. But once the first official coins were created, economic activity exploded. But like all good things, there good sides and bad sides. One of the many reasons for the collapse of the Roman Empire was HOW the government became corrupt. If you find a coin from the early stages of the empire, it's mostly silver. 90% or so. But if you get a coin from a later period, a couple hundred years later, it's only 10% silver. Why the change? If you work for the government, the only money you can get is by collecting taxes. (or invading other countries and stealing their stuff). But some clever Emperors figured out a sneaky way to get money. They collected all the coins, melted them down, and then made more. If you start with 100,000 coins of 90% silver, melt them down, you can make 200,000 coins of 45% silver. That's like getting 100,000 coins for FREE! One of the reasons the Roman Empire collapses was the money died. You'll find that this is very common in collapsing societies. Once they money dies, it's all over. So, in order for the money to come from the government, you've got to TRUST the government to not pull stuff like this. But in all cases, government issued money is NOT a new idea. It's not like people are sitting around, wishing they could buy and sell stuff to each other. They were already doing this BEFORE King Croesus invented coins. The coins just made it easier. The truth is that if you put ANY group of people together, they will FIGURE OUT what to use for money. This means finding and using money is a human INSTINCT. Even little kids, when trading things like Pokemon cards, know that some cards are useful, but only because they can be traded for other cards. Every society that has ever lived have used some kind of money. Sometimes the government helps this process. Sometimes they muck it up. But the most important point is the idea of money exists inside your BRAIN. And in the brain of everybody else. Expand this natural instinct, so you can make as much money as you can. Whatever from it may take. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  9. I read an interesting article the other day. About strange ways to make money. For example, you can make $400 a month selling plasma. Or, if you qualify, (which is hard according to the article) you can make a few grand a month selling your sperm. Another goofy article talked about a woman who makes $40K a year being a professional "cuddler." Kind of a strange job, but it doesn't seem to take much. Except being able to cuddle strangers all day. If you look, you can find plenty of ways to make money. These are just a couple strange ideas that I noticed recently. But you won't find them if you don't look. Unfortunately, having negative money beliefs will keep you from seeing what is out there. This comes across via cognitive dissonance. Our subconscious won't let us notice something that contradicts our beliefs about ourselves. The most common limiting belief about money is a feeling of unworthiness. This is not something that we can consciously recognize. In fact, quite the opposite. We ONLY do things that are inside our comfort zone. And our comfort zone is defined but what we feel worthy doing. We don't feel worthy outside of our comfort zone. But even ADMITTING that we feel unworthy is nearly impossible. Our subconscious does plenty of mental gymnastics to keep us safe. But if you SLIGHTLY decrease your negative beliefs, and SLIGHTLY increase your feeling of worthiness, you will SLIGHTLY expand your comfort zone. It's KIND OF like the red car effect, but much more complicated. You don't notice any red cars until you buy one. Then you buy one and you see them everywhere. The same thing happens when you SLOWLY expand you comfort zone. You'll slowly see more money OPPORTUNITIES. Since these are opportunities, and not sacks of cash laying there in plain sight, you'll need to INTERACT with them. Sometimes this might mean talking to people whom you don't normally talk to. Or go places where you don't normally go. Or read goofy articles about selling plasma that you don't normally read. And you might even go to one of those plasma places. And guess who you'd meet? Other people who are ACTIVELY seeking interesting ways to make money. And who knows where that might lead? One thing that WON'T work is waiting around for a money, or money opportunities, to land in your lap. They're out there. But you have to look. And to see them, you need to remove your money-blinders. The limiting beliefs that ONLY allow you to see things your subconscious thinks you are worthy of. Start removing your money beliefs, and you'll see a whole new world out there. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  10. https://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  11. https://mindpersuasion.com/genetic-dispositions/
  12. https://mindpersuasion.com/meta-levels-of-consciousness/
  13. https://mindpersuasion.com/origins-of-long-game/
  14. https://mindpersuasion.com/the-magic-of-the-earth/
  15. https://mindpersuasion.com/the-transmitted-gift/
  16. Most people have a huge dream of getting a sudden windfall. Everybody would LOVE to "get" rich. Just by how we describe the process is instructive. Of transitioning from a state of "not being rich" to being in a state of "being rich." Nobody says they want to create riches. Nobody says they want to build riches. Nobody says they want to earn riches. Most people dream about GETTING rich. Like getting a birthday present. Or getting a compliment. Both are nice things that other people GIVE US. It's kind of like learning music. A lot of people would like to be able to PLAY music, but few are willing to build actual music-playing skills. But suppose, just for "fun," that you DID "get" rich. Most people believe that would be a GODSEND. That ALL your problems would be gone. This is unfortunately, not true. Both theoretically and empirically. Imagine the life of somebody who "gets" rich. They go from struggling with their bills, having to deal with bosses, coworkers, and neighbors that they HATE to having those problems VANISH. The first thing they do is quit their job. Then they buy a new house. Most of us "believe" that we'll only spend "enough" to get by. Maybe spend our time on hobbies, or traveling, or learning. But here's the part most people don't anticipate. Spending money FEELS GOOD. Just like eating FEELS GOOD. And most people when they think they are only going to EAT a little bit, end up eating a lot. So our newly hypothetical rich person buys those first few things (house, car, new shoes, etc.) it FEELS GOOD. That's when the problems begin. Since it FEELS GOOD, it's very, very hard to stop. So you buy something else. But because of diminishing returns, every next thing you buy feels a little bit LESS GOOD than the first thing. When you quit your job, it felt great. When you bought a new house in a new neighborhood it felt great. When you bought a new car it felt great. But then you bought another car, and it didn't feel so great. The more you spend, the less great it feels. This is a problem. A HUGE problem. Because the more money you spend, the less money you have. Pretty soon, you need to buy something just to feel NORMAL. Eventually you run out of money. And feel miserable. Why does a sudden windfall of riches feel so compelling? Consider that it's an instinct. One that mother nature programmed us with. So we could focus on that NEXT THING with pure intention. Unfortunately, many of our instincts don't work so well in modern times. But if you learn how to re-calibrate them, you'll be back in business. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  17. https://mindpersuasion.com/magic-book-of-wisdom/
  18. Prosperity Hypnosis: Immediately after listening to this hypnosis section It became easier to take action with less hesitation. For example, I just got a freelance deal for about $250 after 2days of listening to this section. Whether or not it's coincidental or not to me is irrelevant. My mindset changed to creating and seeking more opportunities. In an example, I have a few money making ideas that now seem very practical to do. I am excited to see what sort of results I can achieve with continuous use. 2.19 Updates: Got an increase of motivation to launch a website design site Ordered business cards, host, domain name and all that is left to do is tweak the site! This is my new site(still under construction): www.nootdesign.net 4.22 Updates: I listened to the prosperity hypnosis video before today Got some exciting news to all my friends and supporters... On the phone call, the first thing I hear is "I got some good news for you" YOU GOT THE JOB! 5.12 Updates: I just got laid off(Fired!) and looking to re-summon some magic! Income Stream Generator: 5.20- Millionaire Mind Noticed an increase of will power to get the small task done. The right hypnosis at the right time increases my ability to do something I already want to do. 6.17- Some Results - High proactivity A little Slow as of late. But, I have a feeling things will bounce back up soon enough. 7.7 Millionaire Mind Some results,but needed another boost.Checked my email and got paid some commission Update: 9/16 Alpha Hypnosis | WealthPower & Language 11/12 - Million Dollar Blog//Flow State // Alpha Male Haven't really updated in a while,but I noticed I am more socially friendly and more confident to initiate eye contact and create conversations even when I don't really have to. Before, I would only do this when the benefits was BIG or for other personal gains and now I seem to be able to do it just out of the love and appreciation of talking to other people. -- To be updated
  19. https://mindpersuasion.com/maximum-compatibility/
  20. https://mindpersuasion.com/original-entrepreneur/
  21. Vampires are an interesting metaphor. Mythical creatures that live off human blood. Vampire bats do the same thing. So do plenty of parasites. From a pure energy standpoint, you could do a lot worse than having blood as your main source of food. Blood has plenty of nutrients. One of the richest fictional characters is a vampire. The richest is Scrooge McDuck. The second richest is that vampire family from the Twilight books. The vampires are rich because of compound interest. This why pretty much all vampires are also wealthy. If you lived for a couple hundred years, you’d be rich too. All you would need to do is live SLIGHTLY beneath your means for a hundred years or so, and let the compound interest pile up. So if you DID become a vampire, you’d have to work a crappy job for a while (hundred years or so) while compound interest worked in your favor. Once you’d accumulated your billions, then you could wreak havoc on humans. Interestingly enough, vampire bats also have very basic credit system. Sometimes they go out hunting and come back with a belly full of blood. Sometimes they don’t get squat. But the successful ones “loan” money to the unsuccessful ones. And everybody remembers who owes whom. If they same dude keeps borrowing blood, and never pays it back, nobody will lend to him. Monkeys do this also when they groom each other. They remember who helped whom, and who owes whom. In modern society, a common metaphor for central bankers are vampires. Or “vampire squid” to be specific. This goes WAY back to the beginning of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Now, why would they call central bankers vampires? Money is the lifeblood of society. Just like blood is the lifeblood of humans. Vampires sneak in at night and steal our blood. Central bankers pretty much do the same thing. Slowly suck the blood-money out of society. What does it all mean? Money is important. In every way imaginable. One of the biggest cons the elites have consistently propagated over the centuries, from all the way back to the Roman Empire, is the idea that money is bad, or evil. This is another reason why money is purposely NOT taught in school. It’s something you have to learn about on your own. But the real secret is that money is SIMPLE. It’s an instinct. And when you understand it, and re-calibrate your money instinct for modern times, you’ll see why. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  22. One of the most confusing subjects is money. Talk to ten different people, and you’ll get ten different ideas about money. Most people that have “enough” money, would like a little bit more. Many people also have an idea that beyond a certain amount of money, wanting more is somehow wrong. But the idea of money is very subjective. We all have ideas about money crammed into our heads before we even learn to speak. We were surrounded by adults who talk about money. Even though we didn’t know what it is (since we didn’t know how to talk yet) it’s something “bad.” It causes anxiety, fights between the grownups, and at the same time, there is never enough. You probably have plenty of vague early memories of wanting something, asking mom or dad, and being told that there’s not enough money. But even deeper, that answer, “sorry, we don’t have enough money,” wasn’t delivered in an honest way. Most adults, when their children ask for something that they can’t afford, feel upset. So when they say, “Sorry, we don’t have enough money” part of that is delivered as if the child is wrong simply for asking. Consequently, we all grow up feeling GUILTY for even wanting more money. So when we hear others talking about money as if it’s GOOD, part of us feels uncomfortable. Because we have deep memories of anxiety and guilt simply for asking for things that the adults didn’t have money to provide. Add on to the idea that the super rich people want to STAY super rich, and a fantastic way to do that is to MAKE SURE everybody believes money is somehow “wrong,” and you’ve got a perfect recipe. A recipe for some MASSIVELY messed up money beliefs and ideas. Most people couldn’t even describe accurately where money “comes from.” When we are kids, we think it comes from grownups. When we are grownups, most of us think it comes from the government. But in reality, money is an INSTINCT. It’s something that pops up in every society. Even in places where there is no legal money, people will use SOMETHING. Watch little kids trading things like Pokemon cards. This is a PERFECT example of the money instinct. This instinct, however, was calibrated in a much different environment. But like any piece of equipment that is OUT of calibration, all you need to do is re-calibrate it, and it’ll work fine. So if you re-calibrate your money instinct, your money instinct will work fine. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  23. http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  24. https://mindpersuasion.com/personal-money-energy-symbol/
  25. It's very hard to not get jealous of other people's success. After all, our mind-body systems still have instincts that are holdovers from way back in the day. They say we humans have been "humans" for 50,000 years or more. Yet they only invented agriculture 10,000 years or so ago. So our instincts haven't had NEARLY enough time to catch up. The easiest (and most frustrating) way to feel this DAILY is hunger. Our hunger instinct was calibrated when food was rare. We had to chase it and kill it. So those that were the HUNGRIEST and had the BIGGEST appetites were the most successful. But another very insidious instinct that messes us up is when we see other people with lots of money. Or signs of money. And it's not obvious HOW they got their money. Our instincts think we're still living in an egalitarian environment. When the dude with the most wealth (the most meat from the biggest kill) is SUPPOSED to share. When they don't, it triggers our "he's cheating" instinct. This (like our never ending hunger) was GOOD way back in the day. But not so good now. Luckily, just like we can "trick" our hunger instinct, we can consciously think our way around this "he's cheating" instinct. Don't get me wrong. Politicians LOVE this "he's cheating instinct." This is EXACTLY how those morons can get elected over and over. They PROMISE us they'll "take" some of "their" wealth and "give" it to us. This is how it FEELS like we are SUPPOSED to be doing it anyway. But we aren't hunters any more. We don't HAVE to consume "wealth" before it goes stale. We can make it and save it. This requires that you "re-calibrate" how you view wealth. Part of it is NOT comparing yourself to others. But to yourself a week or month ago. Once you "recalibrate" WHO you compare your NOW SELF to, consistent success will be automatic. Re-calibrating your brain will make everything clear. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/wealth-tuning/
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