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  1. If anyone is interested, maybe we can develop our skills with hypnotic patterns here. We can always practice on our own by journaling, and we can practice reacting to each other's patterns here. Anyone interested in practicing with me?
  2. Alxyz

    Verbal Assassin

    George, I stumbled across your book, Verbal Assassin, while browsing books through my free kindle unlimited account that I received when I bought a new kindle. I was blown away. I’ve read a lot of NLP books by authors, Bandler, Dilts, and other NLP originators. These books introduced me to the Meta Model, SOM, Milton Model, and more. But all I got were the techniques, not practical instruction on how to use them in my day-to-day life. Verbal Assassin, gave me the first practical application of these tools, so I explored your other books, Covert Hypnosis, Pre-Framing, and others. From those books, I learned more of how NLP tools work. Now, I look at communication differently. I no longer view communication as an interaction to exchange information, but an interaction of individual frames, and this makes a big difference in my life. Thank you for your writings. Al
  3. Damn! I am late to this discussion too. We can look back to the history of NLP, and its roots as originating from the study of the most effective therapy at the time. And when look at the techniques of NLP, can’t it be classified as very effective communication tools? Communication tools that go beyond the transfer of information, but also transfer emotional intensity like desire or disgust, whatever your frame intends your message to be?
  4. I am six years too late for this party. It would have been great to join this discussion. I would have liked to explore with another how different opinions on a topic come about in the first place. Two diametrically opposed opinions can’t be both completely right nor wrong.
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