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  1. https://mindpersuasion.com/kundalini/ I want to buy this one. It's still a good idea to buy and practice this one? I read here that you have affiliate programs. Can you please post the links? I have some ideas but I want to charge in other ways. can we speak about it?
  2. You are Amazing!!! I bought two subliminal right after "pass any exams" I bought visualization sub because I can't visualize and belief change. I had trauma from exams because my father died two days after my exam and I was busy to not give him my time!! I remembered everything when I listen to subliminal and I was sad and happy again. Its very very powerful tool thank you!!!
  3. I bought subliminal "pass any exams" I want to listen to theta when Im not studying. It's ok to listen to the pure session when Im studying? Can I listen with low volume? I want to succeed with my exams and when I'm reading the questions I don't understand. Its right for me to choose this subliminal or should I take super learning or reading? Maybe the language is bothering my brain when Im reading? How can I figure out which one is the issue? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your answer! Yes this is what I need but maybe I want to work on Fast (love) Reading, learning and comprehension skill .. maybe language and memory too? So I can read them and understand them. This is my first obstacle in university .. I didnt like books before but now I need to read books because I like it. Do you have some products I can buy or try for these issues ? so it will be more fun to read and understand the different topic. I dont like read becuase its take so much time and the end I can't remember anything from it. I feel sleepy when Im reading but I want to read!!
  5. Hi George, Thanks for everything you do! I want some guidance or help with subliminal. I some issue I want to solve but where in this form I can write my issues so I can get some help? I can write some of them! - Self help? every time I'm near to heal myself I failed - Decision making and discipline? - Study ( I sleep when I read a book or I get negative emotions when I study) I can't understand when I read or I cant memory them either. Do you have subliminal for this? - I want to define my problem if its spiritual attack or negative belief or bad emotions etc so I can get help. - Emotional intelligence (I didn't found one subliminal for the emotional intelligence ... I mean I want to control my emotions and interact with people) How can I do silent sublimials ? becuase I want to put my music on it for its difficult to listen to 4 voices when Im studying. I see results with subliminal on youtube but many times I get pain with 4 hz binaural betas? .. You have many good subliminal and I want to begin step by step but I need some guidance from where I will beginning? Thank you very much!
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