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  1. MindX

    Free Video Subliminals

    This looks nice. Thanks
  2. MindX

    How To Change The World

    That's great George!
  3. What's your method to get focused on goal every day?
  4. I got this idea somewhere.. Can you make subliminal for Ability to absorb energy and nutrition from the air and space without eating? So one can survive, grow, and heal even not eating.
  5. Where can I find information about biokinesis techique? Can anyone suggest a book or a guru or information source that tells about this subject?
  6. I'd like to request subliminal for finishing work quickly and effortlessly many thanks
  7. MindX

    Jerry Journal

    That's great
  8. MindX

    Social Media Magnet

    I'd like one too, but with my personal(non commercial) timeline and pages too. Affirmation would include something like.. People love following me on social network Every post on social network instantly popular Massive ammount of people people agree My posts on social network get millions of like and share People love me in social network People in social network are irresistibly attracted to me I have many raving fan