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  1. Hi, I started my mindpersuasion.net Journey in 2018 and restarted it 2019. I sold one product as an affiliate so far which doesn't count because I was the one buying it lol! I did get a heavy discount though. Falling and getting no results for 2 years straight is a horrible feeling but I will now give it another 2 years and see what happens. So I'm going to promote Mind Persuasion products until 2022 and after that I'm going to create my own books and Hypnosis sessions. Oh and I think the major reason why I failed for those 2 years is probably because I've been consuming so much. Here, have a look at what I cultivated and feel free to copy it. Attachment inspired by; Super Learning https://gumroad.com/a/114127987 Money Love https://gumroad.com/a/650998899 Lone Wolf.
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