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  1. Yes, Ofcourse Hypnosis does help you if you or someone close to you being lazy. It helps in motivating your Subconscious Mind. But you need to be sure, bout the reason whether it is due to depression or some chemical imbalance in body as mentioned by @spencer001 above. My cousin went through same situation as your question. He was being lazy, not motivated enough in life. His parents quite were worried for him. Then they took their friend advice and took him to a hypnotherapist (who is also a medical doctor by the way), named Dr. Tsan. It took him few session and he started showing improvement. Now he is completely fine.
  2. There are plenty of things that can distract you during hypnosis session like someone cam over and starts talking loudly to you or your hypnotist, it can break your hypnosis. hearing loud horn, or any loud setting in between hypnosis session can break concentration. Hypnosis needs to be done in a quiet room away from street noise and with no phones.
  3. I didn't know about "the Elman Induction". Its quite new to me. Thank you sharing this informative article.
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