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    Hey there. Quite a while ago I purchased the Kundalini pack and used it quite often a while ago. Anyways fast forward to now, I have lost the Kundalini pack I downloaded and have tried to download it again but could not found the link/email sent to me some time ago. wondering if anyone can resend me the Kundalini pack ago via email or message. Thanks
  2. There is an subliminal for that it's called infinite efficiency of something like that just search it up and you will find the video and affirmations Hope that helps
  3. Thanks I haven't been listening to subliminals in a while Kinda got out of habit but I'm gradually getting back into habit niw
  4. I love listening to binural Beats when studying but I don't know which one would be best for when studying and doing maths and science etc
  5. As long as your understand the affirmations you'll be ok
  6. link not working for me! Whenever I click it's just a blank page!
  7. There are some for focus They are called unwavering focus Search it up on soundcloud!
  8. Totally agree I took one day off and it actually works really well The next day felt more rested and better
  9. Results vary from person to person. But it also depends on your subject. If you choose multiple money sublimnals then I guess it would be more effective but if you choose money and intelligence the effects would be less effective. The problem is visualizing, its hard to visualize multiple things at once. But I'm doing it so it's alright
  10. Also would theta work too? I've been reading on binural beats and some sources says it helps with healing, but I'm not a really big expert on binural beats just started studying them last week and will continue learning about them!
  11. So a couple of days ago I injured my foot and it hurts. So I was reading a few things on binural beats and it said binural beats help with healing So my question is does anyone know the Best Binural beats HZ for healing really fast. Thanks
  12. I am a confident martial artist i am a strong fighter i am agile and quick i enjoy martial arts training i am highly disciplined i am dedicated to my training my mind id perfectly focused during combat i have a clear mind my punches are powerful and accurate i am a true martial artist martial arts comes naturally to me my defense is impenetrable my reflexes are fast self discipline is easy for me i have intense motivation to achieve martial arts mastery my punches and kicks are extremely accurate others recognize me as a top martial artist my style is dominant my style is unique my style is perfect i always make rapid improvement in my martial arts training martial arts is a way of life i am a great taekwondo fighter i have fast reflexes i react with speed and precision i am a skilled fighter my mind and body are in harmony my mind is focused and clear i enjoy my training i easily handle any opponent i am a taekwondo champion i am focused on my taekwondo training i naturally excel at taekwondo others see me as a taekwondo expert my reflexes are lightning fast my taekwondo skills are improving daily my kicks and punches are strong and accurate others expect me to win fights i can defend myself effortlessly i kick and punch with fierce accuracy i always win spars and fights i punch and kick at lightning quick speed i handle any fighting style with ease i am strong and powerful i always train with intensity i always win my opponents respect and fear me my body is firm yet flexible i have a perfect fighting stance i am confident in my abilities i have great strength and speed i am intuitive i am quick to repel an attack i am in great shape i have amazing strength, speed and flexibility
  13. Heard of it and I just started playing the game Seems quite hard I think this game can increase memory because you have remember, other than that I'm not sure what other effects it could have
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