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  1. Update, i have found out through energy engineering classes through duke university that our bodies have a magnetic feild that spread out around our bodies that contain all of our memory and all information that we have learned. A sudden spark of genius level innovational thought came in mind. Could it be possible that we can convert different types of knowledge into sound and put it into our memory field? If so this could help us learn things faster and effective. The knew way of downloading knowledge into your body:)
  2. Doing recent researching on audio and music engineering along with biology and music . i have come to the conclusion that music affects us in a cell to cell communications along with our bio energic fields. Learning advance engineering of energy systems , music affects us at a 4d motion of how we interact and react. All these tools can be learned on coursera (^.^) (open source education)
  3. I can figure out a specific meta model that can help you. The more we learn , the more we grow from these things. I will find one of the keys to break us free from these beings.
  4. Another thing i have found interesting givin to the disclosure from M.I.L.A.B.S is that the demonic forces will implant certain triggers inside different parts of your brain such commands as: You don't see us. We don't exist. You will have a heart attack if you remember _____. You will be in a daze if you think about _____. You will be consfused if you think about ___. It's hopeless trying to resist us. Give up and let us do this. Do not interfere. Your powerless. You feel tired when think about resisting us. Your useless. Do not resist. No body cares about you when you talk
  5. Lol demons and demonic forces normaly enter through your shadow body. The more of a shadow body you have , the easier it is dor them to excess you. I do that a cure for this is practicing heart meditations. Well thier is a few practices i do know. 1. Is golden energy meditation. You can google a free meditation for that by searching it on Google. 2.practicing projecting white light around your body. 3. Color coding meditations. 4. http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/shop/clearing-treatments/remove-the-negative-form-detail 5. Practicing on a daily routine of clearing yourself thro
  6. In my opinion it varies on a couple things. . The format of the statements. . The layering of statements for example ,which state of emotion/consciousness your in while your listening the statements. . The specific wording of the statements . Some statements can confuse your subconscious mind. . The targeted formation of the statements and which part of the subconscious it would chance. Each individual interpretes the statements differently which causes differnt outcomes.
  7. Hello george thank you for all your videos . they change the world in greater ways. I was wondering if you still take request here?
  8. Here is a question that will ensure your awareness factors ...Do you believe reptilian beongs exist
  9. I stumbled upon a wonderful amazing site that could help understand the different types of programs we are under. check this site out and let me know what you think? this is by far the most advanced way of seeing how programming works and could be very effective once applied. http://deoxy.org/h_lilly.htm http://deoxy.org/wiki/Human_Biocomputer
  10. On new years eve i couldn't believe my eyes... At 12am on new years eye i was setting in my back yard and i looked up and guess what i saw? Over 12 glowing spherical ships pulsating different colors ... As i stood there for 30mins looking at these things in the sky , i keep wondering if they were planes but they weren't. They just hovered over downtown for well over 3 hours ... Before i was about to get my phone to record it , the ships disappeared. Over 20 of my friends stood there looking at them stunned as hell , something is happening and it might sound crazy to the ones that didn't see it
  11. I have noticed something has indeed hi-jacked my body... And everytime i notice this being inside of me ,the lights around me starts flickering... I feel so empty ,like a hollow shell and this being is hosting it. I wish i can be free , i wish something or someone can remove this dark being inside me... I don't know how to explian it but this being is very erie and cold. It wants to stay and host the body. I wish this being can just detach itself so i can be free. It's so dark and empty ... Today my friend even told me that i look like a demon and at that point a thought came into mind "yo
  12. Update : i have noticed after 1hour of using repressed memories that i start to feel my sorrows and sadness as the middle of my stomach starts heating up ... I start noticing that the subliminal is in fact working as i can start to feel deep rooted /trapped emotions being released... After a few hours of releasing these emotions i notice my body starts vibrating as if it's realigning itself from the stuck emotions. It feel great ... Thank you george for the subliminal (^.^) it is really helping me address /release and heal myself . thank you.
  13. Update.. I did some research on remove dark energies out the body and surprisingly it works.. http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-healing/self-healing/salt-water-remedy/ I have noticed that i am more lighter and not as heavy... I have noticed dreams of seeing different greys however when i look into thier eyes i noticed a sense of void in their eyes ... Like a hypnotizing void of nothingness ... I was the wierdest thing i have looked at...
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