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    Play hard got a reaction from firekid1331 in silent subliminals   
    Target Scatter frequency on YT will help block out and Jam ELF frequencies.
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    Play hard got a reaction from firekid1331 in Energetic Protection   
    I am protected from all negative projections
    I easily activate all new light codes to fully and completely restore my body
    I invoke the I AM God presence within me
    I transmute all negative energies projected on me into positive energy
    I am divinely protected by the light of my being.
    I am the only authority in my life
    I am surrounded by love and joy which keep me safe
    My vibration is stronger and faster each day
    I am protected from all Psychic vampires
    I am protected from any negative influences
    I am safe and always feel protected.
    I am healed from all psychic attacks
    I have a strong Auric field
    I am surrounded by white light
    My higher self protects me from all negative thought forms, parasites and discarnates
    I release all negative energies in my auric field
    I draw to myself the most powerful loving and protecting energies of the Universe
    People always wish the best for me
    Love surrounds me
    Faith supports me
    Wisdom guides me
    I bring only positive energy into my life
    I Radiate Faith Confidence Strength And Power
    I am always protected from energies that serve to harm me
    I always attract positive people who help me achieve my soul purpose
    I stand in my strength and in my truth.
    My inner child is safe and protected from all negativity
    I am always loved
    I am grounded and centered
    My light shines from deep inside of me
    I radiate universal unconditional love
    I am connected to my higher self
    I radiate gratitude
    Life draws the very best to me in all ways
    I Maintain A Harmonious Inner Balance
    My Aura Is Energized And Cleansed Of Astral Debris
    I am free.
    All chains and restrictions fall from me.
    I easily stand in my full power as a master.
    My Energy feild destroys all mental and physical parasites in my presence.
    My energy feild is free of all energetic and mental blocks.
    Energy flows freely throught my body
    I release all energetic trauma within my DNA
    I am free of all energetic trauma within my DNA
    I release all generational curses in my DNA
    My family is free from all generational curses
    I am protected from all negative curses and hexes
    My DNA is encoded with love and light
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