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  1. BigAchiever7968

    Manifest Women program

    Hi guys, I’ve purchased the Manifest Women program. I’ve been meditating and visualizing everyday. It’s been a week now and I started to wonder when I will see results in my mind/beliefs. I walked around town and I had trouble keeping eye contact. A girl walked by and she looked me in the eyes. Is this an indicator of interest? Well I looked back and after a few seconds I quickly broke eye contact to the right. It started to get really uncomfortable... So I kept walking to my destination and forget about her. My feelings of inadequacy/ insecurity are very very deep. I started to get depressed thoughts and wondering wtf i’m doing and whether I should quit with this whole subconscious programming thing. Until now (1week) it isn’t really doing much to help me with those insecurities/beliefs. I have 0 confidence since I’ve lost my hair due to male patern baldness at the age of 15. I’m 25 now and 75 pounds overweight and bald. I look like a 35 year old man. I go to the gym sometimes but not consistent because I am busy with studying alot. Therefore I can’t do the exercises in this program, it’s holding me back I think. I hate myself. Sometimes I just want to forget about all this bullshit. I wish I couldn’t care less but that isn’t the case deep down and I know it. I’m kinda stuck.
  2. BigAchiever7968

    I can't post in Mind Persuasion forums

    I was on the homepage of this foruma and I clicked the green button create topic, and it showed a pop up screen with forums to choose from. I couldn't select any forum but I can post now I see.
  3. BigAchiever7968

    I can't post in Mind Persuasion forums

    Hi, I can't post in the Mind Persuasion forums, I've just bought the 'Manifest Women' program and I wanted to see if somebody else has gotten succes with it. Any people here on this forum who had succes with these products? Are people still active on this forum?