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  1. George I've come across lots of your sublimnals through YouTube, soundcloud etc lots of topics that I don't even see a paid version for. I just wanted to know are your YouTube and sound cloud sublimnals just as strong as your paid sublimnals ? I know a lot of the ones I found are only like 10 minute sublimnals
  2. okay so it's fine if before I sleep I listen to the theta audios and loop it over night with my headphones on ? if it's okay I plan on doing this and right before I sleep do some visualizations
  3. okay will do. I'll start with eye contact. just one last question for the pure audio files the faq says you can listen them in the background, do you have to listen with headphones/ earbuds or can you let it play over the speaker on your phone, tablet etc in the backround?
  4. so I ordered all 3 of these sublimnals along with sex magnet. my social skills and charisma aren't the best but I'm working on it. I have trouble looking other people in the eye especially with women and my voice pitch is high when I talk because of anxiety. so what would you guys recommend I start with 1st out of those sublimnals? frame ? eye contact? or voice? sex magnet is not a main priority right now
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