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    I started at a young age being interested in things like subliminal hypnosis as a means of altering ones own thoughts, so I may better achieve my goals in life. I enjoy studying things that will help enhance my own abilites. So that in the long run I can not only better help myself, I can use them to help others.

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  1. Hello to all. I havent been on in a while but wanted to stop in and wish good health to everyone as we have a ongoing virus crisis. May the gods and godesses grant all ultimate good health during this time.
  2. I too would like to see this one.🙂
  3. Here is a link to the one Athena suggested. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/861-early-riser/?hl=%2Bearly+%2Briser
  4. why did you stop uploading to soundcloud if I may ask?
  5. Hey everyone. I haven't been here on the forum in a while due to rl. I do still check out soundcloud to see if any new vids have been posted. I'm not sure if it's just me or has george stopped posting there?
  6. Deep down our subconscious has a set core of values. sometimes these work with ohter values instilled in us as we grew up mostly based on religion or what not. later in life as we do things those values can conflict causing a thought war between you sub-conscious and conscoius mind. this can continue till new thoughts make it past your conscious minded goalie and into the sub-conscious where they are put into action. I have gone through this same thing myself at times. It's not so much that new thoughts are bad evil or wrong as it is the conscious letting them through. this is my personal view on it. Now as to others messing with your mind. Yes there are people/others out there that that come in 5 forms: 1. Those born with certain ablitlies of the mind already switched on. 2. Those who have trained themselves to access those same abilites. 3. Those who have them but dont know that they are affecting others with them. 4. Humans that have passed over and mess with the living for whatever reasons. 5. Negative biengs that have never been alive as we know it but they love to play games with humans. if you suspect any of these 5 then sit and calm yourself as much as possible close your eyes if possible. Next visualize a bright white shield of energy all around you, making it as bright as you can. hold this in your mind for as long as you can. do this every time you feel threatened. this will help redirect the energy back at those that sent it. You can also do this once a day to boost your aura as well. I hope this helps Spectre.
  7. Found this : https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/math-genius-two-become-a-math-super-genius-learner http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/1123-maths-genius-version-2/ Hope this helps.
  8. Hey Sariki. You might want to also add the word "WHY" before some of them. The conscious mind tends to act as a goalie, blocking things it things might hurt oneself. by adding "WHY" to some of them it may let those slip by as it only sees them as a question. Since most people are constantly questioning why didnt this work or that work the inner goalie lets those go by and the sub-conscious acts on those instead. this is just my personal thoughts on it though. hope this helps. Here are some examples: Why do I have tons of energy Why do I have endless energy Why am I bursting with energy Why do I have unlimited energy Why am I filled with boundless energy
  9. I remember when I was much younger watching a show on like HBO or Showtime. It was called "The Mysterious Stanger" and it was based on a Mark Twain story that he was writing just before he passed from this world. This is a link to youtube vid from that movie where the stranger explains the nature of reality.
  10. My inuition has helped me in the past as well on somes things, but didn't on others when I really needed it. I think one of the big problems with using intuition is that we tend to second guess ourselves, and not go with our first feeling on a matter. This leads to it not working and that leads to doubt in future events where you need your intution. This is just my personal view on ith though.
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