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  1. Thank you so much George for making Intelligence accelerator. I've been using this program for a few months and I can proudly say i've gotten great results from it. In class I am able to remember information more effortless and easily. I've gotten higher grades and written better papers. My favorite exercise is image streaming because it is so simple and gives you great results. I Highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get smarter. -play hard
  2. I am a Sexually magnetic man I seduce women effortlessly I am the prize,I am good at conveying this notion to women I embrace my sexual nature My sexual nature is great Women's sexual intrest is triggered by my presence Women sense that I'm approachable and desperately want to talk to me. Women get sexually aroused in my presence Women love the sexual feelings they get in my presence I project a strong masculine presence Sexy women desire to have sex with me I can trigger an instinctual need for sex in women wheever I want. Women feel comfortable around me I can have sex with a woman multiple times if I choose to Women will do anything for me during sex I now project an Aura of extremely intense, Powerful and effective aura of sexiness Relationships with me are always fun and exciting Women always have amazing memories in relationships with me Women invite me to go social events all the time I manifest in the safest way possible a female best friend with benefits. My female best freind and I are okay with having sex together I am the most charismatic man any women has ever met. I can easily have any woman I want I have an abundance of female freinds who I can talk to anytime. I can easily have sex with any of my female friends if I desire. Women love to do amazing things for me I radiate confidence, warmth and charm that women find irresistibly attractive I have unlimited power to bring about my desire. I can meet,date and seduce any woman I desire I always know what to say and do to melt a woman’s resistance away My mind is focused on what I desire, there is no limit to what can be mine I radiate a confidence, self-control and power that women find irresistibly attractive I have unlimited power to seduce the women I desire. I swiftly size up a woman’s potential and eliminate those who are wasting my time I have incredible sexual power with women I move with a power, aggression and grace that women find irresistibly attractive. I am aggressive,direct and powerful with the women I desire. It is impossible for a woman to manipulate or control me. There is no woman alive who can resist my charm and charisma. Every week of my life is an exciting, action packed adventure. Sexy woman constantly approach me because I am so attractive Women are eager to make out with me Women trust me and open up to me when talking
  3. I am a warrior I always emerge victorious I am protected from all my enemies My energy supply is limitless I have a powerful spirit My will is unstoppable I rise above all limitations I easily adapt to any situation I find myself in I gracefully speak out against injustice My presence causes my enemies to flee I always defeat my enemies I defend the weak and helpless I am unstoppable I always overcome all adversity I move forward with total confidence and joy I always find reasons to achieve my goals I blast through resistance I always do my best I fully embrace my masculinity I turn fear into willpower I have a tremendous passion to win My will power is unstoppable I am a free spirit I convert anger into focused power I convert rage into focused power I accept my own power I trust my inner voice I am always supported in life I am free to speak up for myself I can win battles without fighting Everything happens for my benefit I move beyond limitations easily I express myself gracefully It is okay to Assert yourself people bend to my will easily Everyone respects me I can acheive anything I persist through resistance I confront people when nesscassary I am unfazed by threats I am capable of epic feats I am extremely grounded I express myself fully
  4. Target Scatter frequency on YT will help block out and Jam ELF frequencies.
  5. I am protected from all negative projections I easily activate all new light codes to fully and completely restore my body I invoke the I AM God presence within me I transmute all negative energies projected on me into positive energy I am divinely protected by the light of my being. I am the only authority in my life I am surrounded by love and joy which keep me safe My vibration is stronger and faster each day I am protected from all Psychic vampires I am protected from any negative influences I am safe and always feel protected. I am healed from all psychic attacks I have a strong Auric field I am surrounded by white light My higher self protects me from all negative thought forms, parasites and discarnates I release all negative energies in my auric field I draw to myself the most powerful loving and protecting energies of the Universe People always wish the best for me Love surrounds me Faith supports me Wisdom guides me I bring only positive energy into my life I Radiate Faith Confidence Strength And Power I am always protected from energies that serve to harm me I always attract positive people who help me achieve my soul purpose I stand in my strength and in my truth. My inner child is safe and protected from all negativity I am always loved I am grounded and centered My light shines from deep inside of me I radiate universal unconditional love I am connected to my higher self I radiate gratitude Life draws the very best to me in all ways I Maintain A Harmonious Inner Balance My Aura Is Energized And Cleansed Of Astral Debris I am free. All chains and restrictions fall from me. I easily stand in my full power as a master. My Energy feild destroys all mental and physical parasites in my presence. My energy feild is free of all energetic and mental blocks. Energy flows freely throught my body I release all energetic trauma within my DNA I am free of all energetic trauma within my DNA I release all generational curses in my DNA My family is free from all generational curses I am protected from all negative curses and hexes My DNA is encoded with love and light
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