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  1. Demons are unitegrated aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed and cast away now looking to return to their home. Their different from archons and parasites who are not apart of us but exploit our weakness and past life issues and traumas that we haven't dealt with yet. If you have cleared all of those then they will have nothing to anchor in on you with. You might want to do Bioenergetics therapy to release stuck emotions along with Rolfing because that's where most of our karmic debt cones from.
  2. You were apart of the MK ultra projects.
  3. Why would you want to do this when we are the original technology. All other technology in the 3D is based off of 4D tech. Like telephones are based off of mental communication. We have all that we even need within.
  4. Cuz of the victim program in the collective unconscious of the planet. This victim program causes us to manifest collectively a savior who 9.9/10 is gonna screw us over. We humans like to be comfortable and like to be fed beliefs and not take control of our own destiny. God/Jehovah/Yaldoboath also is raping his Mother Earth with his archon minions (hence the raping on the physical level of Earth Jewels). She has not been whole and only connected to her feminine side or the receptive, wisdom aspect. Since she won't let the archons get access to the true history of this planet and more she has t
  5. George How about a leadership program. Covering all facets of leadership and how to manage people. How to persuade subordinates etc.
  6. Yes it did happen. Why you say. Because there is a large amount of iridium from that time and iridium is a deep space element. And that won't work your experiment because time is not linear and there is no set past or future. The only constant is the present.
  7. You can't play silent Subliminals through earphones. And also you need to remove the theta waves first.
  8. Yeah that event. There was one recently in the west US where people saw a black cube and there was even footage of it in the sky. But that might be a hologram off the ground by the CIA anyway.
  9. Download the vidz to iTunes and put them on phone for Apple. For android you can download directly to phone.
  10. I'm hearing that around the 10th there will be an event related to what happened in Washington in 1952.
  11. Sexual revolution was started by Reich who realized that repressed sexual emotions can make us violent. Look how gloomy the world was until the 50s. All that repressed emotions came out in world wars,holy wars, crusades etc. Look at the people who are still sex represed like the Middle easterners. That is a hell zone. Masturbation is natural, monkeys do it. If you don't release you will get neurosis and catholic priest syndrome. There is no destruction of the planet. And yes light we are supposed to wait until the mainstream collapses. The human race needs an event to traumatize the colle
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