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  1. What do you think of the new web design?
  2. Top 3 1. Vital Human from NLP Mind Magic If subliminals aren't working for you then you're doing it wrong! Aside from repetitive listening, subliminals require you to fully participate. If you're too lazy , this one's for you. 2. Learning Desire from Super Learning The title says it all. Without a burning desire to learn, you won't recieve most of the benefits from mindpersuasion.com. If you buy books but do not read them, why did you buy them? 3. Love Exercise from Fitness Accelerator Most courses require you practice doing boring daily drills which can demand a lot willpower! With this subliminal you don't need any willpower whatsoever. LEARN MORE NLP Mind Magic https://gumroad.com/a/774878323 Super Learning https://gumroad.com/a/114127987 Fitness Accelerator https://gumroad.com/a/143586419
  3. As you know, it is important to create a strong visualization of the outcome you want while listening to subliminal messages. Now imagine the outcome manifest faster then the speed of light! Wait, what? Well if you used the organized life subliminal while doing house cleaning you wouldn't have to visualize anything since you are already undergoing the process. Another example would be of you're using an acceleratered reading subliminal while doing actual reading itself. What's the point you may ask? You will reach Unconscious Competence and performing those tasks will be as easy as ABC.
  4. 2 Potential Futures You'll Discover In The End Writing Creative Writing Reading Genius _______________ Music Musical Genius Music Business ________________
  5. Hey FirstHelix, George is unavailable but I'll be glad to address these points. Subliminals come at a length of 1 hour and that is the recommended usage length. Sample Subliminals are only samples unless you love them so much you plan on using these in the long run. The products on the website contain 'subliminal themes'. If you're creative enough you can create your own custom theme(s).
  6. As you know, there are an infinite number of subliminals available. The truth is the mind can only hold 7 plus/minus 2 ideas at a time. Focus on 7 plus/minus 2 ideas until you reach Unconscious competence and then try something new if you want.
  7. Mind Persuasion doesn't supply Perfect Driver Hypnosis but it's highly recommended trying any Learning Hypnosis/Subliminal and going from there.
  8. I've been using Ego Taming 4VG for a few days now and it basically just removed all the labels concerning my frame except for the ones buried deep beneath my Sub Consious. If you're listening to 4VT Hypnosis that has labels such as A-List Actor or Rap God I don't recommend the product Ego Taming. If you need a brain flush though, click the link below. Ego Taming https://gumroad.com/a/370111603
  9. Find a label for yourself such as Actor or Author. For example, an actor can sell entertainment related products. And a author can sell ebooks. If you're a psychic, sell Crystal's, tarrot cards and pendulums. Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs just to sell entrepreneurial related products and it may be not the best label to give yourself in my opinion.
  10. There's a subliminal available for the ebook Hypnotic Copyrighting. It's called Copywriting Genius (available on soundcloud) There's also a Video Training course which provides an entire collection of subliminals for the same book. Which do you prefer; Less or more?
  11. Sigmund Freud an expert psychologist said the mind has 3 parts. If you Mind Persuasion enthusiast you will notice Mind Persuasion has 3 parts. Products, ebooks and subliminal programming. So what's with the Teachable? Hello! The brain has 3 parts... Sorry admin, you're overwhelming us with information but we do enjoy your blog.
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