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  1. Thank you Spencer, stay safe
  2. I don't believe that everything in life can be cured with affirmations. It needs lots of work and understanding why someone is behaving like this. I believe that subliminals makes us a little lazy because they put us in the observers place.We observe how we feel, how others react and at the end we remain stagnant.
  3. At what high speed can the brain perceive an affirmation? If we increase the speed of Hutton's subliminals will the subconscious understand?
  4. Dear Mr.Hutton, I am in an dead end with my current extremely toxic job. i would like to know if you have a helpful subliminal for attracting job offers.I would like to find a new job that i love with more money and a beautiful environment with kind people. Please, help me.
  5. I have a question please. Does the software we listen to the statements matter?
  6. Hello, I have a question. Subliminals are just as effective if the user speaks a different language? For example, if the user speaks Greek and the affirmations are in English, what happens then?
  7. Dear George, I want to get laid with a different woman everyday and have money.Is it possible? Kind regards, Achilleas
  8. Indeed,manifest women is unbelievably powerful.I have listened to it first time for 1 hour,went out and 4 different girls talk to me asking me for directions.Never happened in my life before.But i like most the 5$ session Master pua because i love the affirmations.I want to have threesomes in my life and get laid a lot so masterpua is perfect for me,butit is not nearly as powerful as manifest women.
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