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  1. Update: My social skills have improved significantly. I'm more talkative and chatty and I'm able to communicate in way different way then I did before. I have zero approach anxiety when talking to others and now I know how to ask people questions, to really get down to the bottom of things and get to know them. This is absolutely amazing and I've done a complete 180. It's been helpful for work and it's made it easier for me to bridge the gap and get to know my co-workers.
  2. PS - I also woke up in the middle of Rapport playing, after the Inner Game master session, which is all of the points of inner game at once. I think my brain was like enough LOL!
  3. So I went out on a date last night ish and woke up in the middle of the night actually during a sleep session of listening to my inner and out game playlist. The date went extremely well even though we werent compatible. I also did notice me using some of the techniques from Rapport, by mirroring his speech and body language, unconsciously, so I'm taking that as a sign that things went well. Even though the date didn't go as I had hope it was, I didn't experience any rejection sensitivity or anything of the like. I was just lightly sad and went about my way. It's very clear we weren't an
  4. Just wanted to start a small public journal to talk about my communication journey with interpersonal resonance. I've been listening to inner game mostly and just started on the outer game sessions. I've been mostly sleeping and listening to sets before I go to work. Nothing major to report as of yet at work but I have been more confident. I also use phero's at my job, so I'll need to do control tests without them to get a gage on things and how well my mental reframing has been working. I do think, that I'll need to listen to inner game section a bit more before I graduate to t
  5. 😓 I’m unable to download the products I’ve purchased because Gumroad is extremely buggy. are there other options to download product ?
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