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  1. Ah. Okay. The 256 voices potentially makes it much easier to do the work of the vivid visualizations (important!) WHILE listening without the brain pushing to resist the statements. I like it! That's if I got the understanding right. I'm really diving into this stuff: books, printed highlighted notes all over the place, audios, videos, and the all important daily practice and writing. Thanks for the quality of your work. Alison
  2. Hello, George. I've been wondering about this, too. I understand the premise, and I know you can't give away information about the snazzy proprietary algorithms that make this work. But what I would like to know is how YOU knew, after all of your initial experimenting, you had cracked the code in terms of efficacy compared to other subliminals. Like, was there an exciting moment where you tried what you had created over a number of days (or weeks) and experienced a personal shift so evident that you were like, "Jackpot!!" Then did you try Round 2 - listening to another topic you had created with the same subliminal 256 format and again thought, "OMG. This is the format. THIS is definitely freakin' effective!" I do understand the profound difference in data processing capacity between the conscious and unconscious mind... which I've always been fascinated by. And I also know when we listen, we should focus on visualization, and not trying to understand the words. But (and this makes me laugh because I'm not a big fan of these kinds of work-related soirees), I can't help but wonder how this compares to some 200+ event in a large Marriott conference room where you just hear a din of voices coming from every direction. I guess what I'm asking is, in addition to the targeted statements in the 256 subliminals, what is it about the technology - meaning the product design as a whole and not necessarily the proprietary specifics - that assures the penetration of the messages into the subconscious mind? Like, (I'm just thinking here), what is the difference between this kind of subliminal (which no doubt takes a ton of planning and work to put together) and the din of the folks at the Marriott event being tied to their chairs and forcibly required to repeat those same subliminal phrases 14 to 30 days in a row? 😁 Sincere thanks in advance for your knowledge and explanation, Alison
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