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    Skye reacted to jerrymp in Free Products!   
    From the start of 2014, I was still in a confusing  path and not knowing which steps to take

    I was unsure if, George products were legit or not( they looked gimmicky at first glance last year). 
    But, I am glad I took the leap of faith because George's material are powerful knowledge.
    Little by little the internal dialogue in my mind started to become less and less distracting.
    Anxiety greatly reduced and instead motivation to take action sprung.
    I originally started with the "Testosterone Factory" hypnosis on YouTube and shifted my mind towards boosting my testosterone.
    The TF hypnosis video gave me reasons to boost my testosterone and why I SHOULD CARE about it.
    From there on was the starting point of my path to prosperity.
                     to be continued...                  
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    Skye got a reaction from Marvelous in Back from hiatus   
    Hey K Pierce,
    Its me Skye,
    just believe what you are listening to even tho you're not doing visualizations. It will still work. I find the vimeo vids work really quickly. Its best to use both for optimal results (the 4 voice ones target the conscious mind unless ur sleeping and the 256 voice ones reprogram the deep subconscious- think of it like cleaning your teeth- the 30 track hyp vids are toothpaste brushing and the vimeo vids are mouthwash) hahaha my analogy kinda made me laugh Never grow up but keep on Evolving!
    Love Light Limitless
    Happy Manifesting
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    Skye got a reaction from Athena in amazing results   
    It's really amazing to hear about everyone's transformation stories. 
    We're all really lucky to have access to these tools.
    Wishing You Success in Every Step!  
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    Skye got a reaction from Colonel in Minimalistic Genius   
    Some suggestions could be...
    I maximize my space 
    I use minimal amount of resources and recieve maximum results
    I find use for junk. 
    I am resourceful
    I have little to no amount of waste. 
    My ecological footprint is sustainable. 
    My mind is clean 
    My space is organized
    I thrive from my clean space. 
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    Skye got a reaction from jerrymp in Minimalistic Genius   
    Some suggestions could be...
    I maximize my space 
    I use minimal amount of resources and recieve maximum results
    I find use for junk. 
    I am resourceful
    I have little to no amount of waste. 
    My ecological footprint is sustainable. 
    My mind is clean 
    My space is organized
    I thrive from my clean space. 
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    Skye reacted to admin in Content Vs. Structure Language   
    One good skill to develop is to be able to distinguish between "content language" or the actual things you are talking about, vs. "structure language" which is how you are talking about them.
    Even better is to be able to use "structure language" in a way that the listener / reader fills in the blank with their own content, so they end up thinking it was their idea to do what you wanted them to do all along.
    A couple of quick examples:
    Content Language:
    This product is made from 100% sheep hair and will make you feel 22% warmer than regular cotton, with a choice between three different colors, red, blue, and green.
    Structure Language:
    The warm comfort you'll feel with this uniquely crafted product is only surpassed by the increased popularity you'll enjoy from the elegant design.
    The following video (designed to be funny, which it is) is also a GREAT EXAMPLE of structure language:

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    Skye reacted to RobertoMarini in STD free   
    I suggest to everyone to look this page http://sacredascension.com/html/arcturianMessages.html for have a very strongfull and intense "plus" energy tools to accelerate the ascension... Love Armony and Joy to everybody
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    Skye reacted to firekid1331 in STD free   
    Lol with higher civilizations that have reached to this point end up using those abilities to rather support other civilizations in their development or control the rest of the lower civilizations, for example , reptilians and other higher civilizations use their abilities to control humanity and to control the path of humanity. However other higher civilizations aid and support the spiritual evolution with the creation of life. many civilizations are still in this conflict of destruction of life or creation of life. For me : i am in support of conscious and spiritual evolution????. For the draconian/reptilian way is to cause chaos and destruction in others lifes. Other advanced civilizations seek to create a harmonized life within the planets they exists in. So the battle between civilizations causes things like galactic wars, planetary wars and universal wars out side this planet. Once having superhuman abilities it would be up to the individuals access of multidimensional realms and how evolved the mind /brain/heart/body/soul as well as their emotional/mental/astral/chakras and etheric feilds are balanced and integrated along with the magnetic field that is created. Some advanced beings that i have seen have a huge magnetic feild around their minds which radiated alot of light and others radiated darkness, so it varies on the individual and how far ones development goes ????.as for me , i am student of life and learning what it i have to learn to reach back home into the higher dimensional light and bring others with me on the processes. ????the hard part i am stuck
    at is honing into the biofeild and harmonizing/expanding it at a conscious level,complete control of one's own field around the body,lol
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    Skye reacted to firekid1331 in STD free   
    The thing is white light is spiritual energy and can be transformed into any type of energy or information. For example: once a individual holds enough white light into their body , you can consciously use that white light to remember your highest dimensional lights mission(i ask my highest dimensional self to receive my true mission in life, i ask these things in calmness and with love, i seek to expand,to evolve,to know and to understand,i manafest these things through dreams,
    Visions, thought forms and means through the physical world.)
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    Skye reacted to firekid1331 in STD free   
    What brings this affirmations to mind is because i have been doing meditations from The Monroe Institute-Gateway Experience Program, which teaches to use the energy and to transform it to where you need it the most. I mastered the first track to the point i was radiating alot of white light, unfortunately i didnt know how to stabilize it. Soon after that i started to realize that i was reaching a ascension point where i could see multidimensional colors everywhere. My body was light as feather and i could move faster then anyone else.
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    Skye got a reaction from Marvelous in World Famous Actor   
    The A-List Actor hypnosis in Vimeo Style  
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    Skye got a reaction from Athena in Free Course - Goal Setting   
    Just Finished the goal-setting course. I am incredibly impressed! After going through the course exercises I found exactly what was holding me back. It was an internal struggle of wanting to continue to have the pursuit of the goal vs accomplishing my destiny. Once I was able to peel back this hidden struggle through George Hutton's amazing sentence completion exercise. I learnt to break down my goal into small bits. Since starting the course five days ago I've felt more motivated and am accomplishing much more in my life. I have even adopted healthier habits seamlessly. The content is given in such a concise and in mentally-digestible bits. Really is a Foolproof method. 
    Ps. Great transition music, It compelled me to dance and feel happier about my goal!  
    As Always, Thanks George!
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    Skye got a reaction from Ad142 in Get superpowers from masturbation   
    Oh Gosh, this made me have a good laugh this morning
    Honestly this is pretty genius. Work hard, play hard, right? Hahaha the south park face is too good xD
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    Skye reacted to admin in Hypnosis Effects   
    Freelance Millionaire is more a of a slow burn. Anything related to sex / confidence, etc, can be noticed immediately. Making freelance money generally requires clients, some type of service etc, so you may be seeing opportunities and not really noticing. This is one where you have to REALLY LOOK for results, whereas sex type stuff is so hard wired into our brains it's hard NOT to notice it.
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    Skye reacted to admin in Hypnosis Effects   
    From a purely biological perspective, humans (or whatever we were before we were humans) have been communicating for literally MILLIONS of years (humans and chimps split off the same line about 2 million years ago) BEFORE language was created. Most estimate spoken language is around 100,000 years old.
    Which means there's a LOT going on below the conscious/language surface. For example, there's million or so (don't know the exact number) of combinations of facial expressions alone. (compare this to the amount of words / sentences one uses, considerably less).
    I've known a few guys who had happy relationships with women and they didn't share a common language, meaning neither spoke the other's language other than a few words, and they got along fine.
    Also consider that the sessions themselves, beyond the statements are creating many more connections between hemispheres (becoming more "whole brained").  
    So, from a purely biological perspective, (leaving out any metaphysical theories) it's entirely feasible that you're communicating complex information through enhanced congruence of facial expressions, etc.
    From a purely metaphysical standpoint, the general theory is that we've got conscious minds, subconscious minds, and then ALL of our subconscious minds are really an "outer later" of ONE super conscious mind. So the information could be being transmitted that way.
    Kind of like taking an elevator from one building, down to the basement, then entering another building through a deep cavern that all the basements are connected to.
    the conscious mind can only perceive about 1/25000 of the information being presented. So it's possible that those statements were being said all along, and you are only now noticing them.
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    Skye reacted to Colonel in Hypnosis Effects   
    Once one I was VERY depressed (that was the time I started to use self improvement stuff like 2 years ago), I started to use affirmations in front of the mirror with emotions,and I was jokingly said I am a demigod. After around 2-3 months I became normal dude with normal self confidence etc. Then one of my  sad friend said we are not demigod like you we can't break this addiction. I am pretty sure our subconscious body "speak"s our beliefs,when I was listening to alpha male hypnosis fro 2 months straight I noticed lot of body language etc changes. Most people then told me I should look for leeadership positon, I stopped using it and the effect slightly decreased. But I don't think they know this at a conscious level,mabye they feel something tho.Our maybe we just filter out reality and we pay more attention to these things,our maybe dear quantum field and or morphic field does it magic.
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    Skye reacted to Light in Hypnosis Effects   
    When you think of someone, what do you think of? Here comes the thought. The collection of thoughts that makes up Skye, sent by your subconscious mind. Think of the universe as an infinite ocean of interconnected minds. George says the universe is just people, but from my experience this is literally the universe. Plant life, animal life, etc. If you don't believe me, maybe listen to an animal communication hypno, or a nature love hypno, and see how the entire planet reacts to you. 
    So perhaps there was a time when Skye was "Weak, insecure", but now if I think of her, she is "hot, sexy, a Goddess", etc. The collection of thoughts that make up Skye has changed, and now all universe has to go with the new programming. 
    Our physical forms are meaningless. The other day I fell down from a tree in the forests and crashed onto the ground pretty hard. My right leg had wounds all over them. I was in pain for about a minute, going Ouch, Ouch. Then I got up and walked it off, as if nothing had happened... and climbed a steep uphill slope for over a couple miles all the way back to my car. By the time I got to car, I was laughing off the wounds. I felt amazing. And to think...
    Just a few months ago, I was a couch potato. Now I am what, a professional athlete? A top tier soldier? Ha, Ha. Genetics is nonsense. If anyone reading this has a kid, make sure to not let your child fall into this BS. Sure, we are born with our strengths and weaknesses, but limitations? ... None.
    Now that I have this reference experience, my conscious mind CANNOT POSSIBLY get in the way, because I have already done it. This is why I make my affirmations two ways - one I AM, and two DAY BY DAY, I GET BETTER AND BETTER. This way the conscious mind doesn't interfere with me, because I am all about the journey, and the experiences that make life truly amazing. If I just skip steps and say I AM, the conscious mind will be like... Lol, but we have no experiences.. what should I do? How should I react? ARGH, ARGH. No one is above the process, and this process leads to experiences that makes life worth it. What I am doing now is setting a process that is 9 months long to reach what seems like an impossible goal (absolute will http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Absolute_Will )  The number 9 months has meaning to me because it signifies the amount of time it takes for a baby to come out of the womb. So, in essence, a complete rebirth in my belief system. 
    Welp, just my .02. 
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    Skye reacted to Light in protection from hex spells and curses   
    The best way is to let your soul take over. Your soul in its purest form emits a light that cannot be defeated by any demon/sorcerer. All you need to do is let your inner light form that powerful aura about you, and no darkness will be able to touch it. Eventually it will get so strong that people will just sort of stare at you. Like, woah, who is this guy? 
    An alternative is to summon an angel or deity for protection through prayer. Regardless of whether or not you can see them, it always works. 
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    Skye got a reaction from Ghoat in Financial Success!!   
    It's Wonderful to hear about your Success!
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    Skye reacted to Astral in amazing results   
    I ´ve been listening to George videos sistematically since september last year.  Amazing things have happened since then.  I was in a financial crisis for perhaps 8 years...never something well paid, always temporary jobs...but then suprises have showed up.  First I have my first regular job, with health ensurance and an office, and a very good salary (perhaps not for being a millionaire but I am paying each month my credit cards, it feels so great not to be worried about how to pay the next day with no money) With my relations with women and men everything has changed.  I have new friends that are very nice persons, and with my couple everything is starting to be ok.  As I can see, nothing is impossible if we know how to be convinced of that.  The videos that have helped me a lot are: Financial Genius, You are lucky, age reversal, super iq, raving fans, evil protection, end procrastination, sex married magnet, sex magnet, bisex fantasy, money instinct, dream job. perfect health and others, but these are the ones I usually listen.
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    Skye reacted to smokinskull007 in Financial Success!!   
    I used to invest 50-60% of whatever I used to earn since my first job and never used to track my investments. I had started freelance work a year back and made "ok" money. The other day I was just thinking wouldn't it be nice if I had a big chuck of money and suddenly I remembered about my decade worth of investments which I had forgotten all about. After a day of compiling all the documents I realized some of the investments had matured amounting to "six figures" and still have some more investments which were yet to mature having substantial balance in them. I started work when I was 18 and now that I am 28 with no debt and a sizable balance, I feel free and liberated.  
    Sometimes you get so caught up in the daily grind that you forget what you have and George your videos helped me realize just that. 
    I listened to 'You are lucky' and other wealth and finance videos [both 256 and 4 voices] for about two weeks.
    Thanks George you are a life saver. :)
    Update: 25/09/2015
    This month has been excellent money-wise. I think memorizing the affirmations and also writing them while listening to the hypnosis (as suggested by someone in this forum) works well. Also, I've downloaded a free subliminal software which flashes george's affirmations on my laptop screen while I'm working.
      Update: 23/01/2016
    Got up and was browsing through the notifications on my phone and found out that I made my first affiliate sale for George through my youtube channel and earned $58.5 as commission. This is my first success in the realm of affiliate marketing. I think i need to get more serious at this because there's money to be made
    Update: 28/02/2016
    Made one more affiliate sale for george and also making money from youtube adsense ads now. Not bad considering I'm investing only 5-10 minutes a day uploading videos. Strategy is to upload all the videos  first and then moving on to growing my youtube channel with keywords, SEO, playlists, etc. Wish me luck! tc!
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    Skye reacted to Light in ****CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR ALL PROGRAMS***   
    Actually, through collective intention, we can manifest Angelic protection for George. Nothing can happen to him then. It builds an aura of protection around the person/business, so long as George's intention is pure (that is, to help other people and do good for the world). This way he would be invincible and can do his world saving Hypnosis business. 
    This would be especially powerful if one of us drew an image of George being surrounded by this invincible protective aura, with perhaps an Archangel looking over him/protecting him. This way, the only thing that can stop George will be himself (his own willpower).
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    Skye reacted to amazo in Look Important / Bright Aura   
    Relax, do not feel shame, i am just curious , the inner and outer are both important and neither must be denied.
    there is still insufficient data on who you are
    a conclusion can not be made at this time.
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    Skye reacted to Nd12 in Sexual enhancement for women   
    Sexual enhancement for women: 

    + more sensitivity (increase sexual arousal & sexual pleasure, more pleasure from clitoral stimulation & penetration) 

    + greater sex (great (oral) sex; have multiple orgasms, orgasms from penetration alone, penetration is always enjoyable) 

    + mental game (be completely relaxed, be „ready“ for sex; be in the moment & creative; confidence: embrace your sexuality & know your body well, love your vagina - your vagina is beautiful) 

    + health (strong & healthy vagina, protected from pregnancy; body functions perfectly) 

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    Skye got a reaction from 777 in Appreciate People   
    I want to be less judgemental and see more of everyone's beauty. This one would be great because it would make me feel like life is not a competition- I truly deep down believe that everyone can win!
    I see the beauty in others daily. 
    Seeing the beauty in others reflects the good in life. 
    I believe in the good of humanity. 
    I see the limitless potential in others.
    I offer great support and guidance. 
    I see others as brothers, sisters or mentors instead of competition. 
    I love being my highest self in every moment.
    I love being around the best company of friends.
    I always stay true to my personal morals and values. 
    I innately diffuse drama conflicts. 
    I allow others to feel valued. 
    I allow my talents to shine while also supporting others successes. 
    If there are any other suggestions you'd like. Feel free to add! (maybe there's a perspective I've missed) 
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