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  1. Hey so I'm thinking about getting interpersonal resonance, but getting zero fear game first because I really need to get over the fears mentioned in the benefits portion of zero fear game. I'm not that good at communicating/getting people to open up or conversation in general so was wondering does interpersonal resonance help with all of my problems? Like will it help with flirting and becoming witty and making connections/building a high quality social circle that I want with interpersonal resonance? @admin
  2. Thanks! I also bought the girlfriend generator product since I never approached a girl in my life regarding pickup and i was thinking of doing that first the manifest women. What do you think? I have no experience and i suck at talking with women as well but recently I listened to the master of girlfriend generator and I got a couple females turning their heads at me today! But should I do manifest women later? Since it looks pretty advanced
  3. Hey everyone also about a year ago I bought manifest women, used it for a week or so and actually got girls to compliment me as well but I stopped using it which I shouldn’t have. I’m not good at talking to women either, will this help me with that as well? I’m almost done with the manual too. What time of day is best to listen to the subliminals?
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