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  1. could I add: I have the Midas' King touch Everything I do prosper to the infinity Everything I achieve and I am is protected by good luck angels
  2. I have done that and they work well....But what I do is to have all the scripts and memorize them so, at the time I am listening to them I start using my imagination to build up the images of what I want.
  3. I have an extreme good luck My good luck is supernatural My good luck is extremely good My good luck goes beyond utopies My good luck goes beyond the imaginable My good luck brakes any law of reality Every day extraordinarily good things happen to me My life every hour receives extraordinary good news If I walk on the street I find incredible big amounts of money for me There is not a traffic jam for me, all files of cars open for me to pass I always find a place for parking My life is so full of good luck that it will last for generations I created good luck in my past I have an infinite good luck I am the good luck in human shape My good luck makes me inmortal and young forever My good luck attracts the most sexy, hot, wealthy and kind persons to my life Everyday the most beautiful girls contact me asking for sex Extraordinary things happen in my life due to my good luck incredible good things happen in my life every second Extraordinary good things happen in my life that are hard to believe good things that people believe never in their lifes will happen, happen to me everyday My bank account always has more and more money without any effort Everyday more happiness comes to my life Everyday more wealth comes to my life I just visualize good things and my good luck brings them inmediately I imagine what I would like to have and angels and the goddess of good luck get it for me. My good luck acts In a mysterious way that I do not know I am getting younger My good luck acts In a mysterious way that I do not know I am becoming extremely attractive for beautiful girls Every day I feel in my body how my good luck aura is always on I have beautiful dreams of good luck I have nothing to feel affraid of because my good luck protects me Every day at least 10 extraordinary good lucks events happen in my life
  4. Please forgive my orthography English is not my mother tongue. I become millionaire with my parapsychological powers I win millions of dollars with the help of my parapsychological powers I open an office close to my house to attend famous and millionaire people that seek for my help I have two beautiful houses in my country and other two in the nicest cities in the world due to my parapsychological powers I am invited to the most famous tv shows to talk about my parapsychological powers I have my own tv program for talking and presenting chapters about parapsychological phenomena My appearence is always young. I look as an eternal being, half angel, half vampire I have powers of remote viewing I can see what is happening anywhere in the world I can push people, move things, inlfuentiate the thoughts of other with my mind I have powers of biokinesis I can transform in any being, animal, woman, man or child I can transform my human form in seconds. I can be taller, shorter or make any part of my body grow or shrink I am terrible sexy and sexualy magnetic with my parapsychological powers I have lots of lovers due to my parapsychological powers. I have powers of telekinesis I can move the lottery numbers to win. I can move cars, persons, animals, houses. traffic, crowds I can see transgenerational trauma in others and cure them All my parapsychological powers make me millionaire and to live full of luxury in my own spiritual center I can talk with people that has gone from this terrenal plane. I know what is going on when someone dies I am inmortal, indestructible and sexually irresistible. I break any spiritual chain or manipulative intention of anybody I can move people that is bothering me, just thinking they are gone. I can discipline young people that is damaging my property and my tranquility I can manipulate any machine or electronic device with my mind I have a powerfull intuition I clearly see the future I know what is going to happen 1 hour after, 1 day after, 1 week after and years after. I can cure people from incurable diseases I just check on the people's aura and I know which their problem is I know in advance why, when and how a person is going to act My intuition guides me to riches and pleasure I live a life full of luxury, wealth, money, pleasure, love and happines with my parapsichological powers I can quit any job because I make millions with my parapsichological powers I can save kidnapped people with my powers. I know where they are just thinking about them. I have tremendous parapsychologycal sexual powers. Gorgeous, wealthy and sexy women look for me for being cured having sex with me. I give people tremendous spiritual travels with my powers People always is so thankfull with me that give me millions of dollars for my services At the end of this year I earn a fortune of 100 millions of dollars I recomend polititians the strategies they need to win elections, and they win I am tremndously famous for my parapsychological powers I keep young, vigorous and healthy with my parapsychological powers I am protected by my parapsychological powers Nobody can even have the intention of attacking, insulting or hurting me because I live in a parapsychological fortress.
  5. Theses affirmations could help and please write those that are lacking: Me and my wife have the most powerfull sexual fantasies My wife loves to see me dressed as a tranny My wife feels an intense arousement when she sees me in women clothes The fantasy is so intense that she always is asking me to perform it My woman loves to have lesbian sex with me dressed as a woman My woman buys clothes, beauty cosmetics and make up for me to look as a woman My body looks so nice and hot dressed as a woman My core is slim and my butt looks perfectly rounded My pennis is giant and completly functional My chest is flat and ripped My body looks young and perfect My face is so chiseled, my arms strong and lean. My legs are strong and look perfect Me and my woman enjoy this sexual fantasy and make us happy My wife also shares her fantasies and her role playings My wife loves to penetrate me with sexual toys My wife loves to dress as hot as I do and show the world our fantasies We have an intense and orgasmic sexual life together I feel very comfortable being dressed as a woman or as a man I have the perfect body for playing both roles I look tremendously attractive for all women, and look incredible hot as a woman I have a succesfull economic life Anytime I accomplish my fantasies millions of dollars come to my bank account Anytime I accomplish my fantasies the life of my dreams is closer Anytime I accomplish my fantasies I rejuvenate I always look as if I were 25 years old Anytime I accomplish my fantasies my woman is more satisfied and happy My wife is so satisfied that wants to share this fantasy with other girl (her best friend) We travel all around the world enjoying this fantasy in all cities we can There is always plenty of money to enjoy fantasies The fantasy is complemented with latex and other sexual toys
  6. Also...last instructions could be: Angels protect me and my property from any bunch of people or gang. All my property body and family is safe, from any accident or other kind of attack. I am safe from bullets, knifes, machines or other kind of harm When someone wants to harm or abuse me or my family is instantly defeated I am always safe from punks, radicals, extremists or other kind of violent people I am always safe from people who want to abuse from force to take my place in paying lines or traffic
  7. can it also have an instruction for being indestructible, invisible, powerfull and inmortal...??
  8. these are wonderfull Ideas, the protective light and transmuting negativity into harmony, wow!!! superb!!! thanks
  9. Hey George: Your audios really work. In my life they have been very important in all the good things happening. However, the success usually do not come alone. Beside it there are always people that feels a profound envy. They start gossiping and telling stories that are not true. Besides, they try to blame me for acheiving what they are not worked for. Usually the gossip lead to bad intentions, envy and conspiracy. I think it is really necesary to be protected from it. It would be nice to make the people who build the gossip not able to tell it. Something like having a mental barrier to even think bad things about me. There are others that really enjoy bringing and transforming information about other people and in the way they are adding more lies. This is the way the bullyng and mobbing use to work, mocking about someone until they break the will of people. I also would like to have an audio that makes me forget about others, in other words, not gossiping about anybody. I am protected from gossip I have a mirror defense on gossip People that pretend to gossip about me never can do it There is zero envy about me in society People can never feel envy about me People of the opposite sex can only feel desire, love, and happiness about me People who pretend to complot against me are always discovered and captured by justice People recognize my capacities and feel defeated before pretending to compete against me No one can control or monitor me in social media Any file that is intercepted with bad intentions is always broken or invisible for does who want to attack me I express my sexuality in any way and nobody and never rejects me Nobody blames me for nothing, people always see my actions as the best There is not religion, cult, government, person, people that blames me for anything Everything I do is always seen as the best, everything God always protects me from bullies, mobbing and any kind of strategy to harm me. I am invisible for any person who want to use me, attack me or gossip about me
  10. I was looking the video for attracting wealthy women...could it be possible to make one for attract the most sexy and hot women...and could it be explicit on the part of casual sex?
  11. hey!!!...Unfourtunately I think they have banned you again.
  12. I ´ve been listening to George videos sistematically since september last year. Amazing things have happened since then. I was in a financial crisis for perhaps 8 years...never something well paid, always temporary jobs...but then suprises have showed up. First I have my first regular job, with health ensurance and an office, and a very good salary (perhaps not for being a millionaire but I am paying each month my credit cards, it feels so great not to be worried about how to pay the next day with no money) With my relations with women and men everything has changed. I have new friends that are very nice persons, and with my couple everything is starting to be ok. As I can see, nothing is impossible if we know how to be convinced of that. The videos that have helped me a lot are: Financial Genius, You are lucky, age reversal, super iq, raving fans, evil protection, end procrastination, sex married magnet, sex magnet, bisex fantasy, money instinct, dream job. perfect health and others, but these are the ones I usually listen.
  13. is it possible to make one video with these instructions suitable for both men and women??? or perhaps an instruction leaving open the door for "the oposite sex" instead of women and men..?
  14. My life is like in the good movies I become a millionaire winning the lotery twice at month for one year I see myself seated in my bed and how the numbers come to my mind and I chose them and I win I have the power of watching the future. I see the scenes of the future in my mind. I live in a big and very nice house full of luxury and swimming pools When I wake up I see myself forever young and fresh, I jump in my luxurius car and head to down town in a splendid and very nice city. I open my tremendously succesfull store of antiques and secret books I have a couple of assistants that are the best friends that I could have. When I want, I switch to a porn movie I have sex with the most beautiful women in the world They do me blowjobs, threesomes and orgies I have a tremendously magnetic and sexy aura for attracting sexy girls Things happen in my life like in the porn movies. I am the best porn actor. When I want I switch to funny movies The most hilarious things happen to people that are close to me. I am always the best actor in the movie, silly thing happen to others (of course) When I want I switch to gosth movies Strange things happen in a place and I am invited to check out I become part of the staff o a gosth hunters program I register strange sounds and spirits. I switch to a super hero movies I have special powers of biokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing and supernatural strength Groups of scientifics come to me looking for my powers for rescueing kindnaped people I am eternal and indestructive these are ideas for a movies' life, for sure there are other perspectives for having this never boring and extremely fortunate life full of riches, health and beauty
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