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Found 133 results

  1. When people go on first dates, they hope to "click." If you've experienced this, it's pretty cool. Most of the time, though, it's like slowly peeling back the layers. Getting to know somebody over a long period of time. If you ask any female about a guy she's been dating for less than a month, unless there have been fireworks, she'll still be in the "deciding stage." Most of the time, under normal circumstances, it can take a while to feel comfortable enough to "open up" to somebody. So when you DO meet somebody that you automatically "click" with, it's pretty cool. What's happening during those rare events? On the one hand, you feel totally comfortable with one another. When two humans communicate, there are hundreds of variables, mostly unconscious. Some mesh well, some don't. This is normal. But when MOST of them mesh well, you get that instant feeling of deep connection. (Pro Tip: TALKING about an "instant connection" won't do squat!) Further, you each behave in a way that NATURALLY pushes each other's buttons, further intensifying the effect. This is what most ladies refer to as "love at first sight," when everything is happening like magic. But you CAN significantly increase the odds of this happening. And contrary to what most people think, it's NOT about saying or doing the RIGHT things. It's about NOT doing and NOT saying the WRONG things. Most people are pretty timid at first when it comes to sharing deep things about themselves. So that "click" feeling happens when both people feel the SAME about those deep things. But there is another way than hoping for random chance. It involves turning OFF your internal "judge." It involves REFRAINING from taking an "authoritative position." Most sales and persuasion techniques teach the opposite. They say you HAVE TO first get rapport, THEN you have to LEAD the other person. This DEFINES taking an authoritative position. Which means unless you have MASSIVE charisma, or they are REALLY submissive, trying to lead won't work. Which is why the opposite works so well. Shut off all inner judgment. Turn off that part of you that wants to shout out "ME TOO!" every time they talk about something interesting. You just sit back, be as neutral as possible, and keep asking them questions. And watch THEM light up like crazy. Click Here To Learn More
  2. When I was a kid I wasn't too fond of jigsaw puzzles. A few of my friends had them, and they sometimes wanted to build them, but I never really got into it. It was a cool concept, and it was fun to fit the pieces together, but I never had the patience. Once I'd found all the edges (the ones with the flat sides) I lost interest. It was the same with games like "twenty questions." Somebody thinks of something, and you have to ask the right question to guess what they are thinking. Usually on long car trips. Personally, I always enjoyed staring out the window and daydreaming. Trying to guess the ideas in somebody else's head is pretty tricky. I had this sales job a long time ago, and when me and my trainer came back, one of the managers asked me how it was. I said something like "interesting and eye opening." He nodded, smiled and said, "exciting and enlightening, huh?" I looked him and nodded. But the two words he used to describe the ideas in my head were much different than the ideas I used. This is a problem that happens you "paraphrase" somebody. Even though you THINK you are "matching" what they said, you run the risk of completely messing up what's in their head. It's one thing to "guess wrong" about the ideas that somebody has in their head. It's similar to picking up a jigsaw puzzle piece that LOOKS like a match, but doesn't quite fit. You can just keep trying until you get a fit. But when you try and OVERRIDE the ideas in other people's heads with your own, that can lead to disaster. Sure, if they're super passive, and they don't mind ditching their own ideas and taking yours, it can work. But if they'll do that, they'll be passive about everything else. It's a much more effective strategy to just ask questions to FIND OUT what the ideas are in their heads, instead of guessing. Not only will you find an EXACT match (since they'll be their ideas) but they'll appreciate you MUCH MORE than everybody else. Since few people take the time to understand. Most people try to override, or guess. And once you HAVE the exact ideas in their mind, that's just the beginning. Learn More: Click Here To Learn More
  3. http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-laws-of-influence/
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