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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that custom sessions are not available at this time. Thank you for the in-depth response regarding taking action and visualizations. I will continue to take action in the direction of my goals. Visualization is something I do not do much of. I listen as I do other things (commute, read, work, etc) and while I sleep at night. If custom sessions do become available, I am interested and willing to pay in advance. I think that 256 voices of afformations would be very powerful. Best regards, Seneca
  2. George, I am a customer and fan of your products. While 100k a month hasn't yielded that exact result yet, I can confirm that my overall income is up and my thinking regarding business and finances continues to expand as I use it and a few other products to program my thinking. As I continue along my journey of self development I want to use your 100K a month, cult leader, and business genius with a few tweaks. How much would you charge for a custom subliminal that combines these files plus something around being being healthy and exercising? My key caveat is that instead of affirmat
  3. Hi Alex, I have two recommendations for you. 1. Buy George's Alpha Male product. It is great. The affirmations provide a strong Alpha frame of thinking about yourself, women, and how to interact with them. It gives you a blueprint of how to be and what to do. 2. The other product I would recommend (and I hope this is OK with you George) is Talmadge Harper's Alpha Pheromone Extreme(Google it). Whereas George's product is about programming your mind with the right beliefs, Talmadge's product is about releasing the mental/emotional blocks preventing you from being your version of
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