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    TheDondada got a reaction from amazo in How is this knowledge being repressed?   
    Cuz of the victim program in the collective unconscious of the planet. This victim program causes us to manifest collectively a savior who 9.9/10 is gonna screw us over. We humans like to be comfortable and like to be fed beliefs and not take control of our own destiny. God/Jehovah/Yaldoboath also is raping his Mother Earth with his archon minions (hence the raping on the physical level of Earth Jewels). She has not been whole and only connected to her feminine side or the receptive, wisdom aspect. Since she won't let the archons get access to the true history of this planet and more she has to offer that's why she is getting abused. When she connects to her logos, her masculine side. She will become Holy(wholly) and the lion and the lamb will sit next to each other again.
    Wilhem Reich was killed by the US government because he professed Orgone energy existed but since we have to get rid of quacks, we burned his books and research and said there is no such thing as Orgone energy.
    The masses are asses Light. We have the solutions but people want to get to Heaven. Not listening when it says the kingdom of heaven is within.
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    TheDondada got a reaction from amazo in Why is Magic rejected?   
    Because they think that only God should have these powers. But most Christians don't realize that Christ said "these things that I do greater things shall ye do"
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    TheDondada got a reaction from Skye in Co:Creation: Steady Income Method?   
    Oh and just go to cafeastrology.com to get a free chart.
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    TheDondada got a reaction from amazo in IMPERATIVE CONTEMPLATION   
    The Antartic and Artic have a lot of hidden history to them.....
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    TheDondada got a reaction from Skye in Co-Creation, Anyone?   
    Aight why don't we do this during certain planetary alignments. The elites do this wonderfully with Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the 2008 global economic crash that came at certain key planetary alignments.
    Why don't we every week set a time where we put what we want to focus on and meditate on. You can put this in the anything goes section. Time and space are interconnected so if you do a ritual at a certain time, no matter the distance it still will be powerful and if you do a ritual in a certain space, no matter the time it will still be powerful also. That's why the energy in the Egytian temples and pyramids are still emmiting because of the thousands of years of rituals of concentrated intention done in one place.
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